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How To Pick The Right Bedding For Your Baby

Your baby is the centre of your universe. You marvel at their perfect form, their lovely little fingers and toes, and wait patiently for them to look at you and smile. You care deeply about their comfort and wellbeing and worry that you might be making constant mistakes while raising them. An infant spends most of their time sleeping. It naturally follows that their bed must be a comfortable haven for them, or they cannot relax and become nervous and cranky. The only way to create a comfortable bed for your child is to invest in high quality bed linen. It must be of the softest material and the right finish, to keep the child feeling pleasantly warm and lulled to sleep, rather than waking up overheated and bothered. Core Motu Patlu Bedsheets Single @ ₹ 799 Choosing bedding for your child can quickly become tricky. There are several considerations in terms of size and material, among other factors. Here are some easy tips to pick bedding for your child: #1. Pick A Soft Fabric. Babies have the most delicate skin, and the slightest friction with harsh fabrics can cause chafing and irritation. Even diapers made for babies may cause rashes and itching, and the baby responds by squirming and crying every time the rash occurs. The same can happen with the baby’s bedding, so be sure to pick the softest cotton bed linen. The baby’s bed will be a tiny mattress, so you should pick cotton bedsheets with a high thread count for maximum softness. Also pick pillow covers that match the bedsheet. Most babies are unable to tell between different colours and patterns till they are about a year old, so don’t be too concerned about picking colours and designs. Marvel Iron Man Single Dohar - Blue @ ₹ 1999 #2. Pick A Small Size. As mentioned earlier, the baby’s bed will be a small one. The bed linen must be a correspondingly small size. Even the child’s comforter must be a tiny one, so as not to overwhelm the baby and be tucked comfortably around its body as it sleeps. More to the point, all the bed linen must be cool so as not to get overheated. Cotton bedding is best for a baby, though you may have to get it custom made if the right size is not available online. Disney Minnie Single Comforter – Blue @ ₹ 3299 #3. Buy A Mattress Protector. Every baby has accidents in bed. Though you keep the child in diapers for most parts of the day, you like their skin to breathe for a few hours at night. They might have cloth diapers on for some time. However, every time they have an accident and the bed becomes wet, you may have to change the sheet entirely. Some parents place a thin rubber mat under the child, but this can keep them wet till they are changed. Instead, get a mattress protector for your baby’s bed. It protects the mattress from bedwetting, and absorbs the excess moisture rapidly so that a lot of it is pulled away from the baby and the covering sheet. #4. Get A Dohar That Will Swaddle Well. Your baby is a tiny human being at this point in time. They need bedding that matches their own size. Getting them larger dohars or comforters is dangerous and can lead to smothering. Instead, pick a dohar in a size that can swaddle them. Tuck it securely around their body as they sleep to provide cosiness and comfort. What are some useful bedding tips you have discovered and would like to share with other new parents? Tell us in the comments below.

The Autumn Winter 22 Collection of bed linen by SPACES
Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look or a more contemporary one, we’ve got you covered. Our bed linen is designed to provide you with a comfortable and soothing environment, so you can unwind after a long day. Our bed linen is made of breathable, lightweight materials to keep your bedroom cool during the summer and warm during the winter months. It’s also machine-washable to make it easy to maintain. And it comes in an array of beautiful colours and designs to make your bedroom feel unique and beautiful.
What Is the Minimum Thread Count for Good Bedsheets?

What Is the Minimum Thread Count For Good Bedsheets? If you have been comparing bedsheets for a while now, you will know that thread count is an important parameter to estimate a bedsheet’s quality. Often you will see sellers highlighting it as a marketing opportunity, quoting a high thread count as a measure for soft, high-quality cotton bedsheets and bed linens. As a buyer, where should you draw the balance between giving weightage to a bedsheet’s thread count and other factors? Read on to discover the truth about thread count and how to distinguish between genuine quality and marketing gimmicks. Good thread count and durability  Simply put, thread count refers to the number of threads per every square inch of a bedsheet’s fabric. An adequate count ensures your bedsheet is woven well and is durable enough to survive frequent usage and multiple washes. An ideal thread count for standard bedsheets is 180-300 and for luxury bed linens, it may range between 300 to 500. Beyond that, a higher thread count may not really enhance your usage experience and simply serve as a technical feature. Check these bedsheets across a range of thread count categories by SPACES to find options that work best for your needs.  The ‘1000 thread count’ appeal Despite this, you will find several bedsheets being marketed for their 1000 thread count. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by this. While a 1000 thread count bedsheet claim can be true if it comes from a genuine brand, it is unlikely to provide you with a superior sleep experience or durability value as compared to a 300 to 500 thread count bedsheet. Instead of simply focusing on thread count, you need to consider it in context with other factors such as the kind of cotton used and the yarn’s ply. If SPACES offers a range of bedsheets with superior quality cotton and yarn.   Image_2 Alt Text: King Size Bed Sheet Thread count, yarns, and ply Each thread in your bedsheet if made of yarn. The quality of yarn, and the number of plys used to spin that yarn are equally or more important in defining your bedsheet’s quality. For instance, if the yarn used is spun out of a single quality ply, it will be fine and soft in nature. On the other hand, if the yarn is 3-ply, it will be coarse and cheaper to manufacture.  Unfortunately, since a lot of buyers are only aware about thread count as a benchmark for quality, several sellers use it as an opportunity to arrive at a high thread count by using multi-ply yarn. Hence, you will find brands offering 800 and 1000 thread count bedsheets at unbelievable prices, simply by using two and three-ply cotton. Hence, it’s important that you don’t just go by thread count but understand the quality of thread and yarn used in a bedsheet. Caring for your high thread count bedsheet Remember, like all quality bed linens, your bedsheets too require gentle care to ensure they get better with every wash irrespective of their thread count. Using cold water, avoiding harsh detergents and scrubbing, and drying them away from direct sunlight can go a long way in ensuring bedsheets with a thread count between 180 and 500 serve you well.

Returning to workplace checklist

The home and back-to-work checklist: Covid EditionAs India begins its unlock phase, many people will be resuming their regular work routine after more than 3 months of working from home. This sudden change of returning to work after months can cause various emotions in people. The primary emotion being fear for one’s safetyMinimising the risk of a COVID infection is on top of everyone’s mind. So as most of us gear up to get back to work, we have prepared a simple checklist you can follow at home, before leaving, for work and coming back home from work to ensure your safety.Leaving your home:- Wear a mask, no matter where you are going. Carry a bag to put your mask in when not using it.- Having wearables on your arms, like a watch and other jewellery, comes in the way of washing your hands and arms thoroughly. It’s better to avoid wearing objects like this.- Use closed shoes and avoid open-toe shoes or sandals.- Put your phone inside a resealable bag. Avoid using your phone while you're out, as much as possible.While going to work:- Make sure you disinfect your vehicle, especially the most touched parts of your car like the door, door handle, dashboard, steering wheel, gear, seat, seatbelt, etc. If you have a two-wheeler then ensure you clean it thoroughly too. Sanitise all the frequently touched surfaces.- Avoid car-pooling with multiple people or sharing your two-wheeler with anyone to maintain social distancing. If two people are travelling in a car, they should sit in a criss-cross pattern in the front and back respectively.- In case you’re taking a cab, make sure that the vehicle is sanitised, including door handles and seats.- As much as possible, avoid touching lift buttons without gloves. If you take the stairs, ensure minimum contact with walls or railing.- When entering an elevator, make sure there aren’t more than 2-3 people in the lift at once. When inside, do not face each other.At work:- Do not remove your mask especially when you’re around many people at work.- When you reach your office, make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.- Disinfect your work desk and your laptop/computer. As you sit, make sure you leave at least a seat’s distance between you and your neighbouring colleague.- Create flexible worksites that allow remote work. Let fewer people in the office, reduce on-site meetings, and discourage visitors unless absolutely necessary.- Carry your own cutlery so that you can avoid using glass, mug, bottle and spoon from the common office pantry.- Carry your own power bank and charger to avoid borrowing it from others.- Discourage handshaking. We get that it’s a professional courtesy to do when you meet someone but to ensure your safety and that of others’, do not shake hands.- Practise social distancing effectively. Make sure that desks at least six feet apart, and do not share equipment or workstations. Use plexiglass or plastic dividers, and floor decals etc to act as physical barriers.Returning home from work:- Take a hot bath and put your clothes in the wash when you come home. Make sure you put your clothes for washing separately and not with other clothes.- Disinfect your cell phone and other things you carried to the office. 

How to Pick the Right Mattress Size for Your Bedroom

Do you know what’s going on underneath your sheets? Your bed mattress or gadda is one of the biggest home furnishing products you’ll buy for your home. It’s also something you’ll sleep on every night for many years. So why not do some research and make sure that it’s the right choice for you? When buying a new mattress, it can be tempting to go with the first one that strikes your fancy. But, if you want to get the most out of your investment, then it’s important to choose the right size. After all, a smaller mattress could mean lesser surface area for sleeping than necessary. On the other hand, a larger mattress could have more awkward space than necessary. Guide to general mattress sizes The mattress size you choose will play a major role in how comfortable your sleep will be. This is why it’s important to know what these sizes mean. The first thing to understand is that a mattress is not just a rectangle with a few extra inches on all sides. Every brand and model is different, and many brands like SPACES also offer a custom sizes, but these general mattress sizes are the most common. - The dimensions of a queen-size mattress will be 60 x 72 inches.- A king-sized mattress will be 72 x 75 inches.- A double mattress measures 72 x 48 inches.- A single mattress measures 75 x 30 inches. You can also get a diwan mattress or custom-sized mattresses at brands like SPACES. What’s the difference between a queen and king size? It’s worth noting that these mattress sizes are not the same across brands. A queen-sized mattress may be the same size as a king-size mattress, but not vice versa. This is simply because there are different companies that market to different custom sizes.      While both mattresses have a similar-sized footprint, queen mattress beds are generally smaller than king size beds. So if you have a smaller room or a small bed, consider opting for a queen size mattress instead of a king size one.King size mattresses are best suited for people who have larger space requirements, including those who sleep on the floor. Queen size mattresses come in all types of sizes and styles, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. However, you should also consider the space that you have to work with when choosing a queen mattress.The width of the bed is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing a queen size mattress. If your bed is very narrow, then you may want to consider getting a queen size mattress that has more length.The height of the bed is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a queen size mattress. If your bed is low to the ground, then you may want to get a queen size mattress that keeps you off the ground. How to measure for a new mattress? There are a few ways to figure out the right size for your new mattress. First, know the length of your bed. If you have a standard bed, then you’ll need to know its length. You can find this information on your bed frame or by measuring the length of it with a measuring tape. Once you know the length and width of your bed, it’s time to find the height of your bed. This can help you determine the height of the bed mattress you should buy. Other than the dimensions, there are some other factors that you should concentrate on as well. These include the materials used to build the mattress (is it a foam mattress, are you looking for a spring bed mattress), the number of people that will be sharing the mattress, the weight of the user, whether you need to find the best mattress for back pain and more. All of these factors will play a role in determining the size of mattress best suited for your needs. The best way to pick the right mattress size for your bedroom There are a few things you have to keep in mind to make sure you pick the right size. First, take your mattress’ dimensions into account. That is, the length, width, and height of your bed. Next, see if there’s extra space in your bedroom. Choose a mattress that will work well with both your height and width. This means avoiding a mattress that’s too short for you, or one that’s too wide for your room. Which means that if you are sleeping alone in a small sized room, buying a single bed mattress is the best idea for your needs. However, if you anticipate sharing a bed with another, or even with a pet, a single mattress will not be enough; you will need to upgrade to a double bed mattress or a queen size mattress. If your room and bed frame is bigger, you can consider buying a king size mattress online. When you pick a mattress size, do so based on your comfort, rather than on a price point or brand. You should pick the size that’s right for you, not for someone else. Here are some final thoughts. Mattresses can be a big investment. The right memory foam mattress or orthopedic mattress for you can make a big difference in your comfort and quality of sleep. There may be a few different factors that go into picking the right mattress size for your bedroom. These include the length of your bed, the width of your room, and the height of your bed. You may have to try out different types of mattresses and sizes to find the one that works best for you. And if that’s the case, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the trial period on mattresses online offered by leading brands like SPACES so you can make sure you’re getting the right fit. Simply head to their website to get started on finding the right gadda for you!

This Valentine's Day, Give Your Partner The Gift Of Comfort And Luxury

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you are looking to give your partner the gift of comfort and luxury, this article has got you covered! Whether you're planning a romantic night in with your significant other, or simply treating yourself to a luxurious set of products that will last a long time, bed and bath linen gifts are the perfect way to show your love. Buying the Right Gift When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, it's important to find something that will bring comfort and joy to your partner's life. And what better way to do that than by giving the gift of luxury and comfort in the form of bed and bath linen products. These items are not only practical, but they are also a thoughtful way to show your partner that you care about their well-being and happiness.   A good quality mattress is essential for a good night's sleep and is a great way to pamper your partner this Valentine's Day. Whether you're looking for a firm mattress for back pain, a luxurious mattress for ultimate comfort, or an orthopedic mattress for improved health, there are options available to suit every need and budget. Buying a mattress online is a convenient option, as you can compare prices and features from the comfort of your own home. Bedsheets play a crucial role in providing a comfortable sleeping experience. Choose from a wide range of bed sheet designs, materials and colours to find the perfect match for your partner. Whether you're looking for cotton bedsheets, double bed sheets, single bed sheets or cotton double bed sheets, there are many options to choose from. You can also buy bedsheets online, making the process even more convenient. A comfortable and stylish quilt or comforter set can add a touch of luxury to your partner's bed. Available in various sizes, these sets come in a range of colours and designs, so you can find the perfect match for your partner's style.   Towels and bathrobes are other essential items in the bathroom that can be both practical and luxurious. From cotton bath towels and hand towels, to bath mats and doormats, there are many options to choose from. A plush bathrobe is a great way to keep your partner warm and cozy after a bath or shower. And for an extra special touch, you can buy a set of towels that includes a face towel and hand towel, making it the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the person who loves to pamper themselves. Pillows play a crucial role in providing support for the neck and head during sleep. With a range of materials, including memory foam and gel, available, you can find the perfect pillow to suit your partner's needs. And with the option to buy pillows online, you can easily compare prices and features before making a purchase. Buying the right gift for you or your partner can be a tricky task, but with a wide range of options available online, it's never been easier to find the perfect present. Whether you're shopping for a gift under 30,000, 10,000, 5000, or even 1000, we’ve listed the perfect bed or bath linen product that fits your budget.   Gifts For Every Budget Under ₹20,000 If you're looking for a luxury gift under 20,000, you can check out the mattress collection at SPACES. A good mattress is an essential part of comfortable sleep and a luxury mattress can make a world of difference to your sleep quality. If you or your partner are looking for a firm mattress, you can consider buying an orthopedic mattress that can help alleviate back pain. Browse through a selection of fully customisable mattresses from their Regular, Luxury or Your n Mine mattress collection, and have them delivered to your doorstep in quick and easy steps! Under ₹10,000 If you're on a budget and looking for a gift under 10,000, you can find a range of bedsheets and quilts on From classic cotton bedsheets to plush comforter sets, there's something for every taste and budget. You can even buy double bed sheets or single bed sheets online and choose from a variety of bedsheet designs to find the perfect match for your home. Under ₹5,000 If you're looking for a more affordable gift under 5000, SPACES has a variety of products to choose from, including bedsheets, quilts, blankets, duvet covers, pillows, and more. You can also find cotton bedsheets, bed-in-a-bag sets, and even bath linen products in this price range. Rugs and doormats are also a great option for those looking for a gift under 5000. If your partner is a fan of traditional designs with a modern outlook you’re in luck! You can buy them bed linen from the Rangana collection at SPACES within this budget.  Under ₹1,000 For those on an even tighter budget, gifts under 1000 are a great option. You can find a variety of bath linen, and rugs and doormats on SPACES that fit this budget. You can even buy yoga mats, bedside runners, and other small accessories to add a touch of comfort and luxury to your home. How to Buy Your Gifts Online Buying gifts online has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can browse through a wide range of products and find the perfect gift for your partner. To make your shopping experience even better, Spaces offers a user-friendly website and easy-to-use filters to help you find the right product for your needs. You can also use their product descriptions and customer reviews to help you make the right decision. So this Valentine's Day, give your partner the gift of comfort and luxury. Whether you're buying a mattress, bedsheets, towels, bathrobes, pillows or anything else, it's important to choose products made of high-quality materials to ensure they last longer and provide maximum comfort. With so many options available, it's easy to find the perfect gift for your partner or for yourself this Valentine's Day.

Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India

Buying the best mattress is something that we all crave since a mattress can be a make-or-break decision. The quality of your mattress directly influences the quality of your sleep and overall wellbeing, while keeping you comfortable all throughout. It is important to buy a mattress that helps you combat sleep issues and posture problems while avoiding the build-up of pressure points throughout the body simultaneously. At the same time, a mattress is not a one-size fits all decision. Different users require varying mattresses that offer the right fit for their specific requirements. You should thus check for the best mattress brands in this context. There are several top mattress brands in India that you can pick from, although your choice should be made on the basis of varying parameters that match your unique needs.  There are multiple parameters while choosing a mattress that people usually check, including breathability levels, the material, overall insulation, thickness, and of course, the size and design. On that note, here are some of the best mattress brands that you can take a closer look at. These mattress brands offer a plethora of solutions that are engineered to ensure greater comfort and longevity at the same time. Memory Foam Mattress Top Mattress Brands in India that you should check out Your search for the best mattress need not be elusive any longer. Here are some of the best mattress brands that you will find online. Check out the wide array of products each brand offers, features, and specifications. You will find several mattress options available, right from a regular bed mattress to a single size mattress, queen size mattress, double bed mattress, and king size mattress. You should do your research on the various types of mattresses before buying one. After all, it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.  Spaces Duroflex Wakefit The Sleep Company Kurl-On Mattresses Sleepy Cat Sleepwell Flo Sunday Peps 1. SPACES Mattresses – SPACES lays claim to being the best mattress brand in India, offering various kinds of mattresses that have different sizes and features. The brand seeks to cater to all types of sleepers and users while maintaining cost-effectiveness, and supreme quality for its products. The brand has carved its niche in the market by offering users fully customisable mattresses, not just in terms of the size of the mattress but also the build (soft-medium, soft-firm, or medium-firm, based on your preference). This is a quality not freely available across mattress brands in the nation. You will find several options here, including mattresses that are apt for king-size, single, double, or even queen-sized beds, while being able to customize your mattresses as per your specific requirements. Some of the features that set SPACES mattresses above the fold are: Contoured body support Fully customisable mattresses Pressure relieving build Stain-resistant fabric used Water repellant in-built mattress protector Premium quality soft quilted fabric Excellent quality foam Customisable top layer Thirty nights trial period Easy returns Twelve years warranty period Being India’s best mattress brand, SPACES offers you a chance to buy mattresses at attractive prices, coupled with several value added features and benefits. You can definitely expect to find the top mattress in India or the best mattress in India 2022 by choosing from the brand’s vast collection.  Some of the top choices from SPACES include the following: The Premium Collection- The premium collection from SPACES lives up to its name and you are certain to find the best mattress here. This comes with the Yours’n’Mine range that has superior materials used for crafting mattress, which ensure great sleep quality overall for those sharing beds or couples. Also known as ‘matchress’, these half and half mattresses can be personalised by both users to craft their ideal sleep environment since everything from size to the desired level of firmness can be customised on both sides of the mattress.   These mattresses have multiple layers and they include soft-polyurethane, high-density foam, and PU foam, along with the soft and knitted fabric for the top. The collection is literally the best of both worlds, since it fuses varying requirements and preferences for sleepers. The central layer is fully customizable as per the specific preferences of users. This means that both users of the mattress can customise their preferred levels of softness/firmness on the same mattress, so both can have a comfortable and restful sleep. There are medium-firm, soft-medium, and also soft-firm choices at hand in this case. While there is superior body posture and great support on offer, these mattresses also keep the comfort and relaxation aspect at the forefront. This makes them a great pick for buyers today.  Collections like these make SPACES one of the best mattress brands in India, without a doubt.  The Regular Collection- SPACES has an ace up its sleeve with the Regular Collection. This offers Sleep Deep varieties of mattresses for users along with the best orthopedic mattresses. The latter is suitable for those with spinal and back injuries or discomfort. They help in balancing out the posture as you sleep while keeping the pain away. This collection also stands out for its Firm and Fab mattress line-up. The exclusively designed Sleep Deep mattress online is a special option that you will immensely appreciate, seeing the innovation and technology that has gone into its creation. This is a mattress that has been specifically designed for relieving pressure on the body and is crafted with the help of memory foam as well. This ensures great support for your body while you sleep. This mattress segment is ideal for those who seek a more comfortable and restful choice for soothing and relieving their tired muscles. At the same time, this makes use of open-celled memory foam that prevents any heat from getting trapped in it, thereby making sure that the mattress stays cool and comfortable even during hot and scorching summers. You can also avoid that unwanted sensation of sweating at night with this type of mattress. Firm Mattress Online This mattress is also great for those who sleep on their stomach or sides. True to their name, they are great for inducing deep sleep naturally without any hassles. The top layer of this mattress type comes with 20mm of high-quality memory foam. Medium density foam also makes up a strong 40mm mid-layer while the bottom layer gets 90mm of supreme high-density foam. The top features of this mattress type include its abilities to relieve pressure on the body, the in-built protector and of course, the triple layer. There is more contoured and firm support for the body along with top fabric that can be customized. There is also zero pillage, which is another handy feature. This collection also comes with orthopedic mattresses. They are designed with individual pocket springs. What this does is ensure great central support and even distribution of weight while sleeping. The mattress gets layers of memory foam for ultra-comfortable experiences as well. This could be one of the best mattresses for people with sleep issues. It offers not only great support but also higher airflow and breathability at the same time. This SPACES creation is suitable for those who experience regular soreness in the lower or upper back or tiredness/fatigue of the muscles along with joint pain. The mattress has more firmness than many other types. Hence, lying down on the same automatically ensures a better posture for the body without that dreaded sinking feeling! Not only can you maintain a suitable posture, but you can also expect relief from back pain at the same time. The end result is sound and undisturbed sleep each night without any compromises in terms of its overall lumbar support. The mattresses offered by SPACES come with top layers that have 20mm specialized polyurethane foam along with a middle layer of soft PU that is approximately 200mm and also the 110mm bottom layer which has about 351 springs in total. Orthopedic Mattress Online The Firm & Fab mattress variety is also one of a kind. It offers great lumbar support along with top fabric that is immensely breathable and super-soft. This mattress offers several benefits including the in-built protector, customizable top fabric and zero pillage. This offers great sleep with its 115mm high-density foam usage for the top layer and the 35mm soft PU foam usage for the bottom layer. These varieties contribute towards making SPACES one of the mattress brands in India to watch out for, by all means! The Luxury Collection- SPACES also has another ace up its sleeve in the form of its exclusive and premium Luxury Collection. You can certainly expect to find the best mattress from this amazing line-up. This collection has been tailored with a vision towards matching the needs of different types of individuals and their specific sleeping needs. There are several mattresses on offer, which are synonymous with the kind of plush and luxurious experience that people expect when they check into luxury hotels. These mattresses are tailored for those who love sleeping at hotels for this reason. This could well be the best mattress 2022 India, going by its sheer popularity.  What it means is that you can now buy a mattress online from the Luxury Collection and experience that hotel-like comfort and softness at home itself! These mattresses have thickness going up to eight inches and this makes them thicker than most other mattresses available in the country. Hence, these are highly rated for their support and comfort alike. There is a mattress protector offered with this collection and this comes with resistance to stains and water-repellant attributes. You can choose the Orthopedic, Firm & Fab, and Sleep Deep varieties from this collection as well. The Sleep Deep line-up is ideal for those sleeping on their sides regularly while the Firm & Fab collection offers memory foam mattresses that are the best fit for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs. People sleeping on their backs usually chose the Orthopedic Premium mattress variety. There are several options available for obtaining softer Euro top mattress layers for more comfort and luxury while there are mattresses offering supreme and unmatched breathability at the same time. It is features like these that make SPACES one of the true-blue premium mattress brands in India. It can be your repository for the top mattress in India 2022. Luxury Mattress Online SPACES is certainly your ideal repository for finding the best mattress without a doubt. It offers mattress options in varying sizes and with different firmness levels as well. This ensures great support for the hips, neck, and back, along with other choices which have ample flexibility in terms of being able to bear the weight of various individuals. SPACES is thus the best place to get varying sizes and configurations along with customizable mattresses, and you can also get waterproof mattress protectors that keep your mattresses safe from stains and sudden spills. You also get a 12-year warranty which is available for all types of mattresses at SPACES, which brings you peace of mind and comfort alike. This is one of the distinguishing features of SPACES’ mattresses in the country.  Another handy feature is the trial period of 30 days. You can go through this period and try the mattress that you prefer, before finalizing your purchase decision. You can also get your mattress online delivered to your address without any hassles. SPACES is certainly a strong contender for the title of the best mattress brand in India without a doubt. One look at its marvelous collections and you will be hooked for sure! It offers the right mix of quality and comfort.  SPACES can certainly be called the very best mattress brand in India, based on all these parameters, if you were wondering which is best mattress brand in India? Find the best mattress in India that is tailored to your needs at SPACES, with a vast collection to choose from.  You can also check out a Duroflex mattress online if you wish. These mattresses are popular picks in the market and come with advanced offerings at competitive rates. The company began operations in 1963 and has grown to become a leading brand in the mattress category. For more than 50 years, Duroflex has provided sleeping solutions to India. They excel in creating mattresses that are supported by research and driven by technology, making them the top mattress manufacturer in India. They use coir, foam, and springs to construct their mattresses. You can pick the best mattress from the Duropedic, Energise, and Natural Living categories. Their mattress selection is available starting from INR 5000, with Duropedic being the most popular subcategory. They are certainly one of the best mattress brands India. They are available for sale on a number of online and offline portals. Some of their top offerings include: 2. Duroflex Mattresses Duroflex Back Magic- Livein Mattresses- A medical professional-recommended orthopedic mattress that offers superior back and spinal support is the Duroflex Back Magic. It has a Firm firmness rating and is comprised of high density coir. The mattress has a seven-year warranty and is available in the colour Blue. The Duroflex Back Magic is the ideal option for you if you're looking for an orthopedic mattress that offers exceptional support for your back and spine. The Livein mattress from Duroflex has a layer of soft foam that resembles a cloud and is exceptionally comfy. The mattress fabric's triple anti-microbial treatment keeps out dust mites, fungi, and bacteria. It is one of the finest prices for a great night's sleep because it has been clinically shown to help you improve your quality of life. This mattress' denser layers work together to distribute pressure more evenly over your complete body. As a result, you have less discomfort while you're sleeping and have better blood flow throughout your body. Additionally, the contoured form aids with weight distribution and lessens the pressure on joints by distributing weight evenly. 3. Wakefit Mattresses – Wakefit is another brand that offers several kinds of mattresses for users. They are okay for people of almost all age groups. There are several mattresses that make use of materials like Latex, memory foam, and others. They are one of the top mattress brands in the country and even one of the top mattress brands in India 2022 for their unique products. Some of their mattress categories/types include the following: Orthopedic Memory Foam- These are mattresses which have been tailored to ensure better support for the spine. The mattress offers good back support and breathability along with relief from pressure points and durability. Those with injuries may consider this mattress for its beneficial attributes. Dual Comfort- This product line-up is suitable for people who desire a base that is adequately firm but soft at the same time. Both the mattress sides can be used for this product range. One side has a medium level of firmness while the other comes with a medium-soft texture. Sides may be changed depending on the user’s preferences and the weather as well. These come in double and single bed sizes only. Latex- Latex is used for creating mattresses that use less-harmful chemicals while being produced in a more environment-friendly manner. They are robust and durable due to the Latex blocks which have varying density quotients. This ensures better cushioning for every body part. Xtra Snooze Grid- Couples may choose these mattresses for their practicality. These get rid of that common feeling of bouncing or rolling over to another side. They take care of things with the motion isolation feature and are tailored with highly advanced technologies for zonal support which ensure ultimate spine relaxation and lower back pain in turn. These also get more breathable fabric along with foam that is highly durable. There is also more breathable fabric used for these mattresses. 4. The Sleep Company – The Sleep Company is one of the newer mattress brands in the country. It offers SmartGRID technologies for ensuring superior pain relief and also for making sure that mattresses adapt as per the natural shapes of bodies, while ensuring motion isolation for good sleep simultaneously. These are mattresses which come with 2,500 air channels for better airflow while making sure that the suitable temperature is always maintained while sleeping. These mattresses come with several features including the following: Good support and softness alike. Suitable for those with pain and other issues. Good orthopedic support for the spinal region while cushioning the hips, shoulders, and arms. Better breathability and airflow, ensuring good cooling in turn. 10-year product warranty. 100-night free trial for users. The main mattress types offered by the Sleep Company include the following: Smart Luxe Mattress- This type is premium and luxurious, while helping in enabling cozy and comfortable sleeping experiences at the same time. Smart Ortho Mattress- This mattress type is a good choice for those who suffer from periodic body pain and aches. It can also help in case of back issues, arthritis, osteoporosis and even other neck and back injuries. It ensures suitable cushioning for the shoulders, neck and hips, while also ensuring good spinal support simultaneously. Sleeping posture also improves automatically by using this mattress. Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress- This mattress is the best fusion of luxury and comfort above all else. In this segment, the comfortable layer gets backed up by pocket springs and this ensures a better usage experience overall. Smart Ortho Hybrid- This mattress offers the right combination of orthopedic support mechanisms and pocket springs for ensuring more comfort, irrespective of your style of sleeping. The mattress is soft yet firm and this boosts the quality of sleep considerably. SnowTec backed Smart Luxe Mattress- This is one of the innovative offerings in the Sleep Company’s product line-up. This come with SmartGRID technology advantages along with SnowTec technologies for cooling the body while sleeping. The mattress comes with suitable airflow and breathability which keeps you cool while sleeping, while also giving you an additional feeling of comfort at the same time. These are features which make them one of the leading mattress brands in the country today.  5. Kurl-On Mattresses – Kurl-On offers a variety of mattresses online for buyers and users. There are several mattresses that make use of spring, foam, and coir for their construction. The brand is synonymous with premier and ultra-comfortable products in this segment. It manufactures its mattresses with the use of natural coir cores that have sizable thickness levels and also VCT and ACD technologies which ensure good support and firmness levels overall. These mattresses ensure users stay away from odor, dust mites, and fungi alike. The brand also offers foam mattresses which are highly durable and can be compressed into a bag in some cases. Kurl-On offers a warranty of only two years on its mattresses. You can consider them if you wish to buy mattress online or offline.  The key types include the following: Active Living- These mattresses are mostly for therapeutic sleeping experiences, helping those who are plagued by neck and back pain frequently. Trendy- These mattresses are suitable for those who like modern options with attractive styles and designs. Komfort- This line-up makes use of sparkle and coir for manufacturing mattresses and these are also quite pocket-friendly as a result. They are simpler but practical at the same time. Relax- These mattresses come in several avatars and are priced competitively for buyers. They also offer decent comfort levels. Kalamkari- These are mattresses that sport Bandini covers along with Kalamkari work. They are suitable as wedding presents. They also ensure the utmost comfort and sleep quality alike. 6. Sleepy Cat – Sleepy Cat is another mattress brand that offers a diverse range of products for buyers. They have the Ultimate CoolTEC fabric mattress range with DeepTouch pressure tech and Ezie zipper covers.  Here is a closer look at their product range in the market: Ultima- This mattress offers all-round support along with better cooling experiences/feelings as well. They are suitable for those suffering due to back pain. They are also crafted with several open-layer memory foam layers and also high-density foam alongside. The mattress comes with a medium-soft texture and is good for those either sleeping on their stomachs or their sides. Hybrid Latex Mattress- This mattress type is suitable for people who want a firmer orthopedic mattress for their home. This comes with three specific mattress layers for superior comfort and quality. This also has additional channels of support in the mid-layer for ensuring comfort spread across five zones and also ensuring relief for multiple pressure points in turn. The cover is airy and soft and ensures better relaxation in turn. There is a warranty of ten years available with this mattress. Original Mattress- This product is simple and uncomplicated from Sleepy Cat. There are no additional bells and whistles with this one. This crafts mattresses with good quality foam that has six inches of thickness. This is also suitable for almost all users. Waterproof Baby Mattresses- These mattresses are suitable for those with smaller children and ensure waterproof attributes for better sleep quality of children. This mattress has approximately four inches of thickness which ensures greater comfort for little ones at the same time. The waterproof cover is also easier to maintain and clean in this case. The spring mattress configuration ensures better relief for pressure points throughout the body as well. The brand is a good choice for a mattress online and they have several types of mattresses available, right from a single mattress to many other varieties.  7. Sleepwell – If you wish to buy mattress online, then you can also check out Sleepwell. The company is known for its commitment totowards striking the right mix of technical progress with luxurious experiences for modern mattress buyers. The company has built its market presence over the last forty years and is the flagship entity of the reputed Sheela Group, the leading producer of polyurethane foam in the country and also a company which has earned the ISO 9001 certification. It has 12 manufacturing units countrywide, along with more than 100 distributors and 5,000 dealerships. It has PU foam used for shoes, automobiles, packaging, garments, and many other sectors.   Sleepwell has come out with its innovative Neem Fresche technology which is anti-microbial by nature and is present in all of its products, to ensure healthier sleeping experiences for all users. It also keeps breathing issues, allergies, and dust mites successfully at bay. There are many varieties including the Pro Comfort Mattress, Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, Ultra and Utsav Mattress, and the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress.  8. Flo – Flo was launched in the year 2018. The founder had worked at a company which supplied mattresses to some of the country’s top resorts and hotels. That was the genesis of the idea to create a more affordable yet high-quality mattress solution for younger buyers of today. The brand offers mattresses that have been extensively tested and ensure good sleep each night without hitches. The premier cashmere fabric with infusions of aloe vera gel is used on both the mattress sides. Both sides may be used, based on the desired softness and firmness of the mattress, as per the user preferences. Flo is also known for its 3D AIR-Flo Tech which dissipates all extra heat, enabling cooler and more comfortable sleeping experiences for users. The brand also makes use of the highest-quality foam for its products. 9. Sunday – Sunday is another leading mattress brand in the country and offers various types of mattresses for buyers. It is best known for its Latex Plus 4 Mattress which is the signature offering with 70D Latex used across 6 inches for better spinal alignment and support, along with good breathability and cooling material courtesy the open top cell layer which has latex of two inches as well. The latex is certified and is made in Belgium with 100% organic cotton to keep allergies or other issues away. The brand’s mattresses ensure optimal support for the back along with sporting designs by reputed designer Hiroko Shiratori, who hails from Japan. The brand also has the Ortho Latex Mattress which helps those with pain in the neck or lower back, and the Ortho Memory Mattress which is suitable for both adults and children.  10. Peps – Peps is a leading brand which started its journey around 2005-06 in Coimbatore. The company purchased a spring mattress factory that was up for sale and began offering premier solutions in the region and finally pan-India. The company has expanded considerably over the years, with a network of 6,000 retail dealers in the country. It seeks to offer products under segments like hypo-allergenic, ultra-luxe comfort, international comfort, affordable luxury, hospitality, orthopedic, and more. Peps is known for its therapeutic approach towards making mattresses and is the sole licensee in India for Restonic which is a leading mattress brand globally, with its headquarters at the USA. Peps makes its mattresses in the country along with other products. It also has production lines for Visco elastic foam or memory foam and polyurethane which is flexible. There are several accessories available and the company has Restonic and Spineguard mattresses in its line-up for users.  Peps is known for mattresses which are designed to offer support for 1/3rd body weight while lowering strain on the back alongside. Spineguard is a unique inner spring mattress that has Visco-elastic foam used for lowering backaches and other discomfort. The brand has its own manufacturing facility spreading over 11 acres as well.   Now that you know more about some of the best mattress brands available and their various product types and specifications, which one should you choose? Choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task. Here are some pointers that can help. What you should keep in mind while choosing your mattress online If you are shopping for your mattress online, then you can easily compare mattresses and pick the ones that match your requirements. However, it is easier said than done in this case. Choosing from the leading mattress brands can be a difficult affair. Here are some parameters that you should not forget: Type or Category of the Mattress- What is the type of mattress that you actually desire? Do you want a plush and ultra-luxury mattress? Do you want specialized varieties like orthopedic mattresses for pain relief or do you wish to opt for firm mattress varieties? You should be clear on the type of mattress that you want and the one that can meet your needs to the fullest. From memory foam mattresses to regular varieties, there are several options available. You just have to choose wisely  and select the segment which can serve your needs in the best possible manner. Too many people buy mattresses without having any idea of the type or category. Avoid this mistake by doing your own homework first. Firmness Levels- Firmness is not something that you can universally decide on. You should choose your level based on your own needs, weight, sleeping position, and other factors. A good firmness level will naturally help in better spinal alignment while ensuring superior cushioning for other sensitive body parts as well. The usual scale of firmness is 1-10 throughout the sector, and you can choose from varying degree of firmness and softness. Size and thickness- You do not want to end up with a mattress that is oversized for your bed or feels lumpy and painful to sleep on. Hence, choose the right size for your mattress. If the mattress cannot cover the entire bed, then it may appear slightly clumsy or aesthetically unappealing. The size also depends on your height and weight. You should also scrutinize the thickness levels carefully in this regard. Sleeping Posture- You should evaluate your own sleeping position before you invest in a mattress. Those getting up multiple times while sleeping will require proper support from their mattresses. Side sleepers should go for a moderately firm mattress, i.e. they should avoid those that come with a sinking feeling or mattresses that are excessively firm. Memory foam or latex foam mattresses could be better options for such sleepers. Those sleeping on their backs may require more firmness for spinal alignment and improved posture. Hence, medium firmness levels are a must for their mattresses. Natural latex foam or memory foam mattresses can get the job done in this scenario. Those sleeping on their stomachs may choose firmer mattresses with a higher quotient of what we know as bounce-back. These people should bypass softer mattresses since they may lead to eventual back pain. They should also choose mattresses that are crafted from breathable materials. Pricing- Price tags do matter. You should always look for mattresses that are the right mix of comfort, quality, and attractive pricing. You should not, however skimp on your mattress purchase. When you buy mattress, it should last you for ten years or slightly less at least. Hence, it is a long-term investment in your own sleep and wellbeing. You should thus try and go for the mattress which suits your needs rather than worrying about the price tag, if possible.  Remember that your mattress is an investment for a good part of your life. Hence, prioritize it accordingly. Stage of Life- There are mattresses which are ideal for children, taking care of waterproofing the top covering, while there are medium firm options for teenagers that come with high bounce-back attributes. Partners and those sharing beds should choose mattresses with motion isolation and proper weight distribution features to avoid rolling onto others. King or queen sized mattresses are generally regarded as suitable options for couples as well. Women who are pregnant will require mattresses with proper alignment, better posture support, and relief from pain. Those suffering from injuries and other issues should choose orthopedic mattresses. You should only choose as per your specific life stage. Do not go for something general that everyone else is opting for. Remember that your unique needs are different from everyone else.  Trial Period and Warranty- You should examine the trial period and warranty offered by the brand. There are varying figures in both cases that are offered by mattress brands to their customers. You should go for something that fits your needs in this case. A longer warranty and trial period shows that the brand is confident about the product that you are buying and its overall durability and quality. In addition to these features, you should also consider mattress brands offering easy returns. This is another aspect worth noting, since many brands mess up on this aspect, not providing seamless return facilities to customers, which makes it really difficult.  As can be seen, choosing the right mattress depends on several factors. Compare the top mattress brands and take your decision after deliberating on the above-mentioned parameters. You should do your homework before investing in a mattress. Try to opt for a mattress brand that has more variety for you to explore. A brand like SPACES will be a great option in this regard. After all, compromising on your mattress is a strict no-no! You should never take any option that comes up. Your health and comfort should be prioritized above everything else. Make sure that you take a closer look at all the guidelines and inputs before choosing your mattress. The advantage of choosing a brand like SPACES is the vast collection on offer to suit all preferences and budgets. You can also expect new-age technologies and quality that help you lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Durga Puja

As we begin our journey towards winter, we can look forward to Durga Puja, which is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. This festival is important, as it celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp all over the country, but is known for the beautiful celebrations in Bengal. The festival is celebrated for ten days, during which time the Goddesses' idol is decked up with the finest flowers, clothes and jewellery. In some parts of the nation, this festival is also celebrated under the name of Navratri. It is majorly celebrated in this avatar in western and south-western states. While there may be different stories arising from these festivities, the core theme of the festival remains the same, no matter the name it goes by – Victory Of Good Over Evil. No matter the barriers that have come to light in the post-pandemic era, that should never stand in our way of sparking joy in our lives. Even though we may still fear spending our days in crowded pandals and visiting all our loved ones, we can instead concentrate on making our homes the perfect abode for the Goddess this Durga Puja. To help you in this endeavour, we have curated a list of tips that will help you make changes to the decor in your house and celebrate the festival with all the glory it deserves! Some of the ways you can start is: Spring Cleaning As you prepare to welcome the Goddess home, you first need to ensure that your house is in tip top shape. The best way to get started is by spring cleaning the space. Sift through all your possessions and give away those that are unused, so you can create more space in the house. This helps in two ways - gives the impression of a wider space because of decluttering and opens up areas for new activities and opportunities. Add An Ethnic Touch On this festive occasion, why not turn to ethnic designs for your bed and bath linen to celebrate the season? From traditional prints to contemporary patterns and patterns in bold colours, there is a wide range of designs and themes to choose from.You can also combine ethnic designs with printed towels, bedside runners, and blankets to create a unique look that reflects your own personality. Or you can go for a more subtle approach by choosing neutral tones for your bed linen, so as not to clash with the vibrant colours of the other items in your room. The festival season is when we break out our gorgeous ethnic wear, so why should our home decor be any different? Indulge your home with ethnic items that will elevate the Durga Puja experience. When you shop at SPACES, you have a wide range of ethnic designs to choose from. Some of the collections you should explore include the Rangana, SPUN and Ritu Kumar collections. The Rangana collection features bold colours and patterns reminiscent of traditional weaves and patterns that the Indian diaspora is known for. You can easily find a vibrant range of bedsheets that can match your aesthetic vibe with ease. You can supplement this with bed and bath linen from the Ritu Kumar collection, which features stunning designs from the Uttama, Jaamevar, Burhanpur, Lavana, Flora, Jal Mahal and Turq Villa lines. Double Quilt Online @ ₹ 4,499 Now that you have sorted out your bath and bed linen requirements, it's time to consider accent pieces that will elevate the entire look and feel of your home as you prepare to welcome the Goddess. The SPUN collection is your best bet, not just because of the intricate designs but also because this collection celebrates the traditional handicrafts made by women in India. In this collection, you can find cushion covers, table mats and table runners, scarves and coasters. These handcrafted items can be used to decorate your space and can be given as gifts to your loved ones. Spun 100% Cotton Handcrafted Cushion Cover Paint It Red The colour red is most widely associated with Goddess Durga. This should be kept in mind when making plans to decorate. You can honour the divine entity by including splashes of red in your redecorating plans. There are a number of ways you can incorporate this beautiful hue in your home decor, without it being overpowering. The easiest way to start is by using red rugs or bath mats from the SPACES Luxury Runner or Blockbuster collection. You can get a set of towels from the Colorfas or Atrium Plus collection in red to include your bathrooms into the mix. You can even explore comforters and throws in this colour, to add a splash of red on beds, sofas, divans and more. Bath Mat Online @ ₹ 799

Get The Right Blanket For The Weather Around You!

With the chill of winter settling in, it’s more important than ever to refresh your collection of cosy, soft blankets! But with the sheer variety available today, picking the right blanket has become more difficult. But this is a very important task. Our blankets keep us warm, provide comfort and relax us. Everyone’s comfort comes due to different factors, which you should consider thoroughly before purchasing. That is why we’ve collated a list of blankets that have their unique set of strengths, so you can pick the one that matches you best. Choosing the Right Blanket for the weather around you Comforter A comforter is a very popular type of blanket that is made by stitching together two large fabrics. These are stuffed with warm materials like feathers, cotton, or other synthetic material, which helps bed comforters provide warmth, even on the coldest day. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and patterns, so you can customise your comforter blanket according to your preferences. You can even switch up the style of your comforters by adding a duvet cover into the mix. While there are a number of benefits of getting comforters for winter, the most important thing to keep in mind is the temperature where you live. Since these are created to be blankets for winter, it will be difficult to use them if you stay in a warmer region. You can find 100% cotton comforters on the SPACES website by browsing collections like Atrium, Occasions, Unwinders and more. Bamboo Charcoal Antimicrobial Double Quilt Duvet A Duvet is a comfort blanket that’s similar to a comforter, but has more layers. This makes duvets thicker, softer, and warmer blankets for winter. A major difference between comforters and duvets is that we use covers for duvets, giving them an extra layer and interchangeable style. This makes a duvet easier to clean, as you can just switch out the cover for another one. Another advantage of this is that on days when the temperature is higher, you can simply use the duvet cover as your comfort blanket! You can find duvet covers on the SPACES website that are made from 100% cotton in the Sky Rise or Hygro Cotton collections. Hygro Cotton Temperature Regulating Single Duvet Cover (Solid, 152 cm x 224 cm) - Navy Blue Dohar Dohars are soft blankets that originated in India. These cotton blankets were traditionally made by stitching layers of muslin cloth by the women of the family, to provide warmth and comfort all season round. Today, these dohars are made by layering together 100% cotton cloth, but still provide the unmatched comfort of the past. This is especially great if you live in an area where it’s not too cold, as this type of comfort blanket is often used as a summer blanket too. You can find a vast variety of dohars on the SPACES website when you browse collections like Earthy Tones, Cambric and Kids. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Double Quilt (Embroidered, 224 cm x 270 cm) - Grey Specialty Fabric While there are a number of excellent choices available in the blankets category, sometimes you wish to choose the blanket that rises above the norm; stands out from all other choices. At such a time, you should opt for blankets with special features. When you browse through the SPACES website, you can find such blankets under collections like Anti Viral, Bamboo Charcoal or Temperature Regulating. Anti Viral blankets are designed to eliminate surface-level organisms that are responsible for spreading viruses, making your sleep safer and more fulfilling. Bamboo Charcoal blankets follow a similar trend, keeping you safe from harmful bacteria and microorganisms responsible for bad odour, disease and more. The temperature blanket is unique as it adjusts to your internal body temperature, so your sleep can remain undisturbed and of good quality. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Decor Ideas to Keep The Winter Blues At Bay

As we slowly march towards winter, there are so many changes we can see around us. The days start getting shorter, it’s often dark by the time we get home from work. Even the sky looks duller than usual, making it easy for us to become melancholic. Add to this sharp winds, colds and lack of greenery and colour and you get the Winter Blues. In some cases, this just causes listlessness but if left unchecked, it can also lead to depression. That is why it is important to keep an eye out for signs of getting affected by the winter blues, and immediately make changes around us to combat them effectively.  Décor Ideas for Winter Blues One of the best ways to keep away from winter blues is to make a few changes via simple decorating ideas, tiny tweaks to your daily routine and some clever home improvements. To help you stay cheery in the midst of this chilly season, we’ve curated a list of decor ideas that will banish away the blues and make this a season to enjoy rather than endure. Integrate Biophilic Designs One of the greatest characteristics of the winter season is the lack of greenery. Plants lose their leaves and all that’s left for us to see is creeping branches. This emptiness in usually lush plants can cause us to feel dejected, increasing the intensity of the winter blues. That is why you must bring in elements of biophilic designs into your home, so your eyes can still see the beauty of plants and flowers around you. We highly recommend getting a single bed sheets online or double bedsheet online from the SPACES Bonica collection of bed sheets. Featuring a dazzling selection of plant-life, the Bonica collection will bring you a garden right in your bedroom! Surround Yourself with Softness When the world outside seems rough and cold, it’s important to surround yourself with things that will give you an opposite feeling. Snuggle into cosy quilts and pillows that can keep you warm and drive the blues away. By surrounding yourself with soft and fluffy elements, you can amplify the warmth in your body and home, keeping you away from the harshness of the season. For a restful winter, we recommend quilts from collections such as Geostance, Atrium, Bamboo Charcoal and Essential Anti Viral. Use Calm And Positive Colours Colours have an immense effect on our psyche and there are a number of scientific studies around this subject. The effect of winter blues largely stems from the lack of colour around us, which is why we should consult with colour theory and make quick fixes in this regard. You can buy bed sheets, quilts or other bed linen in colours like blue, white and soft purple if you’re looking to create a calm atmosphere. On the other hand, colours like yellow, orange and red promote a feeling of energy, cheeriness and positivity so it’s always a good idea to get accent pieces of home decor in these colours. So you can be reminded of vibrancy even when it cannot be found outside. Explore the SPACES Collection of Vibrant Floral Bedsheets Keep Your Feet Happy The worst feeling is waking up, getting out of your warm bed and touching the cold floor! When our feet come into contact with the severe cold of our flooring, it gives a shock to the system and makes us grumpy and unsatisfied right at the beginning of the day. This in turn, affects our mood for the rest of the day, giving winter blues a better chance to set in. That is why we recommend getting bedside runner and soft carpets around the house, so your feet don’t have to suffer the winter cold. You can get a great selection of these from the SPACES Multipurpose runner, Epica Anti-Skid, Mira Bella collection and others. Explore SPACES Collection of Runners and Rugs

Bring Home The Beauty Of Heritage Folk Art With The Rangana Collection

With the festival season well underway, it’s time to refresh the look and feel of your house. Ethinic home decor is all the rage, with their colorful patterns and luxurious feel. Just by replacing your drab, old double bed sheets with a vibrant collection of bed linen will instantly bring in the festive vibe and create a royal atmosphere. To help you in your journey of revitalisation, we’ve curated a collection of ethnic home decor from the SPACES Rangana collection, so all you have to do is browse through a diverse set of options and find your favourites immediately. Rangana Collection by Spaces What Is The Rangana Collection? India is famous for being a land that houses immense cultural and traditional value. When you travel in the country, you can see a change in offerings ranging from food, language, fashion and most importantly, unique craftpersonship. The Rangana collection is a celebration of this amazing diversity. It displays an interpretation of  traditional folk art and fine weaving practices from the east, west, north and the south of India. Each piece in this collection reflects the essence of India’s folk heritage and legacy of age old techniques, passed down from generation to generation. In a way, the Rangana collection shows a true depiction of India - the people, traditions, cultures, rituals, beliefs and the celebration of festivity. Niyama The Niyama collection draws its inspiration from the Thangka. This is a Tibetan-Buddhist style painting that originated in Nepal. Pieces from this collection give your home decor a meditative touch with elaborate and colourful designs embodying peace and beauty. Rangana Niyama Large Bedsheets @ ₹ 2,249 Nalgona The Nalgona collection pays tribute to Pochampalli Ikat sarees carrying the 'Double Ikat' design. In this type of design, threads are dyed before being woven together to create stunning masterpieces. Padma Priya Padma Priya is inspired by Pipili Appliqué, the centuries-old decorative art form of Orissa and is made by sowing patches of fabric in eclectic shapes and patterns. The designs make for a beautiful collection that form a fusion between tradition and modernity. Ektaal The designs featured in the Ektaal collection take you way back in history as they are based on Dhokra, a wax-metal casting art form originating in Mohanjodaro and Harappa civilizations. Let your home reflect the passage of time with stunning Bronze Age aesthetics revolving around folk motifs including human and animal forms. Anish Anish pays homage to the mesmerising beauty of Jaipur's ‘Blue Pottery’ technique distinguished by a vivid colour palette. Welcome this festive season by accessorizing your bedroom decor with pieces carrying elaborate designs of flora and fauna in white. Debjani This collection is inspired by Kantha, one of the oldest forms of embroidery craft in India. By making use of running stitches, the Debjani collection shows you a story using floral, animal, and geometric motifs. Traditionally worn during ceremonies like weddings and births, this beautiful collection will evoke the feeling of festivities in your home all year round! Rangana Debjani Large Bedsheets @ ₹ 3,999 What Can You Find In This Collection? The Rangana collection is a celebration of the unique art you can find in India, while finding ways to integrate inspiration and core creative thought behind each of them. We’ve designed this collection to instantly add a touch of ethnic magic with the added advantage of comfort and convenience. The Rangana collection is Safe For Skin We know your sleep is important, that’s why you’ve taken the time and picked a large, comfortable bed for your room. That is why we go a step ahead to ensure a good sleep for you by creating bed sheets that are extremely soft to touch. There are many people who have sensitive skin and get uncomfortable at night because the feel of their sheets disturb their sleep. You can find double bed sheets from the Rangana collection on the SPACES website. To get into the spirit of the festivities, we highly recommend a splash of red that you can get when you opt for the Rangana Debjani Double Bedsheet online from our website. Rangana Collection: Safe for Skin Soft, Comfortable Quilts A great, undisturbed sleep is totally incomplete without a fluffy, cosy quilt to combat the coming winter cold. To ensure your room doesn’t lose the ethnic touch, the Rangana collection has also curated a set of quilts that look amazing and bring you traditional art from all over India. Those looking for a more traditional colour scheme, we recommend the Rangana Ektaal Double Quilt, that reminds you of Haldi (turmeric) and the many ways it is included in festivities. For those who wish to go in a different direction but still want to keep the ethnic ambience, the Rangana Debjani Double Quilt, or the Rangana Anish Double Quilt are wonderful choices. Shop Rangana Collection Now

5 Reasons Why Cotton Is Still The King Of Bedding

Sleep is the most important part of our day. That is why it’s important to surround yourself with bed products that offer absolute comfort, you can be well-rested every day. There’s a lot of variety in terms of products, styles, materials and more when you consider the bed linen industry in India today. Only paying attention to aesthetics and not to the fabric you’re buying is one of the reasons why many people get disappointed with their bed linens. Cotton Bedsheets Online To help you get the finest rest, you should ideally opt for cotton fabrics because of the many properties it offers users. Some of the reason why this is a great material for bed linens include: It’s A Breathable Fabric One of the best things about using cotton bedsheets is its ability to keep your body from sweating profusely, even in the summers. Cotton is a highly breathable fabric that is available easily in India. Cotton bedsheets have good ventilation properties, which helps keep your body cooler and more sweat-free, making your sleep much more comfortable since you won’t be feeling icky or uncomfortable by unwanted moisture or odour. Get cotton bedsheets that match your needs from the SPACES website, where you can find amazing variety in the Atrium collection or the 100% Organic Cotton collection. Buy Organic Cotton Large Bedsheet (Floral, 274 cm x 274 cm) – Brown @ ₹ 3299 Soft To Touch Cotton is a plant-based textile that creates an extremely soft end product. It is a loosely knit cloth that doesn’t need much processing to become soft and smooth. This makes it a great choice for those who have sensitive skin and find problems using synthetic fibers. Cotton bedsheets also have the advantage of providing a soft feel without the uncomfortable slippery texture you get when using cheaper synthetic sheets. You can get cotton products in a variety of styles like cotton towels, mats, bedsheets, comforters and more from the SPACES Atrium collection. To create a more comfortable arrangement in your home, you could also get bedside cotton mats from our Embraceable Area collections, that will make you feel like you’re walking on air! Embraceable Carpet (Ornate, 160cmx230cm) – Black @ ₹ 5400 Easier Maintenance Synthetic bed linens are all the rage, but they require very specific methods of maintenance even though they are made from durable fabric, you will have to take specific efforts in washing, wringing, ironing etc to keep them well-maintained. On the other hand, cotton bed and bath products are much, much easier to care for. Regular detergent and washing works just fine for cotton bedsheets, cotton bath towels and more. And the best part is, the more you wash your cotton products, the softer they become! Get fitted cotton bedsheets from the SPACES Occasions Legacies 100% cotton for greater convenience. Legacies Air Purifying 100% Cotton Fitted Queen (Floral, 152cm X 198cm + 30cm) - Dark Blue @ ₹ 2699 Attractive Range And Variety Cotton is one of the most popular choices for bed and bath linens across the globe. That is why you can find a dazzling variety of prints, colours, patterns and styles when you look for cotton bedsheets, cotton quilts, cotton bath towels and more. This helps you curate your home’s vibe since you can find everything you want to create your choice of home decor easily. Start revamping your decor by visiting the SPACES website and checking out collections like Atrium, Epica Anti Skid, Geostance 100% Cotton and more. Geostance Air Purifying 100% Cotton Large Bedsheets (Geometric, 274cm X 274cm) - Light Grey @ ₹ 2599 It’s More Environmentally Friendly Cotton bed and bath products are made from materials you find in nature. This makes the fabric an organic plant-based product, making it better fit the planet. This is because cotton is a biodegradable ingredient, which will break down much quicker and more effectively than synthetic fibers.

Why Offtober Is The Month To Refresh Your Home Linen Collection

The changing of the seasons signifies a time of transition for many. As the weather breathes the crisp winter air, we’re reminded to refresh ourselves and our surroundings. The bedroom being the place we spend more than one third of our lives in isn’t free from this change either. It’s a great time to find new collections of bed and bath linens that match the autumn vibe and bring a fresh new feel to the house. To help you in this endeavour, we introduce the best place where you can find the finest range of bed linen combo and bath products in a dazzling variety of colours and patterns. Explore the SPACES website this October, for the best combo offers and more at prices that will make your jaw drop and wallets happy! Stay Away from Germs Safeguarding your health is important, especially since the pandemic began. Every day we do what it takes to keep our surroundings germ-free. So why should your bed remain behind in this mission? The SPACES revolutionary collections of Antiviral and Bamboo Charcoal bed linens are what you need to protect your health while you sleep. The products in these collections help in destroying any germs or viruses that settle on the surface of your bedsheet. They also help in destroying body odour and their temperature-regulating properties give you excellent sleep quality every time. Anti Viral King Bedsheet @ ₹ 2,079 Prepare For Upcoming Festivities with Spaces Rangana Collection With Navratri and Diwali coming up on the horizon, it’s time to give your home an ethnic touch!  The easiest way to start is to refresh your bedsheets with something that matches the occasion. The SPACES Rangana collection is the perfect place to start, since this curated collection comprises a variety of bed linens inspired by the vibrant art in India. Rangana Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 2,249 Gifting Solutions That Don’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket It’s the season for festivities, parties and most importantly - gifts! Whether it’s during Navratri or Diwali, there’s no shortage of opportunities to find gifting solutions. Stop worrying about looking for the right gifts for your loved ones, because the SPACES Offtober Sale has your back! Get the finest towels combo, bedsheet combo offers, rugs, comforters and more at upto 60% off and make happy memories with your loved ones.  Don’t Forget To Accessorise Your Space While you’re dressing up your bed, don’t forget about the rest of the room! Other than the single bedsheets combo offer and towels combo, there are enticing offers on accessorising products like pillow covers, duvet covers, rugs, mats, bedside runners and more. You can get these products in contrasting colours as compared to your bed sheets and create unique sets of bed linens that will be the focus of everyone's envy. For the best online combo offers on bed and bath products, visit the SPACES website today!

If you’re not using Anti-Microbial/Anti-Viral bedding, Then It’s time to start

Health has become more and more important over the last decade, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic still prevalent. There has been an understandably sharp rise in adoption of healthy habits, in order to improve the immune system and overall well-being. Multiple industries have made headway into creating products that amp up the level of protection you can provide to yourself and your loved ones. The textile industry has changed the game by introducing Anti-Viral and Anti-Microbial fabric that acts as an extra layer of protection for the wearer. Home decor brands like SPACES have adapted the use of these fabrics and have created antiviral bedsheets, antiviral hand and face towels, antibacterial rugs, antimicrobial comforters and more. What are Antiviral Bedsheets Antiviral finishes in fabric are not a new concept. They have been around before the pandemic hit, where they were used for products that service to special needs earlier. But the spread of Covid-19 has increased the demand for fabric using antiviral finishes. This is because Antiviral fabrics can help cut down the amount of virus particles that settle on the surface of the fabric. These have become a huge hit in the bedding sector, as we spend more than one third of our lives in bed and should be protected during that time. You can get bedding that gives you 99% protection against Coronavirus at the SPACES website. Explore the Antiviral collection to upgrade your safety. Shop Spaces Antiviral Collection Other than antiviral bedsheets, this application is also seeing major use in products like antiviral hand and face towels, rugs and more, to safeguard the health of families across the country. Reagalis Anti-Viral Ornate Single Bedsheet @ ₹ 899 What Are Antimicrobial Bedsheets Antimicrobial bedsheets, as the name suggests is a specially produced fabric that displays high effectiveness in warding off microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and others. They have become exceedingly popular in recent years because of their ability in destroying microorganisms and protecting the surface of the fabric from any microorganism trying to inhabit it. These fabrics are long-lasting and can be made from a number of textiles like polyester, Polyester vinyl composites, Bamboo and even acrylics. Antimicrobial bedding comprises 2 main categories - Antibacterial bedsheets and Bamboo bedsheets. Shop Spaces Anti Bacterial Collection Both antibacterial bedsheets and bamboo bedsheets have a number of advantages that make them a great choice for everyone. It disinfects the fabric and helps in stopping further spread of disease. This gives them the additional advantage of removing bad odours. Bamboo bedsheets are gaining more popularity because they go a step further than antibacterial bedsheets because of their many benefits. These include temperature-regulation, durability, softness and more. You can get these from the Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection at SPACES. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Double Quilt @ ₹ 2999 While you can get bedsheets with antiviral or antimicrobial finishes, it will only be part of the solution. As important as it is to buy them, it is just as crucial to take proper care of these antiviral and antimicrobial bedsheets. Remember to clean them properly and store them correctly. To learn more, visit the SPACES website. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Dohars This Season

When you walk into your bedroom, you want it to exude a welcoming ambience. You will want to sit or lay down on your bed and feel relaxed. For this to happen, you need to invest in the right kind of bedding. Bed linens include various items and one of them is a dohar. There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a dohar right away! What is a Dohar? A dohar is a type of bed linen that is thicker than the standard blanket. The main difference is that a dohar will have a layer of cotton sandwiched between two pieces of fabric. Also known as 'Razai' in Asian countries, these fashionable covers are available in a range of vivid colours and designs. Reasons Why You Should Get Dohars #1 Warm and Cosy Imagine getting all cuddled up and cosy under a dohar and eventually drift to sleep. That warmth and protection is ideal for a good night’s sleep. Consider it like a hug from your favourite person that is bound to uplift your mood and spirit. What’s more, getting restful sleep every night with the dohar wrapped around you will help improve your mental and emotional health. [Also Read: 4 Reasons Why Dohars Ideal for Family Gifting] #2 Great Gifting Option Season of festivities is upon us and most of us have started listing down what we want as gifts or what we want to gift our friends and family. Ever considered gifting someone a dohar? Now that you think of it, it seems kind of perfect. Combine it with anti-viral bedsheets and anti-bacterial bedsheets, and you have the perfect gift hamper to give your loved ones. These will make for the perfect bed linens that everyone will love and appreciate. Soft & Reversible Reversible Double Dohar @ ₹ 1649 #3 Cotton Dohars Are Perfect For All Weathers A bedding that can be of great use in summers and winters? Seems kind of perfect, right? That’s another reason why you should get a dohar for your bedroom. When it comes to choosing the fabric for your dohar, go for a cotton one. They are soft, breathable and perfect for all weathers. If your dohar has a 100% cotton layer in the middle, it will help you cool and comfortable during summers and also warm and cosy during winters. [Also Read: 5 Ways Your Bedroom Decor Can Influence Your Mood] #4 Great Addition to Bedroom Aesthetics You can find dohars in an array of vibrant shades and all kinds of prints, from bold and bright to minimal and subtle. A dohar can refresh your bedroom's look and make a great addition to the aesthetics. You can also get dohars that are reversible. This means that there is a different print, pattern and colour palette on either side of the dohar so you can switch based on what you prefer at the moment. Mix and match different bedsheets, bedcovers, pillows and cushions to continue creating fresh, new looks for your bedroom. It has become so much easier to browse through dohars online and choose from a wide variety of options. So, if you haven’t already got yourself a dohar yet, you must do so now!

Confused Between Cotton and Polyester bed sheets? Here’s everything you need to know about them

Planning to buy bed sheets, but don’t know where to start? There are a plethora of factors to consider during your search, most important among which is about checking which fabric is the best for bed sheets. One of the most typical debates when it comes to bed sheets is – which is better, cotton bed sheets or polyester bed sheets. One may think this is a straightforward question with a definitive answer, but in actuality, the answer is quite subjective. The reason is that both fabrics have their own pros, and cons. And more importantly, the users’ personal choices, needs and wants play a large role in this decision. Because finding the perfect bed sheet for you, which can offer you good sleep is far more important than assigning a direct winner. So let’s find out more about cotton bed sheets and polyester bed sheets. Type What Advantages Disadvantages Cotton A bed sheet made of the natural cotton fiber is a cotton bed sheet. There are multiple types of cotton fibers, but the one that gets most attention is Egyptian cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton has the longest fibers among them all.   However, it is rarely used in making bed sheets. You can explore a vast collection of cotton bed sheets with the Atrium, Hygro Cotton Temperature-Regulating and Occasions collection at SPACES. Cotton bed sheets have a number of benefits that have made them highly beloved among the population. Some of them include:   The fabric is made from natural material, which makes it better for sensitive skin and allergiesIt is a cool and breathable fabric. Hence, it is good for summers and especially for those who sweat profuselyIt is easy to wash and dry, and it becomes softer with each wash Purely cotton bed sheets can be quite priceyIt is made of natural fibers which break down earlier than synthetic fabric. This makes them less durable in natureIt gets wrinkled easily   Polyester Polyester bed sheets are made from a synthetic or man-made material. Because of this, it doesn’t need a lot of processing for making a bed sheet after the fabric is manufactured. This makes them a cheaper alternative to cotton bed sheets.   Polyester bed sheets are lightweight and soft to touch. Some tightly woven high-quality polyester sheets are quite lustrous like silk and often are confused with silk in their feel. Due to its fabrication process, the polyester sheets are usually prone to static. Thus, it can be really bad for your hair.   Polyester fabric is lightweight and very softIt is more durable and is easy to washPolyester bed sheets are affordable.Polyester bed sheets don’t wrinkle easily Not much breathable and moisture-wickingPolyester bed sheets are prone to static, making them bad for your hairOver time, polyester bed sheets become rougher, making them undesirable for those with sensitive skin

What Is SAD and How Can Your Bedding Help Deal With It

As we bid adieu to the monsoons and begin a cold march towards winter, we may find ourselves a bit melancholic. This is often called the seasonal blues, where the lack of sunlight makes us lethargic and grumpy. But sometimes, the seasonal blues affect people in a more serious way, causing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is a form of depression that is aggravated by winter weather conditions. Along with therapy, there are a few changes you can make around you to reduce the impact of its symptoms: Rearrange Your Space SAD is caused majorly because of decrease in exposure to sunlight. That is why the first thing you’ve got to do is move some furniture around. Because we spend more than one third of our day in bed, it’s important to ensure you get to experience natural light when you’re there. You should also get some sheer curtains on your windows, so you don’t obstruct the flow of light in the midst of the gloominess outside. Upgrade Your Bedding A good sleep is a very crucial aspect to maintaining good health. That is why you should ensure that your bed linens are of good quality and can help make life a little easier for you. You should follow proper bed hygiene by changing your bed sheets every fortnight, but when you are afflicted with SAD, you may not find the motivation to do so. That is why we suggest you invest in fitted bed sheets, which are designed to cover your mattress with minimal effort on your end. You should also ensure you have got cosy comforters or dohars, a good pillow and a mattress that supports your back correctly.  Organic Cotton Floral Single Quilt – Jade @ ₹ 4499 Get Cozy It’s easier to slip down a darker path when you feel cold, as the cold makes you feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. One of the ways to drive the blues away is to ensure you are comfortable in your space. That is why we recommend investing in soft, fluffy comforters or dohars. These thick, warm blankets not only keep the chills away and help you pay attention to the charms that come with the winter season, instead of focussing on the cold weather and short days that come along with it. We highly recommend comforters from our Regalia, Geostance 100% Cotton or the Hygro Cotton Temperature-Regulating collection from SPACES. You could also look into getting a fuzzy bed side runners and door mats, so your feet don’t have to touch the cold floor and make you feel miserable. You can find a range of rugs and door mats on the SPACES website. Solesto Hygro Elegantly Ethnic Temprature Regulating Cotton Double Quilt (Ornate, 224cm X 270cm) – Beige @ ₹ 6999 Bring Brightness Into Your Life Colours have the ability to influence our mood, there have been innumerable studies published about this phenomenon. During winter, many people gravitate towards darker colors that fit with the theme of the season. But the duller colours you wear, the duller your mood becomes. But by surrounding yourself with a bright colour like yellow or orange, you get an instant boost of cheeriness and positivity! That is why we recommend getting a few sets of fitted bed sheets and dohars from our Atrium and Geostance 100% Cotton collection. Solesto Hygro Temprature Regulating Floral Large Bedsheets - Poppy Red @ ₹ 3699

Top 3 Bedsheet Trends That Have Emerged This Monsoon

The monsoons are a major season in India, signaling the arrival of a number of things. Some of that could be good - like the revitalization of nature around us, welcoming coolness and making it socially acceptable to gorge on pakoras every other evening. While some of that is not so great - like mold growing on every surface, gloomy surroundings and ruin of leather products that aren’t stored properly. To keep in line with the season, styles and preferences saw major changes, as new trends emerged in every industry during this time. As we begin to wrap up this monsoon season, let’s explore the top 3 trends that have made a splash in the bedsheet department. Bright Colours Gloomy weather is quite a staple of the monsoon season as the skies are generally cloudy on most days. This puts an almost sepia-toned filter on our lives for 4 months and brings in a melancholic feeling. This can bring down your mood, so the first trend that has emerged this season targets this. The best way to counteract this glum disposition is to break the pattern of dullness with a bright colour! Bright colours can induce a sense of excitement, positivity and energy, which is dearly needed during this time. The easiest way to organically include such a source of good feelings into everyday life is by incorporating them into your bedding. This can be either as a solid block colour or through patterns. For example, using floral bedsheets that have flowers in vivid colours. You can get the best for your bed at SPACES where there’s a diverse range of single bed sheets and double bed sheets in a variety of bright colours. Bonica Air Purifying 100% Cotton Single Bedsheets (Floral, 152cm X 224cm) - Light Grey @ ₹ 999 Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Viral Bedding A relatively new innovation in the world of bedsheets, this trend has swept across the country for the great properties it offers its users. In the Covid-19 era, it has become more important than ever to find ways to safeguard our loved ones.  Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral bedding is a great start to this endeavour. These bed sheets are made of materials that actively help in eliminating bacterial growth on the surface of the bed and reducing viruses . You can get a variety of choices in these types of bedding by exploring the Regalia, Bonica 100% Cotton and Occasions Lumeni collection at SPACES. Organic Cotton Anti-Viral Floral Large Bedsheets - Mauve Floral @ ₹ 2999 Bamboo Charcoal Bedding In recent years, bamboo has emerged as an alternative to plastic that is renewable and can be replenished at a fast rate. It is easier to cultivate, as bamboo plantations are quite self-sufficient, as the straws of bamboo don’t need any outside assistance to grow back. It also uses little to no pesticide, thereby causing less harm to the soil. Bedding made from this material has a number of advantages including temperature control, high moisture absorption, high durability, reducing body odour and more. This has made it a preferred choice for many this monsoon. To get single bed sheets, double bed sheets, comforters and more, explore the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet (Embroidered, 274 cm x 274 cm) – Grey @ ₹ 2999 DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

5 Gifting Solutions To Make You Everyone's Favourite Guest This Diwali!

Diwali is a time of good cheer and spreading joy. The festivities are marked with celebrations, where friends and family come together, exchange Diwali gifts and have a great time. Giving and receiving gifts is a thing that we really look forward to. It’s a symbol of care and love that makes everyone happy and nurtures bonds that will last forever. To make things super easy for you this festive season, we’ve curated a list of the best gifting solutions that will make you everyone’s favourite this Diwali! Here’s all you need: Healthy Wealthy And Wise Diwali gifts are often a reflection of the love and regard we have for the receiver. That is why it’s a great idea to gift items for Diwali that help in safeguarding the health of our loved ones. The easiest way to do this is by opting for the SPACES collection of Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial bedding, that protects the user from harmful micro-bacterial infection and is treated with a HealthGuard finish. This provides 99.9% protection to the bed sheets against disease-causing bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus. So, create a safe and healthy environment for your family and loved ones with the Diwali Gifts from the Regalis, Bonica 100% Cotton and Geostance 100% Cotton collection at SPACES. Anti Viral King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,039 Bamboo-zle Your Loved Ones Bamboo is the new alternative to plastic and made a mark in the textile industry because of the beneficial properties it holds. This makes it a great choice in gift items for Diwali, as bamboo bed linens help in a number of ways. Some of these include high durability, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and moisture-absorbing properties. You can explore a wide range of Diwali gifts like comforters, dohars, single bed sheets and double bed sheets from the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SPACES India (@spaces_india) Towels For Everyone Towels are one of those things you should never run out of. They are used for so many purposes, and are needed at all times. From hosting guests, to going for a trip, there’s no shortage of reasons where you need towels. That is why it’s a wonderful gifting solution for all your Diwali needs! You can get the best options in towels from our Atrium and Colorfas 100% Cotton collection. Atrium Plus High Absorbency Quick Dry Towel Combo @ ₹ 1699 Keeping Up With The Kids Kids love getting Diwali gifts and hate being left out of the party. That's why we’ve curated a set of gift items for Diwali that are a hit among children for your convenience! You can explore the bedding, bath products and rugs in the SPACES Kids collection. Here, you can find stunning bed sheets, comforters, towels, bed side runners and more in popular themes like Disney, Marvel and Minions. Kid's Single Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,299 Comfort For The Season The switch to the winter season brings with it chill in the air and colder temperatures. It’s the best time to curl into a warm blanket and enjoy a cup of coffee. To ensure your loved ones can get the best out of the weather, we’ve got a collection of fantastic comforters for all your Diwali gifting needs. We highly recommend opting for the Hygro Cotton Temperature-Regulating collection, that adjusts to your body temperature for a better sleep. Hygro Cotton Large Bedsheet @ ₹ 4,999 DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

10 Reasons Why Cotton Bedsheets Reign Supreme

Bedsheets form an integral part of your bed linen and you will want nothing less than the best and most comfortable bedsheet to put on your bed. It should be something that offers ultimate comfort, ties in well with the rest of the room’s interiors, and proves to be value for money. We are here to tell you that cotton bedsheets are the best and there is nothing better! Reasons Why You Should Choose Cotton Bedsheets: #1 Breathability Cotton is a pure and natural material, making it highly breathable. This helps in regulating our body temperature and keeping you comfortable while you sleep. Cotton fabric can absorb the extra heat and moisture from our body (in case you sweat). So, no more waking up in the middle of the night feeling claustrophobic or uncomfortable. Spaces Cotton Bed sheet #2 Choices in Types of Cotton At SPACES, you will find cotton bedsheets that have been made using different types of cotton. For instance, there are organic cotton bedsheets and there are hygro-cotton bedsheets (SPACES’ patented spinning technology). Each cotton type caters to different budgets and offers different kinds of benefits. Solesto Hygro Elegantly Ethnic Temprature Regulating Cotton Large Bedsheets @ ₹ 3999 #3 Skin-friendly If you have sensitive skin, cotton bedsheets are perfect for you. The natural fabric is gentle on the skin and will not cause any irritation. What’s more, is it also hypoallergenic in nature so you do not have to worry about allergies either. #4 Wide Variety of Prints and Colours There is no shortage in the choices of colours and prints you can get in cotton bedsheets. There is not one but numerous options that will take an individual’s fancy. Based on personal preference, room aesthetics, colour palette, etc., you will find cotton bedsheets that cater to all your requirements. Essential Anti-Viral Large Bedsheet – Semolina @ ₹ 1999 #5 Cooling During Summers Cotton bedsheets are perfect for the summers because they can absorb moisture content and regulate your body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable. #6 Long-lasting When you invest in something, you want it to be worth the value and last long. Consider investing in premium quality cotton bedsheets they are meant to be durable. At the time of purchase, it may seem expensive but in the long run, it will benefit you in multiple ways. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SPACES India (@spaces_india) #7  Low Maintenance One of the best things about cotton bedsheets is that they are easy to care for and maintain. If it is a 100% cotton bedsheet, it only requires a machine wash and with the need for fancy expensive washing powders. Once you wash them, simply let them dry up and iron them (not compulsory). #8 Budget-friendly Cotton bedsheets are inexpensive and easy on the pockets. The price will vary brand to brand and maybe even cost a little bit more if you opt for premium quality cotton bedding, but even then it will be considered as a more affordable choice compared to other fabrics. You can check out the Atrium collection on if you are looking for a discounted and pocket-friendly choice. Essential Anti-Viral Large Bedsheet – Riviera @ ₹ 1999 #9 Eco-friendly Since cotton is a natural fibre, you are not harming the environment. It is good for the planet since cotton is a biodegradable ingredient. #10  Stretchable Cotton is a stretchy material and that really comes in handy. A 100% pure cotton bedsheet will stretch easily and make it more comfortable for you to sleep on.The stretchability factor also means that they can adapt to different mattress sizes much better. Hope this clears any doubts you had about cotton bedsheets. If you haven’t already got some bedsheets for your bedroom, it’s time you do! You can click here: to check out all the blogs for bedsheets on SPACES.

5 Ways Your Bedroom Decor Can Influence Your Mood

Your bedroom is your safe haven - an oasis of peace and rejuvenation. This space is meant to bring you a sense of comfort and should be designed in a way that reflects this. There are many elements of home decor that can influence your mood, essentially shaping the vibe you have in your home. That is why we’ve curated a list of top five elements that you should keep in mind when designing your bedroom, for maximum comfort. #1 Colours Are Important If you’ve been feeling exhausted and weary whenever you enter your room, maybe it’s time to change the colour scheme. Colours affect our subconscious and have the ability to rejuvenate, to unburden the mind, to inspire creativity and so much more. For example, the colour blue has a calming effect, can bring down blood pressure and encourage a feeling of ease. So, you can add a blue Dohar like the ones available in the Earthy Tones 100% Cotton collection from SPACES, to make your rest more relaxing. Or the colour red promotes a sense of excitement and is known to stimulate conversations and creativity. So, you can start your day on a more energetic note by adding a bed side runner from the Luxury Runner collection. Earthy Tones 100% Cotton Single Dohar – Blue @ ₹ 1399 #2 The Perception of Space Gives the Illusion of More There is an immense variety in the number of products available to us today at our fingertips. But as enticing as it is to buy everything in sight, it has the unfortunate downside of cluttering your space. An overstuffed room or home can affect your mood by giving the feeling of overwhelming chaos or mess. One of the most crucial aspects of your room should be to have enough area to walk and it should be breathable. Hence, decluttering the house and organizing your belongings on a regular basis is very important. #3 Remember to Keep A Personal Touch There are many lookbooks in bedroom decor, which all have their own set of benefits. But you must remember that the bedroom is your private space and should contain some element that reflects your needs and personality. One easy way to do this is by adding an accent piece of bedroom decor in your favourite colour. You can easily do this by exploring the extensive collection of bedsheet, dohars, towels, bed side runners, fitted bed sheets and more at SPACES. Rangana Ektaal Large Bedsheets - Dark Brown @ ₹ 3999 #4 Functionality Over Aesthetics A modern style bed with all its sharp lines and sleek angles may look like it's fresh out of a magazine but can prove hazardous if you have small kids in the house. That is why it is very important for you to consider the needs of the people living in the space as you decorate it. Just the looks of the decor should not be the sole defining factor in choosing your interior design. You should pick products according to their ability to be of convenient use to all that are sharing the room. One of the best ideas when looking for items that suit the needs of many is to pick the bedsheet from the Hygro Temperature Regulating collection that adjusts to the needs of the user. You should also consider switching to fitted bed sheets as can be found in the Atrium Breathable collection as these are easier to use. Solesto Hygro Urban Organic Temprature Regulating Cotton Large Bedsheets (Geometric, 274cm X 274cm) - Light Brown @ ₹ 3999 #5 Add A Splash of Green While the colour is undeniably great, it’s a good idea to add some indoor plants to your room. Being close to nature always brings positivity, and plants elevate mood in the room by emitting a refreshing feeling. As you get your own personal air purifiers you will see a change in your disposition, as you find better relaxation. Solesto Hygro Legacies Temprature Regulating Cotton Large - Dark Green @ ₹ 3999 Watch: How to pick the perfect bed linen for your bedroom | SPACES Masterclass

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Bamboo Bed Linens This World Bamboo Day

Your bed is your haven for peace and relaxation. At the end of the day, it feels great to curl up inside cozy comforters and feel the stress melt away. We all want to get the finest things for our family, and we toil every day to ensure we deliver maximum satisfaction, good health, and comfort. In recent years, bamboo has emerged as an alternative to plastic that is renewable and can be replenished at a fast rate. It is easier to cultivate, as bamboo plantations are quite self-sufficient, as the straws of bamboo don’t need any outside assistance to grow back. It also uses little to no pesticide, thereby causing less harm to the soil. Other than this, there are some great reasons to make the switch to this fabric, especially when choosing bed linens. Check them out! #1 It’s A Temperature-Regulating Fabric One of the best features of using bamboo fabric is its temperature-regulating property. There are micro-gaps in the cross-section of the bamboo fiber, which makes the fabric better equipped for moisture absorption and ventilation. It’s a great idea to use comforters or dohars in this fabric, as they will adjust to your body’s temperature needs, giving you a more comfortable sleep. You can find a fine variety of comforters and dohars in the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Double Quilt – Grey @ ₹ 2999 #2 It’s Safe for Sensitive Skin Bamboo fabric is extremely soft to touch and as an added bonus, it has hypoallergenic properties. This makes it one of the safest materials to sleep on for people with skin sensitivity. Because of their fine properties, single bed sheets and double bed sheets from our Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection are flying off the shelves! Bamboo Charcoal Anti-Microbial King Bedsheet @ ₹ 1799 #3 It Gets Rid of Body Odour Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial bio-agent called "Bamboo Kun". This is what helps the plant naturally flourish and grow in the wild without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. This also helps in eliminating the bacteria that cause body odour. For a more comfortable sleep, explore the collection  single bed sheets, double bed sheets, comforters and dohars in the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet - Smoke Grey @ ₹ 2999 #4 It’s Highly Durable Bamboo is a very strong and resilient material. When bamboo sheets are cared for properly, they last just as long if not longer than other fabrics. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SPACES India (@spaces_india) #5 More Absorbent and Breathable Material Bamboo fabric has very efficient moisture-wicking technology that absorbs sweat from the body, saving you from feeling mucky in our humid environment. The dohars and bed sheets made with material are highly breathable, giving you a feeling of comfort rather than confinement. #6 It’s Health Friendly With its antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing, and other properties, bed linens from the SPACES Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection are good for you and your family’s health. This is because it keeps you and your loved ones away from harmful bacteria, protects your skin and maintains body temperature with its thermo-regulating properties. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet - Slate Grey @ ₹ 2999 #7 It’s Easy To Maintain Bamboo is a highly durable material and lasts longer than some cotton weaves. Bed linens made with this fabric can be tossed into the machine and only become softer with every wash. This makes them a better choice for the long-term.  Bamboo Charcoal – Easy to Maintain and Care #8 It’s More Sustainable As the name suggests, this fabric is sourced from the bamboo plant, which is a renewable material. This plant is highly self-sufficient and barely needs a human touch to grow. The fabric made from the plant is more biodegradable than most fabrics available in the market today. #9 Available in A Variety of Styles Bamboo fabric is very adaptable fabric. It started off as a substitute fabric for making tablecloths but has evolved into a preferred choice of fabric for everything from t-shirts to comforters. At SPACES as well, you can choose your favourite patterns and colours of bath towels, hand towels, comforters and dohars from our Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Bath Towel – Blue @ ₹ 1599 #10 It Improves Quality Of Sleep Well, with all the qualities about bamboo that we’ve mentioned above, is it really a surprise that your quality of sleep becomes better upon using products from our Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial collection? By keeping your skin protected from micro bacteria, sweat and more, you are guaranteed to have better sleep when you curl up with bed linens made from bamboo fabric.  DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Ways to Get Hotel Style Bedding - Spaces

Sleep is extremely important and most of us have some or the other preference when it comes to arranging our beds. But all of that is forgotten when we stay at a hotel and sink into their plush, comfortable beds. Travelling can be tiring with the last-minute packing, the mad rush to get to the airport, the actual journey and so on. But all of it is forgotten when we slide through the covers of the hotel bed. This comfort is sorely missed when we check out, but there are ways to get around it. Always wondered how to replicate the hotel beds at home? Spaces highlights key factors which will help you to maintain your beds like they one at hotels. Learn more. If you like us have been wondering why hotel beds are so comfortable and want to know more about how you can recreate that satisfying experience, check out these helpful tips: Make Your Corners Neat One of the best things about hotel beds is the absolute lack of creases, making them an amazing smooth surface to rest on. To get that effect at home, opt for fitted bed sheets that are designed to cover your mattress neatly, and are easier to use. You can find a variety of choices in the SPACES Atrium collections. Cotton King Fitted sheet @ ₹ 1,699 Concentrate On Colours and Materials Hotels take care of their decor, and their rooms generally have a theme to them. You should also curate the vibe of your room to bring in the relaxed effect of hotel rooms. Softer colours, especially blue and white are preferred, as they symbolize calm, peace and such. You can find a vast variety of fitted bed sheets, comforters, pillows and more at the SPACES website. Single Quilt Online @ ₹ 3,499 Another thing you should pay attention to is the quality of bed linens you are using. You should get bed sheets with high thread count and a good feel. The Hygro Cotton Temperature Regulating Collection is a great option in this regard, as it has breathable bed linens with a soft touch. You can also go a step ahead and get fitted bed sheets and comforters from the Anti-Viral or Bamboo Charcoal collection, as they provide an extra layer of protection against harmful bacteria.  Anti Viral King Bedsheet @ ₹ 2,079 Invest In A Good Mattress The fundamentals of bedding starts from the base - the mattress. Hotel rooms generally have good mattresses that travelers love sinking into, after a long day. To get that effect at home, invest in a good quality mattress that offers optimum lumbar support for your back. You should also look into getting a mattress cover for an extra layer of protection against dust. Get Extra Pillows One of the best things about sleeping on a hotel bed is to cuddle up with the extra pillows! Hotel beds usually have around four to five pillows neatly arranged. To get this feel at home, opt for pillows of two distinct sizes - one size is the regular pillow size and the other can be a smaller pillow size that you can use to rest your legs on. You can also add throws or dohars to the mix, and layer them on the bed on top of the comforter. Look through the Geostance collection on the SPACES website to find the right choice. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Importance of Bed Linen for Better Sleep - Spaces

The importance of sleep isn’t an uncommon topic, and effects of poor sleep on our physical and mental health has been widely documented. With our busy lives and erratic schedules, adapting to the fundamentals of good sleep hygiene is a must. But along with instilling a regular wake-up time, exercising daily and foregoing caffeine products by the evenings, there’s also a few external factors you may not have considered - Your Bed! With WFH (Work From Home) becoming the new norm, we are spending more than one-third of our day in our beds, which plays an influence on the time we spend throughout the day otherwise. Getting good sleep is imperative for overall health and wellbeing. A lot of this has to do with your bed linen. One of the biggest uses of bed linen is to create that welcoming, snug, and sanctuary-like feeling at home. Your home is undoubtedly your temple and a place where you let your guard down and unwind at the end of each day. If your bed sheets and other bed linen online cannot give you this comfort and quality, then you will naturally be hindered with regard to leading a healthier and happier life.  Many people neglect these philosophies while investing in a bed sheet or any other bed linen. The first thing to remember is that you should always choose your bed sheets online with care. This is because you may require either single bed sheets or a double bedsheet online. The size of the bed and what you require should not be neglected. The second aspect is the material and overall fit and finish. All these aspects are covered below to help you when you start looking up bed linen. However, coming back to our core proposition, people should not forget that bed linen directly influences the quality of their sleep. This is due to the fact that breathable and comfortable material can keep you either insulated/snug in the winters and cool and airy in the summers. At the same time, a good fabric will also ensure better breathability and allergen-free sleeping experiences. It will also add to your overall feel and comfort while sleeping and resting at home. These are aspects which will help you get at least eight hours of blissful shut-eye every night. Now how does this influence overall health and wellbeing? Sleep is the pillar of good health. Getting infrequent sleep and lack of sleep leads to several issues including continual fatigue, weakness, lack of energy, and sugar spikes which lead to binge eating as well. At the same time, tiredness will lead to lower energy and productivity at work and elsewhere, also contributing to overall irritability and lower mood levels. Hence, sleep and its quality have a direct influence on how you feel. It influences health and wellbeing immensely, necessitating extra care and caution while choosing bed linen online. You should invest a little more time and effort into the whole process. This will help you get the best possible bedding solutions that suit your needs. Your bed linens contain a number of elements that play a large role in determining the quality of your sleep. These include: Choosing the Correct Fabric The material used in your choice of bed linens has a crucial influence on your sleep cycle. For example, those who tend to have a tendency of overheating should avoid satin sheets and instead opt for breathable cotton bed linens. You can find these kinds of bed linens in the SPACES catalogue under the Solesto Hygro and Atrium collection of bed sheets and duvet covers. The Hygro Cotton collection in particular should be given extra consideration, as it contains  temperature-regulating bed linens. These help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Solesto Hygro Tropically Exotic Temprature Regulating Cotton Large Bedsheets (Floral, 274cm X 274cm) - Light Green @ ₹ 3999 Choosing The Right Colour of Bed Linens Colour plays a crucial role in our psyche, as certain colours inspire certain emotions when we look at them. Your sleep is supposed to be a calm, relaxed affair and as such, the colour of your bed linens should reflect that. According to some studies, blue promotes a sense of calm while purple tends to stimulate the brain. Basically, you need to check for the colour that makes you feel relaxed and incorporate that into your bed linens. This will make your bed feel like an oasis and improve the quality of your sleep. Rangana Debjani Large Bedsheets (Ornate, 274cm X 274cm) – Beige @ ₹ 3999 Taking Extra Steps To Ensure Skin Protection A lot of people have sensitive skin, which can lead to problems like itchiness, rashes and more. There are two ways to go about avoiding these kinds of issues. The first is to check the detergent being used to clean your bed linens like your bed sheets, duvet covers and pillow covers. If your skin is reacting badly to your bed linens, you should switch to a different brand and see if that helps. The other option is to switch to the SPACES Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial collection of bed linens, which act as a protective layer between the mattress and your skin. This reduces the number of irritants you have to deal with and ultimately improves your sleep and overall health. Sky Rise Single Duvet Cover @ ₹ 2299 Regular Maintenance Of Bed Linens Last but not least, it is extremely important to perform regular maintenance on your bed linens. You should wash and sanitize your duvet covers and pillows on a regular basis. It is a good idea to put your pillows out under direct sunlight, as the heat kills all the bacteria that may be present in it. You should wash your bed linens every 2 weeks and consider changing them every 7 years. Bamboo Charcoal Pillow – White @ ₹ 999 The easiest way to do this is to switch to our Anti-Viral collection, Anti-Bacterial collection, or our Bamboo Charcoal collection of bed linens. Our Bamboo Charcoal range has an ultra-fine structure which contains millions of tiny particles that restrict bacterial growth and bad smell. Our Anti-Viral collection comes equipped with Health Guard AMIC Antiviral Shield and anti-microbial finish and properties, which are effective upto 30 and 50 washes respectively. Opting for these will help in reducing health risks and respiratory problems, which is a pressing concern at the moment. Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet (Embroidered, 274 cm x 274 cm) - Dark Grey @ ₹ 2999 DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

9 Ways To Make Your Home More Festive This Navratri

The festive season is in full swing in India, making it a land of colourful experiences and changing seasons. From sprucing up the house to looking for gifting solutions for loved ones, the upcoming Navratri celebrations are sure to keep everyone busy. That's why we’ve curated a list, detailing the best of bed and bath collections so you can enjoy the festivities with ease. What is Navratri Navratri is a Hindu festival that marks the beginning of autumn in the country. It is celebrated with grandeur and spans the course of nine days. During this time, people come together to honour the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon king Mahihasura. Each day of the festival is represented by a colour that symbolizes the nine day battle. Every year, you can see a wave of people dressed in these colours, as it is an auspicious tie to the festival. It is considered prosperous to colour-coordinate your gifts according to the day. To make sure you’re prepped for Navratri, here’s the festival look book containing all your bed and bath needs, curated at SPACES Day 1 - Orange The first day of Navratri is represented by the colour orange that signifies energy and happiness. You can incorporate this colour into your home with the Anti-Viral double bed sheets collection like the Essential Anti-Viral large bedsheet, Essentials Atrium collection. For the kids, you can opt for the Disney collection of double bed sheets and the Minions collection. You can even get bath linen like the Atrium towels and the Cloudz Unisex bathrobe. Cloudz 100% Cotton Unisex Large Bath Robe – Orange @ ₹ 1299 Day 2 - White The second day, which symbolizes meditation, peace and purity is represented by the colour white. For your gifting solutions, we recommend the Atrium Plus High Absorbency Quick Dry towel combo, or a selection of single bed sheets and double bed sheets. Single Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 1699 Day 3 - Red Bravery, courage and grace are represented by the colour red, which marks the third day of Navratri. For a splash of this vibrant colour we recommend getting fitted bedsheets from the Rangana collection. You can even accessorize your home with bed side runners from the Spaces Unwinder collection. Cotton Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 999 Day 4 - Royal Blue Royal blue is the colour dedicated to the fourth day of the festival, and symbolizes good health and prosperity. To celebrate these qualities to the utmost, there is a vast collection of royal blue bed and bath products. You can opt for single bed sheets and double bed sheets from our collection. Double Bedsheet Online ₹ 2,339 Day 5 - Yellow The fifth day of the festival is represented by the colour yellow, which signifies brightness and happiness. To bring the Navratri cheer home, explore the Season Best bedsheets collection or dohars. Large Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 2,499 Day 6 - Green The elements of new beginnings and growth are represented by the  colour green on the sixth day of Navratri. SPACES has a vast range of bed and bath products like fitted bed sheets, rugs, dohars and more in this beautiful colour. Explore the gifting solutions from the Hygro collection. Green Double Bedsheet @ ₹ 1,699 Day 7 - Grey The seventh day is represented by the colour grey, which represents transformation. You can transform your home by making a few tweaks here and there. For example, you could get smart grey rugs. You should definitely explore the Bamboo Charcoal Antimicrobial collection, which, in addition to elevating your bed’s hygiene, also has a diverse range of bedsheets and quilts. Anti Viral Double Bedsheet @ ₹ 2,079 Day 8 - Purple Ashtami, or the eighth day of Navratri represents the power of intellect and peace and is represented by the colour purple. It is considered auspicious to worship little girls, who are considered the avatar of the goddess on this day, and what better way to do that than gift the little ones with products from the Disney collection! Disney Jasmine Single Quilt @ ₹ 4,999 Day 9 - Peacock Green The last day of the festival is represented by the colour peacock green which symbolizes the end of the battle and the victory achieved. You can celebrate this by gifting your loved ones double bed sheets from the quilts or the towels collection. Econova Cotton Bath Towel Solid - Dark Green @ ₹ 999

This Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrate with Ethnic Bedding Collection - Spaces

It’s a time for celebration, a time of joy! Ganesh Chaturthi is back again, bringing with it a spirit of community and revitalisation. As you start the process of welcoming the beloved Lord Ganesha home, there’s so many things you must look into. The most important among these is to transform your home into a space fit for a heavenly abode. The easiest way to commence is by changing your home decor, starting with getting ethnic bedsheets to match this festive season. What Are Ethnic Bed Sheets As the name suggests, ethnic bedsheets feature designs that hold cultural value. They often contain motifs or prints that are indigenous or ethnic in origin. Being a land that boasts an amalgamation of traditions, folklore and heritage, there is a vast variety of bedsheets available, with stunning designs. These types of ethnic bed sheets are a wonderful way to display our stunning culture, as can be seen in the SPACES range of ethnic bed sheets like the Rangana Debjani set of bedsheets and the Rangana Ektaal double bedsheet set. These types of prints will match the vibe of the much anticipated Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Rangana Niyama Bedsheet @ ₹ 2,249 Patterns In Ethnic Bed Sheets Ganesh Chathurthi is a time for colour, creativity and joy, and what better way to describe that than the diverse textile patterns one can find in India. Our country’s rich cultural heritage has one very big advantage; there’s never a lack of beautiful weaves and prints in our textile industry. Even in bedsheets, you can easily find traces of our nation’s artistic history, through a vast array of patterns from different regions. As such, there are a number of communities that excel in block printing and have their own unique spin on designs and patterns. Some of the most popular ones include: Gujarat - Gujrat boasts multiple specialty prints such as the Sodagiri print and Ajrakh design. The Kutch region is also famous for its designs of animals, birds, and dancing girls. You can find a great collection of such prints at SPACES, especially the Rangana Nalgona Ornate Bedsheet set            Rajasthan - Rajasthan is known for its Jaipuri prints, Bagru (Syahi-Begar and Dabu prints), Sanganer (Calico and Doo Rookhi print), Pali and Barmer (Sikar and Shekahawat prints). The Rangana Debjani collection and the Rangana Niyama collection are great examples of such ethnic prints. West Bengal - West Bengal was introduced to block printing in the early twentieth century. Since then, this vibrant state has mastered the more traditional designs and made their own unique style as well - Serampore. Andhra Pradesh- Andhra Pradesh has a special printing style, where they use a combination of both hand and block printing. The name of this style is Kamakari art and as the name suggests, it is a style that is created with the assistance of a pen. The Rangana Niyama collection is inspired by this type of ethnic print. Cotton Double Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 1,299 Sizes In Ethnic Bed Sheets Over the years, SPACES has developed a curated range of ethnic bedsheets that are available for all needs. You can find single bed sheets and double bedsheets in this collection. These can be used for a variety of purposes, from dressing up beds to divans and even acting as accessories to enhance your sofa’s image. You can get these single bed sheets and double bedsheets in the form of fitted creations as well in the ethnic bed sheet range. Since Ganesh Chaturthi will mean more guests, it is always good to have extra bedsheets in different sizes, so your guests can be as comfortable as Lord Ganesh. Double Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 1,699 Collections In Ethnic Bed Sheets For your Ganesh Chaturthi shopping convenience, we have listed the collections at SPACES that feature the finest selections of ethnic bedsheets. The first is the Rangana collection, which features a variety of ethnic bedsheets and quilts in an assortment of patterns. The second is the Atrium collection, which features a vast assortment of single bedsheets and double bed sheets, that are soft to touch and accentuate a multitude of ethnic prints and embroidery. Large Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 999 The next collection to take note of is the Hygro Cotton Bedsheets Collection, which doesn’t just feature prints from all over India, but also has a special function of being temperature regulating bedsheets. You can also take a look at the Anti-Viral collection of bedsheets, which have style and substance. They display an array of Batik and Calico prints. They also help in safeguarding consumers against harmful microbes.

Best Gifting Ideas Under Rs 3999

The festive season is upon us, and soon we will all be caught up in the frenzy of gift shopping. While gifting and receiving gifts is great fun, it can become quite challenging to pick the right gifts for your near and dear ones. The gifts you pick must be commensurate with the occasion and the level of closeness you share with the person. Most importantly, the gift must fit your budget – after all, there are so many people to shop for, and you don’t want to come up short! The following are our ideas for gifts priced under Rs 3,999: #1 A Watch. Watches are amongst the most treasured gifts in the world. Though most younger age groups today prefer to check the time on their mobile phones or smart watches, older age groups still appreciate the value of a beautifully crafted timepiece. Watches are available in various makes, brands and prices. It is possible to get a stunning branded watch under Rs 3,999 complete with engraving, service warranty and extended warranty, among other benefits. Price points: Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,999, including a basic fitness tracker, or simple metal dial watch #2 A Set of Their Favourite Books. Books have a personal connect with people. Each person has a unique taste in books, so a genre or author that works for one may not work for another. Always gift books only to those whose reading habits and choices you are deeply aware of, instead of splurging on books that are bestsellers but in a genre and style that the giftee is not likely to ever touch. If you are unsure about which books they may have recently read, or which they are waiting to buy, ask them to create a wish list on their preferred book shopping destination online and buy whatever you wish to from there. Have the set of books shipped to their home and wait for them to call you with gushing gratitude! Price points: Rs 800 to Rs 1,500 (for one book, depending on whether it is imported or hardcover/soft cover, etc.) #3 New Bed Linen. Bed linen is a wonderful gift for anybody, be it a sibling or a close family friend. Since you are headed into the festive season and there will be a few celebratory occasions to attend, it is a wise decision to invest in high quality bed sheets, comforters and duvet covers for your near and dear ones. Bed linen must be gifted only to people close to you, and whose taste and aesthetic you are aware of. It is a deeply personal gift, but a hugely practical one. Pick from our range of superior quality cotton bedsheets (check out the anti-viral and hygro-cotton range), matching pillow cases and dohars/comforters, bathrobes for your gifting pleasure. Price points: Rs 899 to Rs 2,999 Explore the Spaces Collection Solesto Hygro Temprature Regulating Geometric Large Bedsheets – Coral @ ₹ 3699 Solesto Hygro Temprature Regulating Abstract Large Bedsheets - Ivory @ ₹ 3699 Hygro Large Bath Robe – Coral @ ₹ 2495 Geostance Anti-Viral Geometric Single Bedsheet – Brown @ ₹ 899 Bonica Anti-Viral Floral Single Bedsheet - Light Blue ₹ 899 Bamboo Charcoal Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet – Grey @ ₹ 2999 Bamboo Charcoal Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet – Black @ ₹ 2999

4 Tips to Get The Best Bathrobe

Bath robes are one of the most underrated items of bath linen. When most of us buy items for the bathroom, we focus more on towels, face and hand flannels, even bath mats. Buying a robe comes as an afterthought, and most people still think of them as an item of luxury and not necessity. However, they have high utility in the sense that they provide modest coverage before and after a shower, or when you get out of the shower but take a while to get dressed or have breakfast right after. You can answer the doorbell wearing the robe, or simply lounge about the house wearing one on your day off from work. If you have never bought a robe for yourself or your family members, this article will help with some good pointers on how to buy the right one. We present 4 of the easiest tips on buying bath robes: #1 Pick the right fabric. Bath robes are available in several materials, from cotton to silk. The material you pick depends on the use you are going to put the robe to. Some people like to cursorily towel their bodies dry and slip into a bath robe that absorbs the excess moisture. If you are one of these people, you should pick a 100% cotton robe that offers high absorbency. Then there are others that like to wear the robe in between clothes changes, and they like to have a luxuriant material like silk or satin on their skin. That’s what we mean by picking a robe that suits the purpose or use it will be put to. SPACES Occasions Exotica Extra Large Bath Robe ₹ 1995 #2 Choose the right length. Not everybody likes knee-length robes, which are the most commonly available sizes in the market. You might prefer a shorter length that skims the mid-thigh, or a longer one that touches your calves. Browse for different robe sizes across various brands before you pick the one that appeals the most. But when choosing the size, ensure that you check the size chart provided by the brand: most of them commonly list the length and other dimensions of the product and mention the model’s height so this gives you an idea of how the robe will look on you. Occasions Exotica Large Bath Robe – Wine ₹ 1995 #3 Choose your favourite colour. Every piece of clothing you wear is picked with care, considering the fabrics, designs and colours that you like. Colour is one of the most important considerations for you. Just like you pick out your office clothes and night shirts in colours that appeal to you, so should you pick the bath robe in a colour of your choice. It’s simple to do so, if you browse the collections of prominent brands that have a variety of colours on offer. Do note that if you use the robe in between clothing changes and like to feel warm and cosy in it, then a dark colour in a material like cotton or silk is a good option. Choose from Spaces Wide Range of Bathrobes #4 Look for details that personalise the robe. It’s not enough to simply pick a robe that looks great. Look for personalisation as much as you can. These include pockets, hoods, piping in a darker colour, even the chance to emboss your name on the robe. When you buy the robe… Make a note of the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash and maintain the robe. Most cotton robes are washed in cool water without bleach, and are air dried without direct exposure to sunlight to maintain fabric and colour integrity. Never dry clean the robe, when a simple wash in the washing machine will do.

Banish Bed Bugs: 3 Best Ways

You wake up with itchy welts on your skin and find traces of rust-coloured bloodstains on your pillows. You think you were bitten by mosquitoes in the night, but then you feel something biting you inside your clothes. You pull out the offender, and it’s a bed bug. Spaces Essentials Pillow @ ₹ 499 The Biggest Menace in The Home You would be forgiven for thinking that the biggest and most problematic pests in the house are roaches and rodents. But these pests can be controlled and eliminated far more easily than an even bigger menace: bed bugs. Bugs are some of the toughest creatures in the world. They have a flat body structure and strong exoskeleton that can withstand great force – most of them are not easily crushed, and some may even survive without their own heads for up to a week. They are undeterred by sprays that would fell other pests, or poisons, or even ordinary washing and cleaning. Besides, they multiply rapidly, and a female bug may lay as many as 100 eggs at a time. The eggs are tiny and can be mistaken for dust flakes. If you have a bug infestation in your home, you should try the following 3 ways to get rid of them: #1 Get anti-bacterial bedsheets. Bed bugs thrive by biting humans and sucking their blood. They are most active at night, hence they are most likely to hide in mattress crevices, folds of the bed linen, space under the bed, etc. Though bed bugs may infest even the cleanest of spaces, they are repelled by sanitised surfaces to some extent. We recommend browsing our collection of anti-bacterial cotton bedsheets to use as a first line of defence against bug infestations. Bed bugs are also killed by hot water, so you will need to wash your bed linen in hot water infused with anti-bacterial soap to break the chain of infestation. ATRIUM King Size Fitted Bedsheet -Teal ₹ 1559 #2 Use a stiff brush over furniture seams. Bed bugs hide in dark spaces, and their flat bodies allow them the leeway to crawl into the smallest of cracks and hide there. You are most likely to find them in crevices and seams of the furniture (couches, futons, sofa chairs), bed, and even the stitches on your dohar and duvet covers. You must get them out by force – use a brush with stiff bristles and run it repeatedly over furniture/fabric folds and seams. This removes lurking bugs and also their eggs. Be careful about sweeping up the bugs and their eggs in a Ziploc bag – do not throw them in the trash can or they will crawl out again. Once you are convinced that the surfaces are bug- and egg-free, use an anti-bacterial dry shampoo on them and vacuum up the cleaned areas. Sky Rise Single Duvet Cover @ ₹ 2299 Earthy Tones Single Dohar Geometric – Brown ₹ 1599 #3 Enlist professional pest control to eliminate the infestation. After a first preliminary treatment at home, you must now get professional pest control and cleaning done to eliminate the infestation altogether. Bed bugs are remarkably resilient and may survive without feeding for up to one year! Meanwhile, they continue to multiply rapidly and lay eggs, which give rise to more bugs. Only a professional chemical treatment can get to the last bed bug and egg in the house, and kill them all before the problem becomes acute. Based on the degree of infestation, two or more cycles of chemical sprays and dips may be needed to disinfect every surface in the house. During this time, it is advisable to live elsewhere, especially if have young children and/or pets in the home. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Pet Hair Everywhere? We Have 4 Care Tips

You adopted a dog or cat because you always wanted a pet, and soon, they became an important member of the family. They rule the house and use every item of furniture just like you do. But while you love them immensely and cannot imagine life without them, you are tired of the constant battle you must wage with the hair they leave on every surface, from your clothes to your bedsheets and couch. Atrium Plus Double Bedsheet – Brown @ ₹ 1999 Ordering them off the furniture is out of the question, but living with pet hair gathering on all surfaces is not an option, either. Pet hair embeds itself in fabrics, and it can be notoriously difficult to sweep up as well. There is often no alternative to daily sweeping, dusting and mopping to get most of the hair out. Your pet will also have seasonal shedding, where they deposit more hair than usual everywhere. Wondering how to keep your home pet hair-free? Try these 4 simple care tips: #1 Keep your bedsheets free of hair. Pets like dogs and cats like to cuddle with their humans, and the bed is often the place where they like to sleep right next to their human parents or siblings. You might also have a few playful romps and wrestles with them in your bed. As the fur flies and settles into your bedsheets and pillow cases, it becomes deeply embedded in the fabric. Soon, it gets into your hair, skin and clothes. If you or a family member suffer from mild to moderate respiratory issues, then pet hair may start an allergic reaction. Invest in high quality anti-bacterial cotton bedsheets and vacuum out your dohar every day to keep the hair out. We also recommend using hygro-cotton bedsheets that become softer with every wash – you will need to wash your bedding often to keep the hair out. Disney Single Dohar With Pillow Covers – Pink @ ₹ 1999 #2 Use carpet shampoo on your rugs. Pets not only leave hair on the floor and carpets, but may also leave drool, traces of their food and treats, and worse, leave messes on the rugs. Your local pet store will stock a good shampoo for rugs and carpets – use it every alternate day to keep the rugs fresh and odour- and stain-free. Dry shampooing also removes vestiges of hair from the carpet fibres. Follow this cleaning routine for all carpets in the house. Spaces Luxury Runner Area Carpet @ ₹ 2600 #3 Damp gloves and tape can remove embedded hair. Despite regular vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and cleaning, you will still find pet hair embedded in bedding, towels, bathrobes and rugs. You can get stuck hair by dampening a pair of rubber gloves and patting the affected surfaces thoroughly. The damp surface makes the hair stick, and you must periodically wipe down or wash the gloves to remove the hair before you move on to the next surface. Also use the sticky part of masking or paper tape to pull out embedded hair from fabrics. #4 Use a lint roller and brush on your pet. This is sometimes the best thing to do, to remove excess hair from the source before it deposits itself all over the house. Use a standard issue lint roller on your dog or cat and move it gently across their fur to remove excess hair. You can also invest in a de-shedding brush or bristled glove – run the implement across the fur for a few minutes every day to remove any loose hair. The brushing and massaging action makes the pet feel better, and the incidence of hair fall all over the house is much reduced.

Refresh Your Home This Festive Season: 5 Tips

The festive season is around the corner, and you couldn’t be happier about it. This part of the year is exciting because it brings families and friends together for celebrations and festivals. You revel in hosting parties and get-togethers and look forward to close friends and relatives visiting your home. Except – you are a little concerned that your house does not show itself to its best advantage and needs to look brighter, larger, and more in keeping with the festive spirit. Want to refresh your home this festive season? We offer 5 tips to get you started: #1 Start with a spring clean. The first step begins with a deep clean. We believe that clutter and dirt invite negative energies into the home, so a de-cluttering and organising exercise is in order for the season. Next, have the house professionally deep cleaned to remove lurking grime, grease, dust, and even insect infestations. When spring cleaned and organised, the house starts looking like new once again. You can now get on to other refurbishments. #2 Get new bedding. Your bedroom is a sacred space that requires a lot of work to retain its cosy, warm appearance. And the bed does most of the heavy lifting in a well-designed bedroom – it is the centrepiece of the room and attracts the eye at once. Accordingly, it should be kitted out with the best bedsheets and dohars. Do browse through our festive collection of single and double bedsheets in various colours and designs, and our single and double dohar sets to complement the beauty of your new bedding. New bed linen in 100% anti-bacterial cotton or hygro-cotton lasts long and retains its colouring and fabric integrity despite repeated use. Double Bedsheet Online @ ₹ 1,299 Kid's Single Dohar Online @ ₹ 1999 #3 Refresh the living room with rugs and wall art. The living room is the first space in the house that everybody enters. It is the focal point of the house, and during the daylight hours, it is also the most used space. It naturally follows that the living room must be well-decorated and spruced up this season in time to host parties and celebrations. Get new wall art to draw the eye to the walls, and new rugs to create visual balance on the floor. We have a wonderful new selection of rugs to choose from, so start browsing! Bedside Runner Online @ ₹ 1,099 #4 Add new lamps at various points of the house. Light is an essential component in home decoration. It wards off shadows and when used right, crafts new ‘spaces’ in the house. The festive season is the best time to bring in more light, but please do so by introducing light sources where necessary, and complement them with new fixtures. You can invest in new shades to diffuse strong light, or get pendent lights for the dining and bedroom areas, and a gorgeous chandelier light for the living room. Installing uplighters in the bathroom also gives a dreamy effect. #5 Hit ‘Reset’ on the kitchen. Most Indian homes refurbish and plan the kitchen as an afterthought. This means that not enough planning goes into creating the perfect kitchen. This season, aim to de-clutter the kitchen by creating more storage space, installing modular cabinets and shelves, and adding touches like coloured spice racks, wall hooks for hanging pots and pans, a foldaway coffee table in the corner, and even new fridge magnets and storage accessories. Which of the above tips did you like the most? Do you have tips of your own to share? Tell us in the comments below.

Save Time and Effort: Fitted Bedsheets Are the Best

They are the most important component of bed linen, but often the most underrated one. We’re referring to bedsheets. Bedsheets cover the mattress and protect them from environmental pollution, sweat, dirt and dust, among other pollutants. They are a cool surface for you to lay down on when you sleep. You probably have flat sheets at home – have you ever used a fitted sheet? How about you get one and see how the entire experience of making the bed changes forever? What is a fitted bedsheet? A fitted bedsheet is one that is literally ‘fitted’ over the mattress with elastic bands on all sides holding it in place. It is a bedsheet that differs completely from a flat sheet in form and function, but like any other sheet, it lies on the mattress and protects it from environmental pollution, and the dust and oils from your skin. ATRIUM King Size Fitted Bedsheet -Teal @ ₹ 1559 However, where a flat sheet is neatly tucked under the mattress on all sides, the fitted bedsheet is pulled over all sides of the mattress and secured with a snap of elastic, much like putting on a suitcase cover. But this is where things can get potentially problematic if you buy the wrong size of sheet – too large and it becomes loose and saggy all over the mattress. On the other hand, if it is too small, it does not snap over the sides properly and will keep coming off all the time. Unlike a flat sheet which is slightly larger on all sides than your mattress, a fitted sheet must be more or less the same size as your mattress. This category of sheets is available in both single and double bed variants, with matching pillow cases. The trick is to measure your mattress correctly and pick the fitted bedsheet that is about a maximum of two inches larger than all sides of the mattress. If you have any questions about the sizing, you can talk to us on our website while browsing our collection. ATRIUM King Size Fitted Bedsheet -Maroon ₹ 1559 Single or double fitted bedsheets also cannot be folded into a neat pile like flat sheets can. They tend to ‘ball up’, so avoid these if you like neat folds of sheets in your linen closet. You can learn quickly enough about folding these sheets properly to avoid excessive creasing – ask us your questions and we are happy to help out. So why should you use them? Fitted sheets offer several advantages, especially to a busy person such as yourself. The biggest advantages they offer are convenience and savings of effort and time. They are easy to put around the mattress once you know how to tuck them around. They offer a simple way to use bed linen speedily and efficiently. Simply anybody can tuck the fitted sheet easily, while tucking in a flat sheet takes more time and effort. Like all other bedsheets, they are washed in the washing machine or by hand after use. Do not bleach or dry clean them, and prolong their colour and thread integrity by gentle washing and air drying without exposure to direct sunlight. However, take care to handle the elastic on the sheet. If the elastic loses integrity, the sheet will cease to function well and you may as well use a flat sheet. Have you used a fitted sheet on your bed? What was your experience like, and would you use more of them? Tell us in the comments section below.

Is Your Bedding Giving You Acne and Dandruff?

One normally associates sleeping with healing, relaxation and getting rid of niggling pains in the night. You would normally not connect sleeping at night or using your bed, to getting acne and dandruff, or even skin rashes and respiratory issues. But what if this were actually true. Have you noticed lately that you or a loved one get sudden unexplained colds, or you suffer acne breakouts despite having a daily skin care regimen? You maintain good hygiene with regards to your skin, body and clothing, and you take care to keep your immunity strong by eating right and exercising regularly. And yet, there are these unexplained skin and hair issues that you have no answer to. The culprit might be your bedding. How does your bedding cause skin and hair problems? From your bedsheet to pillow covers and comforters, your bedding has the potential to make you sick because it may be rife with germs. How Does Your Bedding Make You Sick? It seems strange that a space of relaxation and healing – your bed – could be giving you acne breakouts and poor hair. The problem starts with unclean bedding that has not been washed for long, or not cleaned properly. Most of us make our beds quite infrequently. We lay down a washed bedsheet on the bed, and then simply smoothen it over the next morning after use. Usually, the same single or double bedsheet will get slept in for about a fortnight to even a month! Every time you lie down on your bed, your skin and hair make contact with the sheet. This means that the wet or dried sweat, your dead skin, loose hair, dandruff from the scalp, or even other bodily emissions, come in contact with the sheet. With each use, these are stuck on to the sheet and the pillow covers. The double or single bedsheet absorbs liquid and fluid spills, and there may be trace food crumbs as well. These begin to create germ and bacterial colonies, which fester gradually as the sheet is progressively used. This largely means that the sheet, pillow cover and comforter get contaminated with every use. Continuing to use it after the contamination leads to more germ and microbial activity. These germs and microbes are then transferred back to your skin and hair. They cause a large number of problems, from rashes, acne, oiliness, boils, increased dandruff, even respiratory disorders or asthmatic flareups. Atrium Plus Double Bedsheet – Brown @ ₹ 1999 How To Care For Your Bed Sheet It naturally follows that you must wash your used bedding before it becomes too grubby. But how soon is too soon? It is safe to use the same bedding for a fortnight in cold weather, when you don’t sweat as much as you would at other times of the year. In hot or humid seasons, it is better to wash the sheets and pillow covers after a week of use. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on washing the bedding. Usually, it is better to wash both small and large bedsheets in cold or cool water – hot water must be avoided at all costs – using your usual brand of detergent. Avoid dry cleaning or bleaching your bedding – these do not clean the sheets any more than a tumble in the washing machine can, and end up fraying the thread count on the fabric. We hope this article was helpful in making it clear about how your bedding can cause skin and hair problems, and how to care for your bed linen in the right manner.

Does Your Bath Linen Embody You? Let's Find Out

Taking a shower every day is not just a matter of maintaining personal hygiene. It goes way beyond mere cleansing of the body. A hot shower with clean running water and a scented soap improves your mood and makes you ready for the challenges of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of the morning and fully awakens your senses. But what happens right after your shower? You towel off your wet skin and hair, and head out the door to get dressed. But wait – shouldn’t you prolong the pleasure and comfort you just experienced from the hot shower? The linen you use in your bathroom goes a long way towards making your bathing experience a holistically wonderful one. Get the right bath linen Bath linen is as important as bed linen. While you need superior quality bed linen to be able to relax and sleep comfortably at night, good quality towels, napkins, even robes are essential to complete the feeling of satisfaction and comfort that comes from having a long hot shower. People tend to skimp on bathroom linen, often buying just a couple of towels and not insisting on good quality. Do not make this mistake. Your bath linen must come from a superior brand that understands not just your needs but your visual aesthetic. You can pick from a range of colour blocking linen, or choose abstract or striped patterns. Always pick cotton linen for the most comfortable use, and make sure the products are thick and highly absorbent. For more inspiration, browse our range across linen categories to pick the right products for yourself and your loved ones. Towels are not just for wiping… Your bath towels must be thick, made of 100% cotton and produced with a rapid drying technology that wicks extra water and dampness away from your skin and hair immediately upon contact. If the towel needs to be kept on the skin for long to absorb water, or if it becomes dripping wet upon wiping your skin and hair, it is not the right one for you. It should air dry fast, sport a colour and pattern of your choice, and last for at least three to four years after purchase. You can buy towel sets in the same or contrasting colours, and matching hand napkins as well. Seasons Best Quick Dry Large Towels 10 PC Set @ ₹ 899 A bath robe after a shower is just the thing… Once you finish bathing, you might not wish to immediately get into your work clothes and leave for the office. There may be a time gap between finishing your shower, having breakfast and getting ready for work. You can wear a lovely bath robe during this time. The robe keeps you covered and absorbs excess moisture that your bath towel did not catch. It is an elegant garment that you can wear around the house and even answer the doorbell in. SPACES Occasions Exotica Extra Large Bath Robe @ ₹ 1995 Get a good bath mat… Stepping out the shower after a hot bath and wearing a cool new robe is great, until your wet feet make puddles outside the bathroom door. Wet feet create a slipping hazard for yourself and others. You should buy and install a lovely new bath mat outside the bathroom door for all the bathrooms in the house, so that excess water may be absorbed without spilling elsewhere on the floors. Spaces Luxury Cushlon Grey Large Bath Mat Polyester @ ₹ 949 Caring for your linen Wash your bathroom linen in cool water using a good liquid detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean the product, and let it air dry in shade without exposure to direct strong sunlight.

5 Ways to Celebrate Rakhi this Year

It is one of the most endearing festivals in the country, celebrating the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most special days in the Indian calendar every year, when sisters tie a Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, and the brothers give them gifts and promise to protect them forever. But who says the onus of gifting is on the brother alone? You can also gift him with something special to mark the occasion and make it a Raksha Bandhan celebration to remember. If you’re mulling over the idea of gifting him something nice, this article is the right one for you. Want to gift your brother something different this year for Raksha Bandhan? We have 5 great gifting ideas: #1 Get Him a Personalised Rakhi If it’s Raksha Bandhan, there has to be a gorgeous Rakhi to tie on your brother’s wrist. He loves keeping the Rakhi you give him every year, but this year, get him one that he will cherish forever. Look up companies that personalise Rakhis – it features his name as a centrepiece and is studded with precious stones, or made of silver and/or gold threads. You can customise it the way you want, so that the result is a stunning Rakhi that your brother will admire and love to flaunt all day. #2 Rehaul His Bedroom Most men have an easygoing attitude towards bed linen, but that is not to say that they do not appreciate fine bedding. Check out your brother’s bed linen and make a note of what you can buy him in terms of new bed sheets, or pillow covers, or even a new blanket. Or just give him a new set of bed linen featuring a double bed sheet with matching pillow covers, a new dohar or comforter, a duvet cover and a matching floor rug. His eyes will light up when he sees the gift and he will love snuggling up in his new comforter and bed sheet set on cool nights. #3 Gift Him Designer Bed and Bath Linen While you’re busy trying to rehaul his bedroom, make things a little more special by gifting him designer bed linen by celebrated fashion designer - Ritu Kumar! SPACES recently announced a co-branded collection of bedsheets, comforters and towels that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your celebrations. The collection incorporates traditional motifs that don’t just match the vibe of every upcoming festival but also go seamlessly with any kind of visual direction you aim for. #4 Give Him a Backpack Full of His Favourite Things Every man loves a good backpack. It carries everything he needs on a trip, or a casual day at the office, or when hanging out with friends. If you’re getting him a backpack, add things in it that he will like – a jersey for his favourite football team, a new cologne, a box of his favourite chocolates, a pair of expensive but quirky socks, a zany new keychain, etc. It will be like opening a treasure trove and he will love the gesture, especially the fact that you got him all his favourite things in a new carryall. #5 Gift Him a Box of Office Accessories If your brother works in an office, or even has an office set-up at home, you can give him accessories to keep on his table. These can range from a new cup holder to phone charger, a new tackboard with a set of photos of his travels and friends, a new idol of the God he reveres most, a poster of quirky inspirational quotes, etc. You can even gift him office stationery that he will enjoy using, plus a new lamp for his desk. What do you think about these ideas? Do you have any original gifting ideas to share? Tell us in the comments below.

How To Pick The Best Bath Towels: 3 Tips

You’re just out of a shower and reach out for your towel. While you’re wiping yourself, you realise that the towel feels scratchy and stiff on the skin. You want a softer feel after the wonderful shower you’ve just had. Then you realise that all the towels in your linen closet are like the one you’re currently using. It’s time to get new ones! Atrium Plus High Absorbency Quik Dry Towel Combo - Grape Fruit/Midnight Blue @₹ 1899 Towels are important – we just don’t realise it! For most of us, towels are simply thick fabrics that we wipe our skin with after a shower. But they are much more than that – the cleanse the skin and dry it after the bath, and reduce the chances of you catching a cold by lingering moisture. They wick away all the excess moisture from the skin and hair and let you dry quickly. They are designed for repeated use, so they offer the same quick drying action time and again. But not all towels are created equal, and some are quite poorly made. If you’re looking to buy new towels online for the home, do so after checking the next 3 tips: #1 Look for 100% cotton towels. Most bath towels are made of cotton, but you would do well to pick one that is made of 100% cotton. Cotton bath linen is highly absorbent, easy to dry and non-fussy in terms of maintenance. You can wash it in the washing machine using your usual detergent, and dry it in the shade before folding away for future use. Cotton towels also show a better shelf life and are easier on the skin. Be sure to pick a plush one that rapidly absorbs water and sweat without the need to swipe the skin multiple times. At Spaces, we have Quik Dry towels that are ideal for daily use and which are super easy to maintain as well. Organic Cotton GOTS Certified Hand Towel 2 Pc Set – Honey @ ₹ 599 #2 Pick the right colour and heft. You know the kind of bath towel you need. Now go online to browse through the collections of leading brands to get the right colours, size and thickness. You might be tempted to buy thin cotton towels from less-known companies, but these may not be of good quality and not do the job of quickly drying the skin with a single swipe. When picking a towel online, go for a thick one that has some heft, instead of a thin one that becomes scratchy and stiff with each wash. You can pick bath towels online in a colour scheme that matches that of your bathroom, or in colours and designs that appeal to your personal design aesthetic. A fun idea is to pick bath towels and hand towels in the same colour and have the sets in use at the same time – this imparts orderliness to the bathroom and is visually appealing, too. Seasons Best Quick Dry Large Towels 10 PC Set @ ₹ 899 #3 Choose the best brand in bath linen As mentioned above, you must always choose premium bath linen brands when picking bath towels online. Brands like Spaces have not just a range of designs and colours to offer, but we also guarantee the finest quality, high thread count and great prices on all our bath linen products. Browse through our collection to pick towel sets in the same or different colours, wonderful new designs and a whole new kids’ towel range featuring their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters. Make bath time fun and fulfilling with the right towels. Go ahead and rehaul your bath linen closet with a new set of bath and hand towels this season. Watch Now: SPACES Hygro Cotton Towels

Caring for your Bed Linen: All you need to know - Space

Good bedding is something that we all aspire towards. Isn’t that right? While many people neglect the importance of bed linen, there are many households and individuals who are particular about the quality of their bedding. When we talk of bedding, there are many individual items that may make up this category, right from a bed sheet or bed sheets to quilts, Dohars, blankets and comforters among others. You should exercise caution and patience while choosing each product in this segment. This is because bed linen has a domino effect on your overall health and quality of life. How is this so? In case you were not aware before, the bedsheets online or other bed linen that you purchase, can lead to truly great and comfortable sleep, higher energy levels, enhanced productivity, and better alertness levels at work and elsewhere. It may also help you stay fitter and healthier by elevating your mood and overall positive feelings. You will also be refreshed and well-rested, something that will reduce the strain on your body and mind. You will be able to focus better on work and concentrate on successfully executing all your tasks at hand. Sounds like a good situation right? It is! However, not buying the right bed linen will lead to an opposite scenario where you are always fatigued and tired, complaining about stress, your body feels lethargic throughout the day, and you are unable to either be productive or stay focused on what you are doing. This may even lead to other bad habits like higher junk food and caffeine intake in some situations. Hence, sleep quality is important. Choose bedding that enhances the comfort levels while you sleep, along with providing proper breathability and maintaining an allergen-free atmosphere. Your bedding solutions should be hygienic and also enable you to feel airy and cool during summer and snug in winters. You can find several options these days that are readily available online. However, one aspect should be noted carefully in this regard. You should know how to suitably take care of bed linen. Not taking care of bed linen leads to the results turning out drastically different from what you originally intended. If you want to get the most out of your bedding, you should note care strategies properly. Every person uses bedding, but not every person has the same information about caring for it the right way. In fact, you might even be doing something wrong in terms of using and washing your bed linen. This blog sheds some light on what you probably didn’t know about caring for your bedding: Your bed linen gets dirty…really dirty. Most of us are so focused on cleaning our hands and regularly laundering our clothes, that we don’t pause to think about the one area in the house that harbours the most amount of germs: our bedding. surprised? Don’t be. Bed linen attracts a lot of microbes and germs, sometimes even pests like ants and cockroaches, because it gets more contaminated with each use. Every time you lay down to sleep, the bed linen absorbs your sweat and other bodily fluids. Further, you might end up with food crumbs or beverage spills on the sheets, which become more grounds for contamination and germ breeding. If you were to examine a used bed sheet and pillow cover under the microscope, you would be stunned to see the different contaminants embedded in the fibres: dust, dirt particles, bodily fluids, dandruff and dead skin, microbes, infectious bacteria, mites, etc. These are in contact with your body with every use and can cause a variety of skin and respiratory issues. Organic Cotton Anti-Viral Floral Large Bedsheets - Mauve Floral @ ₹ 2999 Bedsheets and Pillow Covers must be washed after a week of use. Taking off from the point above, it naturally follows that your bed linen must be washed regularly to prevent skin issues like acne and dandruff and breathing issues due to embedded contaminants. On an average, you must wash your bed sheets and pillow covers after a week of use. Comforters and duvets may be washed once a month. Air-dry the washed bedding and fold away in a cool place away from damp and mould. Spaces Essentials Atrium Double Bedsheet – Beige with 2 Pillow Covers @ ₹ 1350 Most bedding cannot be dry cleaned. It is a myth that dry cleaning gets clothing clean and free of infection and contamination. In fact, the process might compromise fabric integrity and dull colours. Cotton bedding, especially, does not require dry cleaning at all. A simple wash with the right soap is enough. Wash it in the washing machine as a separate item, with a good quality liquid detergent and an antibacterial wash to kill all lurking bacteria and germs. Antiviral bed sheets do not need special care and attention – if they’re from the right brand. Bonica Anti-Viral Floral Double Bedsheet - Light Blue ₹ 1499 Lately, a lot of people have been making the switch to antibacterial bed sheets and pillow covers. At a time when the Coronavirus continues to exercise a deadly grip on the world, antibacterial bedding is the need of the hour. These are bed linen specially treated so as to kill up to 99% of infectious viruses and a variety of deadly bacteria. Thus, users are kept safe from the effects of infections. However, most people are puzzled about how to care for these bed sheets. Here’s the simple answer: just like you care for your other bed linen. Wash it with a good quality liquid detergent in cold water, and do not bleach or iron the bedding. This category of bedding, if bought from a premium brand like Spaces, ensures that its antibacterial property remains intact despite repeated use and washing. Hot Water is a Strict ‘NO’ Most people continue to believe that hot water kills germs in clothing. It may well be true, but the high temperature also causes fibres to come loose and pill. Regular hot water washes can make your bed linen loose and saggy. Watch: How to Create A Positive Bed Routine for Kids View this post on Instagram A post shared by SPACES India (@spaces_india) DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Bedsheet Themes That Will Delight Your Kids

The festive season is here and if you have been wondering how to update your kids’ bedroom, look no further than theme-based bedsheets for kids. Kids are bound to love having their favourite movie or cartoon character right in their room, and on their beds. In fact, what makes them popular among kids is the emotional appeal of the characters’ stories; they secretly aspire to be these characters or take inspiration from their values. Here are some popular bedsheet themes you can consider to delight your kids: Disney-themed bedsheets Whether you are looking for single bedsheets or double bedsheets for kids, you will be spoilt for options when you consider buying bedsheets inspired by Disney characters. For instance, the Frozen franchise alone has inspired an entire range of kids’ bedsheets by SPACES. Kids can also choose from a range of their favourite fairy tale characters such as Rapunzel or classic cartoons such as Mickey Mouse. Whether you are looking for Disney-themed bedsheets for boys or girls, you can be rest assured there are a host of options you can choose from depending on your kids’ ages and preferences. You can also opt for matching Disney-themed dohars designed by SPACES to transform your kids’ bedroom into a Disney-themed fun zone. Buy Spaces Disney Minnie Single Dohar Pink at ₹ 1999 Marvel franchise-inspired bedsheets If you are thinking themed bedsheets for kids is all about cartoons, princesses, or dragons, you will be happy to know that superhero-themed bedsheets, featuring Marvel Avengers heroes such as Iron Man and Spider Man make up for an entire range of SPACES’ bedsheets for kids. This range is especially popular among pre-teen and teen kids who have grown up watching these comic-book superheroes come alive on larger-than-life screens in movie theatres. So if you too are Marvel avenger fan then, go ahead and browse from this exclusive range of bedsheets inspired by Marvel Avengers. In fact, you can also surprise your kids with an entire Marvel-themed collection by opting for matching Marvel-themed dohars, Marvel-themed bath towels featuring heroes like Hulk among others. Core Marvel Avengers Double Bedsheet for Kids at ₹ 1299 Only The ‘Minions’ bedsheets Ideally, even grown-ups should be able to get their hands on Minions-themed bed and bath merchandise. But for now, we have come up with a range of bedsheets, dohars, and bath towels for kids featuring the super adorable Minions. If your kids’ and family too have been huge fans of the Minions, well, it’s time to recreate the fun world right in your kids’ bedrooms. Take your pick from SPACES’ range of bedsheets and more featuring the sprightly Minions theme. To sum it up, if you are looking to transform your kids’ bedroom with a theme they love, go ahead and do it right away. After all, kids grow up real fast and soon, they won’t be making demands for their favourite characters, cartoons, or superheroes’ merchandize. And more importantly, theme-based bedsheets are also a source of great comfort when the kids are away and you simply want to pamper the inner child in you by sneaking into their bed. Spaces Minions Single Blanket-Orange at:₹ 1953 Only

Buying Kids Bed & Bath Linen? Here's Factor you need to consider - Spaces

Shopping for kids is never an easy task. And when it comes to buying products that will inculcate good habits in them, it is even more difficult. Be it getting them to sleep at the right hour by ensuring they loved their bed linen or getting them to shower without throwing tantrums by buying them cute towels, it is a challenge every parent has faced. However, apart from your kids’ favourite characters and colour preferences, there are some important health, hygiene, and comfort-related factors you need to consider when looking for kids’ bath towels or kids’ dohars and bedsheets online. Consider anti-viral and anti-bacterial linens for kids Anti-viral and anti-bacterial bedsheets, dohars, and towels have become immensely popular owing to their health benefits. However, these become even more important when we consider that kids are more prone to infections, tend to dirty their beds and towels on a frequent basis, and are not prompt in owning up their laundry chores. Hence, it is important to invest in kids’ dohars, bedsheets, and towels that come with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. SPACES offers a wide range of such kids dohar and kids bath towels with these properties. Shop: Anti-viral bedsheets Anti-viral dohars Anti-viral kids towels Spaces Anti Viral Collection Spaces Anti Bacterial Collection Invest in Quick Dry towels for kids Kids have a tendency to be difficult when it comes to showers and drying their towels diligently before rushing to school. This often results in damp towels littered across the house, making them a breeding ground for microbes. Towels that are designed to dry quickly can be prove to be the best bet in such cases, ensuring damp towels dry up quickly even with a bit of exposure to sun and air. SPACES offers a range of attractive kids’ towels made using an innovative technology that enables quick drying. Check out: Kids Bath Towels Kids Premium Towels Buy Marvel Spider-Man Kids Bath Towel Consider Hygro Cotton towels and bedsheets Every parent goes the extra mile to ensure their kid’s soft skin is not impacted by any harsh fabrics or chemicals. When it comes to bedsheets, dohars, and towels, often, standard fabric can become coarse after a couple of washes and rub against your kid’s soft skin. However, Hygro Cotton is an innovative fabric that blooms and becomes softer after every wash. Hence, they are the best in category when you are looking for super soft bed and bath linen products for your little one. Take your pick from SPACES’ extensive range of Hygro Cotton towels, bedsheets, and dohars for kids. Browse here: Hygro cotton towels Hygro cotton bedsheets Hygro cotton dohars Give preference to their choices Lastly, it is important to factor in their favourite characters and ensure their bed and bath linen reflects their choices. This will make them feel loved, as well as look forward to their bath and bed time routines. It will transform the bed and bath zones into fun environments that are an extension of their play and screen times instead of places that drag them away from the same. Browse a wide range of themed kids’ linens here: Frozen-themed linens Marvel Avengers-themed linens Disney Themed linens Cartoon-themed linens Buy Avengers Double Bedsheet at ₹ 1299 Remember, when it comes to kids’ bed and bath linens, quality is the single-most important factor. Hence, it is important to buy from a brand you trust and one that is present online as well as in store. To learn more about SPACES’ commitment to quality, click here. Secondly, the brand should be invested in the latest technology to ensure your kids’ benefit from innovations that improve overall health and quality of life. At SPACES, we have always been vocal about constantly innovating to provide your family with the latest technology at great prices. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Wedding and Festive Season - Spaces

The festive and wedding season is here. How can the gifting season can be far behind? However, selecting the right gift is never an easy affair. After all, you want to give your loved ones a gift that is high on utility, is beautiful, and will last a long time. This is exactly why bedding gifts have become popular in recent times. One can never have too many of them, they are high on utility, and speak volumes about warmth and care. If you are considering gifting a bedding to your friends and family, there are some bedding trends and options you ought to know. Read this comprehensive guide for a quick lowdown: Bedding with innovative technology: As health and hygiene became paramount, gone are the days when bedding sets were a simple affair. Today, bedding set, which include bedsheets, pillow covers, and matching duvets, are manufactured using innovative fabric technology. These include anti-viral and anti-bacterial options, as well as temperature-regulating Hygro linens. While the former ensure the bedroom becomes a safe environment where growth of microbes is prevented in an effective manner, the latter work to offer a night of uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. Depending on your giftee’s lifestyle preferences, you can take your pick from ready anti-viral bedding sets, or mix and match products to put together Hygro bedding set. Buy Essential Anti-Viral Double Quilt – Portabella at ₹ 4499 Only Bedding with natural hypoallergenic materials: Another great option when planning a bedding set gift is bamboo charcoal bed linens. Bamboo charcoal is a natural, breathable material which is hypoallergenic in nature. This means it works to reduce allergies and is ideal for those who are prone to allergies or live in a neighbourhood with high exposure to allergies. Additionally, it has a super soft touch and hence, immensely comfortable for a soothing bedtime experience. SPACES offers a range of bamboo charcoal bed linens such as bamboo charcoal bedsheets and bamboo charcoal dohars that can be clubbed together to make for a premium bedding set gift. Buy Bamboo Charcoal Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet - Slate Grey at ₹ 2999 Bedding with designer linens: If sheer delight is what you are looking to achieve with your bedding set gift, look no further than designer bedding sets. They are crafted from premium fabrics and feature the trendiest designs. Designer bedding sets promise to elevate the ambience of a bedroom and hence, make for truly memorable gifts. You can take your pick from SPACES’ range of ready designer bedding sets or create your own set by browsing across designer bedsheets and matching pillow covers, and designer dohars and duvets. If you are looking for inspiration about the latest trends, read this blog. Irrespective of which bedding set trend you take inspiration from for your next gifts to family and friends, it is important to remember that you can never really go wrong; each of these trends are owing to popular lifestyle requirements and hence, are sure to be a hit with your loved ones. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Everything You Need to Know About Premium Bed Linen

Premium bed linen is synonymous with a relaxing bed time experience. In fact, is akin to a luxury staycation. However, when it comes to considering buy premium bed linen for everyday living, we are often hesitant due to a host of factors. Misconceptions such as high price tag, high maintenance post purchase, and more often keep us from investing in premium bed linen for our health and comfort. However, apart from the comfort and aesthetic appeal that comes with premium bed linen, there are several other reasons that you need to factor in while evaluating premium bed linen such as bedsheet sets and bed covers online. Buying premium linen is a good option if you are looking at sheer comfort and luxury above everything else. You can take a closer look at options like premium bedsheets, bed covers, blankets, Dohars, and quilts among others. However, there are a few things that you should know while you are buying premium linen. These should be key influences for your bed linen purchase. Buy ATRIUM King Size Fitted Bedsheet -Maroon Big on hygiene One of the most overlooked benefits of premium bed linen, be it a designer bedsheet or a matching bedsheet set is that they also deliver on hygiene. Premium bedsheets and bed linens are usually designed from high quality fabric and enhanced using innovative technology. This ensures your bed is safe and not a breeding ground for germs and microbes. Hygiene is one aspect where improvement is always required across all industries, and it is no different for the bed linen category. While buying bed sheets online and choosing options like single bedsheets or double bedsheets, you should always take a closer look at the hygiene factor. In this context, premium bedding, as mentioned, mostly uses the best materials while keeping allergens away. In recent times, there are several innovations in this category that enhance breathability greatly. Sleeping better is a pre-requisite for better productivity and overall wellness. In this case, materials and the hygiene quotient matter immensely. Buy Atrium Plus Double Bedsheet Ornate – Gold High sustainability quotient Remember, you and your family spend atleast one third of your life in bed; it is imperative that your bedsheet is free of harmful chemicals and dyes. Hence when evaluating if a bedsheet or bedcover qualifies for premium bed linen, you need to consider this – if it has been manufactured using best possible alternatives to toxic dyes, chemicals and processes that impact you, the environment, as well as local communities. As a responsible brand, at SPACES, we endeavour to ensure this for all our products, across categories, including designer bed linen. The Atrium collection is ‘Skin Safe’ and ‘Breathable’ since it is made using pure, natural cotton, and skin-safe dyes, making it perfect for those who prefer gentle and soft touch of fabrics on their skin. You would naturally want your bedding to be made sustainably. Such collections from SPACES are not just good for the environment, but they are also good for you. This approach is now important for several buyers and homeowners, naturally necessitating going for premium linen above everything else. Watch : The Bed Linen Gifting Guide | SPACES Masterclass Enhanced ease of wash and maintenance Traditionally, one associates premium bed linen with one that’s delicate and will wear off quickly. Hence, dry cleaning and delicate home washes are often considered benchmarks for maintaining premium bedsheets and premium bedcovers. However, this isn’t always true. SPACES’ Atrium collection is easy to wash in the machine, so you never have to guilt on spills and mishaps. More importantly, while these bedsheets come with colour fast technology. So you never to have to about the colour running even after multiple washes, not about it fading under the harshest of sun. Similarly, if you opt for premium bed linen made from innovative fabric such as Hygro Cotton, you can expect your premium bedsheets and bed covers to become softer and bloom after every wash. In fact, SPACES’ range of Hygro Cotton bedsheets and bedcovers are also manufactured using superior quality yarn to ensure high durability and softness. Hence, premium bed covers made from superior fabric are all about additional comfort and convenience. As opposed to the general idea of premium linen being difficult to maintain, they can actually be washed and cleaned easily as mentioned above. You should thus keep this aspect in mind as well. This will naturally be a major determining factor in your purchase decision.  Buy Solesto Hygro Temprature Regulating Floral Double Quilt - Mint To sum it up, designer bedsheets are an important subset of premium bed linen such as bedsheets and bedcovers. However, there is a lot more that goes into qualifying a product as premium bed linen. Right from the fabric and technology used to the process implemented and the dyes used, it is attention to several details that elevates a bedsheet or bedcover into premium bed linen. So if you have been associating premium bed linen with special occasions and heavy price tags, now is the time to reconsider the many benefits it brings to everyday living. Check out SPACES’ Atrium range of designer bedsheets and its various features to transform your bedroom and lifestyle. These designer bedding solutions will naturally add a whole new element or dimension to your lifestyle. You will know the difference for yourself when you use designer or cutting-edge bed linen at home. Hence, you should take a closer look at the collections by SPACES which ensure greater comfort and usability alike.

Bath Linen: All you need to know about your Monsoon Hygiene - Spaces

It is the season to step out for safe monsoon getaways as the heavens pour out melodies on earth. This time of the year is synonymous with getaways that rejuvenate the mind and relieve a tired body. However, it is important to ensure you are equipped with the right linens to ensure a safe, hygienic, and comfortable holiday, especially in view of the pandemic. Even otherwise, it is best to carry your own bath linens such as bathrobe, bath mats, and bath towels instead of depending on your hotel to provide the same. Here’s why: Buy Spaces Bathrobes Online Under ₹ 1999 Only Personal Hygiene Increasingly, hotels are under pressure for sustainability advocates to reduce use of resources like water and electricity. This has translated into hotels often changing their policy with regards to change of bath towels; instead of simply replacing them daily, they ask guests to leave a note basis their preference. This means that there is a remote possibility that used and unused towels get mixed up during house-keeping. Given that bath towels are high on skin contact, you don’t want to risk catching an infection from shared towels. Hence, it is best to carry your own bath towels. However, we recommend you invest in a Quick Dry towel for your weekend getaway wardrobe instead of carrying the one you use at home. This is because they will dry quickly even if you don’t have an entire day to dry them owing to your holiday schedule. This will ensure you don’t have to tug damp towels with you or risk the growth of microbes in a damp towel. Buy Spaces Quick Dry towels Intimate Comfort Depending on where you are planning to stay, your hotel or resort may or may not provide you with a bath wardrobe. However, since relaxation is one of the key reasons behind a weekend getaway, you want every little detail to contribute to the experience. This is where a bath robe truly transforms your relaxation time. It makes for versatile loungewear that you can wear in your room as well as by the pool. It is also ideal when you want to hit the spa and wait for a couple of hours to soak in all the oils before you head for a shower. This makes it imperative that you have at least in your weekend getaway wardrobe, which fits your size and preference as opposed to borrowing one at the place of your stay. SPACES offers a wide range of bath robes in premium, soft cotton. Safety Best Practice Bath mats are one of those high in demand linens at most hotels and resorts, especially by the pool, and in beach towns. Of course, all for a good reason. They are just the things you need to wrap up in comfort after an intense swim or to dry yourself after a refreshing dip in the sea. However, they are also the most roughed up by fellow guests and are best avoided as shareables if you can. Instead, a set of personal bath mats can prove to a highly valuable investment, which you can take with you even when you head out to remote, exotic locations, away from bustling resort areas. SPACES offers a range of anti-viral and anti-bacterial bath mats as well as Quick Dry bath mats. So the next time you plan your weekend getaway, make sure you also ready your bath wardrobe for the same. After all, safety and comfort are of prime importance when you are considering a break from the hectic routine fuelled by the pandemic. To sum it up, there are multiple benefits you should factor in when gifting your kids Frozen-themed bedsheets or any bedsheets which feature their favourite characters. It is important to remember that bedsheets are linked to their health, lifestyle, and safety, apart from the obvious emotional attachment and a good night’s sleep on their favourite bedsheet.

Anti-viral Face Masks V/s. Regular Face Masks

Face masks have become the most critical tool in ensuring good health and protection from the coronavirus. As the pandemic continues to rage on and social distancing and face masks remain important despite vaccination, it is important to invest in a set of face makes that are highly effective in keeping the virus from entering your system. If you are still using regular face makes, it is about time you consider buying anti-viral face masks. Here’s a quick comparison between SPACES’ anti-viral face masks as opposed to regular face masks and why they are your best bet in fighting the virus. Number of layers When it comes to regular face masks, not all of them are three-layered. Several regular face masks are made up single layer, which makes them less effective in preventing the virus from entering your system. On the other hand, SPACES’ anti-viral face masks are crafting use three layers of anti-viral fabric to ensure much stronger protection. Welspun Health Anti-Viral Reusable Cotton Face mask - 2 PC set at ₹ 149 Technology advantage Standard cotton masks are only capable of protecting your face from exposure to the virus. So if the mask catches any virus, they are not able to prevent the virus from surviving or multiplying. However, SPACES’ face-masks are crafted from a special anti-viral fabric, which is 99.99 per cent effective in preventing the growth of virus or microbes on the fabric. This means that even if your masks’ outer layer gets exposed to the virus, the fabric coating will work to prevent it from multiplying. Face Mask Online - Welspun Health Anti-bacterial Reusable Mask ₹ 129 Snug fitting Not all cotton masks are designed to fit different face shapes and sizes. Hence, they can often be loose or ill-fitting. This decreases the potential protection from exposure to virus. On the other hand, SPACES’ anti-viral masks are designed to fit around your face snugly, ensuring there is little room for the virus to land on your nose or mouth. Welspun Health Anti-Viral Reusable Cotton Face mask - 2 PC set Safe pigments A highly overlooked factor in regular masks is the chemicals used in dyeing the fabric. Since the masks are worn for long hours on a regular basis and close to the nose, any kind of harmful chemicals present in pigments can directly enter the respiratory system. Hence, it is important to opt for face masks that are dyed using safe pigments. At SPACES’, every process, including dyeing of the fabrics that are used to make the anti-viral masks, go through a stringent QC process. This ensures your health is not at risk from any chemicals even when you wear a SPACES’ anti-viral face mask for extended hours. To sum it up, there are several benefits that a SPACES’ anti-viral face mask offers you as opposed to regular face masks. Hence, it is important to consider the pros and cons and make an informed purchase. After all, every single benefit offered by an anti-viral mask further ups your safety by several notches. Buy Face Mask Under ₹ 159 – 2 PC set

Why Quilts and Dohars Are a Good Idea in Monsoons

Selecting the right bed linen for comfort can be a real challenge in the monsoon. You want an alternative that doesn’t too long to dry in the damp weather. Yet, you want an option that will protect you from the weather and the colds it threatens to bring along. This can be a real dilemma since cotton bedsheets and comforters can serve to be on the extreme side of options available to you. However, the right quilt or dohar can be the perfect answer to your monsoon-related bed linen woes. Here are some reasons why you should invest in them this season right away: Hygiene quotient The monsoon season is synonymous with all kinds of microbes and bacteria growing in a damp environment. While you might be deploying a variety of methods and disinfectants to keep your home and bedroom germ-free during the monsoons, it is equally important to keep your bed linen free from all kinds of infection and illness-causing germs. This is where quilts and dohars can make a difference. You can use them along with anti-viral bedsheets and anti-bacterial bedsheets to prevent the growth of microbes in your bedsheet set, including your quilts and dohars, which come in contact with your skin for atleast 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In fact, you can also consider options like bamboo charcoal quilts. They are not just super soft, but also come with anti-microbial and anti-odour properties, which makes them perfect for the season. Buy Essential Anti-Viral Double Bed Sheet at ₹ 1499 Additionally, when you opt for premium quality brands such as SPACES when it comes to buying dohars and quilts, you are opting for products that are free of harmful chemicals and toxins, which make them safe and recommended for your health. After all, skin-related infections and conditions do tend to flare up during the monsoons. Buy SPACES Essentials Cambric Double Dohar at ₹ 2999 Only Weather wise The rains can bring a lot of windy and cool weather with it as well as immense humidity. This means that using heavy comforters to curl up can be a real challenge on days it doesn’t rain and the sun is shining bright. On the other hand, with their light padding, quilts and dohars offer just the kind of warmth and comfort you need on a rainy day as well as work as AC bedding on days when it gets hot and humid. This saves you the hassle of keeping multiple bed linens handy all through the monsoons. Additionally, since dohars and quilts are a lot more lightweight, they only need a few hours of drying unlike heavy comforters to get rid of any damp odour or smell that may impact linens throughout your home and the bedroom. Buy Spaces Essentials Cambric Double Dohar at ₹ 2999 Mood boosters Lastly, a key reason to invest in quilts and dohars during the monsoon season is because they uplift your mood when things tend to get dull and gloomy. After all, imagine snuggling with a hot cup of coffee when it is pouring inside with an ultra-thin sheet that will provide little warmth or struggling to stay upright under a fluffy comforter. Meanwhile, quilts and dohars fold easily despite their layers and let you enjoy activities such as reading a book or drinking a hot cup of brew while staying warm under their snug. The fact that they come in a variety of prints and colours is yet another way in which they uplift your bedroom’s ambience and your mood on a cloudy day. So if you are wondering whether you should considering buying quilts and dohars online for the monsoon season, go ahead. They will make for wonderful investments not just for this season, but also when it comes to A.C. weather any time of the year. Buy Spaces Bamboo Charcoal Antimicrobial Large Bedsheet at ₹ 2999 DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Quilt Your Way To Their Hearts: Everything About Gifting Quilts This Festive Season

As the festive season approaches and we look for ways to let friends and family how much we cherish their presence, especially given the recent tough years, it becomes important to say it with a gift. However, traditional gifts such as sweets and cash are fast losing out to more thoughtful gifts as lifestyle preferences change. Fortunately, there is one gift that cuts across ages and personal preferences; the gold old quilt – it symbolizes warmth, affection, luxury, and a long-lasting bond. With a range of quilts or dohars available, especially if you are looking to buy a quilt online and enter searches such as ‘buy quilts online India’, it can be overwhelming to arrive at the right quilt or dohar for gifting. Hence, we have put together this comprehensive guide to make it easy for you. Happy Gifting! Bamboo Charcoal Quilts A great way to show your care for your loved ones is to gift them bamboo charcoal quilts. These quilts are made up of bamboo charcoal fabric, which makes them naturally hypoallergenic. They offer higher protection against germs and microbes, apart from offering a super soft feel Hence, these quilts are great for gifting as they give a premium appeal to your gift while offering high utility and hygiene to the recipients. SPACES offers bamboo charcoal quilts across prices ranges to match your festive gifting requirements. Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial Quilts If your giftees are particular to the T about their health and hygiene, then you should consider gifting them anti-viral and anti-bacterial quilts. Made from a fabric that is processed with innovative technology, these quilts are highly effective in preventing growth of microbes and bacteria. Read more about SPACES’ innovative anti-viral technology here. In fact, anti-viral and anti-bacterial quilts make for a truly thoughtful gift and are sure to be appreciated given the recent tough times. Additionally, it reduces your giftee’s laundry concerns since they can use the quilt for longer without washing it in case of a busy schedule and still be assured about the hygiene quotient. Buy Spaces Essential Anti-Viral Double Quilt at ₹ 3999 Only Kids Quilts While the above are great options for gifting grown-ups, when it comes to kids, regular quilts aren’t just enough to win their hearts. You need to gift a quilt that features their favourite heroes and characters. At the same time, the quilt should be made using quality fabric, filling, and ink to ensure it has their parents’ approval. SPACES offers a range of kids’ quilts to suit different age groups, preferences, and price ranges. So if you are wondering what to gift a kid in the family this festive season, look no further. The best part about gifting a quilt to your loved ones is that you don’t have to worry if they already have one or if they will like the one you give them. Quilts are high on utility, can be stored for years and used as required. Hence, your gift is sure to be useful as well as memorable to your family and friends. Buy Spaces Disney Jasmine Single Quilt - Dark Purple at ₹ 3299 DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

Quick Dry Products That Promise To Redefine Your Laundry Time

The biggest challenge when it comes to housekeeping is laundry. This is especially true for bath linens and towels. It is often a challenge to wash bath towels for adults and kid towels on a regular basis since they often take long to dry. This is especially true for the monsoons and regions which less of sun. Ironically, these are the scenarios that require frequent laundry to ensure adequate hygiene and prevent growth of bacteria and microbes in damp and used linens. If this resonates with your housekeeping and laundry situation, read on to find out how SPACES’ has launched a range of Quick Dry towels are the perfect solution to your laundry woes. Bath Towels Bath towels get a notorious for never drying fast, especially when washed. Often, frequent washing also leads them to fade and become coarse. This prevents a lot of people from regularly washing their bath towels. However, since they come in contact with the entire body on a daily basis, we can only imagine the amount of microbes that can grow in the towel if left unchecked for days. This can pose a serious health hazard, including skin infections. Secondly, it is also important that bath towels dry out quickly after a shower and when used the next time, are completely dry and hygienic. Since drying out in the sun acts as an effective exercise in controlling the growth of microbes, a Quick Dry towel is ideal to meet these hygiene requirements. SPACES has launched a range of Quick Dry bath towels to address this need, while ensuring the bath towels are highly soft and absorbent for a premium bath experience. Kids Towels When it comes to kids and hygiene, taking chances is never an option. They are prone to the slightest of infections in the air and damp or unhygienic kids towels are a recipe for disaster. What’s more, getting them to put their towels for laundry by themselves is often a failed attempt. This makes it a challenge for busy parents to ensure their kids’ towels are clean and dry at all times. Hence, SPACES offers a range of kids towels leveraging its innovation quick dry technology to ensure both, kids and parents are happy with the towels. Face Towels Face towels are often the most overused among all towels since they often end up being used as multi-purpose towels. Since they might even be used during bouts of cold and cough, it is extremely important to ensure they are thoroughly clean and dry at all times. Since they are often kept in damp environments such as bathrooms and hand bags, they are prone to microbial growth. Hence, it makes good sense to opt for face towels that can be washed on a daily basis and dry quickly. SPACES’ range of Quick Dry face towels, as well as its Hygro Cotton, Bamboo Charcoal, and Anti-viral range of towels are also designed to ensure maximum absorption, fast drying, and effective prevention of microbial growth. This allows you to choose quick-to-dry face towels that best meet your secondary requirements apart from fast drying. Now that you have a fair idea about the type of Quick Dry towels you can opt for to resolve your laundry woes while ensuring adequate hygiene for your family, make sure you shop towel sets to update your home’s towels.

2021 Design Trends To Consider While Buying A Rug

Buying a rug is one of the best investments you can ever make. They transform a room, offer several health benefits, and provide protection. In fact, if you are wondering if you should buy a rug or bedside runner at all, read this quick blog to arrive at a decision. However, once you decide to buy a rug or doormat, you might want to refer to these 2021 design trends to ensure a chic purchase; after all, you don’t want your latest purchase to seem vanilla. Here are some key design trends that are sure to transform your rug buying approach and your room. Keep it maximalist Now here is a design trend that you will love if you like your rugs, doormats, and bedside runners to be bold and colourful.  The maximalist trend is all about opting for contrasts, ornate designs, and even mixing prints. However, the challenge here is making sure your trendy rugs and bedside runners matches the rest of your room. So, if you are not looking to do the rest of the room in a maximalist fashion, we’d say operate with some restraint when buying your maximalist rug or bedside runner. Stick to one bold move – colour, print, or contrast. This will ensure you make a bold, trendy statement without risking a disaster at hand. Opt for a primary palette This is a trend you possibly cannot go wrong with and is perfect if you have had muted interiors. Contrast your rug or bedside runner against an otherwise earthy-coloured room and match it with one other décor accessory in the room. Perhaps a purple painting or a red lamp if you are looking at jewel-toned rugs. The idea is to create a splash of primary colour and letting it stand out by neutralizing remaining décor. Simple, isn’t it? You can also take inspiration from the trend to invest in a bright-hued doormat and match it with a door to create a striking effect. Buy Spaces Luxury Runner Area Carpet at ₹ 2340 Only Go ‘yellow’ If a colour trend is what you are seeking inspiration from, you will be pleased to know that yellow is the colour of the year. As we continue to spend more time indoors and look to a brighter 2022, what better than yellow to symbolize zest, hope, and all things sunshine. We also think a yellow rug or bedside runner can serve as a centre point in a room and give your days the zing they deserve. You might even to place them strategically in a way that they further catch the first or last rays of sun, reflecting a dramatic morning light or twilight through the room. SPACES offers a range of rugs, bedside runners, and doormats that go with these trends as well as your room’s size requirements. Remember, the best way to select the right floor décor accessory is to shortlist them basis your home’s overall look and practical usage. Buy Spaces Atrium Plus Small Foot Mat 2Pc Set - Light Grey/Yellow @ ₹ 999 Only

3 Popular Types of Bedsheets for Festive Gifting in 2021

Festivities are in the air and as friends and family get ready to transform their homes into inviting, warm spaces to celebrate together, bedsheets make for ideal gifting for 2021. However, if you are looking for bed linen and bedsheets online for gifting, it can be a tad overwhelming to pick an option that the giftee will definitely appreciate. Whether you are planning to gift a double bedsheet, a single bedsheet, or a set with matching pillow and cushion covers, there are some recent trends you need to know before you go ahead and purchase that bedsheet gift online. We’ve sorted through these trends to come up with 3 popular types of bedsheets that most home owners prefer these days. Fitted bedsheets If you are looking to gift a bedsheet because it is high on utility, you couldn’t possibly consider a better type than fitted bedsheets. Fitted bedsheets are easy to use, save time, and are a breeze to maintain. In fact, here are some myth busters about fitted bedsheets you should check out to understand why your family and friends are sure to appreciate a fitted bedsheet for a gift. Apart from these factors, it is also quite likely that your loved ones are using loose bedsheets and hence, a fitted bedsheet will make for a wonderful surprise too – the single most important quality in a good gift on a special occasion. Buy ATRIUM King Size Fitted Bedsheet Teal Colour at ₹ 1299 Only ‘Bed In A Bag’ bedsheets If you are contemplating gifting a loved one a premium single or  double bed sheet on a special occasion, it’s important to consider the rest of their bed linen. After all, a gorgeous bedsheet that doesn’t match the rest of the bed linens is likely to stick out as a sore thumb. More importantly, people are increasingly opting for ‘bed in a bag’ combos to ensure a matching set of bed linen that enhances their bedroom’s overall appeal. Another good reason to consider a ‘bed in a bag’ instead of standalone bedsheets is that it transforms your gifting gesture into a premium affair. Of course, it doesn’t mean it will cost an arm and a leg. SPACES offers ‘bed in a bag’ combos across price ranges to match your festive gifting requirement.    Buy Geostance Anti-Viral Ornate Bed In a Bag at ₹ 4999 ONLY Floral bedsheets A major décor trend this year has been bringing the outdoors, inside. As we continue to spend more time at home, designers and home owners are increasingly looking to add more greens, take inspiration from nature when it comes to motifs, and opt for colours that reflect nature’s abundance. The trend extends to bed linens, including bedsheets. Bedsheets with floral patterns as well as bedsheets in bright and pastel colours are big this season. So if you are unsure about your friends’ and family’s preferences when it comes to patterns and colours, we recommend you gift them floral bedsheets; you will be giving them a gift that is in trend as well as one that will be a treat to sore eyes. Buy Spaces Solesto Hygro Temprature Regulating Floral Large Bedsheets Mint Color at ₹3699 Only With these trends likely to continue well into 2022, you can be rest assured your gift will be cherished for a long time. If you are still looking for ideas, you might want to check out this quick guide on bed and bath linens to gift this festive season. Lastly, remember that all of the above bedsheet types are available in a range of fabrics that ensure a hygienic sleep experience – bamboo charcoal bedsheets, anti-viral bed sheets, and hygro cotton.

Easy Guide to Incorporate Monsoon Décor Trends - Spaces

If you are planning to give your bed and bedroom a fresh makeover to drive away the monsoon blues, here are some season-based trends that you could use for inspiration. Unlike the summer which is all about hope and sunshine or the winter which is about a cozy time with friends and family, monsoons are synonymous with several moods, rituals, and requirements. Hence, transforming your bedroom and bed to go with the season’s theme and trends isn’t all that obvious. We’ve put together an easy guide to help you incorporate monsoon décor trends easily into your bed linens and bedsheets. Bring the outdoors, inside It is that time of the year when everything is bright and green outside, and a bit dull and gloomy if you are sitting indoors, listening to the rain falling outside your window. Little surprise then that a major home décor trend that has gone big this monsoon is bringing the outdoors, inside. Freshly cut flowers, wall accessories inspired by natural motifs, and bed linens and bedsheets that feature blooming floral patterns are all the rage. The trend makes for a lovely mood indoors, especially considering the amount of time we are spending indoors this year. If you are looking to buy floral bedsheets online, SPACES offers a range of double bedsheets and single bedsheets with floral patterns. Keep it odour-free and germ-free A major monsoon trend is investing in candles and all things that smell good to drive away the foul smells and odour that often accompany the rains. While fragrant home décor can also add to your home and bedroom’s sensory appeal, pleasant smells aren’t adequate for creating a hygienic environment. Therefore, it is important to invest in bed linens that fight bacteria and microbes that tend to grow rapidly in a damp and foul-smelling environment. While there are a host of anti-viral and anti-bacterial bedsheets available if you search for “bedsheets online”, authenticity is key when it comes to such purchases. Hence is it important to learn in detail about the technology used to arrive at the anti-viral bedsheet you are planning to buy. You can learn more about SPACES’ anti-viral technology here and browse a wide variety of anti-viral double bedsheets and single bedsheets here. Also Read: Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Viral Linen Factor in for sheer delight Unlike the summers when you might consider blackout curtains or winters when you might prefer airy cotton curtains, the trend is this year when it comes to monsoons is sheer curtains. Hence, it allows you more creative freedom while choosing your bed linens such as bedsheets, comforters, and quilts. Since sheer curtains go with all kinds of bed linens in terms of fabric, patterns, and colours, you don’t have to worry about matching your bedsheets with curtains in any way.  You can opt for cotton, polyester or blended bedsheets, pick from solids or pastel shades, and opt for plains, geometric patterns or intricate designs basis your personal preference. So, whether you are looking to buy new bedsheets to give you bedroom a monsoon makeover or simply indulging in mid-year shopping, these trends can come in handy in creating a trendy ambience for your bedroom. Remember, while these trends are a good starting point, make sure you add your personal touch while incorporating them in your bedroom After all, no matter how popular a trend is, what matters is that it makes you feel at home. DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish - Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.


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