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Towels - Bath, Hand & Face Towels

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What is a towel used for?

From drying you off and accentuating your bathroom décor to being dependable when you are at the pool, at the beach or on your travels, bath towels fulfil many roles.It’s primary function is to soak in any moisture content so it has to be absorbent.

Different types of bath towels

#1 Egyptian Cotton:

Egyptian Cotton is considered as the premium quality cotton. It is extremely durable and absorbent. Given that they are grown in the land of the Pharaohs, it is considered as a high-end cotton and is on the costlier end of the spectrum. This soft, plush, absorbent and durable cotton bath towel fabric can last for years under proper care.

#2 Bamboo:

Bamboo bath towels are also crafted by using 100% bamboo. However, in wholesale markets you will always find these towels to be a mix of bamboo and cotton, which makes it one of the most sought after towels in the industry. These are available in vibrant shades and look very appealing. Lush, supple, anti-bacterial and absorbent, bamboo towels are everything you dream of wanting in the perfect towel.

#3 Turkish Cotton:

Turkish cotton bath towels are constructed using extra long fibers and are incredibly soft, fluffy and durable. These are thick towels where their appeal is accentuated with the pretty motifs embroidered on them. Turkish towels can also endure a lot of wear and tear hence, increasing their long life span. which gives them a long life span. These are also considered as a premium quality product but are cheaper than Egyptian cotton bath towels.

#4 Microfiber:

Relatively new in the market but microfiber towels are gaining much attention in the last couple of years. They are made using a blend of fabrics such as polyester and polyamide in an 80 to 20 ratio. Apart from absorbing moisture, they are also good at grabbing dust, dirt, and oil very easily. These microfibers contain fine synthetic fibers that can soak up remarkable amounts of water and dries up quicker than cotton bath towels.

#5 Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton bath towels are made with cotton that has not been contaminated with pesticides or fertilizers. Eco-friendly methods - that do not harm the environment - are employed in growing this type of cotton. They are very soft, durable and absorbent.

What is the best bath towel?

The best bath towel is the one that performs its main function, which is to absorb moisture and dry quicker, in the most efficient manner. Cotton bath towels are the preferred choice, simply because cotton dries quicker and then you have microfibre towels, although they tend to be a little harsh sometimes on sensitive skin. Innovation is born out of purpose and keeping this in mind, SPACES brings you Hygro towels which is a technological innovation bringing the best bath towels India. Hygro towels bloom softer after each wash, dry super quickly, and are made from hollow cotton.Durability is another aspect you must consider. Preferably, you would want to invest in bath towels where the quality proves to be worth the price and lasts for a longer time.

What to look for when you buy towels online?

When buying towels look for these factors which play an important role. Durability - Cotton wins here when it comes to longevity, compared to nylon or polyester. Choose from a wide range of fabric available with SPACES. Bloom - Most towels wear out after washes but the SPACES hygro towels bloom and get softer and loftier after each wash. Absorbency - Super absorbent towels tend to be thicker and heavier and usually take longer than lightweight towels to dry. So choose the towel absorbency based on usage.

What are the different sizes of bath towels?

Beach towels are larger than bath towels owing to their purpose on the beach which is not only drying you when you come out after some beach frolic but also to be laid out on the sand when you are relaxing and soaking in the sun.Then there are bath sheets which are perfect for when you are someone who is accustomed to using two towels after a bath - one for drying and one for tying around your waist. A bath sheet varies in sizes but it is considerably larger than a beach and bath towel. Lastly, there are bath towels which come in different sizes depending on the usage. You may have one for the sink in your bathroom, a hand towel, which would be smaller in size and then you have the functional bath towel, that is primarily used after a bath for drying your body. has a wide range of bath towels online available in different colours, fabrics, and sizes to choose from.

Care & Maintenance of Bath Towels

  • Don’t use a fabric softener while washing your towels.
  • Always pre-wash the bath towels.
  • Make sure to dilute the detergent with water while washing the bath towels.
  • Tumble dry bath towels on medium heat and do not iron.
  • SPACES Bath Towels

    One of the most important bathroom accessories, bath towels are not just a necessity but a lifestyle choice as well. They enhance your bathing experience adding that element of luxury and comfort. When you step out of your bath or shower, your hand instantly reaches out to grab a towel. You would want this towel to be soft to the touch, highly absorbent and is the right size for you. SPACES offers bath towels in different sizes and colours, each one being the perfect addition to your bathroom space.

    Why choose SPACES?

    Made from premium quality fabrics, ultra-soft and super absorbent bath towels and bath sheets from SPACES bring added bliss to your rejuvenating bathing experiences. Available in various designs and patterns, the SPACES customised towels India range of bath towels, face towels, gym towels, bath sheets, and hand towels make for a superb addition to your collection of bath linen. Crafted to suit the needs and preferences of people from every age group, these premium bath towels are a great choice for your home or for gifting your family and loved ones. To buy towels online was never this easy with tons of options to choose from only at If you want further details on types, benefits and prominent features of various towel types, visit our blog.


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