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Face Towels

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Why a Good Face Towel Matters

You must have heard of face towels and wondered if they are different from hand or body towels. As the term suggests, a face towel is a towel used on the face. It differs from a hand towel, which is a larger, hardier kind of towel. Most people use face and hand towels interchangeably. However, there are some key differences that set them apart: • Face towels are smaller than hand towels. They may be about 33 cm x 33 cm in dimension, while the latter are bigger. • Since it is to be used on the delicate facial skin, the towel is softer and thinner than a hand towel. • It is much more absorbent than a hand towel, and since it is thinner, it dries up faster as well.

Why a Face Towel Matters

A face towel comes in contact with your face when the skin is wet and vulnerable. The skin could be wet from water from the shower or the swimming pool, or from sweat. A good face towel wipes away the surface impurities, moisture, bacteria and other germs on the skin. For this reason, it needs to be a quick drying one and made of good quality fabric. Ideally, you should buy a face towel that is absorbent, quick drying and able to withstand repeated washes. It is better to wash the face towel more frequently than other types of towels. They come in frequent contact with the face, and should not be used if they are damp or unclean. The dead skin, fine hair and bacteria proliferating due to the dampness must be washed out before the next use. Always take care to use a face towel when wiping your face instead of a hand or body towel. The latter is tougher and slightly harsh on your facial skin. Also, it harbours more moisture and germs than a face towel does. The hair shampoos and skin care products like moisturisers, toners,sunscreen lotions and other creams are all transferred to the body and hand towels. These must not come in contact with the facial skin, to avoid skin infections, rashes, etc.

Which Towel is Best for the Face?

Since it is primarily used on the face, it must be delicate and thin. However, it must be highly absorbent as well. Look for soft, absorbent materials that wipe the surface moisture quickly in just one wipe. Premium brands like Spaces have a wide range of towels for the face, in soft and durable materials that last well despite several uses and washing.

How to Wash the Face Towel

It is better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for and wash the towel. However, if you are looking for a general set of guidelines you should: * Avoid bleaching or using bleaching powder in the laundry load when washing the towel. * Do not add ‘colour brightening’ liquids – these often have a corrosive action on the threads and ruin the towel’s surface. * Avoid dry cleaning the face towel. You may iron the towel on low heat if required. * Dry the wet towel in shade instead of in direct sunlight, to preserve colour freshness. * Wash the towel after every use (i.e. within a 12-hour window). Your usual detergent is sufficient to clean the towel.

Why choose Spaces to buy a Face Towel?

Spaces has the best range of towels for the face and body. With Spaces, you are assured of the best quality in bath linen, with a wide choice of beautiful colours and designs. Besides, the face towels are available in sets of two or four, so you can use more of them without the need for frequent washing of just one. Spaces towels are manufactured using the most high-quality soft fabrics to assure you of maximum absorbency. The fabric is soft so that it does not scratch your delicate facial skin, but the towel is highly durable as well. The towels are available in sets of 2 or 4 in a single pleasing colour. Buying a face towel from Spaces is really simple, too. Just log on to and browse for their face towels. Look through the collection on the page to find the colour and set that suits your requirements the best. You can also zoom into the picture to note the fabric quality and colour more closely. Once you have decided which one you want, you can buy the face towel online by paying for it using your cards or net banking. Now all that remains is to use your new towel and enjoy the sensation of clean, refreshed skin with every use. Additionally, the Spaces blog has more design ideas and inspiration for how to shop for the towels that suit you and your home.


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