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Abstract Bedsheets

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Know All About the Abstract Bed Sheet Design

It is said that abstraction holds the key to creative thought and impulses. Be that as it may, abstract designs and patterns speak to your soul at a deeper level. People believe that those who like abstract art and can find meaning in it, possess artistic souls. Abstract designs are those that do not follow a conventional print or thought process. They may appear to be random squiggles on a blank canvas, or a jumble of flowers in a corner of the frame. Or it may just be two solid blocks of colour intersecting each other to create a third colour. Abstraction is dreamy and unpredictable, and it follows its own rules. If you gravitate more towards abstract prints and designs, you might consider buying abstract bed sheets and other bed linen as well.

What is an Abstract Bedsheet?

As the name suggests, an abstract bed sheet is one that features art or design that does not necessarily represent reality as you know it. For example, a flower looks a certain way with its colour, and perfect arrangement of petals and leaves on its stem. But an abstract depiction of the same flower might show a flower in black with dots, and with clusters of stars around it. Abstraction is slightly removed from reality as we know it. However, it borrows shapes and textures from real life to achieve its intended effect. Thus, an abstract bed sheet is one that features abstract patterns. It may have a monochrome colour scheme, or there may be two or more colours based on the design. You can choose from a wide range of abstract bed sheets when you buy them from a premium brand like Spaces. You get many options in size (Single, Double, Large) and designs as well. You can buy the bed sheet online quite easily and have it delivered to your residence anywhere in India (please check for delivery availability by entering your PIN code).

How to Buy an Abstract Bed Sheet

Each person’s choice of design differs from another’s. So, if somebody else likes a particular abstract design, you might not necessarily share their opinion. It is better to browse through the collection online thoroughly to find one that you like. • Log on to the website of your preferred bed linen brand, like • Look for ‘Abstract bed sheets’ in their bed sheet collection, and take in the preview shots of the collection that comes up on the page. • Click on the designs you like to study them better. You can zoom into the picture to study the design and fabric in greater detail. • Once you make your selection, click ‘Buy’ and follow the steps for online payment as outlined on the site. That’s it! You have made your online bed sheets purchase, and it will be delivered to you in a week’s time. You can track the order status online by keying in the tracking/order delivery number.

How to Care for your New Bed Sheet

It is always better to go with the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to caring for and maintaining your new bed sheet. Different materials and colours require different methods of washing. While a thick satin or wool finish may be dry cleaned, a cotton sheet should not. Meanwhile, some fabrics can withstand warm water while others cannot. • When looking up abstract sheet designs, also look at the manufacturers’ care instructions. • When buying a bed sheet from Spaces, the care instructions are very specifically laid out. Study these in detail and ask questions if you don’t fully understand some of them, or have queries of your own. • As a rule of thumb, dry cleaning and adding bleach to the wash are to be avoided. Also avoid setting the water temperature to ‘Hot’ and use only the ‘Tumble Dry’ option. • You may iron the bed sheet (if it is excessively creased in the wash) at a low temperature. • Colours may fade over time with direct exposure to dust or direct, harsh sunlight. Take care to dry your bed sheet in the shade, and to wash it regularly to retain its colours and cleanliness.

Why choose Spaces to buy an Abstract Bedsheet?

When buying a bed sheet or any kind of bed linen, it is recommended that you opt for a premium brand like Spaces. At Spaces, you find a wide variety of abstract bed sheets in different sizes ( Single bedsheet , Double bedsheet , Large bedsheet) that come with matching pillow cases. You might even find a matching comforter in the same colour or pattern to round off your bedding. Spaces believes in using premium quality fabrics and the most enduring designs in all their bed sheets. The sheets are also coloured in AZO-free dyes to make them completely safe for use by all. Buy bed sheets online from Spaces for the best in design, comfort and durability. The Spaces blog has more design ideas and tips for you.


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