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Ethnic Bedsheets

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Ethnic Bed Sheets – The Bed Furnishing for Stylish Homeowners

The term ‘ethnic’ pattern or print is used to loosely describe a set of prints or designs that we associate with a population of people. It is often a way of describing the cultural traditions and symbols of a certain group of people, hailing from a specific geographic territory. For instance, Aztec prints refer to the symbolism and patterns used by ethnic groups living in Central Mexico. Or the Inca prints, which are associated with the Navajo tribes of Latin America. The Ikat prints used in women’s clothing and bags are native to Indonesia but a variant of it is traced back to India. Back home in India, we have certain ethnic symbols and designs that speak of people in certain parts of the country. Patola used in sarees and dress materials is native to Gujarat, as are Ajrakh, Ikat printing, and Dabu prints. Meanwhile, Bandhani and Kalamkari can be traced back to Rajasthan.

What is an Ethnic Bedsheet?

As the name suggests, an ethnic bed sheet is one that features patterns or motifs that are considered indigenous or ‘ethnic’ in origin. They could feature batik or Warli prints, or even traditional block prints as found in Saurashtra and Rajasthan. They could also feature Aztec or Inca prints; these are also quite popular among discerning homeowners. An ethnic bed sheet sets a classy, stylish tone to your bedroom. It lends the necessary earthy touch to the décor while the rest of it may be completely contemporary in outlook. For example, a bedroom furnished with deep red or indigo on the walls, with metal and glass furniture, is given a surprising twist with a bed sheet featuring an ethnic print. Most often, these bed sheets also feature an ‘Indian’ base colour, like rust or Earth brown, maroon, indigo, vermillion red, etc. An ethnic bed sheet is a great new addition to your bed linen. Buy your favourite bed sheet online form a premium brand like Spaces to get the best selection at a price that you will love.

How to Buy an Ethnic Bed Sheet

It is quite simple to buy an ethnic bed sheet online. This is how you do it: • Log on to the manufacturer’s website. It is better to purchase it from the manufacturer instead of popular e-commerce sites. Though the latter may have a discount, you cannot be assured of the authenticity of the product being sold to you. This problem does not arise when you buy directly from the manufacturer. • Browse the collection shown on the website. Click on the ones you like to get details. • There are product details you must look up, such as the size of the bed sheet (in cm or inches), whether you want a Single, Double or Large one, the material of the product and washing/care instructions. Study these in detail before you make your choice. • Keep adding your selected bed sheets in the shopping cart or bag. • Once you are done shopping, check your shopping bag again. At this stage, you may add more items or even discard a few that you don’t wish to buy. Once your cart is final, you can proceed to checkout. • Pay online as directed, using net banking, or credit/debit cards, or UPI. You may even choose COD if you wish to see the product before paying for it. In this case, you can wait for the bed sheet to be delivered to your house and then pay after collecting it. That’s it! You have just bought a new set of bed sheets. Now you must wait for your purchases to be delivered to your doorstep in a week. Meanwhile, you can track the progress of the shipment using the tracking number provided for your order.

Why choose Spaces to buy an Ethnic Bedsheet? is India’s leading brand in high quality bed linen for several years. The brand is synonymous with innovative design, premium fabrics, long lasting attributes and ease of shopping. With Spaces, what you see is what you get – the brand is transparent with its customers, and offers only the choicest offering across different categories of home furnishings. You will love to browse through Spaces’ selection of ethnic bed sheets. You get them in different sizes as well. Each Spaces bed sheet is made of premium material that is soft, breathable, and long lasting. The bed sheet lasts you for years, without a change in brightness of colour or composition of its threads. Repeated washing does not adversely impact the bed sheet, either. Buy a bed sheet from Spaces to experience ultimate luxury, comfort, affordable prices and the widest range across bed linen. Are you looking up refurbish your bedroom entirely? Log on to the Spaces blog to find design ideas and tips.


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