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Fitted Bedsheets

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Your mattress requires the perfect bed sheet - don’t you agree? For you to have a good night’s sleep, there is a need to strike the ideal balance between soft bed sheets and a comfortable mattress . This balance will help in maintaining your good health as well help you with a night of unbroken and undisturbed sleep. Bed linen play an important role in maintaining good health - yours and of your mattress’. Different varieties, fabrics, thread counts and maintenance methods factor into the overall quality and durability of bed linens. In terms of types of bed sheets, there are the flat bed sheets and fitted bed sheets. Each type of bed sheet comes with its own set of qualities and benefits. Fitted bed sheets are one such type that are increasingly growing in popularity for its tight fight and convenience.

Fitted Bed Sheets for Every Bed

Fitted bed sheets are available in all sizes - queen fitted sheet, king-size fitted sheet, single fitted sheet and double-fitted sheet. Start with taking out all the extra items (duvet, blanket, etc.) from the bed. You need to measure your mattress by length, breadth and width, seam to seam. If there is a certain rise in the centre, consider that too while taking measurements. The idea is to find the deepest measure, compare with the measurements provided by the manufacturer and find the most suitable fitted bed sheet that is the right pocket size. Fitted bed sheets come with their own set of advantages. • One of the biggest positives of using fitted bed sheets is the protection it provides. It protects your mattress from wear and tear and staining. If you choose fitted sheets with anti-allergen quality, you will be successful in preventing dust allergens and pollens getting embedded in the mattress. • Another advantage of using fitted bed sheets is that they are such a fuss-free option. Since they are tucked into the mattress and the elastic keeps it in place, there is less of a possibility that the bed sheet gets pulled out.

Beautiful Fitted Bed Sheets on

SPACES offers a range of breathable and durable bed sheets. These fitted bed sheets are made with 100% cotton, are soft and completely safe for the skin. These bed sheets online are available in varying colours and prints to suit different bedroom decors and personal choices. Currently, there is a special 50% discount available on the bed sheets online, so make sure to check them out here. You can filter your search based on price, colour discount, name, etc.

What is a fitted bed sheet?

Fitted sheets come with an elastic stitched into the hem or corners. This is done so to ensure that the bedsheets are tucked under the mattress and stays in place. It is used as a bottom sheet to cover and protect the mattress.

What is the best fitted bed sheet?

From fabric to thread count, different factors describe the term ‘best’ for different people. Generally, fitted bed sheets would include qualities like 400-1000 thread count, its soft to the touch, breathable , protects the mattress and is durable.

How do I measure my bed for a fitted bed sheet?

First, make sure that you have removed all the extra linens and mattress so that you only measure a bare mattress. Next, using a ruler or fixed tape measure, measure the depth from top seam to the bottom seam (length, width and depth). Measure from different sides of the bed to make sure you are covering the deepest measurement of the mattress. This will help you determine which size fitted sheet you should buy.

How do you keep fitted bed sheets tight?

Fitted bed sheets need to be snug and should completely cover the mattress. For this, it needs to be tight and stay in place. First and foremost, make sure the fitted bed sheet is the right size. Anything small or too big won’t work. You can also use suspender clips to make sure the fitted bed sheets stay in place.

What’s the difference between fitted and deep-fitted sheets?

The main difference between a fitted bed sheet and a deep-fitted bed sheet is that the latter has a deeper pocket than the former. This is more suitable for a thicker mattress. Standard fitted sheets will generally fit a mattress up to 12 inches high while deep-fitted bed sheets are designed for pockets 15 inches high.

Why are fitted bed sheets the most comfortable sheets to sleep on?

Comfortable bed sheets that help you sleep better - that’s the dream! Since fitted bed sheets are snug and tucked under the mattress, they do not get pulled out. This way, it will not bunch up between your legs and cause discomfort.


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