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Comforters - Single & Double Bed Quilts

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Buy Bed Comforters Online

What is in a comforter set?

Traditionally, a comforter is a type of bed linen that has two pieces of cloth sewn together with a filling of insulating material. You can fill it with silk or cotton padding, wool, polyester or down feathers. Comforters should be paired with a sheet set to keep you warm and cozy all night. Your choice of comforter depends on how warm you want to be while asleep. If you live somewhere cold, a down comforter will be a suitable choice but if you live somewhere warm, a lightweight cotton comforter will be a good option.

What is the purpose of a comforter?

Imagine being tucked into bed with a comforter that brings with it a good night’s sleep. A good quality comforter is a must during those chilly winter weeks! Comforters in India are more popular in mildly cold regions because they maintain the perfect temperature to keep you pleasantly warm. You can even use bed comforter sets in the monsoon when the nights get cold and breezy. Bed comforter sets are neither too heavy nor too light.

What are the qualities of a good comforter?

  1. • Fill Power - Fill power is a numeric value related to the quality of the down feathers used in the comforter. The higher the fill power, the larger and better quality of the down used. Higher fill power also tells you how fluffier, lighter, more breathable and warmer is the comforter. The most expensive down will generally have a fill power of over 700 cubic inches, while a lower quality down will be less than 400 fill power. An average comforter will have a rating of about 500 cubic inches.
  2. • Quality of Feathers - The breathability and comfort you enjoy from a down comforter cannot be replicated by using synthetic materials. When it comes to choosing a down comforter, you need to check for the down clusters where each cluster has a three-dimensional structure that traps air and keeps you warm. High quality down is collected from the underbelly of a mature duck or goose since feathers from young birds have a poor fill power. The colours of the feather do not affect quality.
  3. • Construction and Design - The structure and design of a comforter play a crucial role in determining how the warmth is distributed throughout the comforter. For instance, if you choose a down comforter, it will need a system to keep the down in place so that you stay warm and comfortable all night long. Common comforter designs are baffle box, diamond box and box design - all ensure that down does not get clumped or shifted to the corners. A baffle-box (baffle - a material running perpendicular inside a comforter and creating boxes from top to bottom that holds the feathers in place) will secure the down in place.
  4. • Size and Weight - For a bed comforter set to be categorized as comfortable, it has to be the perfect weight to suit the temperatures and has to be the right size for your bed. Ideally, a comforter is designed to fall three-quarters of the way over the edges of a bed. You should also measure the comforter to ensure it will fit inside the cover. A light-weight comforter is for someone who feels slightly warm at night. A regular-weight comforter will be ideal for someone who loves to snuggle in bed and derives comfort from the warmth. Lastly, summer-weight comforters are meant for warmer climates.
  5. • Material - The thread count in a comforter refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A higher thread count will be a tightly woven fabric which is softer and cozier than one with a lower thread count. Any material with a thread count of over 400 is considered a luxury. If you want a more affordable choice, go for a comforter with a thread count of 250-400. You also have to consider the material used to make the barrier weave ( stops the down from slipping out of your comforter). A tightly-woven barrier weave will mute the sound of feathers moving inside and keep your comforter in perfect condition.

What to look for when buying comforters online?

Bed comforters are often spread over the main bed sheet and sometimes come with their own covers with buttons, zip or a tie. If you want to buy comforters online, pick the ones that come with a well-packed comforter set because it has multiple benefits. Comforters are called with different names in different countries - in the UK, they are called eiderdowns or quilts (however, the make may be different in those regions). A typical comforter set contains a comforter and two pillow shams. The premium ones include a bedskirt, extra decorative shams and several throw pillows. A bed-in-a-bag is different from a comforter set. It includes fitted sheets, pillowcases, a comforter cover and sometimes, a bedskirt.

Why buy comforters from SPACES?

These days, comforters online are a fashionable accessory for rooms. You can find various sizes, colours, designs and patterns to suit your taste and the interiors of your house. Buy comforters online within the range of Rs.3000 to Rs.7000 on Find single bed comforters for prices as lucrative as Rs.1900 and double bed comforters for up to Rs.4000. If you want to adorn your child’s bedroom with Marvel, Disney Princesses or Mickey Mouse comforters, you can look for comforter online on our website in the range of Rs.2500 - Rs.3300. Our best-selling double bed comforters are from a unique series with a patented hollow core technology that allows them to regulate temperature with the changing season. Another speciality of Hygro Comforters is that it is reversible - meaning that it can be used on both sides! Buy a Hygro comforter online in India for Rs.6995/- only on SPACES.

Styles of comforters you can find at SPACES

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, one of the most important things you can do is buy quality bedding. The right sheets and comforter can make all the difference in how comfortable you feel when you sleep. It’s also important to ensure that the bedding complements the rest of your bedroom decor so everything looks cohesive. Keeping this in mind, SPACES offers comforters online in various styles that can match any design aesthetic. Some of the comforter styles you can find include:

  1. • Floral Comforters - Bring a touch of nature into your room with floral comforters. Available in an assortment of colours and sizes, floral comforters never fail to bring a cheer to your bedroom. Floral comforters are easy to match with any surroundings, giving you more options to choose from while you buy comforters online.
  2. • Solid Comforters - As the name suggests, this is a solid choice for any home! Solid comforters can be found in a variety of block colours online. There are so many reasons to choose a solid colour comforter. They feel more comfortable, are convenient to match, are easy to care for, and look great in your bedroom and on your bedding sets. Plus, if you're looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your space without going too crazy with patterns, you can't go wrong with a solid colour comforter.
  3. • Geometric Comforters - Mixing the patterns in one comforter is a great way to bring new life into your bedroom. Geometric patterns are beloved for this reason. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate geometric comforters into your bedroom. You can use them as a decorative accent on your bed frame or even pair them up with coordinating pillows to create a cohesive look throughout the room. Once you find something you love, you'll have no problem finding matching bedding for it.
  4. • Abstract Comforters - Abstract pattern comforters can be a fun way to update your bedroom look without too much effort. As you look for abstract comforter sets, be on the lookout for bold, bright colours and patterns that are unique and eye-catching. You can also opt for neutral colour palettes if you like, but keep an eye out for patterns that stand out from the crowd.
  5. • Ethnic Comforters - Every few years, if not every year, the fashion and design sectors undergo an aesthetic overhaul. What is hot right now can become unpopular in a few months. However, some trends never go out of style. Consider ethnic prints as an example. Even though we tend to favour Western styling and patterns, we have a strong affection for ethnic prints comforter . These are uniquely Indian hues, such as indigo, rust red, maroon, turmeric yellow and olive green, among many others. The prints may feature geometric shapes, leaf and petal motifs, and even figures in silhouette. You can find an amazing range of ethnic comforters on the SPACES website for your home.
  6. • Kids Comforters - Comforters are a great way to brighten up your kid’s bedroom. When you look for kids comforters, it’s important to keep in mind their likes and dislikes. That is why SPACES offers a range of kids comforters in prints, including their favourite cartoon characters. Choose from the range that includes Disney comforters, marvel comforters, and Minions comforters for your kids today!
  7. What is the difference between quilts and comforters?

    Both have the same structure, but quilts are layered blankets stitched together using cloth pieces from different fabrics in their most fundamental properties. It creates unique and colourful patterns. On the other hand, comforters have a thick filling of insulating material stuffed between two pieces of cloth. Quilts have been used traditionally to commemorate special occasions since they were considered prized objects of possession. Comforters were used in colonial times to cover the bed decoratively, but now they are also used for warmth and comfort. Both quilts and comforters are ideally larger than the mattress size to allow it to fall over the edge and stay in place throughout your slumber.

    What is the difference between duvets and comforters?

    When it comes to differentiating between these bed linens, you must know that duvets and comforters are essentially one and the same thing. Both are filled with down, feathers, or synthetic fibers, will keep you warm, and come in an array of fun solid colours, fashionable prints, and premium fabrics.

    How many comforters to use?

    Ideally, a single comforter can last you for 4-5 years. It serves the purpose well if you do not experience harsh winters. Using two comforters interchangeably is a good idea if you like change. The advantage with comforters is that their care and storage is manageable as compared to most blankets. Taking care of quilts is an extensive process but they can famously survive for generations in a family. Comforters have a smaller lifespan but their care and wash is less hectic than that of quilts. Using fabric conditioners and fabric softeners on either quilts or comforters is a strict no, because their fibres are delicate. Expert tips on the care of bed linen is available on the SPACES blog.

    How do I clean and store my comforters?

    1. 1. Wash and dry your comforter in front-loading commercial machines while using cold water with mild detergent.
    2. 2. Never use bleach or fabric softener on your comforter
    3. 3. Tip: Tennis balls, a clean pair of sneakers, or wool dryer balls help distribute the fill more evenly
    4. 4. Do not iron your comforter
    5. 5. Do not use do-it-yourself cleaners. Instead, have it professionally dry cleaned only by a reputable dry cleaner.
    6. 6. Ensure that your comforter is dry and clean before storing it. A damp comforter can result in mould and mildew growth.
    7. 7. Just like bedsheets and pillowcases, comforters need to be folded and stored neatly in a closet with sufficient airflow.
    8. 8. Do not store your comforter in plastic because it doesn’t allow the comforter to breathe.

    Where to get the best comforters

    Find comforters online in different sizes, patterns and price ranges. Choose from coveted Kids comforter collections - Marvel, Disney, Pixar and Despicable Me. These bed comforter sets will not only give you the best sleep ever, but they will also add a sense of personalized style to your bedroom.


    What Is A Comforter Used For?
    What Is A Comforter Vs Duvet?

    A thick, cosy blanket known as a comforter or quilt is typically used in the winter. To provide the illusion of layers and increase the warmth of your bed, they are frequently used in conjunction with sheets or lighter blankets. Two layers of fabric are stitched together to create comforters, which are then filled with materials like cotton blends or polyester. These layers are typically quilted or stitched in a certain design to distribute the material inside equally. Since comforters are designed to be used alone and are not intended to be covered or accessorised with other items. This makes the process of decorating your bed quite simple.

    Another heavy, puffy blanket with European origins is the duvet. Duvet is the French word meaning down comforter. This is due to the fact that a duvet's original filling was down feathers. Duvets filled with feathers, wool, or synthetic materials are now available. A duvet may appear less "finished" than a comforter because it is not intended to be quilted or stitched. However, a duvet is not intended to be a finished, stand-alone item. It is intended to be used as an insert inside a duvet cover. Numerous materials, including cotton, silk, synthetic blends, and others are used to make duvet covers. You may think of it as a large pillowcover for your duvet. Duvet coverings are intended to be changed frequently. As a result, they're a terrific way to update the appearance of your bedroom without having to worry about having your duvet dry cleaned. The duvet cover is simple to take off and throw in the washing machine to clean.

    Is Cotton Or Polyester Better For A Comforter?

    While the main choice depends entirely on your preferences, in general, cotton is a better material for a comforter. There are several reasons why cotton is regarded as the king of bed linen fabrics.

    Cotton is a better material for a comforter due to the following reasons:

    • Cotton is a more environmentally friendly material as compared to polyester.
    • Cotton is softer and more breathable than polyester.
    • Cotton does not lose its luster or fade like polyester does.
    • Cotton is more absorbent, which means it can hold more moisture than polyester.
    • Cotton is hypoallergenic, which means it won't cause skin irritation like synthetic fabrics can do.
    • Cotton can be machine-washed and dried, which allows you to keep your comforter looking new. On the other hand, polyester can only be dry-cleaned.
    Can You Wash A Comforter?

    It depends on the material and the weight of the comforter. Generally, you can wash a comforter in a machine that has a gentle cycle. If you are washing a comforter by hand, it is best to use mild soap and water. Make sure to rinse well before using. Make sure to dry the comforter completely before placing it back on your bed. Never use an excessive amount of heat to dry a comforter, as this may damage the fibres. If you notice any stains or marks on your comforter, you can wash it in a machine that has a gentle cycle with mild soap and cold water. Make sure to rinse well before using it again. Do not use bleach to clean a comforter, as this can damage the fibres.

    What Type Of Comforter Is Best For Hot Sleepers?

    The type of comforter that is best for hot sleepers is an essential that depends on their individual characteristics. There are a variety of comforters available in the market from which one can choose the most suitable one according to their requirement.

    SPACES Hygro Cotton collection is a perfect pick for those looking for a high-end, yet budget-friendly comforter. These high-grade materials are extremely breathable, so they keep you comfortable throughout the night. The layers of cotton yarn with a hollow core provide superior comfort and healthy sleeping conditions.

    Be it summer or winter season, these are specially designed to offer complete temperature regulation capability to combat the increasing temperatures of both seasons. Furthermore, these self-regulating products can bring you comfortable levels of coolness in summer or heat in the winter season.

    Apart from this, they have distinctive properties that make them the best choice for hot sleepers as well as cold sleepers. The fabrics used in the SPACES Hygro Cotton collection are lightweight and very soft to the touch, due to which they feel more like sleeping under a cloud than under a traditional comforter. They are also highly breathable and can trap all the moisture inside, so there is no accumulation of moisture at all under your blanket during nighttime. Last but not least, their self-regulating properties will keep your body temperature constant throughout the night, irrespective of your location in bed.

    Combined, these characteristics make the SPACES Hygro Cotton collection of comforters perfect choice for hot sleepers in both, summer and winter seasons.


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