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Abstract Comforter

Abstraction as a form of art – on your comforter

All of us loved art period in school. You could daub colour and shapes on paper and explore your creativity as much as you liked. Some of us even hang our children’s school artwork on our refrigerators (it has more sentimental than artistic value!) Or you might be one of those who like to look at paintings that have no definite form or structure, but are just a mass of colour and patterns. Without realising it subconsciously, you might be a fan of abstract art.

Why you gravitate towards abstraction

The beauty of seemingly abstract patterns and colours thrown on a blank canvas, is that every person interprets them differently. For example, one person’s interpretation of a solitary dot against a dark background could be that of ‘solitude’, while another might look at it as ‘leadership’. Every person looks at colours, forms and spatial symmetry in different ways. Your mind is most at ease when looking at an interpretative piece of work, such as a series of dots set haphazardly on a vase, or strokes of different colours across a sunset sky. This is reflected in your choice of clothing, home furnishings, personal accessories and other items of daily use. If you were to pick a bedsheet set or curtains for your room, you are most likely to pick an abstract print over a geometric one. Since you are looking for abstraction, you would be better suited for abstract bed comforters in your home.

What is an abstract comforter?

The word ‘abstract’ refers to something that is non-conforming, or non-objective. It is not bound by set rules of design or space, but exists in perfect harmony nevertheless. In terms of bed linen, and specifically bed comforters, it is a comforter that features an abstract print. An abstract bed comforter may feature a photograph of the city’s skyline with interspersed lettering. It can be a jumble of shapes. Or it can simply be a smattering of colours against a plain background. It makes a bold statement and gives your bedroom décor the classy finish you were looking for. Abstract comforters speak volumes about your refined taste, and add a dash of panache to your bed.

How to pick an abstract bed comforter

First off, the abstract comforter must either gel with the existing room décor and colour scheme, or create an interesting contrast. We recommend taking the latter route – it becomes a counterpoint to plain walls and other bedroom furnishing, and becomes a visual focal point as well. Here’s how you pick one that suits your room décor: • Take the room colours into account. If the walls are plainly coloured, then a dressy, bold abstract print on the comforter is a good pick. • But if the walls and even your bed features dark colouring, go with light, summery hues like lemon yellow, flash white, petal pink or sky blue. • Check your bed’s dimensions before you start looking for abstract bed comforters online. Comforters are normally available in Double and Large sizes in India. • Check the fabric, cotton GSM grade (150 is preferable), dimensions and pattern minutely, zooming into the image on the website to do so. • Also study the manufacturer’s wash and care instructions. You might need to reconsider buying the abstract comforter if you feel that your washing machine cannot handle the weight of the product, or if its tumble dry settings are higher than the recommended ones. • Confirm that the manufacturer ships to your PIN code, and the expected date of arrival. That’s all you need to do to buy and enjoy the best abstract bed comforter!

Why choose Spaces to buy Abstract Comforters?

Spaces is one of India’s leading brands in bed and bath linen. All bed linen is sold with the promise of high quality and great value for money. You get the widest range of abstract bed comforters online in all categories, based on size and design. All comforters are manufactured using premium quality, 150 GSM cotton. Cotton comforters from Spaces are extremely breathable and long lasting, with AZO-free dyes to ensure your skin’s good health. Choose from a wide range of designs and patterns, ranging from ethnic to contemporary, and from geometric to abstract. Besides, buying a bed comforter online from is as easy as using it – browse through the collection, study the specifications, place your order and proceed to pay for it online. You may even choose the COD (Cash On Delivery) mode of payment. Shipping is guaranteed within 7 days of placing the order, and there are no shipping costs. Returns and exchange are possible on comforters and bed sheets purchased from Spaces. We advise buying your desired abstract comforter from to get a wide range of choices, different price points and quick, hassle-free shipping. For more information on buying bed comforters based on your requirements, visit the Spaces blog.


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