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Ethnic Comforter

Because ethnicity matters when picking a comforter!

The fashion and design industries undergo an aesthetic overhaul every couple of years, if not every year. What is trendy today might fall off the popularity charts a few months later. But some styles never go out of fashion. Take ethnic prints, for example. Even if we gravitate towards Western styling and patterns, our love for ethnic prints is an enduring one. You can see this in your choice of clothing that features Indian salwar suits, solid Indian motifs like embroidery and mirror work, Warli prints, bandhani and batik styles, and so on. You love solid earthy shades and deep prints. Apart from your clothing, you like to see it in your home furnishings and bed linen as well. So why not take your love for all things ethnic and pick an ethnic bed comforter?

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a type of blanket that is most commonly made out of cotton. It has a covering enclosing a filling of cotton fibres woven together in a quilted pattern. Some comforters may even have synthetic fibres woven in, but it is better to choose 100% cotton with 150 GSM grade. The weaving is done such that the filling is distributed uniformly without the chance of bunching together in certain spots. Thus, the comforter retains its shape even with long periods of use. It is soft and pliable to the contours of your body, and it is much more comfortable than a woollen or fleeced blanket. It is easy to wash and maintain as well, provided you follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions carefully. Comforters are normally used in cool climates, and particularly during the monsoon and winter seasons. You can use them all year round if your house is centrally air conditioned, or if you are accustomed to sleeping in air conditioned environs.

What is an Ethnic Comforter?

As the term suggests, an ethnic bed comforter is one that features what we broadly term as ‘ethnic’ prints and colours. These are uniquely Indian hues, such as indigo, rust red, maroon, turmeric yellow and olive green, among many others. The prints may feature geometric shapes, leaf and petal motifs, and even figures in silhouette. Ethnic comforters look best in rooms designed with warm colours on the walls or other furnishings. They complement the look of your home if you have taken care to add ethnic design touches all over the house – Ganesh idol near the entrance, brass lamps, Mughal themed coffee mugs, Warli painting motifs on the curtains, and so on. Leading bath and bed furnishing brands like Spaces have a wide range of ethnic bed comforters to suit your design sensibilities. If you like, you can look for matching bed sheets and pillow covers to complete the set.

A guide to buying ethnic comforters

Choose the pattern of your choice after browsing the online store. Study the product dimensions (whether single or double comforter), and washing instructions (these are listed on the website) before finalising the product. Input your area PIN code to find out if the brand ships to your location. If it does, proceed to checkout and online payment. Await the delivery of your new ethnic bed comforter.

Why choose Spaces to buy Ethnic Bed Comforters?

When it comes to bedding and other furnishings, you deserve nothing but the best in terms of design, material, price and product durability. Your search for the best ethnic bed comforters ends with Spaces has a wide range of comforters in many patterns, from ethnic to contemporary, and from solid to abstract. Pick the bed comforter online that best suits your bedroom décor and colour scheme, taking care to choose a single or double size as the bed dimensions. offers comforters made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a breathable material, so you will never feel too hot while using the comforter. Cotton ethnic bed comforters are also easily washable and easy to fold and store after use. also takes care to use AZO free dyes in all their bed and bath linen, thus ensuring your skin and breathing safety while the product is in use. Besides, you get a wide range of colours and patterns from their online store, from bold hues to soothing pastel shades, and from whimsical designs to sedate prints. At, we help you buy bed comforters online quite easily – just use the filters provided (price, size, colour, fabric) and study the product specifications before you make your purchase. You might even find matching bedsheet sets with the comforter of your choice. Besides, you can look at the selection of comforters in case you wish to gift a loved one or friend. ships to multiple locations across India. For more ideas and tips on buying ethnic bed comforters online, check out the Spaces blog.


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