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Floral Comforter

Floral comforters: Say ‘I love you’ with flowers

Your partner’s birthday is coming up, and you want to do something special to demonstrate how much you love them. A candlelight dinner and expensive jewellery as gift ideas are quite passé. You want to give them something that they can get a lot of use from, and which they will cherish for years to come. Here’s an idea: get them a floral bed comforter. Why get a bed comforter? Comforters are some of the best gifts, because they spell class, comfort and sophistication. They can be used all through winter and even during the times when there is unseasonal rainfall, or when the air conditioner is playing in the house. It’s always nice to receive a pretty comforter in a floral design. It’s a myth that women appreciate floral patterns and men don’t. When the colour combination works, flowers are the best motifs to feature on comforters and other bedding. So if you’re looking to gift your significant other with something that has an enduring value, just buy a bed comforter online. What could be better than saying ‘I love you’ with a floral comforter? What is a floral comforter? As the name suggests, a floral bed comforter is one that features a floral motif. The flowers may be prominently and symmetrically displayed on the comforter, or they may be arranged in a quirky pattern in a corner. There are scores of floral comforters to choose from with the best brands in bed linen in India. If your partner likes staid colours, pick a comforter with a base colour in pastel shades and a darker contrasting floral pattern. If they like bold colours, then you can pick motifs in vermillion, teal, olive green, indigo, black, magenta and even saffron. Some floral comforters feature patterns that include both flowers and geometric designs. There is a wide variety of floral bed comforters online from leading brands like Spaces. You just need to browse through the collection to find the one that suits your partner’s aesthetic sensibilities.

How to buy a really great floral bed comforter

If you have decided to buy a floral comforter, this is how you can go about it: • Browse online to get an idea of the designs, dimensions, colours and prices of comforters. Be sure to pick a brand like Spaces for more variety and assured quality. • Shortlist the ones you like the most. Study each in detail – the photograph allows a close zoom in – for material, stitching, colour, dimensions, etc. • It is important to decide whether you want a single or double floral bed comforter. If you and your partner will use it together, then a double comforter is a good choice. But if you want only your partner to use it, then a single comforter works better. Measure the length of the bed to pick the right size. • Check the washing and care instructions online before making your selection. Some double comforters may not fit properly or may be too heavy for a small washing machine. • Once you make your choice, proceed to buy the bed comforter online. Input the receiver’s billing and shipping address, include a phone number, and proceed to pay for the purchase. • Sit back and enjoy your partner’s delight when they receive your gift.

Why choose Spaces to buy Floral Comforters?

When it comes to bedding and other furnishings, you want nothing but the best for your home. You take great care to buy the very best bedding for your room. It is an integral part of room décor – dull, pilling bedsheets and uncoordinated comforters can wreck the overall look! Your room needs sleek and modern linen to enhance the interiors. Besides, good quality bedding lasts long and keeps you comfortable in bed, too! But it’s not as easy as picking out the first bedsheet set and buying a somewhat similar comforter to go with it. Visual coordination is most important when you pick out bedding. You must also choose colours and patterns that you and your partner like. This is where comes in. Spaces assures you of the best quality in comforters. offers comforters made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a breathable material, so you will never feel too hot while using the comforter. Cotton bed comforters are also easily washable and easy to fold and store after use. We take care to use AZO free dyes in all our products, thus ensuring your skin and breathing safety while the comforter is in your home. Besides, you get a wide range of colours and patterns from our store, from bold hues to soothing pastel shades, and from whimsical designs to sedate prints. At, we help you buy bed comforters online quite easily – just use the filters provided (price, size, colour, fabric) and study the product specifications before you make your purchase. You might even find matching bedsheet sets with the comforter of your choice. For more ideas and tips on buying floral comforters, check out the Spaces blog.


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