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Geometric Comforter

Why geometry plays a role in your aesthetic choices

It is everywhere around us. Nature, man-made implements, the way our bodies work, even the arrangement of the solar system – everything in our life is ruled by geometry. We are so accustomed to seeing geometry in most facets of our lives, that we fail to notice the subconscious impact it has on our psyche. Think about it – there is geometry in the arrangement of leaves on a stem, in the hexagonal honeycombs created by bees, in the circuits arranged in a perfect straight line on a motherboard. Human beings are attuned to seeking and using symmetry in their lives. This is reflected in the way we like to organise our work tasks, plan ahead for holidays or a professional assignment, arrange our books and papers in a neat vertical pile, and so on. At its simplest, it reflects in the way we choose clothing or furnishing with a symmetrical pattern. We prefer the hems of our clothes to be in the same straight line instead of one side being longer than the other. We choose shirts with equidistant stripes or checks in the same size. We like to see the world in a series of straight lines, or equally spaced dots or diagonals. Some of us have a greater love for symmetry than others do. And so, we pick even our home furnishings in geometric patterns.

How your room decor benefits from a comforter

Bed comforters are an essential part of your bedroom décor. You view them as something to drape over yourself on a cold night. They are snuggly and mould themselves to the shape of your body, thus ensuring a good night’s sleep. However, their aesthetic value cannot be ignored. A comforter in a bright hue can add the necessary pop of colour to a plainly furnished room. Bold colours help when the walls and ceiling of the room are coloured in pastel shades. Correspondingly, a pastel coloured comforter creates the necessary contrast when the walls are darkly painted.

What is a geometric comforter?

Geometric bed comforters are all the rage at the moment. They are comforters that borrow shapes and patterns from geometry, like lines, dots, large circles, triangles and squares, to create a pattern. If you like these patterns on your comforter, then you can easily buy one online. Pick from between simple stripes to polka dots, or even go slightly psychedelic in terms of the print (with colours, stars and shapes interspersed). Or you can choose between colourful triangles and evenly spaced flowers. The options are endless, and your bed is bound to benefit from the choice you make!

Which comforter is the best in India?

As we mentioned earlier, there are umpteen options in geometric bed comforters online to pick from. Leading brands like Spaces offer the best in terms of material, durability and design. has the widest collection of geometric comforters, in both single and double variants. Most of the comforters are made from 150 GSM cotton, employing the finest yarns and high thread counts. You will also love the wide range of colour and design combinations they offer. As a result, Spaces’ geometric bed comforters are amongst the most sought after bed linen in India.

Why choose Spaces to buy Geometric Comforters? is India’s premium one-stop destination for bed and bath furnishings. When you buy a comforter from Spaces, whether a geometric one or of another type, you are assured of the best quality across all touchpoints, from material to range of designs, and from ease of purchase to quick delivery. Spaces geometric bed comforters are made of 100%, AZO-free cotton for your comfort and safety. Since cotton is a breathable material, the comforter does not become too hot or cause discomfort when in use. The safe dyes used in each product also ensure your skin and respiratory safety. They are easy to wash at home and store when not in use, as well. Besides, you get a wide range of colours and patterns from our online store, from bold hues to soothing pastel shades, and from whimsical designs to symmetrical prints. At, we help you buy bed comforters online quite easily – just use the filters provided (price, size, colour, fabric) and study the product specifications before you make your purchase. You can place an item on your wish list for future purchase, or have multiple comforters shipped to different locations, or even ask specific questions about the comforter you wish to buy. With Spaces, buying bed comforters online is as comfortable as using them! Place your order today and have the comforter shipped to your home in just a week. For more ideas on buying geometric comforters for your room, check the Spaces blog.


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