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Kid's Comforter

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Comfort your child with a Kids Bed Comforter

Your child is the apple of your eye, and you wish to see them happy and healthy. One of the simplest ways to ensure that they remain healthy, is to have them sleep for at least eight hours every night. But how to do this? You can soundproof their room, keep all disturbing light sources away, and also invest in comfortable bedsheet. There’s another thing you need to do: get them a kids’ bed comforter.

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is a thick blanket. Like a blanket, a comforter is used to keep yourself warm in bed. The comforter is normally filled with a combination of fine fibres of high-quality material in a quilted pattern, to keep the filling even and secure. The quilted pattern keeps the filling in shape, so that the comforter does not experience ‘lumping’ with use. In India, most people use them when the weather gets cool. They are commonly used every day in countries with a cold climate, or in air-conditioned homes or sleeping spaces. You can buy the best kids bed comforters from premium brands like Spaces.

Why your child needs a Comforter

A comforter on a cold night is like a warm hug from a mother. Your child might have recently started sleeping by themselves in their own room. While it is a thrilling prospect for them to have their own room, they are also a little terrified of what lies under their bed after the lights are out! Children have an active imagination, and they fear the dark. Help your child cope with this fear by having a small night light on in the room, and getting them a warm kids bed comforter that envelopes them completely. Even if they are afraid of things that go ‘bump!’ in the night, they can hide under their bed comforter and fall asleep! Your child will also love how the kids comforter moulds itself to the contours of their body. It gives a good sleep with warm bed linen that is super comfortable as well.

Which are best Kids Bed Comforters?

The best kids comforters are those that are made of premium and high quality fabric, with superior stitching and pleasing design. Kids normally pick comforters that sport their favourite animation characters or action figures. The best kids bed comforters are offered by brands like Spaces, which have a variety of colours and designs to please every child.

Caring for Your Child’s Comforter

Washing and caring for the comforter is quite easy, but it is better to follow the manufacturer’s list of instructions for the same. Do note these washing and care instructions after you buy the bed comforter: • Do not use bleach • Do not dry clean the comforter. This impacts the quality of the fabric and loosens its threads • There is no need to use fabric softener for the comforter, unless specified by the manufacturer or if the covering fabric is stiff and starchy • Do not starch the comforter • Do not use hot water for washing. Cold or cool water is best • Wash only one comforter in the washing machine at a time. Avoid adding other clothing to the machine when the comforter is being washed • Use your usual detergent, however liquid detergents from leading brands are preferable • Dry the comforter in the shade instead of in a spot with direct harsh sunlight or proximity to dust • Fold away the washed comforter and store away in a cool, dry place after use

Why buy Kids Bed Comforters from Spaces?

Spaces is the last name in terms of buying kids bed comforters online. You get the widest range of colours and designs for kids, and your child will fall in love with them! Besides, every Spaces comforter is made from premium quality fabric that does not pill or clump with use. Spaces ensures that it uses only AZO-free dyes in its comforters and other bed linen, so that your child is safe from the effect of harmful chemical colours and fumes from them. Buying the Spaces comforter is also quite easy. Get your child to select the design they most like, then proceed to study the comforter in detail. You can choose between single comforters in a range of colours and designs. Check the dimensions of the comforter, its care instructions, and also the material of the comforter. Have the product delivered to your doorstep within a week of buying it online. If you want more bedroom and bed linen design ideas for your child’s room, you can find them on the Spaces blog.


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