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Double Comforter

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The most essential item for your bed: A double bed comforter

The summer is gone, and winter slowly approaches. You decide to give your bedroom a makeover and bed linen. So you pick out colourful new bedsheets , get matching pillow covers , and even invest in a new mattress. And then you undo all your good work by throwing an old blanket over the bed. Here’s our suggestion for you: get a good double bed comforter. You can thank us later, especially when the nights get chilly.

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a blanket, but it is fluffier and softer than one. Most people confuse comforters with duvets . Unlike duvets, comforters simply replace the sheet or blanket you use to cover yourself when you sleep. It keeps you warm in bed, especially when there is a stiff breeze, or the winter season starts in your hometown. The bed comforter is normally filled with a combination of fine cotton and synthetic fibres in a quilted pattern, to keep the filling evenly spaced out and secure. However, brands like Spaces exclusively use 100% cotton in their comforters. A comforter rarely loses its shape because the chances of the filling lumping up are remote. The only time the filling is compromised is if the stitching holding the outer fabric together breaks loose.

What is a double comforter?

As the name suggests, a double bed comforter is designed for use on a double bed. It is not meant for use on a single bed, because it far exceeds the bed’s size and capacity. A double comforter is used by two people. It is often thicker and heavier than a single comforter.

What is the size of a double comforter?

When buying this kind of bed comforter online, make sure to check the dimensions of your bed before you make the purchase. There are multiple sizes in double bed comforters, namely Queen, Wide Double, King and King Long. In India, most bed linen brands offer Queen and King Size double comforters only. The standard Queen size comforter has dimensions of 220 cm x 240 cm (or 87 in x 98 in) and King size is available in 225 cm x 280 cm (89 in x 108 in). Make sure that the double bed comforter you choose matches the size of your Queen or King size bed. Since this type of comforter is larger than its single counterpart, it is also heavier. The average weight of the double comforter is approximately 3 to 4 kgs, depending on fabric and filling.

Is a comforter good for winter?

Yes! In fact, you should use no other bed linen but a comforter in the winter months. A thick woolly blanket may be good for really cold regions of the country. But if the winter is moderate to sometimes chilly in your area of residence, then a comforter serves your needs well. Some people use comforters all year round, even in the summer months when they normally use an air cooler or air conditioner in their bedrooms. In spaces with central air conditioning, a bed comforter is a must.

Which is better, a single or double comforter?

Whether you choose a single or double bed comforter depends on whether you are the sole occupant of your bed or not, and the size of your bed. As mentioned above, double beds can use a double comforter – provided both users agree to use one comforter among themselves! If you sleep on a single bed, or if you sleep on a double bed alone, then a single comforter should be sufficient.

How to wash double comforters

It is always better to refer to the care instructions that come with the double bed comforter packaging. It will be a leaflet or booklet included with the package. Go through it to understand the manufacturer’s washing and care instructions. You can find the care instructions even when you buy bed comforters online. Else, look for the tag stitched on to the comforter. The manufacturer’s instructions include tips on whether to use hot or cold water for the machine wash, the tumble dry settings to use, the temperature at which you can iron the comforter, whether bleach may be used or not, whether you can dry clean it or not, and so on. Most manufacturers advise against using bleach or dry cleaning the comforter. Dry it in shade or mild sunlight if you don’t have a dryer.

Why choose Spaces to buy a double comforter?

Spaces assures you of the best quality in double bed comforters. offers comforters made of 100% cotton for your comfort and safety. Cotton is a breathable material, so you will never feel hemmed in or uncomfortable while using the comforter. Cotton bed comforters are also easily washable and easy to fold and store after use. We take care to use AZO free dyes in all our bed linen, thus ensuring your skin and breathing safety while the comforter is in your home. Besides, you get a wide range of colours and patterns from our store, from bold hues to soothing pastel shades, and from whimsical designs to sedate prints. At, we help you buy double bed comforters online quite easily – just use the filters provided (price, size, colour, fabric) and study the product specifications before you make your purchase. You also have the option of placing an item on your wish list or having the items of your choice shipped to multiple locations across the country. With Spaces, buying bed comforters online is as comfortable as using them! Check the Spaces blog for more tips and ideas on double comforters.


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