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Floral Dohar

Pick a dohar as fresh as a flower

Flowers are amongst God’s most pleasing creations. It is said that one needs no other ornament but a chain of flowers in one’s hair. They are fresh, fragrant and full of beauty. Whatever the season, you are sure to find a flower that captivates with its colour and fragrance. You love arranging fresh flowers in a flower vase, or growing roses in a pot at home, or stopping in a shaded street to take pictures of a bower of colourful flowers. Your love for all things floral also translates into your clothing and linen choices. You like to sleep on bed sheets featuring flowers and floral motifs. Why not complete your bed set and get a floral dohar to match your bedsheet as well?

What is a dohar?

A ‘dohar’ is a nothing but an Indianised comforter. The term ‘dohar’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘Doharana’, which describes a blanket or thick covering used while sleeping. Dohars find their origins in royal Indian households, when special comforters would be made for the ladies of the household. Smaller ones would also be made for children, especially infants who needed to be protected from seasonal weather changes. Traditionally, the dohar is made with a cotton filling which is encased inside muslin cloth. The dohar would have two or three cotton layers, before finally being encased in a muslin cover. However, modern dohars are made out of 100% cotton (both filling and outer encasing). They are also not woven any more but are machine-made. When you buy a dohar from a leading bed linen brand like Spaces, you will get a comforter that is soft, durable and warm like a mother’s touch! Dohars are used in cold climates. You can use them if you like to sleep with the air conditioner on, or if your area of residence normally has cold weather. Dohars are available in both single and double variants. Pick the one you need based on your desired use, size of the bed and preferred colour.

What is a Floral Dohar?

As the name suggests, a floral dohar is either a single or double comforter featuring floral motifs or patterns. The floral dohar can have a uniform print of flowers, or an abstract print featuring petals and leaves, or even a quirly floral print against a solid coloured background. You can buy a floral dohar online for yourself, or for a loved one or friend.

How to pick a floral dohar?

You can easily buy a floral dohar online from a leading bed and bath linen brand like Spaces. Buy the dohar online based on the size of your bed and the colours of your choice. This is how you can choose: • Browse the manufacturer’s catalogue and look for floral dohars online. • Click on the image of the dohar that you like the best. • Study its specifications (dimensions, material and make) to help you decide if you should purchase it or look for another one. • Study the wash and care instructions carefully. • Make your selection and proceed to checkout and pay online. • Await the arrival of the package. If you have specific questions to ask the manufacturer, post them on the website before making the purchase.

Why choose Spaces to buy Floral Dohars?

When buying dohars, whether floral or otherwise, always choose one from All dohars, whether single or double, floral or bearing another pattern, bear the hallmarks of high quality and extreme durability. The Spaces lineage ensures that the online floral dohar you buy ticks all the boxes in terms of material, comfort, price and quality. has the widest range in floral dohars online in a variety of prints and colours. All dohars, whether single or double sized, are manufactured using 100% premium quality cotton. They are AZO free to protect your skin and respiratory health when you use them. Cotton floral dohars from Spaces are extremely breathable and long lasting, and coloured with safe dyes. Choose from a wide range of designs and patterns from the online catalogue. They are meant for use by both adults and children alike, and they make for great gifts, too. Besides, ordering dohars online from is as easy as using it – browse through the collection, study the specifications, place your order and proceed to purchase. The product is delivered to your doorstep in about a week, with the guarantee of easy returns and exchange as well. You can also choose more units of the same product to ship to multiple locations across the country. Floral dohars enrich the look and overall feel of your room, so get one today. For more information and tips on how and why you should pick floral comforters from Spaces for your home, visit the Spaces blog.


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