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Geometric Dohar

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Skin Soft 100% Cotton queen dohar - Grey
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The beauty of geometry, laid out in a dohar

Straight lines and squiggles, dots and triangles, squares and hexagons…geometry yields different shapes and planes. Geometry is present everywhere, but most of us don’t even realise it. It forms the basis of our visual, aural and spatial understanding of the world. You are faintly disturbed if you see a less than perfect line formation, or a chaotic work desk without the papers and objects neatly lined up, or even a piece of clothing whose hem is asymmetrical.

Geometry – it’s everywhere!

You might have disliked studying geometry in school. If you did, it was probably because you failed to see the connect that geometry has with real life. Geometry is literally everywhere, not just in our concepts of distances and shapes. Everything you see and touch is based on geometry. Air and water currents, the specific patterns that migratory birds scale in the skies, the arrangement of petals around the centre of a flower, even the way your brain is wired to perceive and understand things, are all based on geometry. Since it is an integral part of your life, why not celebrate its presence with bed linen that underscores geometry? Why not get a geometric dohar?

What is a geometric dohar?

Geometric dohars, as the name suggests, are dohars with geometric patterns. Geometric designs are quite popular among both adults and children. You can buy geometric dohars online that feature shapes and patterns from geometry, like dots, planes, lines, small and large circles, triangles and squares, to create a cohesive pattern. The geometric pattern often has a visual symmetry that makes the overall design extremely pleasing to the eye. If you like geometric patterns and motifs, then you can easily buy a geometric dohar online. Pick from between simple stripes or polka dots, diagonal lines or even stars and stripes. Some geometric dohars also feature flowers and birds spaced in an equidistant pattern. When you know what you’re looking for, the options in geometric dohars online are endless.

How to pick a geometric dohar online

It is easy enough to buy a dohar online when you are certain of the kind of geometric pattern you are looking for. • Start by looking up the websites of leading bed and bath linen brands like • Set the filter to ‘Geometric’ under ‘Dohar’ and browse the online catalogue in this category. • Zoom into the image of the dohar provided on the website. Study the manufacturer’s specifications for material, size and washing. • Select the geometric dohar that meets all your requirements, and proceed to checkout. • Pay for the geometric dohar online and check the brand’s acknowledgement of the same. • Await the package’s arrival at your doorstep. • Enjoy your new geometric dohar!

How to wash a geometric dohar

Geometric dohars are washed the same way as any other dohar or comforter. They are washable in your washing machine, but it is advisable not to wash them by hand. Unless the manufacturer specifically mentions so, it is best to avoid dry cleaning the dohar. You can wash the single dohar in the washing machine in cold or cool water, on a low tumble and spin cycle. Avoid adding bleach to the wash, or washing the dohar with other clothes. Dry the dohar in shade or extremely mild sunlight if you want to give it a good airing. You may even iron the dohar using low heat. If you are unsure about how to wash the dohar you wish to buy, you can ask your questions to the manufacturer online.

Why choose Spaces to buy Geometric Dohars?

All products are certified for the highest quality of material and stitching. Each dohar you purchase from is extremely comfortable and long wearing. ticks all the boxes in terms of material, comfort, price and quality. You will find the widest range in geometric dohars online in a variety of colours, not to mention single and double sizes. All geometric dohars, whether single or double sized, are manufactured using premium quality cotton. They are AZO free to protect your skin and respiratory health when you use them. Cotton dohars from Spaces are extremely breathable and long lasting, and coloured with safe dyes. Ordering a dohar online from is as easy as using it – browse through the collection, study the specifications, place your order and proceed to purchase. The product is delivered to your doorstep in a week, with the guarantee of easy returns and exchange as well. You can also you’re your friends and loved ones with geometric dohars and have them shipped to their homes directly. Geometric dohars are sure to enhance the appeal of your bedroom and liven up your bed. The Spaces blog has more information on how to pick one, whether it is the right pick for your bedroom, and more.


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