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Kid's Dohar

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The best gift for your child: A dohar

Your child is the centre of your universe, and you don’t wait for special occasions to let them know how much you love them. All the hard work you put in, all the years of sacrifices are all aimed at creating a happy, peaceful home for your child. You are always on the lookout for new toys and games, and also new vacation spots to take your child to. But the best gifts are those that your child loves and cherishes all their lives. Toys and books may become old and worn, but some things never fade in your child’s eyes. A favourite corner of the house. A bean bag that has been sitting in their room for years. A teddy bear that they needed to keep close. And a blanket that they literally grew up in. Now that your child is growing up fast, it may be time to get them a new dohar. One that they will use for years to come, and possibly even carry with them when they leave the nest to go to college, or to another city in search of a job.

What is a dohar?

A ‘dohar’ is a shorter version of the Hindi word ‘Doharana’, which means a type of blanket. A dohar is an Indianised version of the comforter, though the traditional dohar is made quite differently from a comforter. While a comforter is made by weaving cotton fibres into a quilted pattern, a dohar is made by layering thin and soft cotton sheets with a muslin covering. However, newer dohars do away with the muslin covering altogether in favour of a cotton one. The muslin covering is susceptible to tears owing to its delicate fibres. Premium bed linen brands like Spaces have a range of dohars in single and double sizes. You can buy your child a dohar made of 100% cotton from a brand like Spaces, which adheres to the highest standards of quality.

What is a kids dohar?

As the name suggests, a kids dohar is one that is designed for use by a child. It is not crafted differently from other dohars. Its point of differentiation from adult dohars, is that the cotton covering features designs that a child will like. A good example of a kids dohar would be one with a Star Wars theme, or with images of Princess Jasmine or Elsa, or even the Captain Marvel universe. These are themes that children identify with; so many of them are enchanted by princesses and superheroes! Get your child a kids dohar with such a design on it, and they will love it forever. Who knows, they might even pass it on their own child in the future!

How to buy a kids dohar online

Though there are many kids dohars online, it is important to pick one that your child is guaranteed to love. Children can be quite finicky about their personal items, and if they don’t like the design or colour of something, they will simply shun it. This also applies to the kids dohar you buy – this is how you can go about it: • Sit down with your child and explain that you wish to buy them a dohar for their bed. Tell them what a dohar is and that they will love using it. • Browse the kids dohar online range from a leading manufacturer. Allow your child to surf the designs with you so that they can tell you which one they want. • Study the dohar for size, material, make and washing instructions. • Once you make your choice, proceed to checkout and pay for the dohar online.

Why choose Spaces to buy kids’ dohar? is one of the foremost names in bed and bath linen in India today. Spaces understands your need to gift your child with a dohar that is beautiful, comfortable and safe to use. Accordingly, they have a wide range of kids dohars that you can browse through and buy. All dohars, whether single or double sized, whether made for children or adults, are manufactured using premium quality cotton. They are AZO free to protect your child’s skin and keep them safe when the dohar is in use. Choose from a wide range of designs and patterns. Ordering dohars online from is as easy as using it – browse through the collection, study the specifications, place your order and proceed to purchase. The product is delivered to your doorstep in about a week, with the guarantee of easy returns and exchange as well. Kids’ dohars are a sure hit with children, so get one for your child today. For more information on how and why you should pick kids dohars for your home, visit the Spaces blog.


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