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Double Dohar

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Welhome Unwinders Floral Black Double Quilt - Black
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Skin Soft 100% Cotton queen dohar - Grey
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Double dohars: Why you need one in your room

It’s a cool evening and the night is about to get cooler. You can’t wait to get into bed and get cosy – but you’re also a little worried. The blanket you normally use is not cosy enough. It is scratchy and stiff, with annoying tassels that tickle your nose and chin. You want something snug and warm, which will settle on your body like a hug and let you sleep well. What you need is a double dohar.

What is a dohar?

A uniquely Indian kind of bed linen, a dohar is a type of a comforter. The term ‘dohar’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘Doharana’ which is a term for a blanket or covering. The word dohar is also used to signify layering. A dohar is traditionally woven together using stiff and thin cotton, and then stitched with a muslin covering. Dohars were traditionally found in the royal palaces and mansions of India, especially because the muslin cloth was affordable only for the wealthy. Over time, however, dohars began to be made in many homes in North India, and in some parts of Central India and Gujarat. Dohars exist in some form or another in many parts of the country, though they are titled different names in different languages. Essentially, they are comforters that are used in the cold winter months, or during the monsoon season.

What is a double dohar?

As the term implies, a double dohar is a comforter for two people. It is made for use on a double bed, of either a Queen or King size. You can buy double dohars online from leading brands in the bed and bath linen segment, like Spaces. Double dohars by leading brands are made from 100% cotton – thus they ensure optimum comfort and ease of maintenance. Cotton double dohars are also softer and less stiff than traditional dohars, and they feature quilted weaving that keeps the cotton filling evenly distributed. The stuffing inside a well-made double dohar will never bunch up on one side or from lumps, so always buy one from a leading brand. A double dohar online is the perfect choice for those looking to change the look of their bedrooms. A bold hue and dashing print on the dohar can enhance your bedroom with a much-needed pop of colour. Besides, it’s so cosy to use.

What is the size of a double dohar?

When buying this kind of dohar online, make sure to check the dimensions of your bed before you make the purchase. There are multiple sizes in double dohars online namely Queen, Wide Double, King and King Long available globally. In India, most bed linen brands offer Queen and King Size double dohars only. The standard Queen size comforter has dimensions of 220 cm x 240 cm (or 87 in x 98 in) and King size is available in 225 cm x 280 cm (89 in x 108 in). Make sure that you buy a double dohar online that matches the size of your bed. Double dohars are not just larger but also heavier than single dohars, so you might want to check the manufacturer’s washing and care instructions at the time of making the purchase. Expect the double dohar to weigh about 3 kg.

How to care for a double dohar

When purchased from a leading brand like Spaces, you can easily maintain the double dohar by following the manufacturer’s washing instructions. A machine wash at home is recommended, using cool or cold water. However, you should not use bleach or hot water, and you must never dry clean the dohar. Ironing the double dohar on low heat is fine.

Why choose Spaces to buy Double Dohars?

Spaces is one of India’s leading brands in bed and bath linen. All bed linen is sold with the promise of high quality and great value for money. You get the widest range of double dohars in many colours and prints. All dohars are manufactured using premium quality, 150 GSM cotton. Cotton dohars from Spaces are extremely breathable and long lasting, with AZO-free dyes to ensure your skin’s good health. Choose from a wide range of designs and patterns, ranging from ethnic to contemporary, and from geometric to abstract. Besides, buying a double dohar online from is as easy as using it – browse through the collection, study the specifications, place your order and proceed to pay for it online. You may even choose the COD (Cash On Delivery) mode of payment. Shipping is guaranteed within 7 days of placing the order, and there are no shipping costs. Returns and exchange are possible on dohars, both single and double, purchased from Spaces. We advise buying your desired double dohar from to get a wide range of choices, different price points and quick, hassle-free shipping. For more information on buying double dohars based on your requirements, visit the Spaces blog.


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