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    Bed Sheets Online

    Changing a bedsheet can give your room a whole new look. It can instantly uplift the vibe of your room and add style to it. Moreover, the right bedsheet can give you restful sleep every night. For a super soft bedsheet, you need one with a higher thread count, which indicates the number of threads woven into the bedsheet. While looking for bedsheets online, you will browse through many different materials, colours and patterns. But to get a good bedsheet, you need to check whether the fabric of the bedsheet is breathable and whether the dyes used in the bedsheet are safe for your skin. These are some important things you need to remember when you buy bedsheets online.

    What should you look for when buying bed sheets?

    You should select a bed sheet that suits your needs. If you need a bedsheet for everyday use, a simple cotton sheet will do. For special occasions, you could choose a bed sheet having sateen feel and festive designs.

    When you are buying bedsheets online, you don’t want to get the one that will be too small for your mattress. You should first measure your bed and then double check the measurements of the bedsheets mentioned online to ensure that the bedsheet is of perfect size. According to the measurements you can decide to buy a single bed sheet or a double bed sheet.

    You should also pay attention to the pattern or design. Identify your bedroom colour or theme and choose your sheets accordingly.

    Which bed sheet material is the best?

    Choosing the right designs or pattern might be important, but choosing the right material holds more weight.

    Cotton is the most popular when it comes to bed sheet fabrics, due to its breathable nature, durability and comfort. Premium cotton comes in different forms such as the luxurious high thread count Egyptian cotton or temperature regulating Hygro cotton. This cotton actually gets softer after multiple washes, so it’s a great pick if your more of a clean freak!

    You can also get bed sheets made of flannel, silk or linen. If you want bedsheets for the winter, you should consider a cotton-polyester blend.

    What is the most comfortable bed sheets?

    High thread count bedsheets like Egyptian cotton are more comfortable to sleep on, as it indicates that there are more soft threads woven into it.

    Why choose bed sheets from SPACES?

    When you buy bedsheets online at Spaces.in, you can be sure of quality. Spaces.in offers bedsheets made of premium quality cotton which is extremely breathable and the dyes used in our bedsheets are AZO free, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. You can be assured and choose from a wide variety of colours, from striking bold shades to soothing pastels, and from unlimited designs, ethnic as well as contemporary. To help you buy bedsheets online, we have bedsheets made for all bed sizes – king, queen and single. We also have filters such as price, colour and fabric, so you can narrow down your search according to your needs. We’re making purchasing bedsheets online almost as comfortable for you as sleeping on them.

    For more information on bedsheets types, tips, ideas and materials, check Spaces Blog.

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