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A Floral Bed Sheet is What Your Bedroom Needs

Redecorating your home is fun. But it is also a tricky business, because you can go wrong when choosing a colour palette, major furniture items, or even furnishings. If you are redecorating your home at the moment and want ideas on how to best furnish your bedroom, this article is for you.

Get bed sheets first!

Bed sheets are often an afterthought when it comes to buying home furnishings. But it is better to buy bed sheets first, maybe in tandem with choosing the colour scheme for your bedroom. They add a pop of colour to your bedroom. They must be chosen wisely to complement your bed, lifestyle, design preferences, wall colour, and so on. If you’re unable to buy them from a store, you can place an order for bed sheets online to save time. We suggest you choose floral bed sheets (more on this later) and bright geometric prints to enliven the bedroom.

Why a bed sheet is important for your room décor

Bedsheets are often the most underrated design elements in a bedroom. Most of us treat them merely as a covering for a mattress. However, they serve an important design function as well. The right kind of bedsheet not only looks great, but it also makes lying down on your mattress comfortable and pleasing. You are able to rest better on a mattress that has a soft bedsheet with a design that appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities.

What is a Floral Bedsheet?

As the name suggests, a floral bed sheet is one that has flower and leaf motifs on its surface. It is often the most popular choice in bed sheet design, with most people opting for them whether they need a single or a double bed sheet. Floral designs are also popular in comforters. Most floral bed sheets, especially from premium brands like Spaces, offer comfort and utility in equal measure. They are easy to maintain and wash, and they retain their colour and thread count for several years. People appreciate floral bedsheets. They liven up your bedroom in many ways. The floral motif could be an irregular pattern, or a symmetrical one. The flowers might be printed in large shapes and bold colours to complement a room that has plain white or light-yellow walls, for example. Or you could have small flowers intertwined with leaves to offset the dark colours of your bedroom walls. Some floral bed sheets are available as part of a bedding set, comprising pillow covers, matching comforter and bed runners, too. You should browse through bed sheets online to acquaint yourself with the range of designs and fabrics, and also price points. If you find the bed sheet you like, you can place the order online and have it delivered to your house.

Taking care of your bed sheet

You may have used bedsheets that are stiff and scratchy even after several washes. You might use fabric softeners to reduce the starchiness in the fabric. Sometimes, excessive use of fabric softener can cause more harm to the material. Another wrong practice is to use bleach or fabric ‘lighteners’ – these contain harsh chemicals that strip the colour off the sheet without having any appreciable effect on stains or grime patches. Always wash your floral bed sheet in cool or cold water, and use mild detergent. You may use a manufacturer-recommended fabric softener for the first wash if you wish to soften the material a little. Avoid using bleach in the wash. Also, you may lightly iron the bed sheet at a lower setting if your washing machine tends to crease your bed linen more than you may prefer. Avoid dry cleaning your bed sheets because it might make the fabric pill and get worn out soon.

Why choose Spaces to buy Floral Bedsheet?

Spaces offers the widest choice in floral bed sheets, as well as in their single and double variants. Each Spaces bed sheet is made of a premium material that is long lasting and breathable. Our bed sheets are easy to maintain and require no special washing techniques. We use AZO-free dyes in all our bed linen, so that you are protected from potential skin and respiratory distress from using them. Buying bed sheets from Spaces is easy, too. Just browse through our collection of floral bed sheets, and choose whether you want a single or double one. Check the material and dimensions before you proceed to buy. You can pay for your purchases online and get the delivery in just a week. If you wish to exchange or return it for some reason, we help you process your request in the least possible time. Look up the Spaces blog for more design tips and inspiration. table

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