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Seasons Best Premium Double Bedsheet
₹999 1999 50% off

Why Select Geometric Bed Sheets for Your Bedroom

It’s not a subject that a lot of people come to grips with in school and college. But everybody loves geometry! Geometry is everywhere – in nature, in the way we think and analyse, even in the way we arrange our work desks. It is characterised by symmetry, clean lines (whether straight or curved), circles or dots, squares, rectangles, or just a bunch of lines grouped together. Geometrical patterns are quirky and fun, and they add a zingy design element to your clothing, bag, or even your bed linen. If you are confused about what kind of bedding to buy for your beautiful bedroom, we suggest going with geometric bed sheets, comforters, and pillow cases.

What is a Geometric Bedsheet?

As the name suggests, a geometric bed sheet is one that features geometric or symmetric shapes and designs all over its surface. The bed sheet may have a series of stripes on it in the same or different colours. Or it may have a pattern of circles or squares, or both. It might just be a collection of wavy lines set in a zany pattern. Basically, a geometric bed sheet borrows shapes and patterns from geometry, like lines, solid Bed sheet, circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles to create a pattern. Spaces has geometric sheets with symmetric floral patterns. It is a slightly eccentric take on bed sheet design, and they look really great in any kind of bedroom. Whether you choose a single or double geometric sheet for your bed, it is sure to enhance the look of your room and increase its style quotient. There are endless options in geometric bed sheets from premium bed linen brands like Spaces in India. Geometric bed sheets and comforters are quite the rage at the moment, with a lot of people buying these bed sheets online as well. Even children are captivated by geometric shapes and patterns, though they might veer more towards polka dots, stars and stripes. Children’s bed sheets or single bed sheets may be available even in psychedelic prints.

How to Buy this Kind of Bed Sheet?

You can buy the geometric bed sheet the same way you buy other types – go online and browse through your preferred brand’s collection. Look at the options in colour, size and fabric. Study its specifications and washing instructions before you make your choice. Once selected, you can pay for it online and have it delivered to your home. Certain PIN codes in India may also be eligible for the COD (Cash on Delivery) option on bed sheets, comforters, etc.

Caring for your bed sheet

Now that you have purchased your favourite geometric bed sheets online, you might wonder how you are supposed to wash and maintain them. There will be a note outlining care instructions in the package, so study it well. If not, you can refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on their website. Generally, these are some basic rules to care for a bed sheet: * Wash it separately for the first time, or with like colours. Avoid adding darker coloured clothing to the laundry load. * If you purchased your bed sheet from a premium brand like Spaces, only a basic wash with cool or cold water will suffice. But if not, and if the fabric is too stiff, you might add some fabric softener to the wash. However, this is normally not required. * Do not add bleach or any ‘colour enhancing’ liquids to the wash. These are full of harsh chemicals and will affect the vibrancy and texture of the bed sheet. * Avoid dry cleaning the bed sheet. It impacts the thread count and colour. You may iron it on a low temperature post wash. * Set the washing machine on ‘tumble dry’ setting when washing your Spaces bed sheet. * Avoid drying the bed sheet in direct harsh sunlight so that its colours retain their freshness.

Why choose Spaces to buy a Geometric Bedsheet?

Spaces has the widest range of geometric bed sheets and others in different patterns and designs. You can always rely on Spaces to help you find bed sheets of your choice. Each of our bed sheets is made with a premium quality fabric that is soft, breathable and easy to maintain. You will never experience stiffness or starchiness with our bed linen, nor will the fabric overheat or get too cold when the weather changes. Spaces bed sheets use AZO-free dyes so that you are protected from the effects of harmful chemicals in most generic dyes. They are safe to use even by infants and those with respiratory tract disorders or skin allergies. Buy bed sheets with matching pillow cases and even a comforter to complete the posh look of your bedroom! Look up more design ideas and inspiration on the Spaces blog.


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