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    Minions Universal Cushion Cover - Blue
    ₹149 495 70% off

    Best Cushion Covers

    Changing your cushion cover is the quickest and easiest way to change your home decor. If it’s a revamp of your living room that you are looking for without changing your sofa, you can change the cushion covers and get an entirely new style; from artisanal and ethnic designs to graphical and intricate patterns, you can find them all at SPACES.

    What is a cushion cover?

    Cushions have been around since 7000 BC and were revered as a status symbol. Dyes and fabrics were expensive back then and that should explain why we only have depictions of cushions and cushion covers from ancient wall art. Every corner of the earth has a peculiar tradition related to cushions and the covers were considered even more important with the designs representative of the culture and arts.

    What is the purpose of a cushion?

    Today, cushions serve both aesthetic and practical purpose arranging them on your couch or sofa. The Cushions are small in size but make a large difference to the look and feel of your room. Arranging them on your adds that touch of style to your living space. You can use some in your bed and instantly the look and feel of your bedroom can turn into cosy and inviting.

    What to look for when buying cushion covers online?

    Cushions can make your rooms look stylish while throwing a few of them together on your bed can make your bed feel cosy and inviting. Cushions with their plush and soft feel undoubtedly bring in the comfort but it is the cushion covers that bring in the style. When you buy cushion covers online, you need to buy the ones that complement the décor of your room, so look out for the colour, patterns, designs, and graphics when choosing covers for cushion that will accentuate your living space.

    How many cushions should be used?

    There is no particular number of cushions that is recommended as it entirely depends on what kind of style you are looking for. Ideally, an odd number of cushions can make your sofa appear bigger. When using an even number of cushions, make sure you have them in pairs of different sizes so they add that element of harmony and symmetry to your room.

    Why buy cushion cover from Spaces?

    When you buy cushion covers from SPACES, you can be assured of getting the perfect blend of comfort and style for your home. Find cushion covers India at Spaces.in have been crafted keeping in mind your needs with a wide range of colours to go with any kind of home décor. The patterns are meant to appeal to the tastes of all age groups right from aesthetic ethnic and contemporary patterns for you to digitally printed Disney elements for your children. Best available cushion covers India are at SPACES since they are made with premium quality material to offer you the right amount of rest. What’s more? You can narrow down your search by adding filters such as size, price, fabric, colour and pattern, so that your experience of buying cushion covers online India is an easy and satisfying one. To know more about cushions like cushion types, cushion trends, and cushion ideas, visit Spaces Blog.

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