5 Home Exercises That Will Help You Stay Fit This Summer

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or are looking to get into better shape, staying fit this summer doesn’t have to be difficult. Many people stay away from exercise in the summer because they believe that it’s too hot and sweaty out there. However, staying active is easier than you think. There are so many great ways to stay fit this summer that don’t involve going to the gym or spending hours running on the treadmill. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything!

This article will list 5 home exercises that will help you stay fit this summer. You don’t need a gym membership and expensive equipment to get in shape and stay healthy. All you need is yourself, a yoga mat, and a little bit of motivation. These home exercises are perfect for busy people who don’t have much time but still want to stay healthy and active during the summer months. So, if you haven’t been exercising regularly or at all lately give one of these home exercises a try as soon as possible!

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Home exercises generally require very less equipment to start with. The main thing you should have been a yoga mat; preferably an antibacterial yoga mat. This handy anti-skid product helps you avoid any slips while exercising and offers you a soft surface to break your fall. You can easily find the best yoga mat for your needs online from brands like SPACES. In addition to this, you will need a water bottle to keep up hydration levels and a towel to wipe away the sweat.

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Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are simple and easy exercises that you can do anywhere. These can be done in a car, on your bed, or in a park. All you need is a chair, a yoga mat, and a few pillows. This will get your heart rate going and give your joints a break from constant motion. Jumping Jacks are a great home exercise because they’re easy to set up and take up very little space. You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime. Not only will jumping Jacks get your heart rate up but they will also improve your coordination and strength.

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Polyester CO2 Pure Yoga Mat @₹ 1,999


Squats are a common exercise that almost everyone does at one point or another. You can do squats anywhere and anytime. Squats are great because they target multiple muscle groups at once. Since they target the hips, quads, abs, and hamstrings at once, they are great at preventing injury and staying injury-free. Squats can be done using any type of weight. When using a barbell, hold the bar with an underhand grip, palms facing towards you with your elbows slightly bent. After laying down your yoga mat, keep your back straight, chest out, and head up. Squat down until your upper thighs are about parallel to the ground then push back up until your arms are straight. Repeat for 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds before repeating. For weighted squats, use a weighted vest or dumbbells. Squat down until your upper thighs are about parallel to the ground then push back up until your arms are straight. Repeat for 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds before repeating. You can also do weighted squats using a weighted plate.


Burpees are a great addition to your home exercise arsenal. They are a high-intensity exercise that will get your heart rate going and torch calories. You can do them at any point during your day. Burpees are great because they’re simple and easy to do anywhere. You don’t need any equipment; you don’t even need a space to do them. You can do burpees at any time of day or night. Burpees are also great for improving heart health. They improve blood flow throughout your body and increase the flow of oxygen to your heart.


The plank is the quintessential core exercise that everyone should do. However, many people overlook the plank as a home exercise. The plank is great at strengthening the abdominal muscles and improving core muscle endurance. The plank is a great exercise that can be done at almost any time, anywhere. You can also modify the plank by holding a weight while doing it. Put your elbows on the ground shoulder-width apart with your fingers pointing towards your toes. Keeping your back straight, core tight and knees slightly bent, hold the plank for 30 seconds. Repeat for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds.


Push-Ups are a classic exercise and one of the most effective ways to get in shape. They are very simple to do and can be done anywhere. Push-Ups can be done either standing or sitting. Standing push-ups are the most challenging and effective. They also take up the least amount of space which makes them great for travelling. To perform a standing push-up, place your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart and your fingers pointing towards your toes. Keeping your core tight, straight back, and legs slightly bent, lower your body towards the ground. Pause for a second and push back up until your arms are straight. That’s one rep.


If you’ve been avoiding the gym because it’s too hot outside, or you feel your schedule won’t allow you to make the time, consider these five home exercises. They don’t require any equipment and you can do them anywhere. And best of all, they don’t take up a lot of time so you can fit them in between work and social commitments. With these exercises, you can stay fit and healthy this summer. They don’t require any expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment, just your own two feet and a yoga mat. Check out yoga mats online at SPACES, where you can find amazing patterns and yoga mat price that will fulfil your fitness needs with ease!

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