Attending a Wedding? Here are Ideal Gifts the Couple will Love!

The wedding season has arrived, as have the festivities leading up to Christmas and New Year’s. Every year, December is a celebratory month as it brings the current year to a close while ushering in new beginnings.

Couples who marry in December enjoy the festivities more because they are surrounded by close friends and family and are able to revel in the love all around them. Whatever the type of celebration, the festivities are the best part of an Indian wedding. And the ceremony of opening wedding gifts has been added to the festivities – a task that the new bride and groom would like to do together. So, if you’re attending a wedding for a couple of close friends this season, we recommend that you read this blog for some of the best wedding gift ideas.

Here are our best wedding gift recommendations for the occasion and season:

A new comforter: There is not a soul in the world that does not crave or appreciate the feel of a soft, cosy and warm comforter. The colder the night, the more one snuggles into the depth of the comforter or quilt and cocoons oneself from the outside world. We are certain that the wedded couple would love the gift of a new dohar or comforter in a double size. Or you can pick a thick quilt or quilt blanket that is most useful during the winter season.

Super soft reversible Queen bed quilt – Brown @₹ 4399

Protective bedsheets: Every household requires bedding, and a newly married couple setting up a home, more so. But they will probably receive ordinary cotton-blend bedsheets from other friends and relatives – it is a popular wedding gift idea – so your gift of bedsheets might seem repetitive. But not if you buy them bedsheets that look out for them when they sleep. Try the Spaces range of anti-viral sheets (they protect from a host of infectious germs and viruses including COVID-19), air-purifying sheets (they absorb harmful greenhouse gases in the bedroom), and hygro-cotton sheets (these soften with each wash and remain comfortable for years). The wedded couple will certainly appreciate this gift for their new married life together.

Skin soft 100 % Cotton Single bedsheet @ ₹ 800

A duvet cover: Duvet covers protect bedding (bedsheets, pillows and pillow covers and the quilt blanket/comforter) from environmental pollution and other impurities. They are simply placed on the bed and taken off when one wishes to sleep. They keep the bedding fresh and clean for longer; this is especially useful if the user is not in the habit of washing the sheets and cushion covers after one week of use.

Hygro Cotton Temperature Regulating Single Duvet Cover @₹ 2999

Bedside runners: If you are certain that everybody else will use the ultimate wedding gift idea and buy bedding for the wedded couple, then you should buy something else for the bedroom. A bedside runner is a great idea. It has practical utility and it makes the room look chic and modern. You can buy the best bedside runners from premium brands online.

Spaces Multipurpose Runner @₹ 2319

How to buy wedding gifts online

You can have the wedding gift delivered to the couple’s home by entering their address and postal code as the shipping address when you choose the wedding gift for them. The online bed linen retailer will deliver the gifts and even gift wrap them. This way, you are not responsible for delivering the bedding sets, particularly large packages containing quilts and dohars, on your own. Make sure to purchase the best bedding from premium brands such as Spaces, which guarantee the highest quality, the widest range of products, and the best price points.

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