Confused Between Cotton and Polyester bed sheets? Here’s everything you need to know about them

Planning to buy bed sheets, but don’t know where to start? There are a plethora of factors to consider during your search, most important among which is about checking which fabric is the best for bed sheets. One of the most typical debates when it comes to bed sheets is – which is better, cotton bed sheets or polyester bed sheets. One may think this is a straightforward question with a definitive answer, but in actuality, the answer is quite subjective.

The reason is that both fabrics have their own pros, and cons. And more importantly, the users’ personal choices, needs and wants play a large role in this decision. Because finding the perfect bed sheet for you, which can offer you good sleep is far more important than assigning a direct winner. So let’s find out more about cotton bed sheets and polyester bed sheets.

CottonA bed sheet made of the natural cotton fiber is a cotton bed sheet. There are multiple types of cotton fibers, but the one that gets most attention is Egyptian cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton has the longest fibers among them all.  

However, it is rarely used in making bed sheets. You can explore a vast collection of cotton bed sheets with the Atrium, Hygro Cotton Temperature-Regulating and Occasions collection at SPACES.
Cotton bed sheets have a number of benefits that have made them highly beloved among the population. Some of them include:  

The fabric is made from natural material, which makes it better for sensitive skin and allergies

It is a cool and breathable fabric. Hence, it is good for summers and especially for those who sweat profusely

It is easy to wash and dry, and it becomes softer with each wash
Purely cotton bed sheets can be quite pricey

It is made of natural fibers which break down earlier than synthetic fabric. This makes them less durable in nature

It gets wrinkled easily  
PolyesterPolyester bed sheets are made from a synthetic or man-made material. Because of this, it doesn’t need a lot of processing for making a bed sheet after the fabric is manufactured. This makes them a cheaper alternative to cotton bed sheets.  

Polyester bed sheets are lightweight and soft to touch. Some tightly woven high-quality polyester sheets are quite lustrous like silk and often are confused with silk in their feel. Due to its fabrication process, the polyester sheets are usually prone to static. Thus, it can be really bad for your hair.  
Polyester fabric is lightweight and very soft

It is more durable and is easy to wash

Polyester bed sheets are affordable.

Polyester bed sheets don’t wrinkle easily
Not much breathable and moisture-wicking

Polyester bed sheets are prone to static, making them bad for your hair

Over time, polyester bed sheets become rougher, making them undesirable for those with sensitive skin

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