How To Pick The Right Bedding For Your Baby

Your baby is the centre of your universe. You marvel at their perfect form, their lovely little fingers and toes, and wait patiently for them to look at you and smile. You care deeply about their comfort and wellbeing and worry that you might be making constant mistakes while raising them. An infant spends most of their time sleeping. It naturally follows that their bed must be a comfortable haven for them, or they cannot relax and become nervous and cranky. The only way to create a comfortable bed for your child is to invest in high quality bed linen. It must be of the softest material and the right finish, to keep the child feeling pleasantly warm and lulled to sleep, rather than waking up overheated and bothered.

Core Motu Patlu Bedsheets Single @ ₹ 799
Core Motu Patlu Bedsheets Single @ ₹ 799

Choosing bedding for your child can quickly become tricky. There are several considerations in terms of size and material, among other factors. Here are some easy tips to pick bedding for your child:

#1. Pick A Soft Fabric.

Babies have the most delicate skin, and the slightest friction with harsh fabrics can cause chafing and irritation. Even diapers made for babies may cause rashes and itching, and the baby responds by squirming and crying every time the rash occurs. The same can happen with the baby’s bedding, so be sure to pick the softest cotton bed linen. The baby’s bed will be a tiny mattress, so you should pick cotton bedsheets with a high thread count for maximum softness. Also pick pillow covers that match the bedsheet. Most babies are unable to tell between different colours and patterns till they are about a year old, so don’t be too concerned about picking colours and designs.

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Marvel Iron Man Single Dohar – Blue @ ₹ 1999

#2. Pick A Small Size.

As mentioned earlier, the baby’s bed will be a small one. The bed linen must be a correspondingly small size. Even the child’s comforter must be a tiny one, so as not to overwhelm the baby and be tucked comfortably around its body as it sleeps. More to the point, all the bed linen must be cool so as not to get overheated. Cotton bedding is best for a baby, though you may have to get it custom made if the right size is not available online.

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Disney Minnie Single Comforter – Blue @ ₹ 3299

#3. Buy A Mattress Protector.

Every baby has accidents in bed. Though you keep the child in diapers for most parts of the day, you like their skin to breathe for a few hours at night. They might have cloth diapers on for some time. However, every time they have an accident and the bed becomes wet, you may have to change the sheet entirely. Some parents place a thin rubber mat under the child, but this can keep them wet till they are changed. Instead, get a mattress protector for your baby’s bed. It protects the mattress from bedwetting, and absorbs the excess moisture rapidly so that a lot of it is pulled away from the baby and the covering sheet.

#4. Get A Dohar That Will Swaddle Well.

Your baby is a tiny human being at this point in time. They need bedding that matches their own size. Getting them larger dohars or comforters is dangerous and can lead to smothering. Instead, pick a dohar in a size that can swaddle them. Tuck it securely around their body as they sleep to provide cosiness and comfort.

What are some useful bedding tips you have discovered and would like to share with other new parents? Tell us in the comments below.

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