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Towels were the answer to all bath linen questions when we didn’t know better. Now, however, people have quit making do with any inconveniences that it caused and come up with evolved products to suit specific needs for a better living. When it comes to the following few needs, a towel simply won’t make the cut anymore.

Drying your hair:

What you need instead of a towel: Turbie


  • Created for the very purpose of containing your hair, it twists easily around your hair
  • It is light on your head and holds your hair in place while you apply lotion, dress or put on your make up
  • It lightly dries your hair, leaving the essential moisture in
  • It can be used at the pool as well and will protect your hair from sun rays
  • It is great for deep conditioning treatments for your hair

Why a towel won’t work:

  • Wrapping your hair in it is a tricky process
  • It’s a weight on your head threatening to come undone any minute
  • It dries your hair excessively

Covering yourself:

What you need instead of a towel: Bathrobe


  • It will be dry and snug when you wrap yourself in it
  • Since you tie it around yourself, it doesn’t come undone or get parted by a breeze
  • It is comfortable enough to laze around in
  • You could wear it for longer while applying lotion or make up

Why a towel won’t work:

  • It is damp from you having wiped yourself with it and that could be uncomfortable when you cover yourself
  • It could come undone easily
  • It could be parted by the wind
  • It isn’t usually big enough to cover everything it is supposed to

At the pool/On your travels:

What you need instead of a towel: Toga Wrap


  • A single product fulfills the roles of the towel and bathrobe
  • It is lightweight and can be carried along with you, wherever you go
  • It is quick to dry and will be comfortable to wrap yourself in
  • It won’t come undone or reveal anything
  • It is elegant and will look stylish when you wear it at the pool or on your travels

Why a towel won’t work:

  • You would be uncomfortable covering yourself in a damp towel after you have wiped yourself with it. It could also come undone or be revealing in public
  • You would not be able to use a bathrobe to wipe yourself. You would have to carry a towel separately to the pool, adding to your luggage

Now that you know, stop weighing down your towel with expectations and add the essential new age accessories to your bath linen.

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