Offbeat Bedsheet Patterns for an Instant Room Makeover

The bedroom is an innately comforting and intimate space. It’s where some of the established artists of the world today have come up with their greatest ideas, it’s where you can cuddle with your family, chat with your friends for hours on the floor or enjoy some precious ‘me time’ pondering at the window. Choosing the right bedroom décor and bed linen will make your bedroom just the kind of beautiful and intimate space you need for all of this.

You need not change the interiors of your bedroom every time you need it to feel fresh and different to you. A simple change of bedsheet can change the entire look and feel of your room. Some of these out of the ordinary bedsheet pattern ideas will liven up your room instantly.

Geometric print bedsheets 

Poetry is said to be as precise as geometry, and geometry in turn can be as complex and beautiful as poetry. Opting for a bedsheet in colourful geometric print will lend character to your room and also make it look more spacious.



Bohemian style print bedsheets

Well, apart from rocking that Boho themed dress, you can dress up your bed with these striking BOHO printed bedsheets. These bedsheets are sure to infuse that liberating feeling that defines the Bohemian spirit and that you could definitely use in your bedroom. Additionally, Bohemian prints also complement many different styles of home décor, spicing it up.


Baroque style print bedsheets

If you are the sort that loves opulence, then opt for these grandiose baroque printed double bed sheets online. They not only make a style statement but also add an aristocratic touch to your room and make your bed look large and inviting.





Watercolour effect print bedsheets

The days when beautiful watercolour paintings were condemned to the fate of gathering dust on your walls are long gone. Now you can take them off the walls and spread them across your bed. These bedsheets, sporting watercolour painting-inspired prints add effortless warmth to your room and make it feel more intimate.


Tie and dye print bedsheets

Tie and dye shouldn’t make you immediately think of the few ethnic tie and dye prints we know. This same art form yields all kinds of striking designs across the globe such as the Japanese Shibori prints. A bedsheet with such a design could speak volumes about your unique taste and style.



Well, since now you’ve got a bit of inspiration to start with, try experimenting with various prints and designs for your bedroom and make it a place you surely wouldn’t want to leave. is a great destination to find what you’re looking for. From bedsheets, comforters and cushion covers to carpets, curtains, and more, it is the one-stop destination for all your bedroom needs.

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