Planning for Fresh Bedding Sets This New Year? Here’s How to Do it Perfectly

Bedding is an essential part of our bedtime ritual. Did you know the choice of your bed linen plays a crucial role in the quality of your sleep?

A nicely made bed with premium quality bed linen can instantly lull you into a deep sleep. Continue reading to learn more about factors to consider before purchasing bed linens.

What are bedding sets?

Bedding sets are a complete collection of bedding that serve an aesthetic and protective layer on the the bed. It comprises  bedsheets, matching pillow covers, and comforter/dohar/quilt. These sets are offered by premium bed linen brands like Spaces, which offer a wide range of combinations within bedding sets, too. These combinations come handy when creating the decor vibe in your bedroom. whether you are looking for a comforter that is in the same color palette as the rest of your bed linen, or in contrast to it, we have the diverse selection you need.

Skin soft 100 % Cotton Single bedsheet @₹ 899
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How to pick the right bedding set?

Picking the right bedding set for your home or to gift a loved one is dependant on a number of factors. these include:

* What the set is composed of: Some bedding sets have different combinations from the one we have illustrated above. For example, the set might contain two bedsheets and matching pillow covers. Or they might have two bedsheets, and one comforter or dohar. Or there might be a set of two dohars. It all depends on the online store you buy from and the bedding sets they have on offer at the time.

* The fabric: Most people tend to spend less on bedding because they look at it as a needless expense. Still others would like to buy 100% cotton bedding, but they are hesitant about spending more money (100% cotton is more expensive than cotton blended with other fabrics). However, 100% cotton bedsheets and pillow covers are recommended because cotton is a breathable fabric that does not overheat, and it remains soft and smooth for years. It is also easy to wash and maintain.

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The quality:We recommend you to buy your bedding from a trusted brand, since you can be assured of the product quality offered here. sleep is an important part of our everyday life, and thus, every aspect about it requires careful consideration. You may not buy too many bedding sets, but the ones you buy must certainly boast of excellent quality so that they last long and perform well. This season, it is recommended that you buy sets featuring anti-viral and/or air-purifying bedding: these keep the user protected from disease-causing viruses (including the novel Coronavirus, if you buy from Spaces) and absorb and mineralise greenhouse gases respectively.

The size: The mattress size decides the size of the bedding set. It naturally follows that you must pick double bedsheets and pillow covers for the master bedroom, and single variants for the children’s room or guest bedroom. you should also understand what kind of bed you have; king-size, queen-size or custom? This is also a factor you need to consider while buying the right sized bedsheets. in case you are looking for fitted bedsheets, you must measure the mattress perfectly. to get the best experience, your fitted bedsheets must only be about two inches larger on all sides.

The price: We’ve briefly touched upon the price in one of the points above. However, quality cotton bedding sets are well worth the price offered since they have superior quality. When you buy a bedding set from a premium brand like SPACES, you can rest assured that your bed linen will be with you a long time. These bedding sets provide everything from improved aesthetic value to fabric that has skin-soft properties. to make things better, you can also get bedding sets and gifting combos that offer great value for price.

The maintenance: Cotton bedding is easy to wash and has the added advantage of becoming softer with every wash.  Do follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions carefully. This helps extend the products’ longevity and you will always have cotton-soft, comfortable bedding to use.

DISCLAIMER: **Anti-bacterial finish – Prevents >99.9% bacteria growth in product. Certified by Independent third party NABL approved lab. Results are done as per AATCC 100-2012 standards. Actual performance may vary due to different environment, washing pattern, and usage.

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