Prepping for Your Long Weekend Plans? Don’t Forget About These Essential Bed and Bath Products!

A long weekend is knocking at the door this August! You may be looking forward to the long Independence Day weekend and have places for a quick getaway with friends or family. Whether you’ve planned a picnic, a day trip or a short getaway, there are certain essentials that you must carry. Among them, do not forget about your bed and bath linens! Which items should you pack in? Here’s a look.

Bath Linens

Bath towels

These are must-to-carry items irrespective of the place or duration of your holiday. Make sure to take cotton towels since they are soft and comfortable. If you visit the sea, you may plunge in the water several times. Cotton towels, being highly absorbent, can dry you effectively every time. If you visit a humid place, choose a variant that has a swift dry formula. Else it can take a long time to dry, and you’ll need to pack in a moist towel in your suitcase.

However, the higher the absorbency, the heavier the material. Take this into account when you pack the linens. A fluffier towel can be more suitable if you visit a cold place. On another note, if you have enough space for packing, consider carrying separate towels for your face and hands to maintain hygiene.

100% Cotton White Bath Towel @ ₹ 3,799

100% Cotton White Bath Towel @ ₹ 3,799


Carrying towels does not mean skipping your bathrobe. After splashing around in the swimming pool, you may wish to sip a cocktail and relax for a while before entering your room. You can do that in your bathrobe. Make sure it is made of cotton, so you do not develop any skin rashes or allergies. Also, carry a thick and fluffy one, as this soaks moisture well irrespective of the weather of the place. Pick an elegant colour or a sophisticated pattern of your choice.

Large Cotton Bathrobe for Men @₹ 2,599

Large Cotton Bathrobe for Men @₹ 2,599

Bed Linens


If you are visiting a cooler region, it’s a good idea to carry quilts to keep you and your family warm and cosy. Choose one that comes with three layers of padding to ensure warmth. Since the layers are thin, you can easily carry in your luggage. Quilts come in handy if you have smaller kids who need a warm bed to sleep peacefully.

How about a quilt made of silk soy? These quilts are smoother and contain soybean protein fibre to keep your skin healthy and glowing even in cold weather. Since silk soy variants are sleeker than regular ones, they are easier to pack. They are also perfect for the Monsoon season. Monsoons make the bed damp, which is the ideal condition for the growth of bacteria and fungus. Silk soy quilts have a unique in-built technology to keep away these microbes and even insects like moths. So, they can keep you and your family safe, while promoting good sleep.

Dark Grey Double Quilt Online @ ₹ 4,499

Dark Grey Double Quilt Online @ ₹ 4,499


If you visit a slightly cool region, try dohars instead of quilts. These are lighter and more suitable for slightly cool weather. They are manufactured with 3 layers, where the middle layer is made of flannel to provide added warmth.

You can also carry a dohar to a place that’s neither hot nor cold. The linen will keep you cosy when you sleep with the AC on. Since the Monsoons are here, dohars can absorb the moisture and keep you comfortable. Moreover, a dohar is even more lightweight to pack and carry.

You may already have bath and bed linens. If the ones who have are old or of low quality, consider buying their more modern and luxurious alternatives to ensure great quality, functionality and looks.

100% Cotton Single Dohar Online @ ₹ 1,999

100% Cotton Single Dohar Online @ ₹ 1,999

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