Surprise Your Child with a Dream Bed

Every child has an individual style that his or her room needs to reflect. Right from the furniture and the wall paint to the bed and bath linen you choose for your kid’s room, everything should be based on their needs and preferences. Start from the centre of attention in their room – the bed. Surprising them with their dream bed might help bring you closer to them. And answering these few questions will help you discover the style they want for their dream bed.

  1. What do they like doing in their free time?
  • a. Paint/Craft
  • b. Play sports/video games
  • c. Read/write
  • d. Watch cartoons/superhero or fairytale movies
  • e. Listen to/play music
  1. What is their favourite colour?
  • a. Blue/White
  • b. Orange/Yellow
  • c. Green/Purple
  • d. Red/Pink
  • e. All of the above
  1. What is their favourite kind of vacation place?
  • a. Rural areas
  • b. Sports related places like Barcelona
  • c. Countryside or hillside cottages
  • d. Fantasy landscapes/Disneyland
  • e. Happening cities

Your child’s dream bed:

Mostly A’s:

Your child is a budding artist, who has an eye for art and design. He or she appreciates the rare colours as much as the popular ones. They like observing things, people and landscapes around them so that they are inspired. What they need is to be surrounded by is inspiration or a reflection of their passion for art.



Mostly B’s:

You have a highly energetic child, who is crazy about sports and would like for nothing more than to be surrounded by everything to do with his or her favourite team. These are the children who are as actively involved in a game that they watch on television as they would be in one that they were playing themselves. They need bright colours and the symbols of their favourite sport around them.

Mostly C’s:

Your child has a calm temperament and can get so immersed in a book that the world outside of it ceases to exist. Books are offer an escape that makes them immensely happy and they need peace around them. They would love to be surrounded by soothing colours, flowers and elements of nature that make them feel more like themselves.



Mostly D’s:

Your child’s imagination is endless and he or she can spend hours daydreaming. Disney is their best friend because of the fascinating parallel universes it manages to create. They live in their own world, staying in castles, having uber-cool superpowers and weapons or slaying dragons. Nothing could make them happier than being surrounded by their favourite cartoons, princess or superhero.

Mostly E’s:

Your child has an appreciation for music that is uncommon in the kids of his or her age. They like the zing found in stripes and frequencies. They like the vibrancy in performing with a band as much as they like the comfort in playing solo. They like a room that can adapt to both kinds of energy and moods. They like contrasts of sounds and they also like contrasts of colours – dark and bold.


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