Everything You Need to Know: DIY Hot Towel at Home

Everything You Need to Know: DIY Hot Towel at Home

The pandemic has changed the way we indulge in self-care and salon sessions. As we continue to visit our salon sparingly, DIY self-care has become more important than ever. Add to that the typical problems that come with the onset of the monsoons, and you know that at-home hair-care ritual is imperative to feeling good and looking good. However, DIY hair care rituals can often be very time-consuming and require multiple applications and washes. This is where a DIY hot towel treatment, using cotton towels, can come to your rescue. It is simple, quick, and effective. Here is everything you need to know about how to pull off a DIY Hot Towel treatment smoothly and effectively.

Invest in the right towels

While this may sound obvious, it is important that you invest in a towel exclusively for your hot towel treatment. This will ensure you don’t end up using your bath towels for the job. This is not only important from a hygiene point of view but will also ensure that you are using the most effective towel for getting the maximum benefits for your treatment. For instance, anti-viral cotton towels by SPACES can reduce the chances of any scalp infections. You might also want to consider anti-microbial towels to ensure good scalp health. Similarly, if you opt for Hygro cotton towels crafted using innovative fabric technology, they will ensure premium softness and comfort and hence, a more rejuvenating treatment. This range of cotton towels from SPACES are crafted to get softer and bloom after every wash. Some other options to consider include the bamboo charcoal range which is hypo-allergenic and odour-free, Livlite category, and swift dry towels.

Hot towel treatment

Wrap it right

If you have ever wondering why a DIY hot towel treatment at home doesn’t feel like the one at your salon, well, you need to focus on the details. Take a moment to recollect how they use the right-sized cotton towels and take their time wrapping then up around your head, layer after layer. This ensures a snug fight and doubles up as tension reliever for your temples apart from treating your scalp and hair. If you are unable to get it perfect, watch a couple of online videos. More importantly, stand in front of the mirror while you are doing it to ensure your cotton towel fits like a crown.

Use fresh, hot water

There is something about freshly boiled water that appeals to our senses. So while making your DIY hot towel, don’t just heat up stored water for soaking your cotton towel. Get some fresh tap water to heat up and soak in your treatment-exclusive cotton towels till its fully soaked but short of dripping. Place it lightly on the inside of your wrist to check the temperature before you go ahead it and wrap it around your head.

Set the mood

Lastly, remember that just like with massages, your body and head will best respond to the treatment when you are relaxed. So forget multi-tasking and instead, dim the lights, put up on some music, cover your eyes with cool pads, and focus on the moment. You are sure to feel transported to your favourite salon. Now that you know the simple steps involved in getting a DIY hot towel treatment right, don’t look any further. Start by browsing our range of premium cotton towels and set aside 20 minutes on your weekly calendar for a blissful and rejuvenating time.

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