What Are the Multiple Purposes Served by Quality Doormats?

The global market size for doormats, which was valued at $5.1 billion in 2018, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% between 2019 and 2025. The global market includes a significant share from the Asia Pacific region, which comprises India, among other countries. How about fuelling demand for foot mats? The various purposes served by them make them increasingly desirable. Here are the many functions of a quality doormat.

No Need to Ask Guests to Take Off Their Shoes

Nearly 80% of all contaminants that affect a building come from the footwear of people in the facility, as per studies conducted by the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, ISSA. However, you might find it rude to ask your guests to take off their shoes before entering your home. Therefore, it is a good idea to place a doormat there so that your guests or other people coming to your home can wipe their shoes on it before entering. That way, you don't even have to prompt them to do so.

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Protect Your House from More Dirt and Dust

When people visit your house, their shoes collect dust, dirt, mud, debris, and whatnot. If they enter your house straight with their shoes on, your floor will be covered with these pollutants in no time. This is where a doormat can come to the rescue. It can absorb both dry and wet particles under one's shoes before the person enters your house. That's because it is strategically placed before the entrance of your home. This is how the mat can prevent your place from collecting extra dust and dirt from the outside. You can buy our doormats online that have stain-resistant properties. That way, you can be doubly sure to protect your floors from shoe stains.

No Worries When It Rains

Don't you find rain a nightmare when you try and fail to keep your place spik and span? People may come inside your house with wet shoes and make your floors muddy and dirty. But if a foot mat welcomes your guests at the doorway, you need not have this worry. They can easily wipe their shoes clean and dry on the mat and enter your house thereafter. Your floors will thank you for this thoughtfulness. 

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Minimise Slip Hazards

Did you know, Footwear is reported to be accountable for 24% of all slip and fall hazards? Now imagine how wet footwear can increase the risk of these accidents. But you can try to prevent them by bringing home a doormat. Since it allows your guests to wipe their shoes dry before entering, it would help minimise the chances of slip hazards on the floor. Even better, opt for anti-skid mats. They are especially helpful if you have super-smooth flooring (such as those made of tiles) that increases the chances of slipping.

Prevent Major Floor Damage

A foot mat does more than protect your floor from mud, dust, and dirt. What happens when people enter your house with shoes that have coarse sand and gravel stuck under them? As they drag their feet on your floor, these harsh particles can give them marks of scratches due to high friction. You won't want that. Tough doormats provide just the right surface to wipe off these coarse particles as well. In this sense, they can help prevent your floor from getting permanent damage.

Help with Bacteria Regulation

Did you know that certain foot mats can be equipped with features to destroy microbes? This can help with bacteria regulation. You can get this feature in our anti-bacterial range of doormats that you can buy online. By investing in them, you can keep your floor clean not only as far as your eyes can perceive but also on a microscopic level.

Add to the Décor of Your Home

From our curated collection, you can buy doormats online from the SPACES website that are available in a variety of colours, textures and prints. Therefore, you have enough options to choose something that suits the décor of your house or matches the appeal of your entrance door. If your place has plush and luxurious elements, you can even lay your hands on a large luxury foot mat that aptly complements the elegant vibe of your home. If you have more ethnic décor in your place, you can check out our ornate mats. They can rightly match the appeal of such décor. On the other hand, if your home has more of a modern or contemporary look, you can try our geometric mats for a quirky element. Our products can leave your guests impressed and win a shower of compliments regarding your taste for aesthetics.

Our foot mats serve all the above purposes and are also soft and comfortable to the touch. So, wait no more and buy our doormats online to protect your floors and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your house effortlessly.

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