Dohar vs Silk Soy Quilts: Which Should You Choose?

Buying the right bedding for comfortable sleep needs some thought. With numerous dohars, quilts and comforters available online, we are spoilt for choice today. While all of them provide warmth and keep you cosy, they differ in various ways. To choose between dohars and silk soy quilts, you need to consider various factors. Read on to make an informed choice between dohars vs silk soy quilts to elevate your sleep experience.

What is a Silk Soy Quilt?

Let's first understand what a typical quilt is. It consists of 3 layers of fabric, stitched, or quilted together. These include a backing, a wadding or batting and a decorative woven cloth top. The layers are filled with a thin cotton layer to make them lightweight. Therefore, quilts are not as fluffy as comforters. However, they are cosy enough to keep you warm during light winters.

A silk soy quilt is a unique variant. The main difference is the material used, which is silk. This modern variant is specially made with the all-natural soybean protein fibre. Due to this material, the product is smoother, softer, and cosier than a regular quilt. The protein fibre even offers a healthy glow to the skin. Silk soy quilts also have a special in-built technology to repel fungus, bacteria and insects like moths. With these properties, the product also offers you safety while you sleep.

Silk soy Single Quilt @ ₹ 5,999

Silk soy Single Quilt @ ₹ 5,999

What is a Dohar?

The word "dohar" is derived from the Hindi word "Dohrana," meaning repeating or layers. Just like a quilt, a dohar also has 3 layers. But here, the top and bottom are made of mulmul fabric or cotton, while the middle layer is made of flannel for added warmth and may or may not be quilted.

A dohar is sleeker and lighter than a quilt. So, you can use it in summer when you sleep with your AC on. It can absorb moisture and keep you cool throughout the night. A dohar is useful when you want something slightly heavier than a cotton sheet for a little bit of warmth. However, it is not as padded and cosy as a quilt.

100% Cotton Single Dohar @₹ 1,999

100% Cotton Single Dohar @₹ 1,999

Silk Soy Quilts Vs Dohars

  • Temperature/Seasons: Silk soy quilts are as warm as regular quilts due to their padding and can keep you cosy in early winters. When it gets colder, you may need to switch to a comforter. However, a dohar is thinner than a quilt and, therefore, only suitable for cool summer nights and air-conditioned rooms.
  • Loft: A quilt, despite being not as thick or fluffy as a comforter, can provide you with adequate insulation and warmth. Dohars are far less lofty and offer lower insulation than quilts.
  • Smoothness: A silk soy quilt is a lot smoother than a dohar because the former is made of silk while the latter is crafted in cotton.
  • Breathability: Cotton is more breathable than silk. So, you can expect more airiness in a dohar, making them ideal for summer.
  • Skin Health and Safety: A silk soy quilt has a unique in-built technology to keep away insects, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring safety. The protein fibre contained in the product can also make the skin of the user glow over time. However, a dohar doesn't have any such special technology or property.

Now that you’ve compared dohars vs silk soy quilts, maybe it is a good idea to keep them both to stay cosy all year round. Just choose between double and single quilts and dohars, depending on how many people will share each bedding. Buy dohars or quilts online to get multiple choices and perks like easy returns. For colder winters, buy a comforter online.

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