A Guide to Choosing the Right Bed Linen

A Guide to Choosing the Right Bed Linen

Good bed linen provides you with restful sleep. Great bed linen does this and also defines your room décor and uplifts its vibe. When you buy bed linen online, there are a lot of important factors to consider such as – size, material, budget and the care required for it. If you keep an eye out for these few things while shopping for bed linen online, you can be sure that you make the right choice for your home.


Different types of bedding

Are you choosing bed linen for a king size (72” X 80”)bed, a queen size (60” x 78”) bed or a single (36” x 74”) bed? This is something that you will have to take into account.

Thread count or GSM

Thread count or GSM

Thread count refers to the total number of threads woven into the bedsheet or the pillow or duvet cover. The higher the thread count, the softer and finer the fabric of the bed linen. Meanwhile, GSM or the grams per square meter measurement stands for the weight of the fabric woven into per meter of your quilts. A higher GSM indicates a plusher, more comfortable quilt.

Breathability for comfortable quilt


Bed linen is either printed or dyed. This makes it important to check whether the process is chemical free and the bed linen is good for your skin. The material and weave of the fabric also determines how breathable it is i.e. whether it remains cool or heats up against your skin.


The material you choose plays an important role in whether or not the bed linen is comfortable for you. Some of the common and popular materials are as follows:

Hygro Cotton


Lightweight, breathable, and easy to wash, cotton suits the best for families and busy households. Known for its soft comfort and versatility, it also offers incredible durability.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton:

One of the finest cottons in the world, Egyptian cotton feels soft, light, lasts longer, stays stronger, and requires minimal ironing.

Supima Cotton

Supima Cotton:

Premium American-grown cotton, this material has extra long staples that give it more softness, durability and resistance to abrasion or pilling.

Standard Cotton

Hygro Cotton:

Hollow core yarn grown through an advanced technology, this cotton blooms and becomes softer after multiple washes. It also regulates body temperature i.e. bed linen made of this material will keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

Linen fabric


With a higher durability as compared to cotton, linen offers great comfort during both summer and winter with its breathability and ability to draw moisture from your body. Linen looks better and luxurious after every wash and with its creases.


This is cotton that has been combed to fluff up the fibers. It’s a very soft fabric that traps body heat and feels snuggly and warm against the skin. This is a good material for winter. This is measured in ounces per square yard instead of thread count.


This is a kind of soft fabric made out of eucalyptus tree wood pulp. It is highly durable and naturally antimicrobial. Tencel is generally considered an environmentally friendly fabric, as its production requires less water, energy and chemicals than cotton does. While tencel is fairly cool, it's not quite as breathable as cotton, and can feel clammy against your skin.



This makes for some of the most beautiful and luxurious bed linen. It’s soft, naturally hypoallergenic, lighter than cotton and very durable. It is, however, not budget friendly. It also requires much more care than cotton and slips off the bed too easily. Silk bed linen is to be bought for pure indulgence.



This man-made fabric is inexpensive, highly durable and stain resistant. It is usually used in a blend with some other fabric. This is not as breathable as cotton and can get hot against your skin. This, however, makes it very suitable to be used as filling for quilts and comforters.


Nowadays there are lots of blended fabrics used in making bed linen, most of them using some form of cotton. They are usually inexpensive, durable and wrinkle-resistant. Cotton-polyester is the most commonly used blended fabric.


Wash Care

The weave of your bed linen also contributes to its softness, comfort, and looks. The two most common forms of weaving are sateen and percale.

Flannel weave comprises a napped finish on one or both sides, creating the "fuzzy" and soft feel that is characteristic of this fabric. Flannel sheets are ideal for winter because the fuzzy weave holds in body heat, and creates a warm, fluffy and cozy feel.

Jersey weave includes a knit fabric rather than woven. It’s knit in the same way as t-shirts are. These are soft and comfortable, but can shrink.

Sateen weave makes bed linen smooth with a subtle sheen. Due to its unique weaving pattern, it produces a satiny and sumptuous finish.

Percale weave offers the crisp feel you get in your shirts with a matte finish. The simple weaving method it involves gives bed linen an even texture for better comfort.

Jacquard weave is a more elaborate form of weave containing a slightly raised area of embroidery which can be felt under the hand. This is used to weave the designs into the bedsheets.

Microfiber weave is a tighter weave made up of man-made fiber. The thick weave makes the bed linen water-resistant and hypoallergenic. This is especially good for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Damask weave is intricately detailed so that the woven pattern is visible on both sides. This is generally used to create bed linen which is reversible and decorative.


Bed Linen Patterns

How the bed linen looks is very crucial because that will determine the look and feel of your room. Some of the most popular patterns in bed linen are floral, geometric, stripes, ethnic and abstract. If you’re feeling more adventurous, however, you could always go in for designs that are based on a theme or inspired from art works or observations of the world. Solid colour bed linen is also very elegant and goes with any kind of room décor

Wash Care:

bath linen care icons

Choosing easy to wash bed linen doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to require any care while washing. Look out for the wash care instructions such as whether to wash the ones with like colours separately or whether to tumble dry your linen at low heat.

Utilize the above information and pick the most stylish and comfortable bed linen of your choice. SPACES.in has a variety of bed linens that you can opt from.

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