Here's Your Guide To Keeping Your Blankets Fluffy And Fresh!

As the winter season approaches, the time to pull out your coziest comforter blanket is also here. But this means exchanging it with the lighter blankets you have been using for the warmer months, which will now go into storage. When putting your bedding away for the season, you need to make sure it is being stored correctly to protect against dust, bugs, mold and other kinds of damage. If you are among those who just toss their dohar blanket into a plastic bag and keep it in a cabinet, it's time to stop.

Spaces Blankets
Spaces Blankets

To help you keep your favourite blankets around for a longer time, we’ve curated a list of tips for you. Following these will help you keep your comforter blanket and dohar blanket in prime condition.

Follow Proper Cleaning Procedures

To keep your blankets feeling soft and cozy, it is important that you keep it clean. But more importantly, you must clean it with care. Keep your comforter blanket or dohar blanket away from damage by washing it with cold water. Hot water can degrade the fibers of your blanket, leading to problems like shrinking of your dohar blanket or even tearing. Another important thing you should consider while washing your blankets is to use less detergent. Excessive use of soap settles into the fibers and makes the fabric stiff. But never be worried to give your blankets a good wash, especially if you get something from the SPACES Geostance 100% Cotton, Earthy Tones or the Solesto Hygro collection, as these get softer with every wash.

 Atrium 100% Cotton Double Quilt (Floral, 218 cm x 238 cm) – Purple @ ₹ 3000
Atrium 100% Cotton Double Quilt (Floral, 218 cm x 238 cm) – Purple @ ₹ 3000

Hang Them in The Sun

Moisture is the enemy of long-lasting, fluffy blankets. That is why, after you wash your blankets, you must ensure all moisture is removed before storing them. While dryers are always an option, nothing works better than some good old-fashioned sunlight! The heat from the sun acts as a deodorizer and kills odor-causing bacteria that could occur in the fabric naturally. But if you are using dryers, ensure you leave some space for the blanket to fluff up, and take them out a little earlier than the timer. After that, spread them out on a flat surface to dry completely without wrinkling up.

Handle Them with Care

If you treat something well, it will stick around longer. That statement stands true for your blankets as well. Oftentimes we just pile our unused blankets on top of each other and pull at them when they are required. Or we crumble them up, fold them harshly or handle them in other rough ways. All this harms the integrity of the fabric, leaving it susceptible to wear and tear. That is why it is important to handle your blankets with relative care, rather than tucking them away in a haphazard manner. SPACES comforter and dohar blankets come with health layer which prevents fibres from coming out, soft feel touch, skin safe and is machine washable which makes it easy to use and handle.

Store Them in Optimal Conditions

As the seasons change, your requirements for blankets change. In the winter months you want to snuggle up in a thick, cozy comforter blanket. But come summer, you want a thinner blanket that can give you comfort on the warmer nights. This means there will always be some of your blankets in storage and you must ensure the conditions are optimal for protecting them well. As mentioned earlier, moisture can destroy your blankets, that is why you should keep your dohar blanket in a protective covering like a cotton bag. This will keep dust and moisture out, while maintaining a breathable storage arrangement for your blankets. Plastic bags are not great for this, because if your blanket is even the slightest bit damp, that cannot leave the bag and will develop into mold or mildew.

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