The Five Types of Towels You Should Know About

The Five Types of Towels You Should Know About

 Towels are undoubtedly the hardest-working members of your household. These essential items pamper your skin, dry you off after a refreshing bath or shower, and cocoon you comfortably. However, with the overwhelming number of online towels, choosing the perfect luxury bath towel can take time and effort. From variations in material to diverse individual needs, the world of bath towels has unique considerations.   

To assist you in making an informed decision, here's a complete guide to help you select bath towels online that offer ultimate durability, fluffiness, and exceptional drying ability.  

How many types of towels are there?  

You can find many towels depending on their material, thickness, purpose, and size. The different types of towels are bath sheets, bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, kitchen towels, gym towels, paper towels, beach towels, pet towels, face towels, hair towels, spa towels, and foot towels.  

1. The Gigantic Bath Sheet  

Bath sheets are significant compared to ordinary bath towels, so you can wrap yourself completely in them or wear them as sarongs. Super absorbency, plush body, and soft feel make it one of the most suited bath towels available online. While white is the popular choice, you could also go for a few coloured ones you can find at SPACES.  

2. The Everyday Bath Towel  

These are smaller than the bath sheets, but they can be just as luxurious. The ones made of Egyptian, Supima, and SPACES’ exclusive Hygro cotton are soft, lush, and super absorbent, while the ones made of Turkish or standard cotton are quick to dry, lightweight, and easy to handle.  

3. The Compact Face Towel  

Face towels are generally much smaller than bath towels and compact enough to carry in your bag. A good face towel is absorbent, soft on your skin, dries quickly, and is light enough to carry along with you like the unique popcorn texture faces towels of the SPACES’ Swift Dry Collection.  

4. The Handy Gym Towel  

Burning those calories becomes easier when you depend on an excellent towel to take care of the sweat. A gym towel is smaller than a bath towel but bigger than a face towel. A good gym towel needs to be super absorbent and quick to dry so that while you’re at the gym, it can always be ready for more, just like you.  

5. The Gentle Hand Towel  

Your palms are one of the fastest transmitters of germs, and their skin doesn’t take too long to lose its softness. This makes taking care of your hands essential for your skin and hygiene. A good hand towel is crucial to this. Hand towels are smaller than bath towels but bigger than face towels.   

Are Turkish or Egyptian Cotton Towels Better?  

Egyptian cotton towels are highly absorbent so they will soak much water. However, high absorbency also comes with the headache of wetness. The downside is that these towels will stay wet long after use. Also, if you live in a humid climate, such towels can also become wet all by themselves. Strange right? On the other hand, Turkish cotton towels are decently balanced regarding softness, absorbency, and drying.   

Which one is better out of the two largely depends on your needs. If you enjoy the royal and warm feeling of being wrapped in a fluffed-up bath towel, you should go for an Egyptian cotton towel. A Turkish towel should be your pick if you are looking for a lightweight, travel-friendly bath towel that dries up without much fuss.  

What type of Towel is the best?

There are different types of towels with ultimate durability, fluffiness, and drying ability. Towels made out of cotton will serve you various purposes around the house. Whether you need them for bathrooms or guest rooms, cotton towels are ideal for everyday use. However, not all cotton towels are created equally. Look for Turkish and Egyptian cotton materials, as they turn out to be the softest and most absorbent towels. If you are going to make a one-time investment, pick bamboo towels due to their fantastic durability.  

For travelling and sports, microfiber towels work the best. They dry super-fast and come with anti-microbial properties, so you are free from germs throughout your running sesh.  

What are the optimal uses for every type of Towel?  

  • Bath towel 

Our bodies are relatively larger surfaces that can be covered in water after a shower. Hence, choose bath towels online in a sufficiently large size to properly dry the body.  

  • Spa towel  

After you indulge in a relaxing spa and take a quick dip in the swimming pool, you wouldn't want to lug around a large bath towel for a quick dry. In such situations, an additional spa towel does an efficient job.  

  • Bath mat  

A wet tiled floor can be very slippery. Having something to stand on as you dry yourself off after a bath or shower would be best. A bath mat provides a stable footing as you dry yourself off.  

  • Hand towel  

You could dry your hands off using any of the above towels. However, some bacteria may remain on the hands even after washing them. You do not want to transfer them to your face or body. Hence, using a dedicated hand towel is best to dry your hands.  

Types of Towels every household needs  

  • Bath towel  

Such towel types can be wrapped around the entire body after a shower or a bath. They dry you off pretty quickly because of the water content they can absorb.   

  • Kitchen towel  

You can use kitchen towels to rest pots, wipe counters or pull baked goodies from the oven. These handy decorative towels can be chosen to suit the design and theme of your overall kitchen.  

  • Hair towel  

Draping giant bath towels around the head can cause unnecessary friction to hair strands. Hair towels are great for drying hair quickly in multiple sizes to suit different hair lengths.  

  • Face towel  

Suppose you use the same towel to dry your hair and face. In that case, you transfer oil, product residue, and bacteria into your pores leading to irritation and inflammation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Face towels are gentle on the skin and provide a clean, fresh dry.  

Maintaining and Caring for Different Types of Towels  

To maintain your bath towels properly, remember these tips:  

  • Avoid using fabric softener to preserve towel quality.  
  • Soften your towels by washing them before your first use.
  • Mix detergent with water for a longer towel life.  
  • Tumble dry at medium heat; skip ironing.  

Follow these guidelines for lasting and well-maintained towels.  

Why should you care about towel types?  

Think of towels as an investment in your home and overall lifestyle. You wouldn't want your guest to scramble around searching for towels after dinner or your kid stuffing huge bath towels in their gym bags. Not only are dedicated towels convenient to use, but they also prevent bacteria and maintain clean, hygienic homes.  


Both the look and the feel of bath towels hold equal importance. So, you can buy towels online that suit your needs and preferences. Get to know about bath linen before buying towels online. While multiple online websites let you buy towels of different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, SPACES is the destination that offers bath linen to cater to every taste and need.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the different types of towels available? 

The various types of towels include bath towels, hand towels, face towels, hair towels, spa towels, bath sheets, etc. 

2. How does a bath sheet differ from a regular bath towel? 

Bath sheets are larger and offer more coverage, while regular bath towels are smaller in size. 

3. What types of towels are essential for every household? 

Towel types like Bath towels, Hand towels, Face towels, and Kitchen towels are essential for every household. 

4. How should I properly maintain and care for different types of towels? 

You can void using fabric softener, pre-wash towels, mix detergent with water, and tumble dry at medium heat to maintain the longevity of towels. 

5. Which is the best bath towel brand in India for various preferences? 

Look for reputable online platforms like SPACES that offer a wide selection of towels to cater to different preferences. Find towels of different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials as per your needs. 

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