5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Rugs Since Yesterday

Carpets and rugs are often the piece de resistance in interior design magazines, and the homes of the rich and famous. They look classy and complement the room’s design. But who says every home can’t have a carpet adorning the floor?

Did you know that your home absolutely needs rugs and carpets, but that you never thought of buying them? We present 5 reasons why you home needs rugs:

Buy Rugs Online at Spaces
Buy Rugs Online at Spaces

#1 To Accentuate The Floor And Layout

The primary design feature of rugs, carpets and bedside runners is to accentuate the floor. Though the floor occupies the most amount of space in the house, you don’t really notice it. Ditto for the ceiling. The floor is brought into sharp focus when there is a gorgeous rug under the centre table in the living room, or a carpet in the living room but not in the adjoining kitchen, or even a bedside runner. It draws attention to itself, and the eye then tends to sweep the rest of the floor and notice the layout of the house. You could get an attractive carpet from our Esperanza collection, that helps accentuate your floors.

: Mira Bella Anti Skid Carpet (Modern, 200cmx290cm) – Red @ ₹ 5400
: Mira Bella Anti Skid Carpet (Modern, 200cmx290cm) – Red @ ₹ 5400

#2 To Add A Layering Element

Carpets and rugs are ideal when you wish to decorate the floor and add a layering element. The layering elements most commonly in use are couch rugs, wall drapes and curtains. These make the house come alive and look really elegant – now add a carpet to the mix and see the style level of the room go up several notches. We recommend the SPACES multipurpose runner that elevates your home decor.

#3 To ‘hold’ Spaces Together Or Separate Them

Like we mentioned in point #1, carpets, bedside runner and rugs accentuate the floor. But they do more than that – they also create a visual ‘hold’ or physically separate two spaces. For example, a light-coloured carpet on a dark floor creates not just a pleasing contrast, but a visual centrepiece without too much of an effort. Similarly, suppose you have an open kitchen next to the living room. You can visually demarcate the two spaces by adding a carpet only for the living room area. The selection of area rugs from our Blockbuster Cotton collection works wonderfully in this regard.

Luxury Runner Tan Medium Polyester @ ₹ 2600

#4 To Keep The Floor Warm

Some countries that are perennially cold add carpeting to the entire home because the floor becomes frosty and one cannot walk on it without discomfort. Most of us do not have this problem in India. But some regions do have severe winters, and bedside runners are essential for these places. Imagine putting your feet on a stone cold floor when you wake up early on a winter morning. It can send shooting pains up your feet if you suffer from localised injuries or disorders like Plantar Fasciitis. Don’t do this to yourself – just add a runner from our Luxury Runners collection and start your day on the right note.

#5 To Create A Lovely Textural Change To Walk On

Not every person uses house slippers when they are indoors. Most of us prefer to walk barefoot on our floors. When you have a carpet in the house, it makes for a lovely textural change for the feet. Depending on the fineness of the carpet weave and its plushness, some people with medically diagnosed foot problems may actually prefer a carpeted floor to walk on rather than a bare one. Even a slightly rough texture can provide mild acupressure relief for stressed soles. You can browse collections like Mira Bella or Massimo to get carpets with different, but soft textures for the comfort of your feet.

Massima Carpet (Modern, 200cmx290cm) - Beige @ ₹ 5100
Massima Carpet (Modern, 200cmx290cm) - Beige @ ₹ 5100

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