How to Choose the Right Towel?

How to Choose the Right Towel?

Choosing the right towel is not a piece of cake as you may have thought it to be! But, conversely, if you’re confused about how to go about the process, you should know that it is no rocket science as well. Buying suitable towels online is always imperative for several reasons. For starters, you would naturally want your bath towels online and other varieties to be suitably sized and crafted for your needs. But, at the same time, there are several other parameters that you should keep in mind when you buy towels online.

Several varieties of towel sets are available online these days, and it can be confusing to pick the ones best suited to your specific requirements. The best towel is one that meets these requirements to the hilt while ensuring enjoyable and comfortable experiences for you above everything else. After all, comfort and quality are two key things that automatically come to mind when buying towels online, right? At the same time, some other factors you should pay attention to include longevity or durability, i.e. the towel should last for as long as possible while ensuring unhindered usage, and of course, the design and style. The aesthetic component of things in this department has assumed greater importance in the current scenario.

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More people want to buy towels online that are not just a treat to use but also good to look at. This is because their personal sense of aesthetics comes into play when choosing any towel set online. This is one of the biggest trends noted throughout the online shopping spectrum, i.e. the propensity to select appealing towels from a design and appearance perspective. Hence, you can easily understand the importance of choosing the right towel for your home and why it is something that you should not take lightly. After all, it will be something you live with for a long time and should match your preferences as much as possible! Here are some tips on choosing the best towels online.

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Choosing top towels online for your needs- Some pointers on going about the process

While choosing towels online, you should always keep a few significant points in mind. These include the following:

  1. Usage Purpose- You should always determine the purpose for which you want to use the towel. This will help you get a clear idea of the weight, size, and texture that you should opt for. It is an excellent first step at the beginning of the entire process.
  2. Size- You should pay attention to this rather important criterion. Make sure that you purchase suitably sized towels for their respective purposes. Consider an example; bath towels will naturally be larger than hand towels or face towels. This is because they have to dry the entire body, while many people also love wrapping them around themselves when they emerge from the shower. Hence, the size, in this case, is clearly determined by the prevalent need of the user.
  3. Texture Aspects- GSM or gram per square meter is a crucial parameter for measuring towel density. It also determines the towel’s luxuriousness and overall absorbency levels. This is a major parameter when buying towels online. The towel grade can be clearly understood by this parameter. The higher your towel GSM, the fluffier it will be, and it will also be more absorbent as a result. You should thus check the GSM quotient of any towel carefully before going ahead with your purchase. GSM between 300-900 is the usual range for most bath towels online and other varieties. Choose your GSM based on your specific needs. GSM between 300-400 means lighter, thinner, and handier towels for the kitchen, gym, and even while travelling. GSM between 400-550 means a thicker fluffy, medium-weight, and quite absorbent towel. This grade is suitable for bath towels. GSM between 550-900 is for the heaviest and ultra-luxurious towels, which are also the softest and most absorbent. They are great if you wish to pamper yourself, hotel-style!
  4. Design and Aesthetics- You will find several towel types online. In addition, there are several colours that you can select in a bid to match your bathroom décor. You can also take your pick from fun cartoons and characters from the Avengers, Minions, and other iconic options for your children in order to make bath time more enjoyable for them.
  5. Material- You should set store by advanced and new-age varieties these days. Remember that a majority of high-GSM towels take a little time to dry. You can opt for SPACES Hygro Cotton towels, created with exclusive technologies for two times more absorbency while ensuring fluffiness and softness after multiple washes. They dry fast and also get softer or bloom with every wash! There are also Bamboo Charcoal towels, for instance, which have natural drying and anti-microbial properties. At the same time, they are not rough on your skin and last long, with high absorbency levels. You can choose advanced cotton towels like the ones mentioned earlier or cotton bath towels with fast-drying attributes from SPACES. Innovative varieties like bamboo charcoal towels are also suitable for those who are into environment-friendly choices.

These tips will help you choose the best towels online that are wonderfully tailored to your needs.

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