Reinventing indoor nooks: Décor Therapy for Moms & Kids

Reinventing indoor nooks: Décor Therapy for Moms & Kids

Staying indoors has provided us the perfect opportunity to rekindle the family bonding we had lost in our fast-paced lives. The family time that was once restricted to just the dinners, is now spread throughout the day. We have discovered the joy of playing board games, cards, reading books, and doing some fun DIY activities with the kids.

Yet, staying indoors all day long can be unexciting for kids and adults alike. In such times, when we refrain ourselves from moving out to play or visit an eatery, it becomes important to channelize our energies and uplift the mood by creating rejuvenating ambience indoors. To break the monotony, we need to discover the inspiration for happiness right inside our homes. We need to reinvent ways of spending time with the family while strengthening the bond with them. And what better than collaborating with your kids to try your hands at giving the interiors a makeover?

A simple makeover that doesn’t need any purchases and can keep your kids creatively engaged. The idea of SPACES décor therapy captures simple DIY décor hacks to redefine spaces in your home.

It is difficult to give a new space to your kids to study & play indoors every other day. But it is simple to create a new personal space for your kid using available home supplies. It provides a cozy corner to your kids where they can spend hours all by themselves. Let your kids explore new corners in the home to set up the tepee and decorate it too. Let their creative cogs churn out beautiful ideas. Allow your kids to plan, design, paint the walls, and make some DIY crafts for their tepee. This new nook can be the child’s newfound safe & cozy haven to spend hours playing, reading, or even sleeping. Watch SPACES video guide to construct & style your own tepee with your child.


Avoiding outside food is now going to be the new normal for upcoming time. But then why not bring the experience of a restaurant dinner date right inside your home? And guess what, implementing it is not as crazy as it may sound.

You just need basic home linen & some décor pieces to create a restaurant like feel indoors. You can choose the balcony or shift some furniture in your living area to recreate this experiential space. Some aroma candles, potpourri, lamps, lanterns, and fresh plants will add to the exclusivity of your décor. Take out your crystal set and indulge in a sinful dinner with your hubby & children. Follow the steps in this video guide and create your own indoor dining area.

Shifting furniture, exploring new corners, and creating new spaces with the same old comfortable rugs and linen is a therapeutic experience in itself. The oozing creativity can create magic inside the home and bring positive vibes amidst the pandemic stress.


So let’s build spaces that add fun to our indoor lives. Let’s recreate experiences to make lifetime memories. Let’s style our homes where our family and heart thrives. Let’s design a home where our heart finds peace and the soul feels liberated. Let’s just breathe, dance, enjoy and create some thoughtful décor with all our hearts. After all, home is where the heart is.

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