The Bed Linen Gifting Guide

The Bed Linen Gifting Guide

Bed sheets, quilts, cushion covers, comforters, and bed covers are integral parts of our lives. It is the same story for anyone! We have intimate relationships with our bedding solutions, extending to many other products like Dohars, bedspreads, comforter sets, and even blankets online. This is one of the reasons why bed linen makes for a great gifting option for near and dear ones on a variety of occasions.

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It could be an anniversary, a birthday, or even a special event like a housewarming party. You can always count on cotton bedsheets and Dohar blankets as great gifts, along with other varieties of bed linen such as bed comforters, quilt covers, and even smart cushion covers online. Choosing a good gift is always challenging for special occasions. While selecting a gift, the thumb rule is to go for something that makes life more comfortable for everyone involved while adding more value at the same time and looking good if possible!

Why is bed linen an ideal gifting choice?

Bed sheets online, Dohar online, bed covers online, quilts online, and other bed linen are ideal gifts that are actually quite thoughtful. Choosing bed linen is apt since everyone uses it. It shows that you are thoughtful and understanding of someone’s needs by endeavouring to gift them good sleep at night. Naturally, bed linen is a gift which adds a personal touch to any special day or event for your recipients. This is arguably the biggest reason behind bed linen making a strong case for itself as a fabulous gifting option.

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Steps for choosing the best bed linen

It is not easy to choose cotton bed sheets online or even Dohars online. There are few tips that you should remember while shopping for bed linen for your near and dear ones. These include the following:

  1. Always select the right size-

This should be the determining factor when you begin bedsheets online shopping. You should always opt to buy bedsheets online and other bed linen in the right size. If you are unsure about the size of the bed of your family member or friend, then you can always count on a king-sized bed sheet. It can fit any large bed, while for a smaller bed, it can be neatly tucked in as well.

  1. Material-

You should ideally choose 100% cotton sheets. Try and go for sheets with 300-thread counts. They are excellent options for gifting luxurious and comfortable sleeping experiences to your loved ones. These sheets are also soft to the touch, which is another special attribute as well.

  1. Bed Linen Types-

Comfort is the biggest aspect when you are purchasing any bedsheet. Based on your budget, you can go for the organic bedsheets at SPACES which use sustainably grown cotton. You may also try innovative Bamboo Charcoal sheets which have natural anti-microbial properties. You may also try the popular SPACES HYGRO cotton bed sheets which have temperature regulation properties. They can adjust temperatures up to two degrees, ensuring advanced and more comfortable sleeping experiences overall.

  1. Design-

You should pay some attention to the design of the bed linen that you choose as your preferred gifting option. This should be in sync with the personality of the recipient and also his/her home décor theme. Keep these aspects in mind before choosing bed linen as your gift. You may always play safe with floral and softer designs or solids. If you are the experimental kind, then you can mix it up with geometric or abstract design patterns. Let the occasion be the determinant of what actually makes for a suitable choice. There are several bed sheets that have exquisite Indian design styles and motifs which are both traditional and appealing. They are ideal gifts for festive occasions as well. Weddings can mean luxurious and elegant fabrics for your bedsheets, gifting the happy couple great and cozy sleep at night. You will find a plethora of festive linen designs available for multifarious occasions at SPACES.

 These tips will help you choose the right bed sheets online along with other bed linen for your near and dear ones on a plethora of occasions. All you need to do is visit the SPACES website, where you can find the best bedsheets for your gifting needs. In fact, you can also look for special SPACES collections like the exclusive Ritu Kumar series of bed and bath linen that come pre-packed to look like the luxurious gifts they are!

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