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Bring a fresh and delightful perspective to your living room with elegant and chic cushions from Spun. Spun is a Spaces initiated brand that offers unique products such as cushions and cushion covers. This brand was an initiative to provide employment to rural women in Anjar. And today, we are proud and astonished to see the exceptional designs they have been churning out for the cushion covers. Available in a wide range of prints and patterns right from the popular stripes, paisleys and mirror work to geometric and abstract patterns, these cushions add a new look to your personal style and room décor. Giving importance to quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal, Spun products are crafted to be the right blend of comfort and style. Handcrafted with love and care by the artistic women of Anjar, each product from Spun showcases an impression of the dreams, craft, life and soul of these artisans. Soft and comfortable, the cushions make resting on your bed, sofa, couch or diwan a cosy experience. You can also decorate your existing cushions with the cushion covers from Spun. Ranging from traditional prints to contemporary designs, these cushion covers sport designs that complement any room décor and accentuate the style.

If you are looking for cushions online with different designs and colors, purchase the ones by Spun at Spaces.in. Crafted from superior quality fabric, these cushions offer durability and ultra-softness for ultimate comfort. Both cushions and cushion covers are available in different sizes, styles, and patterns, thus giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Buy cushions by Spun available online only at Spaces.in.

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