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Buy SPACES Curtains Online

Curtains are for more than just providing shade and warmth. A well-chosen curtain can change the mood of the room. Door curtains can also speak volumes about your style and taste, so they are a crucial part of your home décor. Apart from this, they add more comfort and intimacy to your living space. So, when you buy curtains online, choosing the right ones for your home becomes twice as important.

How do I choose curtains?

Keep these things in mind when you want to buy curtains online in India;

a) The paint colour of your room.
The colour of your curtains has to fit in the overall colour scheme of your room. You can match them with your couch or bed sheets too.

b) The size of your door or window where you want to place the curtain.
It is important to measure the area the curtain will be covering. It is advised that you add 2-3 inches to your window or door edges so that the curtains will seamlessly fit in even when they are not used.

c) The type of look you want to give your home or any room.
This entirely depends on personal choice, however if you want to give your room a fresh vibe then go for solid coloured curtains. Patterns like stripes and geometric prints go with any kind of room decor. SPACES has stylish chevron pattern best curtains online.

Which fabric is best for curtains?

When looking for curtains online - look out for these 3 major factors when it comes to fabric of the curtains - thread count, weave, and durability. Polyester fabric fits all three of these and is the most widely used fabric for curtains.

What are the different types of curtains?

There are 5 main types of curtains depending on the way they are designed.
Box Pleat - They have folds throughout the length and are ideal for formal rooms.
Tailored Pleat - The pleat starts up top and has a stylish look. Ideal for bedrooms.
Pinch Pleat - A decorative finish with pleats appearing as if they are literally pinched.
Eyelet - Light weight curtains have eyelets to hang them. These will give your bedroom a modern look. SPACES has high quality premium eyelet door curtains online to choose from.
Rod Pocket - As the name suggests these types of curtains completely cover the rod on which they are hung. They are ideal if you want to blackout the entire room using curtains.

What is the best color for curtains?

While there is no written rule on what colour is best for curtains, it is recommended to go with lighter shades of colours. However, you can go for a contemporary look by buying curtains online that have bold colours. You can also play it safe by sticking to colours with white shades and tones. Window door curtains online come in a variety of colours and designs. Buy spaces curtains online india at and find door and window curtains in different sizes, colours, and designs that have chosen with an understanding of a wide range of needs and preferences.

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