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Classic and timeless appeal with Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar needs no introduction. The Grand Dame of Indian fashion has always ruled the roost when it comes to the finest and the best, symbolizing a regal touch replete with grandeur, sophistication, and classic charm. That is the same flavour that SPACES wishes to harness with its exclusive Ritu Kumar designer collection of bed and bath linen.

Homeowners throughout the country can now readily access and purchase exquisite bed and bath linen from Ritu Kumar online, while taking their pick from one of the most uniquely designed Ritu Kumar collections at the same time. Imagine a classy and classic Ritu Kumar bed sheet adorning your home or even a piece from the Ritu Kumar new collection that you were raving about earlier. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? That is the precise feeling that SPACES brings to the table, offering the best of Ritu Kumar, the fashion designer and aesthete, to a discerning clientele. SPACES celebrates the Padma Shree winning fashion designer and legend with this superb collection that she has exclusively designed for customers who want a sizable pinch of luxury fused with comfort.

You may find a stunning variety of designer bed linens, towels, blankets, comforters and more in this unique co-branded collection. Some of the designs featuring in this collection include:

Turq Villa

The crafts from the Mughal era served as inspiration for Turq Villa, which skillfully combines traditional and contemporary elements. In this print, flower designs, hand block printing, and geometric patterns bloom in the collection of bath towels and quilts that bring you the finest comfort from our glorious past.


Based on the Chintz Concept, this collection is opulent and contemporary with timeless mix-and-match patterns that will bring a touch of brightness and create the perfect balance that a home requires. So, look at life with rose-tinted glasses with bedsheets and comforters from this collection.

Jal Mahal

This collection was inspired by the ancient Jal Mahal, a vacation home constructed in the 1800s for the royal family of Amer. This new collection transports you to a more colourful era with the use of brilliant colours like blue and yellow that are inspired by the designs found inside the Jal Mahal. This design was influenced by the conventional hand block printing methods from the Sanganer and Bagru areas of Rajasthan. So, live like royalty by bringing in the Jal Mahal collection of bedsheets and quilts for a luxurious and cosy feel!


The linens in this collection have a charming flower motif that is both timeless and approachable and is skillfully made with attention to detail. It is a modern rendition of chintz that drew inspiration from Machilipatnam's coastal exploits and 19th-century European conventions. It is the perfect present for any holiday season, with exquisite bedsheets and quilts that are great for personal use or gifting.


Jaamevar, also known as the school of the paisley comes from the valleys of Kashmir, where these designs are created utilising the Kanni weave, a very old style of weaving. This design uses the same methodology and uniqueness as Kashmir's weavers despite taking on a printed form. With this collection of bath towels, bring a piece of tradition home.


The Mughal court was renowned for supporting highly specialised textile factories, called karkhanas, for more than three centuries. Some of them are believed to have historically helped block printing advance to its pinnacle. These karkhanas, which are textiles used to make kanaat, or Mughal tents and home decor items, are a reflection of the Mughal style.

This line of bed and bath linens takes us back in time and highlights the beauty of traditional work because it was influenced by the historical designs and prints found in these kanaats during that time period.


The Burhanpur collection draws its influence from nature and incorporates Chinese, Indian, and European aesthetics. This collection of quilts and towel sets creates a calming and uplifting ambience for your house by making inventive use of colour, structure, and accents.

Learning more about SPACES

SPACES is one of India’s leading brands in the bath and bed linen category, belonging to the Welspun line-up, and offering traditional yet eclectic designs and styles for the coordinates, bed, and bath categories. SPACES also offers plush and luxe home furnishings, along with options for everyone and every budget. You will also find some of the finest mattresses here for better posture, sleep, and comfort. Many of SPACES’ innovations include products crafted to make life better.

They include the bed sheet range called HygroCotton, which automatically adjusts temperature to keep you warm in cooler temperatures and cooler in warmer environs. SPACES was also the first in India to come up with its anti-microbial Bamboo Charcoal line-up of bath and bed linen. The brand has crafted highly absorbent and softer towels for ensuring the best post-bath experiences. The brand has also added bed and bath products made of organic cotton which is also GOTS certified.


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