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Health and Hygiene

Healthy Living

With thoughtful living at the heart of the business, we present to you range of bed and bath linens that are thoughtfully designed to offer a healthy and a balanced life. These products have special Superpowers such as lifelong anti-microbial properties, temperature regulating linens and sheets and towels made with organic cotton. Read more to explore our unique range of products.

  • Bamboo charcoal

    Bamboo charcoal

    Ever wondered about linens crafted to offer extra ordinary health benefits such as lifelong anti-microbial properties? Yes, our Bamboo charcoal products are just that! Its inherent anti-microbial properties prevents bacterial growth and ensures freshness for longer duration. Browse through our range of thoughtful linens carefully designed for healthy living!

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  • Organic cotton

    Organic cotton

    With healthy living at the heart, our organic cotton range boasts of linens manufactured with the purest form of cotton. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used while growing the organic cotton thus making it safe for use.The same has been approved by Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS)

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  • Hygro cotton

    Hygro cotton

    Imagine technology, comfort and superior design all coming together to elevate the most important space in your life: Your Home. The innovative patented technology regulates temperature upto 2 degrees by keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Experience the superpower of Hygro Cotton.

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  • Anti Microbial

    Anti Microbial

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Bed Sheets Online

Changing a bedsheet can give your room a whole new look. It can instantly uplift the vibe of your room and add style to it. Moreover, the right bedsheet can give you restful sleep every night. For a super soft bedsheet, you need one with a higher thread count, which indicates the number of threads woven into the bedsheet. While looking for bedsheets online, you will browse through many different materials, colours and patterns.

But to get a good bedsheet, you need to check whether the fabric of the bedsheet is breathable and whether the dyes used in the bedsheet are safe for your skin. These are some important things you need to remember when you buy bedsheets online.


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