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SPACES Ruyal Door Mat

Ruyal - The regalia of royality Rich jacquards with 3D engraving and digital prints, embellished with embroidery and steeped in the regalia of our hallowed heritage. One of the most beautiful collections in terms of Color and style, The Ruyal Collection - Tradition and timelessness lend their hues to today's decor. Pure jaquard collection defining royality. Key features : 100% cotton bed sheets with welsoft finish. Suitable for all skin. A collection with heritage and ethenic dmask patterns. Unique Colorways. Detailed right down to stiched lines, textures, labels and shacks. Luxurious in detail and feel
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Size Large
Ideal For Teens
Fabric Polypropylene
Color MultiColor
Collections OCCASIONS
Dimensions Door Mat - 1.62 ft x 2.67 ft
Shipping Weight 1170
Thread Count 2800 GSM
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