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What are organic cotton sheets?

SPACES 100% certified organic cotton sheets are made out of purest cotton plants that don’t harm the environment. Standard cotton is grown from genetically modified plants, whereas organic cotton is grown from cotton seeds using natural processes. Taking a nap with an organic cotton double bedsheet is equal to experiencing cotton in its purest form. With organic cotton sheets, you can go to sleep soundly knowing that you are helping the environment.

How is organic cotton made?

The process of getting organic cotton from the fields to bedroom is a thoughtfully curated. First, the approved seeds are sold to pre-approved cotton farms. The seeds are treated with utmost care. Farmers use organic pesticides like neem and natural fertilizers to help grow the crop. The crop is then sold to pre-approved gins. From the gins it is sent to the mills and is spun well into many quality finished products like an organic cotton double bedsheet, towels, organic cotton single bed sheets, rugs, carpets and more. These products finally reach your homes through retail stores. Welspun India, SPACES’ parent company, has introduced a patented, end-to-end traceability process called Wel-Trak™. The proprietary process allows traceability of any product back to its fibre source, through a state-of-the-art solution, thereby providing transparency and real time information to you. So you can be rest assured that SPACES organic cotton sheets are 100% natural. The Global Organic Textile Standard ensures that we meet every required standard to produce organic cotton bedsheets - right from raw material to a fine product. OEKO-TEX certification makes sure that our bedsheets do not have any toxins and are safe for human use.

How does organic cotton help save the environment?

Organic cotton is great for the ecosystems, soil and you. Organic cotton farming requires only one-fourth the water required for standard cotton farming. Organic cotton comes from untreated cotton seeds that don’t damage the soil. Farmers use beneficial insects, biological practices and organic pesticides instead of spraying tons of toxic chemicals.

Are organic cotton sheets safe your children?

Yes, these sheets are absoloutely safe for everyone including kids. Your children can sleep safe without fear of allergies and rashes. The best organic cotton sheets are made of breathable cotton that soaks up sweat quickly. Organic cotton dyes are non-toxic, so they are perfect for your children.

Why Choose SPACES.in?

SPACES is a thoughtful brand that offers an extensive list of bed and bath linen options which allows you to add comfort and convenience to your everyday life. You can find the latest trends and exclusive designs only at SPACES.in. To make your online shopping more simple, SPACES, provide filters that let you narrow down your search by fabric, size, style, price, colour, pattern, and more. So, whether you’re purchasing organic cotton bed sheets, quilts, dohars, comforters, bath linen, towels, bath mats, bathrobes, pillow covers or bed sheets online - SPACES.in is the right choice for you. Buying organic cotton sheets at SPACES.in will help you make the right choice for your home because you can narrow down your search according to your needs and preferences, by adding filters such as size, price, colour, pattern and fabric. The best organic cotton sheets are available in a wide range of soothing and bright colours. So, you will find organic cotton bedsheets of premium quality material sporting culturally inspired patterns. Buy a cotton double bedsheet at SPACES.in and transform the look of your room. We offer nothing less than the best and we believe that once you use a SPACES product, you will trust us with quality.

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