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Bedside Runners

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Know Why Do You Need Bed Runners

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary. It is your refuge and resting space, and a place where you feel the utmost comfort. Since you use it to rest in, study in, dress up in and watch TV in, it must be as comfortable and pleasing to the eye as possible. To do this, you must start with doing up your bed. The bed is the most important feature in your bedroom. Apart from being comfortable, it must look neat and inviting. It must have a firm mattress that provides the right cushioning for your body, so that you get a good night’s sleep. Next, you will need soft bedsheets and bedside runners. Most people are not accustomed to using bedside runner rugs, but they look gorgeous and define the bed really well. You can buy bed runners online. Now stand back and admire your bed.

What are Bedside Runner Rugs?

Bedside runners or runner rugs, as they are popularly called, are small strips of carpeting that are placed alongside or at the foot of the bed. They are usually long and narrow, i.e. rectangular in shape. This kind of rug is normally much longer than it is wide, so it appears like a strip of carpeting. They are usually added to impart an interesting definition to the bed area. With their colour and shape, they also add a pop of colour to the room and make it look much more elegant.

Why Use a Bed Runner Rug?

Far from being just an aesthetic element in the bedroom, the bedside runner rug has high functional and utility values as well. • They are of good use on hardwood flooring. The areas alongside the bed have the highest footfall in the bedroom, and the hardwood floor can soon become scruffy. The bed runner protects the floor without disturbing the user patterns. • The runner next to or at the foot of the bed provides traction if the floor is shiny and slippery. This is a useful feature if the bed’s occupants are senior citizens with leg and joint pain problems, and who are most prone to falls by slipping. • The runner provides a warm surface to stand or walk on when the rest of the floor is cold. • You can place it in a smaller area without it becoming a tripping hazard. • It creates a visual ‘pathway’ leading to the bed area or the nightstand next to it.

How to Care for your Bedside Runner

Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions on caring for your bed runner. You may use dry shampoo to surface clean it, but make sure that the shampoo is created for bed runner rugs. Vacuuming and dry brushing with a soft brush should take care of it. Do not use heat to clean it or dislodge hair and dust – it will adversely impact the fibres. For more help and tips on how to maintain and clean your bedside runner rug, do look up the Spaces blog.

How to Buy a Bedside Runner Rug?

• Decide where you wish to place the rug – on the sides of the bed, or at the foot. You can then pick the right dimension of rug. • Measure the bed dimensions to be able to buy the right size of rug. • Log on to the website of a premium rug manufacturer like Spaces. Browse through their collection and shortlist the ones that catch your eye. • Make sure that the rug you buy fits in with the room’s overall colour scheme. • Check the dimensions before buying the bedside runner online. • Also look for the washing and care instructions specified alongside. • Now wait for the product to be delivered to your home.

Why Buy bedside runner rugs from Spaces?

Spaces is India’s leading entity in the bed and bath linen space. It is also one of the few manufacturers of quality bedside runners. When you buy a Spaces bedside runner rug online, you are assured of the highest quality in terms of material used, colours, variety and price points. Buying the rug online is also as easy as using it: just look for the colours of your choice, check dimensions and price, and proceed to pay for it online. Your new rug is delivered in the least possible time, and without any follow-ups from your end. Now all that remains is to start using it and admiring how prettier your bedroom looks because of it! For more design inspiration and ideas on buying bedside runners, look up the Spaces blog. table

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