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SPACES Hygro White Bathrobe - Extra Large


SPACES - Home & Beyond is a premium bed, bath and coordinates brand by Welspun. It is an Indian brand with a global mind-set. Finding its roots in one of India's most illustrious houses of business, it inherits the same zeal and passion as the parent company, the Welspun Group. The emphasis on innovation along with the youthful fervor are a by-product of this lineage. Targeted at the new-age elite Indians who are globe-trotters, the solutions offered by the brand are a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional designs - a true representation of an eclectic, global, yet very Indian persona.
More Information
Color White
Size Extra Large
Ideal For Newly-Weds
Fabric Cotton
Collections ACTIVE
Dimensions Bath Robe - Length 118, Chest 65 cm, Sleeve Length 47 cm, Cuff 20 cm , Armhole 29 cm, Belt Length 190 cm, Belt Width 4 cm, Pocket Length & Width 18 x 19 cm, Pocket Armhole 20.
Shipping Weight 1400 gms
Package Content 1 Extra Large Bath Robe

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