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Buy Bath Towels Online

Our day starts with a face-wash, followed by a warm bath! However, there’s one more thing that comes in all those scenarios when you think of wiping out the moisture from your body. Yes, you guessed it well- Towels! Almost all of us have our favourite towels, thoughtfully picked from the wide range available in the market. On top of that, a wide range of Welspun towels offers lots of comfort when it comes to drying your body.

What is in a bath towel set?

Towels play a pivotal role when it comes to personal hygiene and a good towel can offer a truly indulgent experience A bath towel is a large piece of fabric/cloth which helps dry your body after a steamy or a cold shower. There are different types of bath towels available in the market. They differ mainly based on multiple factors that we shall cover going forward. Bath towels are either sold as a single piece or are available in sets. These could be a combination of hand towels and bath towels, or bath towels and face towels, or all the 3 options bundled together.

What to look for when buying bath towels online?

Bathing is a refreshing experience, and a right bath towel could add comfort to that experience. With the risk of stating yet another obvious, a towel is something important, and the quality and texture of what you use are even more critical. Isn’t that obvious? Towels come in direct contact with the outer skin, and hence it is utmost important that we critically evaluate the quality of the fabric while buying towels online. Low-quality towels are not a great idea; they can cause harm to the body in the form of skin irritation or excessive drying. Hence, it is always better to get a towel with the lowest possible roughness. Cotton towels is the most popular choice and almost suits every body type. It provides comfort to the skin and does the job of drying you off well. Furthermore, you must consider some other essentials such as towel size, colour, and quality of cloth while buying online bath towels. Lastly, prices must be a thought but that is something that should not feature as a hindrance and reading further will tell you why.

Why buy Welspun bath towels from SPACES?

With a plethora of exciting designs and colour options available, one could totally get creative with their bath collection. Either white, solids or with prints, you can totally flaunt your style by choosing the right towel that matches your personality or mood. Given the fact that everything is purchased online, then why not buy your bath towels? There are many reasons to buy Welspun bath towels online. Welspun is one of the most renowned bath manufacturers not only in India but across the globe. Log on to the website, read all the information you need. Take a look at these features and choose the towel you like.

- Superior quality
- Multiple sizes
- Affordable towels with a wide range
- Eye-catching colours with solid, floral, quirky and trendy prints
- Five types of cotton
- Ideal for everyone in your family

The quality of towels isn’t always related to the type of fabric but also depends on how it is woven and how hefty they are. Usually, they are weighed in terms of Grams per Square Metre (GSM).

What is GSM?

Grams per Square Metre or GSM is simply a parameter of weighing the fabric. How much the fabric is woven into per square metre weights is simply nothing but GSM of the particular bath towel. Now that it’s directly related to thickness, higher the GSM greater the absorbing capacity and vice-a-versa. It also depends on which cotton is used in the towel. There are various different materials used to manufacture towels. A few of the details are mentioned below: We do not have Egyptian, Turkish or Supima towels.

1.Standard Cotton: This soft and lightweight cotton is durable and easy to wash. Standard cotton towels are popular and mostly suit all skin types. They are easy to maintain and are durable.They have superior softness, excellent colour fastness and high absorbency.Egyptian Cotton: Grown especially in the banks of Nile, this fluffy and ultra-soft cotton is highly absorbent.
2.Turkish Cotton: Imported from the Aegean District of Turkey, this type of cotton offers smoothness and shiny texture. Towels made up of Turkish cotton are easy to carry and durable, with increasing absorbing ability with multiple washes.
3.Supima Cotton: This super absorbent cotton is soft and smooth, but thick and heavy. It is grown explicitly by Pima natives in the US.
4.Hygro Cotton: Fluffy fabric with the soft and smooth texture of this cotton makes it quik to dry. Furthermore, it becomes fluffier with every three washes. ygrocomfort towels are made with a patented spinning technology using a hollow core cotton yarn

Are there any wash care instructions?

Welspun Towels are smooth and to retain its softness, we need to take care while washing them. Furthermore, when you wash your bath linens, the absorbency as well as softness increases after multiple washes. Here is the handful list of instructions that you must bear in mind.

- Always use a colour-sensitive detergent for coloured towels
- Shake towels well before putting them into the machine as this opens up fibres and prevents detergent building upon it
- Make sure that the bath towel doesn’t come in contact with oils, face creams or bleaches as these products contain Benzoyl Peroxide that weakens fibres. If it happens accidentally, wash your towel with cold water first before loading it in the machine
- Try to avoid fabric softeners as the chemicals inside them may harm the absorbency of the fabric
- Dry your bath towels on low heat as dampness may give rise to breed bacteria excessive heat damages fibres
- Air drying always helps to fluff up the cotton fibres
- Adding distilled white vinegar to the wash at least one or twice a month helps to prevent musty odours and fading

What are several types and sizes of Welspun Towels I can get?

You have a choice of selecting the best suitable one from our hand-picked products. However, getting the same size for all is a bit odd. Bearing this in mind, we have multiple sizes and various types of towels as per your needs.

1.Bath Towels: With the dimensions of 75cm x 137cm, Welspun bath towels are perfectly suitable to drying your moist skin just after the shower
2.Bath Towels XL: With the dimensions of 75cm x 150cm, Welspun large bath towels are perfectly suitable to drying your moist skin just after the shower

How many bath towels should you use?

We often think of getting multiple towels with different colours, irrespective of the requirement. Welspun towels are incredibly durable and renowned for their superior quality across the globe. The durability of the towel depends on how you handle the towel, frequency of washes, detergents used etc. Besides, the towel needs to be washed very gently because cotton is very delicate and if it is severely scrubbed, the cotton threads are likely to break. This is the reason for having at least two towels at home is a good and wise idea. This will help you alternate and use it increasing longevity given regular use. An extra towel is useful at many times; for example; when you have a guest over or need to pack an overnight bag suddenly. Sometimes, there is always a separate towel to wash hands or face apart from the regular one. Bearing such things in mind, you can think of buying a set of towels for different purposes. It is a known fact from the world of hygiene that sharing a towel is not a good idea, and hence opting to buy a pack of two or maybe, even more, is something that most wise people would do!

Where can you get the best bath towels?

Welspun towels can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep, at your convenience. Now get your favourite Welspun towels starting from Rs.249 only on

Overall, buying Welspun towels makes for a perfect dry experience ending a hot or cold shower in the best possible way. So, choose your favourite colour, today!


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