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Dos and Don'ts of Washing Towels
The Dos and Don'ts of Washing Towels: Tips for Longevity ...

Towels are essential to our daily routine, and we all want them to be clean, fresh, and soft. However, not everyone knows how to wash towels properly and maintain longevity. Washing towels may seem simple, but there are certain dos and don'ts that you should keep in mind if you want your towels to last longer and remain clean and hygienic.    In this article, we will discuss some tips for washing towels, including the dos and don'ts, to help you keep your towels in good condition.   Dos for Washing Towels Wash towels before use: Washing towels separately from other clothing items is best as they produce a lot of lint that can stick to other fabrics. This is especially important if you have purchased new towels, as they will likely shed more lint during the first few washes.       Use the right amount of detergent: It is important to use the right amount of detergent when washing towels. Too much detergent can leave residue on the towels, making them less absorbent, while too little detergent may not be enough to remove dirt and bacteria.   Use hot water:   Hot water is best for washing towels as it helps to remove bacteria and germs. However, if your towels are made of delicate materials like bamboo or linen, you should use warm or cool water to avoid damage.   Dry towels properly:  It is important to dry towels properly to prevent mildew and bacteria growth. Hang them on a towel rack or line-dry them in the sun. If you use a dryer, use the right temperature setting to avoid damaging the fabric.   Don'ts for Washing Towels   Don't use fabric softener: Fabric softeners can leave a residue on towels, making them less absorbent. They can also cause the towels to lose their fluffiness and become scratchy.   Don't overload the washing machine:   Overloading the washing machine can prevent the towels from getting properly cleaned and can cause them to become tangled and stretched.   Don't use bleach: Bleach can damage the fabric and cause it to become weaker over time. It can also cause the colour of the towels to fade.   Don't wash towels with clothes: Towels should be washed separately from clothes as they produce a lot of lint that can stick to other fabrics.   Don't hang wet towels: Hanging wet towels can cause mildew and bacteria growth. Make sure to dry them properly before hanging them up.   Don't Leave Wet Towels in the Washer Leaving wet towels in the washer invites mould and bacteria, causing unpleasant smells and reducing freshness. Quickly move damp towels to the dryer after towel washing to prevent this, preserving cleanliness and extending their lifespan, ensuring both towel hygiene and machine stay in top shape.   Tips for Longevity and Cleanliness   Invest in good quality cotton towels:  Good quality cotton towels are more durable and absorbent and will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Look for better-quality towels with a higher GSM (grams per square meter).   Wash towels regularly: Towels should be washed after every three to four uses to prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs.   Use vinegar:   Adding a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle can help remove any leftover detergent residue and leave your towels feeling soft and fluffy.   Avoid using too much detergent:   Too much detergent can cause residue buildup, making your towels less absorbent and soft.   Hang towels properly:   Towels should be hung to dry properly after each use. Avoid folding or cramming them into a small space, which can cause mildew and bacteria growth.       Let your towels air-dry   Allowing your towels to air dry is beneficial for maintaining their quality. Air drying helps to minimize wear and tear caused by excessive heat from the dryer, preserving the fabric's softness and ensuring towel hygiene.   Use warm or cold water.  When towel washing, choosing the right water temperature is crucial. Opting for warm or cold water saves energy and preserves the vibrant colours and softness of your towels.   Buying Towels Online   If you want to buy towels online, look for a reputable brand that offers good quality products. You can search for various options, including cotton towels, bath towels, towel sets, and bath linens, depending on your specific needs. When purchasing towels online, read the product description carefully to ensure you get the quality and size you need.   In addition, it is recommended that you buy straight from the brand’s website to be assured of getting 100% genuine products at a reasonable price. You can also take advantage of any offer discounts and promotions running on the website for the best buying experience. When you receive your towels, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that they remain in good condition.   Why Choose SPACES for Quality Towels Online?   Top linen brands, including SPACES, present an unparalleled blend of comfort and excellence through their exclusive range of online towels, encompassing bath towels, hand towels, face towels, and meticulously curated towel sets. These offerings guarantee a smooth and delightful bathing experience.   Why prioritize towel sets? The key lies in their exceptional quality and durability. SPACES employ top-notch materials, specifically 100% cotton, to ensure a harmonious balance of softness and long-lasting performance. Accessible online, these sets can transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven or serve as considerate gift ideas, elevating the daily ritual of bathing into an exquisite and luxurious affair.   Conclusion Notably, washing towels may seem simple, but it is important to remember the dos and don'ts to ensure that your towels last longer and remain clean and hygienic. Investing in good quality cotton towels, washing them regularly with the right amount of detergent, and drying them properly can keep your towels soft and fluffy for a long time. And if you're buying towels online, do your research to find a reputable seller that offers good quality products.   Frequently Asked Questions What is the best way to wash towels? To optimize the process of how to wash towels, begin by washing them before use, laundering them separately, using the right amount of detergent, opting for hot water (or warm/cool for delicate materials), and ensuring proper drying to avoid mildew.   Is it OK to wash towels and clothes together?   It's not recommended; towels produce lint, so washing them separately prevents lint transfer to clothes.   What are the rules for washing towels?   Dos include washing before use, using the right detergent amount, and drying properly. Don'ts involve avoiding fabric softener, overloading, using bleach, and washing with clothes.   How often should you replace your towels? Replace towels every few years for better hygiene. High-quality cotton towels with regular washing and proper care can last longer.   How can I make my towels last longer? Invest in good quality cotton towels, wash them regularly, use vinegar in the rinse cycle, avoid excessive detergent, hang them properly, and let them air dry.   How do you get your towels really clean?  Wash towels with appropriate detergent in hot water, dry them properly, and consider adding vinegar to the rinse cycle for a clean and fresh result.   How do we keep clean towels sanitary?   Wash towels regularly (every three to four uses), use hot water, and dry them properly to prevent bacterial growth. Adding vinegar in the rinse cycle can also help maintain towel hygiene.   How do you keep clean towels fresh? Hang towels properly after use, air dry them, and wash regularly with vinegar to remove any leftover detergent residue, ensuring freshness.   What not to do when washing towels? Avoid fabric softener, overloading the washing machine, using bleach, washing towels with clothes, and hanging wet towels to maintain towel hygiene.   What if you don’t wash towels? Not washing towels can lead to unpleasant odours, mould, and bacterial growth. Regular towel washing is essential for maintaining cleanliness, freshness, and overall towel hygiene.  

Handbook for Purchasing Bath Towels: Fabrics, GSM, and More
Handbook for Purchasing Bath Towels: Fabrics, GSM, and More

When it comes to selecting the ideal bath towel, it's not just about finding a piece of cloth to dry off with—it's about creating a luxurious experience. Enter SPACES, the top bath linen brand that understands the intricacies of bath towels, offering a range that combines functionality, innovation, and style. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the key factors to consider when you buy bath towels online: fabrics, GSM, and more.   Understanding GSM: The Weighty Matter   Grams per square meter is a crucial factor in determining the weight and thickness of a towel. Choose from a diverse range that caters to varied preferences:   300 to 400 GSM: Lightweight, thinner, and coarser, perfect for those who prefer a quick-drying and easy-to-handle towel.   400 to 600 GSM: Medium to higher weight, striking a balance between thickness and manageability, offering a cosy feel after every use.   700 to 900 GSM: The highest range, characterized by heavy weight, extreme softness, and exceptional absorbency. SPACES ensures these towels envelop you in luxury, creating a spa-like experience at home.   Exploring Fabrics: Unveiling the SPACES Collection   Egyptian Cotton Towels:   Known for its premium quality, durability, and excellent absorbency, SPACES' Egyptian cotton towels offer unparalleled softness and plushness. Despite being an abosrbent option, the investment is justified by the luxurious experience they provide.   Bamboo Towels:   Eco-friendly and visually appealing, SPACES' bamboo towels combine bamboo and cotton for a soft, supple feel. With vibrant colours and antibacterial properties, these towels add a layer of nature to your daily routine.   Turkish Cotton Towels:   Crafted with extra-long fibres, SPACES' Turkish cotton towels are thick, fluffy, and highly durable. Adorned with embroidered motifs, they offer a visual appeal and a premium quality experience at a more affordable price than Egyptian cotton towels.   Microfiber Towels:   Gaining popularity, SPACES' microfiber towels, made from a blend of polyester and polyamide, offer remarkable moisture absorption. Their quick-drying capabilities and efficient dirt-trapping properties make them a practical and modern choice.   Organic Cotton Towels:   SPACES presents organic cotton towels made from pesticide and fertilizer-free cotton for the environmentally conscious. Soft, durable, and absorbent, these towels provide a comfortable drying experience while supporting sustainability.   Selecting the Perfect Bath Towel: Decoding the Choices   Deciphering the qualities that make every type of bath towel exceptional involves more than just a touch test. Enter GSM or grams per square meter, the linchpin in measuring towel quality. Similar to how sheet thread count or silk momme count denotes quality, a higher GSM indicates a denser and superior towel—albeit a pricier one.   Luxury unfolds as super plush towels boasting a sumptuous 700 to 900 GSM. Softness is their hallmark, but beware – their heaviness and extended drying time can inadvertently extend an invitation to mould.   Looking beyond GSM, the choice of material becomes pivotal. Let's delve into the fabric realm, unravelling which option aligns with discerning customers' unique preferences and desires.   SPACES Signature in Choosing the Ultimate Bath Towel   The best bath towel is one that efficiently absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Cotton towels, favoured for their quick-drying properties, take centre stage. SPACES, however, introduces a game-changer—the Hygro towel. A technological innovation made from hollow cotton, these towels dry super quickly and bloom softer after each wash, ensuring a consistent and luxurious experience.  Innovation meets purpose with SPACES' commitment to providing the best bath towels in India. Whether you prefer the softness of Egyptian cotton, the eco-friendliness of bamboo, the durability of Turkish cotton, the modernity of microfiber, or the sustainability of organic cotton, SPACES has a towel crafted to elevate your bathing experience. Choose SPACES to buy bath towels for luxury in every fibre.   Maintenance Tips for SPACES Bath Towels: Keep the Luxury Alive   As you invest in premium bath towels from SPACES, you must adopt proper care practices to maintain their softness, cleanliness, and overall quality. Here are some crucial maintenance tips that will keep your bath towels in excellent condition:   Skip the Fabric Softener: Avoid fabric softener as it can impact the towel's absorbency.   Pre-Wash Essential: Wash your bath towels before the first use for optimal performance.   Dilute Detergent: Mix detergent with water for a gentle yet effective cleaning.   Moderate Tumble Dry: Use a medium-heat setting when tumble drying to maintain softness.   No Ironing Needed: SPACES towels naturally become softer after each wash, eliminating the need for ironing.   These tips ensure your bath towels stay soft, clean, and luxurious.   Summary Embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort with bath towels online at SPACES– where luxury meets functionality. Whether you favour the plush softness of Egyptian cotton or the eco-friendly charm of bamboo, SPACES offers a tailored experience for every preference. The innovative Hygro towels, a true game-changer, redefine your bathing ritual with quick-drying technology.   Now, it's your turn to elevate your daily routine. Remember the simple care tips to keep your bath towels in prime condition. Which SPACES towel will you choose to transform your ordinary moments into extraordinary ones? Immerse yourself in a world of luxury crafted just for you. 

A Winter Guide: Sophisticated Winter Blankets for Warmth ...

As winter's chill settles in, there's nothing better than snuggling up with a warm, cosy blanket to keep the cold at bay. In this winter guide, we'll take you on a journey through the world of sophisticated blankets in India that promise warmth and unparalleled comfort. Say goodbye to shivers and hello to the joy of luxurious winter blankets that will make you feel like you're in a toasty cocoon.   Irresistible Allure of Winter Blankets for Warmth & Comfort  #1 The Cozy Marvels of Material: Embracing Warmth   The secret to a winter blanket's success lies in the material it's made of. Imagine wrapping yourself in a cloud of warmth – that's the feeling you get with sophisticated blankets from top brands. These blankets often boast a mix of high-quality materials like cotton, which is soft to the touch and excellent at trapping heat. This winter, say yes to blankets that cocoon you in a world of warmth.   #2 Style Meets Snuggle: Elegant Designs for Every Taste   Who says warmth can't be stylish? Explore fluffy and cosy blankets for your single or double bed adorned with elegant designs and patterns. From classic solid colours to trendy geometric prints, there's a blanket for every taste and bedroom aesthetic. These blankets don't just keep you warm; they elevate your space with a touch of sophistication. Imagine your bed adorned with blankets like a quilt blanket, dohar blanket, etc., that not only feel like a hug but also look like a piece of art.   #3 Size Matters: Finding Your Perfect Blanket Match   Not all blankets are created equal, and that's a good thing. Sophisticated blankets, including AC blankets, come in various sizes, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a snug throw for solo snuggling or a larger blanket to share with a loved one, SPACES offer small or large-size blankets like 150 CM X 230 CM or 230CMX250CM, respectively, based on your needs and preferences.   #4 Weighted Comfort: The Blanket Hug You've Been Craving   Have you heard about the magic of weighted blankets? These are not your average blankets; they're like a gentle, comforting hug. Sophisticated winter blankets often come with a carefully crafted weight that provides a sense of security and relaxation. The weighted feel isn't just about warmth; it's about creating a cosy haven that helps you unwind and destress after a long day.   #5 Versatility at its Best: Beyond the Bedroom   Who said blankets are only for the bedroom? The beauty of sophisticated blankets online lies in their versatility. These cosy companions are perfect for cuddling on the couch during a movie night, adding an extra layer of warmth when working from home, or even carrying it along taking with you on a winter picnic. The possibilities are endless, making these blankets the ultimate all-season companions.   #6 Easy Peasy Care: Because Who Has Time for Complicated Cleaning?   In the hustle and bustle of winter, the last thing you need is a high-maintenance blanket. The good news is that sophisticated blankets online are designed with busy lives in mind. Most are machine washable and durable, ensuring that your cosy haven remains as inviting, even after multiple washes. Winter comfort should be effortless, and with these blankets, it is.   Snuggly Picks: Elevate Your Winter Bliss Different seasons call for different types of blankets. You can choose from diverse selection of Flannel, Fleece, and Mink blankets available online that caters to unique preferences, each embodying distinctive characteristics to elevate your comfort experience.   Fleece Blankets: Velvety Softness and Elegance   For moments of pure relaxation, SPACES' Fleece blankets offer velvety softness and exceptional heat retention. Beyond providing warmth, these blankets infuse an element of elegance into your downtime, whether you're immersed in a good book or catching up on your favourite show.   Mink Blankets: The Pinnacle of Opulence   Elevate your home decor with SPACES' Mink blankets, representing the pinnacle of opulence. These blankets online transcend mere functionality; they make a bold statement of sophistication. The sumptuous faux fur and luxurious texture redefine cosy nights and chilly evenings on the sofa, turning them into moments of pure luxury.   Flannel Blankets: Timeless Classics   Timeless in their appeal, Flannel blankets are crafted for enduring warmth and softness. These blankets wrap you in a cocoon of comfort, making the winter winds and dropping temperatures a distant concern. More than just a blanket, it's a testament to enduring comfort and timeless style.   In Conclusion   As the winter winds howl outside, you deserve nothing less than the best in your comfort. Buy blankets online today, where warmth meets style, and comfort knows no bounds. Whether you're curled up with a good book, watching the snowfall, or simply enjoying a quiet moment, these blankets for heavy winter promise to be your winter companions, wrapping you in a luxurious embrace that makes the cold weather just a little more delightful. So, go ahead, treat yourself to the ultimate winter indulgence – because you deserve it.  

Bath Linen-Stock Image
Luxury Bath Linen Sets: Renovating Your Bath Space with S...

Renovating your bath space is not just about upgrading fixtures and tiles; it's also about indulging in the finer details that elevate your daily routine. The SPACES collection of Luxury Bath Linen Sets is one such element that can transform your bath space into a haven of comfort and luxury.   Before delving into the specifics, let's explore the visual appeal and practical features that SPACES brings to luxurious bath linen.   Elegance of SPACES Luxury Bath Linen Sets   1. Quality Craftsmanship: SPACES is synonymous with quality, and their Luxury Bath Linen Sets exemplify this commitment. Every piece is carefully crafted using top materials that ensure durability and provide a soft and sumptuous feel against your skin.   2. Luxurious Materials: The cornerstone of any luxury bath linen set is the choice of materials. SPACES understands this, and their sets boast a selection of the finest fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton and organic bamboo.    3. Exquisite Design Palette: SPACES Luxury Bath Linen Sets are not just functional; they're a visual treat. The brand invests in sophisticated design palettes, offering a range of colors and patterns that seamlessly integrate with various bathroom aesthetics.   4. Thoughtful Set Compositions: The sets are curated with a keen understanding of the needs of a complete bath experience. From generously sized bath towels to hand towels and washcloths, each set is thoughtfully composed to cater to your every requirement.    5. Durability Redefined: Luxury is not just about aesthetics; it's also about longevity. SPACES Luxury Bath Linen Sets are designed to withstand the test of time.  Top Picks of 2023: A Bathing Experience Redefined   Let's explore some of the top picks for 2023 that promise to redefine your bathing experience.   Hygro Towels - Blooming Softness Imagine a towel that not only pampers your skin but becomes softer with every wash. The Hygro Towels from SPACES turn this dream into a reality. Crafted from pure cotton, these towels offer a luxurious and indulgent experience. The unique design ensures incredible softness and rapid drying, making them a perfect addition to any home.   The technological marvel behind Hygro Towels lies in their ability to get softer with each wash, promising you the ultimate in comfort. Step out of the shower and envelop yourself in the spa-like luxury they provide. Their rapid-drying feature is a game-changer for busy households, ensuring a quick freshen-up, especially in homes with multiple family members. The best part? You can enjoy this level of luxury without breaking the bank – available online for your convenience.   Swift Dry Towels - Fast and Fluffy   For those who crave highly absorbent and quick-drying towels, look no further than the Swift Dry Towels. These towels, equipped with Nano Spun technology, efficiently soak up moisture, leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed.   Picture yourself emerging from a warm bath, cocooned in a Swift Dry Towel that gently absorbs the water. Soft and fluffy, these towels are perfect for those on the go, including travelers looking to pack light or gym enthusiasts needing a quick-drying solution. The Swift Dry Towels are ready for action whenever you need them, promising efficiency without compromising on comfort.   Egyptian Cotton Towels   Transport yourself to the land of the Pharaohs with SPACES' Egyptian Cotton Towels. Celebrated for their extraordinary strength and water-absorbing qualities, these bath linen radiate luxury with their soft and plush texture. Engineered for enduring quality, they bring a touch of opulence and comfort to your daily routine. Designed for individuals of all ages, these cozy towels make for a perfect enhancement to your home or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The longevity and enduring quality of Egyptian cotton ensure that these towels maintain their plushness over time, making them a worthy investment for your bath space.   Stunning Towel Sets for Bath Space   Now, let's delve into the world of towel sets, a thoughtful modular idea for enhancing your bath space. SPACES offers complete towel sets that include face, hand, and bath towels, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable bathing routine.   Why consider towel sets? The answer lies in quality and durability. Reputable brands like SPACES use high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton, ensuring both softness and longevity. These sets, available online, can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, making every day bathing an exquisite experience.   Investing in towel sets is not just about the immediate indulgence for yourself; it's also a strategic decision for long-term savings. High-quality materials like Egyptian cotton can withstand frequent use and washing without losing their plushness. Additionally, having a dedicated set of guest towels including face towels online showcases thoughtfulness and hospitality, ensuring your visitors feel pampered during their stay.   Towel Sets Online offer a variety of choices, allowing you to select one that matches your style and budget. These sets cater to your comfort and make perfect gifts, considering both the receiver's comfort and aesthetic preferences. In essence, SPACES Luxury Bath Linen Sets blend quality, comfort, and style, promising to transform your bath space into a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. Conclusion   In the pursuit of creating a bath space that transcends functionality and becomes a sanctuary of comfort and opulence, SPACES Luxury Bath Linen Sets emerge as the perfect companions. The 2023 collection introduces a range of bath towels online that go beyond mere functionality, promising a daily indulgence in softness, rapid drying, and enduring quality.    As you start renovating your bath space, consider the lasting impact that SPACES Luxury Bath Linen collection, including bath robe sets, towels, etc can bring. Whether you're treating yourself to the daily luxury of softness or gifting a loved one comfort and style, these sets are a testament to the art of bathing in indulgence. Elevate your bath space with SPACES, where every towel tells a story of luxury, comfort, and enduring quality. 

Diwali Delights: Luxurious Bed and Bath Linen Gifts for Your Loved Ones
Diwali Delights: Luxurious Bed and Bath Linen Gifts for Y...

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for celebration, togetherness, and the exchange of gifts. It's a moment when we express our love and appreciation for our loved ones by sharing tokens of affection. One of the best ways to do this is by gifting luxurious bed and bath linen items for ultimate comfort.   Our homes receive meticulous attention as we clean every nook and cranny. During this period, we don't fret about counting calories, indulging in an extra drink, or momentarily setting aside our commitment to healthy eating. So, if you're in search of a splendid Diwali gift idea, you've come to the right place.   Why Opt for Bed and Bath Linen as Diwali Gifts?   Comfort and Well-being   Linen gifts are all about comfort and well-being. A cosy bathrobe, soft towels, or high-quality bedsheets provide a sense of relaxation and pampering.    Elegance and Aesthetics   Luxurious linens are not just functional; they also add a touch of elegance and aesthetics to the home. Whether it's a beautifully embroidered duvet cover, a set of finely woven hand towels, or a silk bathrobe, these items elevate the ambience of any living space.   Long-lasting   Quality bed and bath linens are known for their durability. When you gift such items, you're essentially providing your loved ones with long-lasting comfort and style that will stand the test of time.   6 Luxurious Bed and Bath Linen Gift Ideas   Modern Artisan-Crafted Items In the realm of bed and bath linen gifts, the SPUN collection stands out as a testament to modern artisanship. It flawlessly combines tradition with contemporary aesthetics, offering a captivating array of handcrafted treasures that effortlessly infuse a modern touch into your living space.   These artisan-crafted pieces breathe new life into your home, bringing a sense of heritage and artistry into your daily life. The SPUN collection extends beyond throws, featuring a wide range of offerings, from table linen to handwoven stoles, placemats, and more, meticulously designed to cater to diverse preferences and needs.   High-quality Towel Sets Elevate your loved ones' bathroom experience by gifting them a set of high-quality towels crafted from premium materials. Towel sets, like those from renowned brands such as SPACES, offer unparalleled convenience and functionality. A complete set typically includes bath towels, hand towels, and face towels, ensuring that they have the perfect combination for all their bathing needs.   The quality of these towel sets is worth highlighting, especially when made from luxurious materials like Egyptian cotton. Such bath linen items are not only incredibly soft but also highly durable, ensuring they withstand the test of time and provide a comfortable and luxurious drying experience.   Decorative Pillow Covers Introduce an element of elegance to your loved ones' living rooms or bedrooms with a delightful selection of bed linen-like decorative cushion covers.    The SPUN collection, in particular, offers a curated selection of over 30 handcrafted pillow covers, each one more than just a piece of fabric. These covers are stories woven with care, love, and heritage, adding a touch of tradition and artistry to any living space. With these decorative pillow covers, you'll be gifting not just a decoration but a piece of history and craftsmanship.   Captivating & Vibrant Bedsheets Explore the Kalakari Haath Collection by SPACES, where bedsheets transcend beyond mere fabric and become a bridge to comfort and happiness. These bedsheets envelop you in a soft, cosy embrace that radiates the warmth of the season in every thread. What's truly heartening is that they are crafted with the utmost care, devoid of harsh dyes and chemicals, ensuring your skin remains pampered and protected.   Alternatively, consider the Rangana collection, which artfully encapsulates the spirit of India through its intricate patterns and 100% cotton fabric.   Snuggly Unisex Bathrobes Envelop your dear ones in the warmth and comfort of a plush bathrobe. Choose from an array of materials, including cotton, terry cloth, or silk, to cater to their specific preferences. Most bathrobes available online, including those on SPACES, are designed to be unisex, ensuring their suitability and inclusivity for individuals of any gender or preference. Hooded robes, which have gained recent popularity, are also worth considering, offering a cosy and comforting experience.   Quilts & Dohars Drape your loved ones in comfort with an exclusive quilt collection at SPACES, featuring exquisite Hygro Cotton and Silky Soy materials. These materials not only provide ultimate comfort but also offer remarkable durability, ensuring that the quilt blanket retains its effectiveness even after multiple washes.   Whether you're in search of vibrant colours, reversible quilt options, intricate patterns, or budget-conscious selections, rest assured that your preferences are well taken care of. Dohar blankets, on the other hand, are versatile and suitable for all regions of India, offering comfort in both hot and cold weather.    With these creative bed and bath linen gift ideas, you have the perfect assortment to choose from, ensuring that your Diwali gifts are not only thoughtful but also an embodiment of comfort, elegance, and modern artisanship. To Summarize   Diwali is a time for expressing love and warmth to our friends and family, and there's no better way to do so than by gifting luxurious bed and bath linen. Let your gift speak of your affection and consideration by choosing from the wide array of bed and bath linen options available. Your thoughtful present will not only brighten their festival but will also bring a touch of luxury to their everyday lives.    Happy Diwali! 

5 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Diwali with Your Mattress
5 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Diwali with Your Mattress

In a world rife with uncertainties, it becomes progressively vital to make a secure investment. Therefore, this Diwali, consider investing in the ideal "Sona" - the finest Mattress online that fulfils all your requirements. Wondering why? Picture astounding advantages which will endure for a minimum of a decade, if not longer!   It's time to celebrate Diwali with a twist. Get ready for the fun and festive Ideas for celebrating Diwali with your ideal Mattress online and discover how your trusty bed can make this festive season extra cosy and exciting.   5 Creative Ideas to Enhance Your Diwali Experience with Your Mattress   Embrace the Spirit of Diwali Cleaning   During Diwali, it's essential to engage in thorough cleaning, and that includes your Mattress. Just as a well-kept bedroom enhances your living space, a well-maintained mattress ensures a comfortable night's sleep. So, don't forget to remove that mattress cover, let your memory foam mattress breathe, and give it a good dusting to relish the finest sleep quality! If you prefer side sleeping, the Sleep Deep Mattress by SPACES is an excellent choice, while those who sleep on their stomach will find the Firm&Fab memory foam mattress ideal.   Protect Your Mattress from Diwali Mishaps   Diwali often involves lighting oil lamps and bursting crackers, which can lead to accidents and mishaps. To protect your Mattress from potential damage, consider using a waterproof mattress protector. These protectors are designed to shield your Mattress from spills, stains, and other accidents. This is particularly useful during Diwali when there's a higher risk of liquid spills or stains from sweets and oil lamps.   If you aim to keep your Mattress in pristine condition for a decade, you must identify and combat its adversaries. One significant foe is moisture, as it not only degrades a mattress rapidly but also fosters the growth of mildew and other allergens, posing potential health risks that can go unnoticed for a long time. The solution? Invest in a waterproof, high-quality mattress protector. It's worth noting that SPACES mattresses come equipped with a waterproof mattress protector, safeguarding your Mattress from liquids and dust while significantly extending its lifespan.   Provide Companionship for Your Mattress   Your bedroom's memory  foam mattress might feel a bit isolated from all the living room furniture. Why not introduce some chic and stylish furniture companions like an Ottoman to enhance your Diwali decor? Additionally, for the sake of your back's well-being, consider acquiring the right pillow to ensure your body remains adequately supported and your spine stays aligned.   Maximize Your Perfect Mattress's Performance   Your Mattress can offer you unparalleled comfort, zero partner disturbance, and deep, uninterrupted sleep. SPACES has you covered with a range of exceptional online mattress options to help both you and your partner doze off in seconds. But how? Find here -  Considered as a top mattress brand, SPACES offers half-and-half mattresses specifically designed for couples, whether married, engaged, or dating. Furthermore, these mattresses are available in a wide array of sizes and firmness levels, ensuring there's something suitable for everyone. With extensive customization options, including dimensions, dual firmness levels in one Mattress, and exceptional add-ons like the top mattress cover of your choice and antiviral treatment, this level of personalization is hard to come by in the market.   Spread the Joy with Gifts   What better gift to give during Diwali than the gift of good sleep? One of the most delightful things you can do with your Mattress is to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces. Consider gifting them the perfect Mattress online to elevate their sleep experience, or indulge yourself in the sleep of your dreams at remarkably affordable prices.    Why Choose a Mattress Online from SPACES?   When it comes to selecting the best Mattress online for your Diwali celebrations, SPACES offers a compelling array of reasons to make them your top choice. The standout feature is the diverse range of sizing options available in their Mattress online collection. Whether you need a single mattress, double Mattress, king-size Mattress, queen-size Mattress, or even a custom-size option, SPACES ensures you never have to compromise on your comfort when you buy a mattress online.   What sets SPACES apart is the inclusion of a built-in waterproof mattress protector in all their Mattress online offerings. This added layer of defence safeguards your Mattress from spills and stains, a crucial feature during the festive season. It ensures that your investment remains protected and your Mattress's health and longevity are preserved when you buy a mattress online.   Furthermore, you can enjoy the convenience of a 30-day trial period when you purchase the best Mattress online from SPACES. This allows you to test your new Mattress and ensure it meets your comfort needs. In case you aren't completely satisfied, SPACES offers straightforward returns.   Every Mattress online from SPACES is backed by a generous 12-year warranty, underscoring the quality and durability of their products. This warranty guarantees that your investment is safe and that any manufacturing defects or issues will be addressed promptly when you buy a mattress online.   Final Words   As you prepare for Diwali, remember that the best Mattress can be a gift that keeps on giving. Quality sleep is essential for your well-being, and by sharing it with your loved ones, you're not just celebrating Diwali but also sharing the joy of better sleep.   So, why wait? Buy a mattress online now and make this Diwali truly special!

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Bedtime Stories: Best Themes for Bedroom Your Kids Will L...

Children's Day is a time to celebrate the joys of childhood and make your little ones feel extra special. While creating a cosy and inviting bedroom for your child, you want to provide them with a comfortable and visually appealing sleep environment. Imagine the joy of tucking your child into bed surrounded by the enchanting world of their favourite characters. Step into the enchanting realm of kids' bedsheets online, where comfort and imagination merge to craft the perfect slumber adventure.   Today, let us take a close look at the heroic kids' collection, the magical essence that breathes life into your child's dreams, empowering them to dream big and sleep even better.     Kid’s Bed Collection: Encouraging Playful Moments for Kids Imagine your child's delight as they are enveloped in the enchanting world of their cherished superheroes or beloved characters. SPACES brings a captivating collection of children's bedsheets that seamlessly merge comfort and imagination to craft the perfect slumber adventure. Let us dive into some enchanting themes for children's bedrooms that your kids will love this Children's Day.    Superheroes and Princesses Explore enchanting characters from beloved Disney to iconic Marvel figures. Crystal, Blue, Icy Morn, Powder Puff, Fair Aqua, Snapdragon, Yucca, and other enchanting characters will ensure the kids have a sleep they'll cherish forever. The choices are captivating, whether it's Disney Princesses or the charismatic characters from the Marvel universe. Elevate your child's sleep experience with SPACES' thoughtfully selected superhero and princess-themed kids’ bedsheet collection.   Cartoon Characters Children need space to just be children, and what better way to do that than by surrounding them with their favourite cartoon characters? From minions to classic animated icons, SPACES offers an extensive list of bed linen options that enable you to dress up your child's bed in all styles, hues, and characters. Whether they adore Disney Princess, Disney Minnie, Disney Cars, Spiderman Cobalt, Disney Jasmine, Disney Mickey , Disney Frozen, Universal Masala Minions, or any other beloved character, you'll find many options to bring their bedroom to life.    Colourful Accessories Don't forget the basics when decorating your child's room. Colourful kids' cushions, playful kids' mats to keep their little feet clean, and kids' bath towels with their favourite characters can all add a delightful touch to their space. As your child ages, consider adding duvet and pillow inserts to enhance their bedding, making it even more comfortable and inviting.    Kid’s Bath Collection: Where Kids Can Truly Be Kids    Kids Towels - A Touch of Softness Our kids' towels are specially designed to provide ultimate softness and gentle care for your child's delicate skin. Crafted from premium-quality, 100% cotton fabric, these towels are irresistibly soft and highly absorbent, making them perfect for quick and effective drying. The colour smart technology ensures that the digitally printed designs stay vibrant and fresh. Available in various vibrant colours and playful designs, our towels will spark your child's imagination, making bath time a cherished daily routine.    Bath Robes & Ponchos for Kids - Snug and Stylish    Complete your child's bath-time routine with our stylish and cosy ponchos and bath robes for kids. These are thoughtfully designed to keep your little ones warm and snug after their refreshing bath. Made from the finest materials, our bathrobes are lightweight and breathable, ensuring your child's comfort and style, even during bath time.    Children's Day Bonanza: Save Big with SPACES In the spirit of enhancing your Children's Day celebrations, we are thrilled to introduce remarkable offer of UPTO 60% OFF on our exclusive kids' bed and bath collections. While you indulge in your favourite products, take full advantage of these generous savings during this limited-time offer.   Now is the perfect opportunity to seize the moment, shop to your heart's content, and maximize the joy of your Children's Day with SPACES!   Tips for Parents and Caregivers for Safeguarding Children    At SPACES, the safety of your little ones is our utmost concern. So, we have compiled some crucial guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable bedding or bathing experience for your children:    Quality Materials: Look for high-quality materials when choosing a bedsheet for kids. 100% cotton bedsheets are an excellent choice. They become softer with each wash and easier to dry, making them perfect for kids.    Careful Washing: Use a detergent-free wash with no bleach or dryer sheets. This will assist in preserving the vibrant colours and softness of the bedsheet for kids.     Prioritize Supervision: Always watch young children during bath time to prevent accidents and ensure their well-being.    Test Water Temperature: Check the water temperature before allowing your child into the tub. It should be comfortably warm, avoiding extremes of hot or cold.    Prevent Slips: Safeguard against slips and falls using slip-resistant mats or stickers in the bathtub.    Kid-Friendly Products: Choose bath accessories specifically designed for children, such as our soft and absorbent towels and bath robes.    By following the above useful tips and incorporating our kid's bed collection and kid’s bath collection, you can establish a secure and enjoyable bathing environment for your little ones.    Final Words   This Children's Day, give your child the gift of a dreamy bedroom and a fun and comfortable bath-time experience with our enchanting kid's bed collection and kid’s bath collection.   As an extra special treat, in the spirit of Children's Day, we are excited to offer incredible discounts of UPTO 60% on our exclusive kids' bed and bath collections. Whether your child dreams of being a superhero or a princess or simply enjoys the company of their favourite cartoon characters, we have the perfect themes to transform their bedroom into a world of wonder. And don't forget the soft and colourful kids' towels, bath robes, and ponchos that will make bath time a joyful ritual. So, seize the moment, shop kids’ bedsheet online to your heart's content, and maximize the joy of Children's Day with SPACES! 

Hosting a Haunted Home Spa Night: Halloween Bath Linen Essentials
Hosting a Haunted Home Spa Night: Halloween Bath Linen Es...

The leaves are falling, the air is getting crisper, and Halloween is approaching. It's the perfect time to get into the spooky spirit and plan thrilling Halloween-themed activities.    When creating the perfect ambiance for a spooky Halloween bath night at home, one often overlooks the importance of bath linen. But with the right towels online from SPACES, you can elevate your haunted home spa night to a whole new level of luxury and sustainability. This article will explore the various bath linen essentials and how SPACES brings sustainable luxury to your Halloween bath linen collection.   Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis   Before we delve into the bath linen essentials, let's explore how to revamp your bathroom for a truly luxurious experience this Halloween. Here are some tips for creating a serene and comfortable bath space:   Elegant and Eerie Decor: Start by infusing an elegant yet eerie ambiance. Incorporate dark color schemes like deep purples, blacks, and rich reds. Add subtle, Gothic-inspired fixtures and decor items to create a sense of mystery.  Mood-Enhancing Lighting: Upgrade your lighting to set a mysterious and chilling atmosphere. Use dim, flickering candles, or consider placing LED candles strategically. Add strings of orange or purple fairy lights to create a spooky glow. Aromatherapy with a Twist: Enhance your bathroom with scents that capture the essence of Halloween. Opt for scented candles or diffusers with fragrances like pumpkin spice, apple cider, or cinnamon. These scents will evoke the feeling of a cozy, autumnal evening.  Haunted Melodies: Set the Halloween mood with eerie and atmospheric music. Choose a playlist of haunting tunes, soundtracks from horror movies, or ambient soundscapes that add an element of suspense to your bathing experience.  Creepy Greenery: Infuse your bathroom with a touch of the supernatural by adding dried branches, faux spider webs, and black roses as decorations. These elements can provide a spooky, haunted house vibe.  Dark Towels and Linens: Swap your regular towels for Halloween-themed ones. Look for towels with trending designs and solid-colored patterns.   Ghoulish Accessories: Accessorize with Halloween-themed soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and bathroom decor items. These small touches can add a fun and spooky element to your bathroom.  Now, let's explore the bath linen collection that will take your bathroom to the next level.   The Best Picks to Elevate Your Bath Spaces Décor   Hygro Towels: A Unique Blend of Technology and Luxury   When you're looking for a towel that combines cutting-edge technology and luxury, SPACES Hygro Towels are your best bet. These towels online are made from hollow-core cotton yarn, a revolutionary innovation that enhances their softness and fluffiness with every wash. No need to worry about a damp, musty towel after your Halloween bath; these towels are quick drying, ensuring that you always have a fresh and dry towel at your disposal.   SPACES Hygro Towels provide superior comfort and functionality, making them an excellent choice for those who value the ultimate in luxury. Elevate your Halloween bath night with these innovative towels, representing the perfect marriage of technology and luxury. SPACES Hygro Towels are a standout option when you're hunting for the best towels in India. These towels are a testament to the perfect blend of sustainability and luxury. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this softness and comfort are ideal for pampering yourself and your guests.   Cotton Towel Sets: A Gift for Everyone  If you're searching for a meaningful gift to delight your loved ones, consider the exquisite choice of cotton towel sets. This collection of towels is crafted from luxurious 100% cotton weaves, boasting exceptional absorbency and loft. The supremely soft material ensures effortless drying, and it's expertly designed to maintain its fluffiness and fullness, even through numerous trips to the washing machine.  Egyptian Cotton Towels: The Epitome of Luxury   For those who appreciate the finer things in life, SPACES' Egyptian Cotton Towels are the epitome of luxury. Egyptian cotton is renowned for its exceptional softness, attributed to the extra-long fibers used in its production. These fibers create incredibly soft, highly absorbent, and extraordinarily durable towels.   Halloween bath nights are about indulgence, and SPACES' Egyptian Cotton Towels fit the bill perfectly. Whether you're hosting a haunted home spa night for friends or indulging in some me-time, these towels will wrap you in a cocoon of softness. The beautiful finish of these towels adds a touch of opulence to your bathroom, making your Halloween bath night an unforgettable experience.   Buy towels online with quality, durability, and innovative features to elevate your everyday experiences!   Final Words  Overall, don't underestimate the importance of quality bath linen when it comes to hosting a Halloween bath night. SPACES offers a wide range of best towels online to suit your needs, whether you prioritize sustainability, luxury, or a combination of both. With SPACES bath linen, you can elevate your haunted home spa night to new heights of comfort and opulence, all while positively impacting the environment. Make this Halloween bath night one to remember with SPACES towels, your ticket to sustainable luxury.   

Festive Essentials: Pamper Loved Ones with Top Quality Bath Linen Gifts
Festive Essentials: Pamper Loved Ones with Top Quality Ba...

The festive season is all about sharing joy, love, and appreciation for your near and dear ones. Whether it's Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Pooja, or any other special occasion, thoughtful gifts that show you care can make a world of difference. And what could be more comforting and luxurious than bath linens?   In this gift guide, we'll explore 2023's top gifting picks for bath linens and stunning towel sets that are perfect for gifting. So, are you ready to delve into the world of bath linens that promise unparalleled comfort and luxury?   Shower your Loved Ones with Top Picks of 2023   Hygro Towels - Blooming Softness   Imagine towels that get softer with every wash, providing you with unparalleled comfort. The Hygro Towels are here to make that dream a reality. These towels are a true technological marvel, crafted from hollow cotton, ensuring a luxurious and indulgent experience. They not only offer an incredible softness but also boast rapid drying ability. The secret lies in their unique design, where each wash makes them even softer – a promise of ultimate comfort.   Hygro Towels are a perfect addition to any home, offering a spa-like experience every time you step out of the shower. Their rapid drying feature makes them ideal for a quick freshen-up, especially in households with multiple family members. And the best part? You can find them online without breaking the bank.   Swift Dry Towels - Fast and Fluffy   If you're looking for towels that are highly absorbent and quick-drying, Swift Dry Towels are the answer. These towels are made with Nano Spun technology, which makes them incredibly efficient at soaking up moisture. Soft and fluffy, they are always ready for action when you need them.   Picture yourself stepping out of a warm bath, wrapped in a Swift Dry Towel that gently absorbs the water, leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed. These towels are also perfect for travellers who need to pack light and are ideal for gym-goers on the go. Their quick-drying feature is a game-changer!   Egyptian Cotton Towels  Egyptian cotton, with its roots in the historic land of the Pharaohs, is celebrated for its extraordinary strength and impressive water-absorbing qualities. These towels radiate an undeniable sense of luxury with their soft and plush texture, and they are engineered for enduring quality when maintained correctly.   Designed to cater to individuals of all ages, these cozy towels are a perfect enhancement for your home or a thoughtful gift for your cherished family and loved ones, bringing a touch of opulence and comfort to their daily routine.  Stunning Towel Sets for Bath Space   Now, let's explore the world of towel sets as part of the SPACES bath linen collection. A complete towel set includes face towels, hand towels, and bath towels online, ensuring that every aspect of your daily bathing routine is smooth and enjoyable. But why consider towel sets as thoughtful gift ideas for the upcoming festivals in India?   The answer is simple: quality and durability. Reputable brands like SPACES use high-quality materials like Egyptian cotton, ensuring softness and longevity. Egyptian cotton is a reliable choice that can withstand frequent use and washing without losing quality. These cotton towel sets can maintain their plushness over time, making them a long-lasting investment for your home.   Having a dedicated set of guest towels showcases thoughtfulness and hospitality. It ensures that your visitors feel pampered and comfortable during their stay. Thus, investing in towel sets can save you money in the long run. It is often more cost-effective to buy towel sets online than to buy individual towels online for gifting purposes, especially considering their durability and longevity.   Towel Sets Online offers a variety of choices, so you can choose the one that matches your style and budget. These sets can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, making every day bathing an exquisite experience. They are perfect for gifting, as they cater to both the receiver's comfort and aesthetic preferences.   Final Thoughts   This festive season, consider pampering your loved ones with bath linens like towel sets that offer unparalleled comfort, quality, and style. The choices in 2023 are not just about functionality; they are about luxury and comfort. Whether you opt for the blooming softness of towels or kids' bath robes online, your choice will make a statement about your commitment to comfort and style.   Additionally, the towel sets, with their quality and durability, are a fantastic choice for gifting. Investing in fine towel sets online showcases your thoughtfulness and hospitality to your guests and loved ones. So, go ahead, elevate your bathing experience, and give your loved ones something to cherish this festive season with exquisite bath linen gifts that redefine luxury.  

Dussehra Decor: Revamp your Old Bedsheets & Infuse Good Vibes with SPACES
Dussehra Decor: Revamp your Old Bedsheets & Infuse Good V...

As we approach the joyous time of Dussehra and Durga Puja, there's a palpable sense of excitement and festivity in the air. These celebrations mark the triumph of good over evil, a time for reflection, and a fresh start. While we enthusiastically decorate our spaces with lights and flowers for good vibes, let's not forget an essential part of our daily life - our beds. This Dussehra, we invite you to join us in transforming your bedroom into a cosy and stylish haven.   Discover how SPACES bedsheets can add a touch of celebration to your home while also finding ways to breathe new life into your old bed linens.   SPACES Bedsheets: Where Tradition Meets Style   Bed sheets are the true heroes of our festive transformation as these pave the way for their entrance. Take a close look at our exclusive bed linen collection as an an expression of comfort, care, and sophistication:  Rangana Collection: Celebrating Diversity   Dussehra embodies the celebration of diversity, and the Rangana collection beautifully encapsulates this spirit. With its intricate Indian patterns and 100% cotton fabric, these bed linens are a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of India. Whether you prefer the convenience of shopping for bed sheets online or the traditional in-store experience, the Rangana collection seamlessly blends the beauty of tradition with the allure of contemporary style.   Kalakari Haath Collection: Esseance of Tradition  Elevate the ambiance of your bedroom and infuse it with style using the captivating and vibrant designs found within the Kalakari Haath Collection by SPACES.  These bed sheets are more than just fabrics; they are a bridge to comfort and happiness. Wrap yourself in the soft, cozy embrace of these bed sheets, and you'll feel the warmth of the season in every thread. What's truly heartening is that they are crafted with utmost care, free from harsh dyes and chemicals, ensuring your skin remains pampered and protected.  As you prepare to mark these significant festivals, the collection offers a dazzling array of patterns, including blooming florals and trending geometric designs, creating a setting that resonates with the joy and enthusiasm of the season. Share the gift of comfort and style with your loved ones, or indulge in a little self-care as you celebrate this joyous time of Dussehra and Durga Puja in a haven of beauty and tranquility.  SPUN Collection: Modern Contemporary Art   The SPUN collection is a perfect choice for those looking to infuse their living space with modern art. From exquisite bedspreads to artistic cushion covers, this collection is a breath of fresh air for your home decor. The patchwork and Kantha techniques utilized by women artisans in this collection beautifully merge heritage and contemporary design, creating functional art that adds character to any room.   Bed Linen Revival with SPACES Bedsheets Online As we prepare to celebrate Dussehra, it’s time to ignite the passion in your bed linens. SPACES bedsheets online offer a diverse array of choices that cater to various personal styles and preferences.   Whether you opt for the traditional elegance of the Rangana collection or the fusion of tradition and modernity found in the Atrium collection, these bed sheets provide a simple yet effective way to revamp your living space and create a festive atmosphere.    Now is the ideal time to rejuvenate your living space and part ways with your outdated bed linens. With the festive season on the horizon, safety takes centre stage. Our bamboo charcoal bedding, renowned for its sumptuous softness and proven antimicrobial qualities, guarantees a sleep experience that's not just cosy but also free from unpleasant odours and harmful microbes. Additionally, it excels at moisture absorption, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout.   At SPACES, we present you with bed sheets crafted from premium quality cotton, known for their exceptional breathability. What's more, our bed sheets are thoughtfully dyed with AZO-free colours, ensuring they are gentle and safe, even for the most sensitive skin. With a wide array of colours at your disposal, you can confidently select from a spectrum that ranges from bold, eye-catching shades to serene and soothing pastels. Moreover, we're delighted to unveil our soon-to-arrive Autumn Winter 2023 collection, expected to debut at the earliest, ensuring you remain at the forefront of luxury bed linens.   Save More as You Shop More   To enhance your festive celebrations, we are delighted to introduce a Navratri Sale with discounts of UPTO 30% based on the value of your cart. As you indulge in your favourite products and enjoy substantial savings, don't forget to save the date – this fantastic Navratri Sale is available for a limited time, ending on 24 October 2023.   So, seize the moment, shop, and make the most of these special savings with SPACES bedsheets!   Final Words   Notably, SPACES bed sheets are your perfect companions in creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere in this Dussehra. Whether you choose the Rangana collection to celebrate diversity for its innovative qualities, your bed linens play a pivotal role in enhancing the look and feel of your home. Embrace the festive spirit, explore the best bedsheets online, and embark on your journey to refresh your home this Dussehra.   Buy bedsheets online today to celebrate tradition, style, and innovation this festive season.    Don’t wait; elevate your festive spirits with SPACES bedsheets, where you can score big savings during our exclusive Navratri Sale. Bring victory and style to your doorstep this Dussehra!    

Revamp your old bedsheets with Spaces this Dussehra and infuse good vibes into your home decor. Explore our latest blog for tips and inspiration.
Revamp your old bedsheets with Spaces this Dussehra and i...

As the leaves change colour and the temperatures drop, it's time to prepare for the cosiest season of the year. There's no better way to snuggle up during the colder months than with a warm and inviting quilt. With the convenience of the internet, you can now easily find the best quilts for a comfortable winter season. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best quilt patterns available online, whether you're in the market for single or double quilts.    Let's dive in!   As the world of home decor continues to evolve, we see emerging trends that bring a fresh take on classic quilt patterns. Mixing these patterns with solid colours is a current trend that offers a contemporary twist on traditional favourites. Let's explore these trends:   Abstract Minimalism: Abstract quilt patterns, when rendered in solid colours, have found a new life in the realm of minimalism. The absence of intricate designs highlights the simplicity and elegance of a solid colour quilt. In line with the modern trend of minimalism, these quilts provide a clean and uncluttered look to your bedroom, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.   Character Chic: Character-themed quilts in solid colours are making a chic comeback. These quilts become more versatile and fit into adult bedrooms by featuring iconic characters in solid hues. They offer a playful yet sophisticated touch to your decor. The trend leans toward subtlety, making it a conversation starter without overwhelming the room.   Floral Fusion: Floral quilts with solid colour backgrounds are gaining popularity as a fusion of vintage charm and contemporary elegance. The solid backdrop allows the floral patterns to take centre stage, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. This trend brings nature indoors in a timeless and trendy way.   Geometric Modernity: Geometric quilt patterns in solid colours are at the forefront of modern design trends. The geometric shapes, lines, and solid backgrounds create a stylish, visually appealing bedroom. This trend reflects the desire for order and organization in a fast-paced world.   Optimal Comfort with SPACES Quilts Online   Elevate your comfort with the best quilts available on the web. SPACES presents a diverse collection of quilts online, including single quilts online and double quilts online. When you decide to buy quilts online from SPACES, you choose warmth and quality.   Our quilts go above and beyond their traditional and seasonal importance, ensuring you receive the best quilts for an exquisite sleep experience. Designed with a protective layer, they effectively safeguard the integrity of the fibres, preventing any spillage or deterioration. This ensures that your skin stays always protected and free from irritation or discomfort. Discover the exclusive quilt collection at SPACES, featuring the exquisite Hygro Cotton and Silky Soy materials. These materials provide ultimate comfort and offer higher durability, ensuring the quilt blanket maintains its effectiveness even after multiple washes.   Whether you're in search of vivid and dynamic colors, reversible quilt options, intricate patterns, or budget-conscious selections, rest assured, we have your preferences taken care of.  Top factors to consider for a restful sleep   Establish your preferred warmth level: Seek quilts that maintain an ideal temperature for a comfortable night's rest.   Prioritize skin safety with hypoallergenic options: Ensure a gentle and irritation-free sleep experience.   Mind the GSM: Select quilts with the correct filling density for your specific climate and comfort needs.   Invest in durability: Choose quilts that remain effective even after multiple washes.   Personalize with aesthetic preferences: Find a quilt that harmonizes with your home decor style.   Craft your desired mood and ambience: Pick patterns and colours that define the ambience of your space.   At SPACES, we are committed to enhancing your shopping experience. We are delighted to present exclusive deals and discounts that increase the value of your preferred products. For instance, during our end-of-season sale, you have the opportunity to seize discounts of UPTO 50% OFF on your online quilt selections, enabling you to optimize your budget while enjoying significant savings  So, don't miss the opportunity to explore the best quilts online and upgrade your sleep with us!  Final Thoughts   Overall, investing in the best quilts for a cosy season is essential as winter approaches. With online shopping, you have a world of options at your fingertips. Whether you opt for the simplicity of solid colours, contemporary character designs, classic florals, or sleek geometric patterns, your cosy season will surely be warm, stylish, and inviting. Get ready to snuggle up in comfort and elegance and make this winter season your cosiest one yet. 

Luxury and Warmth Combined: High-End Blankets to Snuggle Up this Year
Luxury and Warmth Combined: High-End Blankets to Snuggle ...

When the chill in the air starts to set in, there's nothing like the feeling of snuggling up under a warm, high-quality blanket. Blankets are not just functional items; they are an essential part of our home decor and a source of comfort. If you are in the market to buy blankets online and are looking for the perfect combination of luxury and warmth, look no further. SPACES blankets have redefined the art of staying cosy, making them the ultimate choice for all seasons.   Luxury Unveiled with SPACES   In the realm of high-end blankets, SPACES is a name synonymous with excellence and sophistication.    Moreover, blankets are not just about comfort but also a part of your home decor. They come in a wide range of colours and designs, allowing you to select one that complements your interior style. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold colours, or intricate patterns, you'll find a SPACES blanket that suits your taste and elevates your bedroom.   Our range of blankets goes beyond mere functionality; it's about indulgence. Here's why SPACES blankets are the epitome of luxury and warmth combined.   Diversity in Comfort: Flannel, Fleece, and Mink   At SPACES, we understand that different seasons call for different types of blankets. That's why we offer a diverse selection of Flannel, Fleece, and Mink blankets, each with unique characteristics and charm. Let's explore why these blankets are the best for all seasons.   Flannel Blankets Flannel blankets are timeless classics known for their remarkable warmth and softness. These SPACES blankets are designed to stand the test of time and deliver consistent comfort, no matter the season. When the winter winds howl and the temperatures drop, Flannel blankets wrap you in a cocoon of warmth, making you forget the biting cold outside.   Fleece Blankets Fleece blankets, another gem in SPACES' collection, are renowned for their velvety softness and exceptional heat retention properties. These blankets are ideal companions for those evenings when you're snuggled up on the couch with a good book or watching your favourite show. They're not just about warmth; they add an element of elegance to your relaxation routine.   Mink Blankets   Mink blankets from SPACES are the ultimate choice for those who seek opulence and luxury in every aspect of life. These blankets are not merely functional; they are statements of sophistication. The sumptuous faux fur and the luxurious texture of Mink blankets elevate your home decor to a whole new level. SPACES Mink blankets exude luxury and indulgence, whether it's a chilly evening on the sofa or a cosy night's sleep.   More Than Just Comfort   Health and Well-Being   Investing in high-quality blankets is about style and comfort, your health, and overall well-being. SPACES blankets are thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals with allergies and other health concerns.  Hypoallergenic and Skin-Safe SPACES blankets are often hypoallergenic and skin-safe, meaning they are crafted with materials and techniques that reduce the risk of triggering allergies. If you or your loved ones are allergy-prone, you can rest easy under a SPACES blanket, knowing that allergens won't disrupt your peaceful moments.   Stress Reduction and Enhanced Well-Being   Beyond allergy considerations, SPACES blankets offer a different kind of relief: stress reduction. Stress and anxiety can often rob us of restful sleep, leaving us tired and irritable. SPACES blankets are designed for ultimate comfort, and their cosy embrace can help alleviate stress, providing you with more restful sleep. This, in turn, contributes to improved overall well-being, allowing you to face each day with renewed energy and positivity.   And that’s not all!   These blankets also make for thoughtful gifts for upcoming festivities. Consider gifting a SPACES blanket to spread warmth and luxury to your loved ones. You can choose a design and size matching their style and needs, making it a truly personalized present they'll cherish.   To enhance your shopping experience, we provide exclusive deals and discounts that offer even more value for your favorite products. For instance, during our end-of-season sale, you can take advantage of discounts of UPTO 50% OFF on blanket prices, helping you maximize your budget and savings.  Final Thoughts   Quality is essential when it comes to choosing the best blankets for all seasons. SPACES, a trusted brand, offers a diverse range of blankets in India that cater to your comfort needs. Their Flannel, Fleece, and Mink blankets offer softness, warmth, and versatility, ensuring an enhanced sleep experience.   So, whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, consider SPACES blankets to buy online. It's not just about buying blankets online; it's about elevating your comfort, adding a touch of luxury to your life, and enjoying the warmth of high-quality blankets that stand the test of time. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and warmth with SPACES blankets and make every snuggle extraordinary. Don't compromise on comfort; choose SPACES to buy blankets online for the ultimate style and cosiness!  

World Cotton Day 2023
World Cotton Day: Embracing Cotton in Home Linens in 2023

Cotton, the soft, breathable, and timeless fabric, has been integral to our lives for centuries. It is not just a textile; it embodies comfort, sustainability, and elegance. As we celebrate World Cotton Day, it's the perfect occasion to embrace the charm of cotton in our home linens, with bed linen, where we spend a significant portion of our lives.   Let's also delve into the sustainability aspect and 2023’s innovations in cotton home linens.   Cotton's Contributions to Home Linens  Cotton: A Fabric of Comfort and Elegance   Bed linen made of cotton is synonymous with comfort. Its natural softness makes it the ideal choice for home linens. It offers a luxurious, cosy feel that ensures you get a good night's sleep. Whether it's the crispness of freshly laundered cotton sheets or the plushness of a cotton-filled quilt, this fabric provides a touch of elegance to your living space.   Breathability and Temperature Regulation  One of the most remarkable features of cotton is its breathability. Cotton fibres allow air to circulate freely, wicking moisture away from your body. This ensures a comfortable sleep experience, especially during warm nights. Additionally, cotton's ability to regulate temperature means you stay cool in the summer season and toasty on chilly days, providing year-round comfort.   Durability and Easy Care Cotton is known for its durability. It can withstand repeated washes and maintain its quality over time. This not only saves you money but also minimizes the environmental impact of frequent replacements. Furthermore, cotton bed linens are simple to take care of, needing minimal maintenance to keep them looking pristine. Sustainability and Cotton Production Investing in sustainable cotton home linens isn't just about comfort and style; it's a conscious choice that ripples outward. By embracing sustainability, you're supporting a more responsible cotton industry, benefiting communities, biodiversity, and the global environment.    Our commitment to sustainability extends to the technology used in our bed linen products, including bed sheets. We reduce the environmental impact and enhance fabric durability through eco-friendly processes with fewer harmful chemicals. This melds eco-consciousness with innovation, providing comfort and style while promoting a more sustainable future.   When you choose bed linen products from SPUN, you are actively backing women's empowerment, elevating the eco-conscious impact of your investment in cotton home linens.    Trends in Cotton Home Linens in 2023   Celebrating Diversity with Rangana  The Rangana collection showcases intricate Indian patterns and 100% cotton fabric. This bed linen collection beautifully weaves tradition into modern living spaces, celebrating the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of India. Whether you prefer to buy bed sheets online or in-store, these linens perfectly blend tradition and contemporary style.   Luxury Meets Comfort with Ritu Kumar The Ritu Kumar collection brings the timeless grandeur and sophistication of the famed Indian fashion designer to your home. It's an epitome of luxury, offering both style and comfort. Additionally, this collection includes blankets that add a touch of opulence to your home.   Modern Contemporary Art with SPUN Collection SPUN's handmade collection redefines home decor with a range of products, from exquisite bedspreads to cushion covers. These products are a canvas of creativity, showcasing various techniques and a commitment to craftsmanship. This collection also includes quilts online, providing both style and functionality to add a modern touch to your space. SPUN's patchwork and Kantha blend heritage and contemporary design, creating functional art that adds character to any space. These pieces redefine the boundaries between modern art and home decor. Beyond the bed linen collection, you can explore the best blankets online, merging artistry and warmth.  Fusion of Tradition and Modernity with Atrium The Atrium collection elevates bedroom aesthetics with soft, cosy, and breathable 100% cotton bed sheets. These linens prioritize skin safety through non-harsh dyes and chemicals, making them an ideal choice for those who value tradition and modernity equally. Additionally, the collection includes dohar, offering a versatile and comfortable bedding option.   Hygro Cotton Collection: A Testament to Innovation The Hygro cotton collection represents a triumph of innovation. With its patented spinning technology, this collection ensures your bed linens get softer with every wash. Additionally, it offers enhanced breathability and temperature regulation. While you explore bed linen, you can also discover the bath linen, including the best towels online, for added comfort and luxury.   Final Thoughts on Timelessness of Cotton   In celebration of World Cotton Day in 2023, let's embrace cotton's enduring charm and benefits in our home linens, particularly bed linen. With its comfort, breathability, and temperature regulation, cotton is the perfect choice for creating a cosy and elegant living space.   Additionally, by choosing handmade products from SPUN, you actively support sustainable and ethical practices, making your selection both responsible and eco-conscious. As we explore the trends in cotton home linens for the year, we find a rich tapestry of choices, each with its unique blend of tradition, style, and innovation. At SPACES, such collections are a testament to the timeless appeal of cotton and its ever-evolving role in enhancing our homes. 

Mattresses Online
World Environmental Health Day: Sustainable Sleep Solutio...

On the occasion of World Environmental Health Day, where our commitment to a healthier planet is highlighted, we delve into the importance of a sustainable lifestyle - not only in our daily choices but also in our sleeping habits. This includes the way we sleep, and SPACES is leading the way in providing sustainable sleep solutions that are eco-friendly, comfortable, and easily accessible for consumers looking to buy mattresses online.   Why is Environmental Health a Priority?   World Environmental Health Day underscores the critical role of a clean and healthy environment in safeguarding our overall well-being. Our surroundings profoundly influence our health, and an environment tainted with pollutants can lead to many health issues, including allergies, respiratory problems, and sleep disturbances.   While most of us are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our daily lives, we sometimes overlook the contribution of the products we bring into our homes. Mattresses, integral to our daily lives, can have a significant ecological footprint if not chosen carefully.   Revolutionising Sleep: SPACES’ Commitment to Sustainability   At SPACES, we understand the importance of sustainable sleep solutions in this evolving landscape. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the technology we employ in our bedding products including bedsheets in places where fewer harmful chemicals are employed in the manufacturing process, the fabric gains greater durability and resilience.  Moreover, we proudly incorporate advanced PU foam technology into our other bedding products like mattresses, ensuring a harmonious balance between comfort, quality, and eco-friendliness. Our Orthopedic Mattress, for instance, integrates cutting-edge PU foam, providing remarkable support for your sleep. This innovative foam not only offers excellent comfort but also serves as a sustainable choice. It's designed to minimize motion transfer, relieve pressure points, and enhance back support, all while allowing for better airflow, resulting in an uninterrupted and rejuvenating sleep experience.   SPACES Mattresses provides a holistic sleep solution with advanced technology  offering the comfort and peace of mind they seek in their quest for the perfect night's sleep. In this evolving landscape, SPACES has emerged as a significant player in the Indian market, offering online mattresses that epitomize sleep solutions without compromising comfort and quality.   SPACES: Empowering a Difference in our Society  As a leading brand in India, SPACES boasts an extensive range of bedding products designed to cater to diverse sleep preferences, making it an excellent choice for those looking to also buy mattresses online. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental health is evident in its innovative approach to our home linen designs.  SPACES stands out by emphasizing natural and eco-friendly materials in our products. We are committed to non-toxic materials, and low emissions are a testament to SPACES' dedication to environmental health.  Sustainability isn't limited to materials alone. SPACES employs sustainable manufacturing practices that reduce waste and energy consumption, ensuring dedicated sustainability staff in our worldwide production of home linen items. This commitment extends to the durability of their mattresses, designed to last 12 years or more, reducing the frequency of mattress disposal and its associated environmental impact.   Now is the moment to discover our extensive range of mattresses, meticulously designed to suit single, double, king-size, and queen-size beds, with the added flexibility of customizable options to cater to your individual requirements.  A Diverse Range for Diverse Sleep Needs   Here's where the magic happens. The SPACES Mattresses range includes various options designed to cater to specific sleep needs while seamlessly fitting into the brand's sustainable philosophy.   The Sleep Deep Mattress could be the answer for those searching for pressure relief and a mattress that provides tailored body support. Constructed with memory foam, it offers a perfect blend of comfort and eco-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for those buying mattresses online. If you're worried about overheating during your slumber, the open-celled memory foam ensures heat doesn't get trapped, offering you a cool and restful sleep.   If a softer mattress isn't your preference and you require superior centre support and weight distribution, the   Orthopedic Mattress should be on your radar. Designed with pocket springs and memory foam layers, this mattress is an excellent choice, particularly for individuals with back or joint issues. The bonus here is that there's no partner disturbance, and better airflow contributes to a night of uninterrupted, restful sleep.   The Firm & Fab Mattress is ideal for those who prioritise spine health. Comprising high-density foam for superior lumbar support and a soft, breathable top fabric, it creates a comfortable and therapeutic sleeping environment, making it an excellent choice for those looking to buy mattresses online.   And, if you share your bed with a partner, the Yours'N'Mine Mattress collection provides a tailored solution. This mattress combines high-density foam, soft PU foam, and a soft knitted top fabric to cater to your preferences, making it a great choice for those looking to buy mattresses online. It's a harmonious blend of comfort, contouring, and support, ensuring you and your partner enjoy a restful night.   Finally, if you've ever dreamed of recreating the luxury and comfort of hotel beds in your home, the Luxury Mattress is your answer, a perfect choice for those looking to buy mattresses online. With three variations tailored to specific sleep styles, each mattress includes exceptional breathability and a soft Euro top layer for unrivalled luxury and comfort. No wonder, when it comes to convenient mattress online shopping, SPACES Mattresses has got you covered.  Final Words   In a world where environmental health is a shared responsibility, choosing a mattress that aligns with your values is a significant step. SPACES, the trusted mattress brand in India, offers an extensive range of sustainable sleep solutions that cater to your specific needs and contribute to a healthier planet, making it an excellent choice for those looking to buy mattresses online.   This World Environmental Health Day, make a choice that promotes both your well-being and the health of our environment. Opt for our Mattresses and rest easy, knowing you've made a responsible choice that goes beyond clichés. 

Handwoven Home Decor
Crafting Change: Women Artisans Elevate Home Linen with SPUN

In a world where mass production often overshadows the artistry of handmade items, the SPUN collection emerges as a beacon of authenticity and craftsmanship. This remarkable collection, curated by Welspun, one of India's most renowned brands in the realm of home decor, is not just about home linen; it's a celebration of heritage, a platform for talented female artisans, and a testament to the enduring power of tradition.The SPUN collection harmoniously blends quality with tradition, offering an enticing array of handmade creations infused with a contemporary and modern sensibility. These treasures possess the innate ability to breathe new life into your modern home. Journey of Craftsmanship and Heritage Begins The heart and soul of the Spun collection lie in the hands of remarkable female artisans who have inherited centuries-old crafting traditions. Each piece is a masterpiece of aesthetic craftsmanship, born from a deep connection to the cultural tapestry of India. With every delicate thread, these artisans weave their passion, skill, and heritage and a profound sense of authenticity and beauty into each creation, enhancing the modern charm of unique home decor. Picture this: A curated selection of more than 30 handcrafted cushion covers, pillow covers, bedspreads, and table linens, each a masterpiece of aesthetic craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. These are not just pieces of fabric; they are stories woven with care, love, and heritage. An Ethical Choice: Launch of the SPUN Collection Unvelieved Let us delve into the enchanting world of the Spun collection and discover the unique home décor ideas that await you: 1. Bedspread with Pillow Covers The centre piece of your bedroom transformation, the Spun collection offers exquisite bedspreads paired with two pillow covers. What sets these apart are the options of quilted and non-quilted designs for your home decor. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of quilting or the sleek simplicity of non-quilted, there's a choice that perfectly complements your style. 2. Cushion Covers Elevate the ambience of your living room or bedroom with many handmade cushion covers boasting over 30 different options. Each cushion cover is a canvas of creativity, showcasing various techniques such as printing, quilting, couching, macrame, patchwork, kantha, and embroidery. These versatile accents allow you to mix and match, creating a unique aesthetic that speaks to your taste regarding modern home décor. 3. Patchwork with Kantha Embroidery Throw For individuals who are seeking a statement piece that combines the timeless art of patchwork with the delicate beauty of Kantha embroidery, the Spun collection delivers. This throw is a fusion of heritage and contemporary design, serving as a functional blanket and a work of art that adds character to any space. 4. Table Linen Complete your dining experience in your modular kitchen with the exquisite table linen offered in the Spun collection. This includes table mats, runners, and napkins, each meticulously adorned with kantha, patchwork, and embroidery. Your dining table becomes a canvas for storytelling as these pieces weave together narratives of India's rich cultural heritage. Empowering Women Artisans Beyond the sheer beauty of the Spun collection lies a commitment to empowerment. By showcasing the talents of female artisans Welspun preserves traditional craftsmanship and provides livelihood opportunities to women in rural India. Each purchase from the Spun collection contributes to this noble cause, helping these artisans sustain their families and communities. And that’s not all! The artisans' creativity knows no bounds and extends far beyond the items previously mentioned. You will discover various accessories, including handmade stoles, placemats, and more, designed to cater to various preferences and needs. Modern Artisan-Crafted Delights for Home Decor At the core of this collection lies the spirit of empowerment. The women driving these artistic communities create exceptional products that captivate all who encounter them and sow the seeds of a brighter future for their communities through their affiliation with SPUN. Here, we unveil some enlightening details about our handmade products.: 1. Community Empowerment: This initiative has extended its benevolent reach to 2,215 women across 8 centres. Welspun India Ltd. has played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of approximately 8,860 individuals in the region, thanks to the remarkable efforts of these skilled craftswomen. 2. Artisans' Resurgence: The artisans behind the Spun collection draw from rich weaving traditions handed down through generations. These craftswomen have discovered renewed purpose through their collaboration with Welspun India Ltd. Together, they've harnessed their skills to craft contemporary and modern products that transcend utility. 3. A Beacon of Authenticity: In a world often guilty of overlooking the inherent beauty of handmade product creations, the Spun collection proudly stands as a symbol of authenticity and empowerment. Each piece within this collection is a testament to the resilience of communities and the beautiful harmony that emerges when tradition intersects with innovation. SPUN: Making Every Purchase a Purposeful Decision When selecting products that truly make a difference, SPUN stands out as a choice that goes beyond mere consumption—it's a choice that embodies purpose and meaning. The impact of SPUN reverberates far and wide, and here's why it should be your preferred choice: 1. Empowering Women: SPUN's commitment to empowerment is palpable through establishing 8 production centres and 6 embroidery speciality centres. This deliberate move creates opportunities for skilled women artisans, economically and socially empowering them. 2. Positive Community Transformation: Through these artisans' dedication and hard work, SPUN has catalyzed a wave of positivity that has touched the lives of nearly 10,000 individuals across the region. Families and communities have benefited from increased income and improved livelihoods. 3. Economic Growth: Collectively, the artisans affiliated with SPUN have earned over 27 million rupees. This not only enhances their financial well-being but also contributes significantly to the economic growth of the region. 4. Ethical and Sustainable Practices: By choosing handmade products at SPUN, you actively support ethical and sustainable practices. SPUN's unwavering commitment to fair wages and environmentally friendly production methods ensures that your choice is responsible. 5. Quality Beyond Compare: Beyond its profound social impact, SPUN offers products that are a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of its artisans. Whether it's home linen or accessories, you can trust in the durability and uniqueness of SPUN's offerings. 6. Alignment with a Greater Purpose: Opting for SPUN means aligning your consumer choices with a purpose that strives to uplift communities and promote equitable opportunities. To Conclude In the heartwarming launch of the SPUN collection, countless women artisans have experienced transformative moments, and their dreams have soared to new heights. Through unwavering dedication and unyielding support, SPUN has etched an indelible impact on these remarkable individuals, and their stories resonate with empowerment and triumph.It's an opportunity to make a meaningful change in their lives while enhancing the modern aesthetics of your living space with handmade handicraft items. So, dive into the world of SPUN and let these contemporary modern treasures elevate your home decor and spirit.

Quick Dry Towels Online
Most Absorbent Towels for Quick Drying and Maximum Comfort

When choosing the best towels in India for your daily needs, there are various factors to consider. Towels are a crucial part of our daily lives, used for various purposes, from drying off after a refreshing shower to wrapping ourselves in cosy comfort. To ensure you get the most out of your towels, it's important to select the right material and quality. In India, where humidity can be challenging, finding the most absorbent towels for quick drying and maximum comfort is crucial.    Let's explore some of the best options available, including Egyptian Cotton, Microfiber, Turkish Cotton, and Organic Cotton, to help you decide when buying towels online.   Egyptian Cotton Towels: The Epitome of Luxury   Egyptian Cotton, often called the "Gold Standard" of cotton, is grown in the land of the Pharaohs. It is renowned for its premium quality, durability, and exceptional absorbency, making it a high-end and costly option for the best towels in India. When properly cared for, this soft and velvety fabric can last for years, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting cotton towels. The lush texture and incredible absorbency of Egyptian Cotton towels provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. If you're looking for the best towels in India, Egyptian Cotton is a top contender.   Microfiber Towels: Ideal for Active Lifestyles   On the other hand, microfiber towels are a versatile and modern choice when you buy towels online. These towels are made from synthetic fibres that are incredibly absorbent and dry quickly. They are lightweight and perfect for travel, sports, and gym purposes. However, it's worth noting that while microfiber towels excel in absorbency and quick drying, there may be better choices for those with sensitive skin. Consider your specific needs and preferences when searching for the best towels in India. Turkish Cotton Towels: A Blend of Luxury and Durability   Turkish Cotton bath towels are crafted with extra-long fibres, offering luxurious softness, durability, and a fluffy texture. What sets them apart is their beautiful, embroidered motifs, adding charm to your bathroom décor. Turkish Cotton towels are aesthetically pleasing and practical, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan. They balance luxury and functionality perfectly, making them a popular choice for those seeking premium towels in India.   Organic Cotton Towels: Sustainable Luxury   If you're environmentally conscious and value sustainability, Organic Cotton towels are an excellent choice. These towels are crafted from pesticide-free and fertilizer-free cotton, grown using eco-friendly methods that prioritize environmental sustainability. The result is exceptionally soft, durable, and absorbent towels that are good for you and the planet. Choosing Organic Cotton towels is a small yet impactful step towards reducing your ecological footprint when you buy towels online in India.   The Best Picks: SPACES Hygro Towels & Organic Towels  While each of the towel types mentioned has its merits, SPACES Hygro towels offer a unique blend of technology and luxury. These towels are made from hollow-core cotton yarn, which makes them softer and fluffier with every wash. Additionally, they are known for their quick-drying nature, ensuring you always have a fresh and dry towel. SPACES Hygro towels provide superior comfort, making them an excellent choice for those who value functionality and luxury. SPACES stands out when you're looking for the best brand of towels in India.   Another best choice is our Organic towels, which are completely free from harsh dyes and harmful chemicals. Additionally, these Organic Cotton towels come in high-quality packaging that is BPA-free, making both the towels and their packaging safe and recyclable. This makes it easy for you to dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner when you're finished using them.  Best Towel Brands in India   When looking for the best towels in India, it's essential to consider reputable brands. SPACES, among others, offers premium quality towels that guarantee a luxurious bathing experience. These towels are available in various designs and patterns, catering to people of all ages and preferences. Whether you need bath towels, face towels, hand towels, or turbie towels, SPACES has the perfect option for you, and you can conveniently buy towels online to meet your needs.   Understanding Towel GSM and Pile Type   Towels come in various types of GSM (Grams per Square Meter), which refers to their density and thickness. The higher the GSM, the plusher and more luxurious the towel feels. This is an important consideration when choosing the right towels for your bathroom. Additionally, the type of pile in the towel, whether looped or cut, also plays a role in determining its softness.   In a nutshell, selecting the most absorbent towels for quick drying and maximum comfort is a matter of personal preference and specific needs. While Egyptian Cotton, Microfiber, Turkish Cotton, and Organic Cotton towels have advantages, SPACES Hygro towels offer a unique combination of softness, quick drying, and long-lasting quality. When investing in towels, consider the material, brand reputation, GSM, and pile type to ensure that your towels provide the ultimate comfort and functionality you desire. Moreover, a set of high-quality towels can make a wonderful addition to your bath linen collection or a thoughtful gift for your family and loved ones.

Festive Home Decor Trends of 2023: Start Celebrations with SPACES' Exclusive Collection
Festive Home Decor Trends of 2023: Start Celebrations wit...

As we gear up to celebrate the forthcoming festivals of Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi, the moment has arrived for devotees to invite the beloved deity into their homes warmly.  It's time to allow fresh and positive energy to welcome Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha with more special attention to get the festive spirit going at your home.  At SPACES, we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Rangana collection, a tribute to India's diverse art forms. This collection, featuring an array of bed linen products, embodies the rich cultural heritage of our vibrant nation. Inspired by the rich tapestry of Indian artforms, Rangana is a vibrant celebration of our cultural heritage. From the exquisite Spaces Rangana Large Bedsheets to the fast-selling Rangana Double Quilt, this collection offers a diverse range of choices to suit every taste.  Imagine the delight on your guests' faces as they step into your beautifully adorned home during festivities. Rangana's Indian-inspired designs and colors are sure to leave a lasting impression, making your gatherings even more memorable. But it's not just about aesthetics; Rangana brings a positive and welcoming energy to your space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness that's perfect for celebrating with loved ones.  So, get ready to infuse your bedroom with a touch of artistic elegance as we explore the beauty of our bed linen collection and how it can redefine your festive home decor in 2023.   Celebrate with Bed Linen: More Than Just Bedsheets   Our bed linen collection is a harmonious blend of art, tradition, and comfort. With intricate traditional Indian patterns and a commitment to 100% cotton fabric, each piece in this collection is a masterpiece. Now, let's delve deeper into what our bed linen collection encompasses:   1. Bedsheets: The foundation of our collection, our bedsheets online come in many designs and sizes. Whether you prefer single or double bedsheets or flat or fitted sheets, we perfectly match your needs. These bedsheets boast a versatile spectrum of colors, from vibrant solids to eye-catching geometric patterns, the elegance of abstract designs or the timeless charm of floral motifs, we have it all to elevate your bedroom aesthetics.  2. Quilts: Our collection of quilts online adds an extra layer of warmth to your bedroom. Whether you opt for single quilts or double quilts, you'll find an extensive range of options. Each quilt is designed to keep you cosy during the cool festive nights. As you start the celebrations, whether you're looking for bold and vibrant hues, reversible quilts, intricate patterns, or budget-friendly choices, we've got you covered.  3. Dohars: For the Indian climate, dohars are an ideal choice with their lightweight and breathable design. They provide warmth without causing discomfort. Our dohars feature traditional Indian motifs, adding an artistic touch to your bedroom. Discover Floral Dohars, Geometric Pattern Dohars, and exclusive Kids Dohars at SPACES for a delightful festive experience.  4. Pillows and Pillow Covers: Buy pillows online to ensemble your home with our comfortable pillows and stylish pillow covers. You can mix and match various sizes and designs to create the perfect ambience for your bedroom. Make sure that your room is festive ready with pillow covers featuring patterns such as floral, geometric, stripes, and solids.  5. Blankets: Crafted from high-quality materials, our fleece blankets possess a unique charm that aligns perfectly with the festive spirit. These are available in various colors and patterns, allowing you to create a festive atmosphere throughout your home. Coordinate your blankets with your wall colors for a harmonious look. Explore our diverse selection including Flannel and Rabbit Fur options in geometric, floral, and abstract patterns.  Exquisite Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail   At SPACES, we take immense pride in our attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship. Every piece in our bed linen collection reflects our commitment to quality. From the precision of the stitching to the vibrancy of the colours, we ensure that each product meets the highest standards.   Our bed linen collection promises to elevate your bedroom experience, infusing it with sophistication. Whether you are preparing for the festive season or simply refreshing your bedroom, our exclusive Rangana collection offers the perfect solution. The intricate designs and vibrant colours bring the essence of India's cultural heritage into your home.   Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bed Linen   Selecting the right bed linen can be a delightful yet challenging task. Here are some tips to help you make the best choices:   Consider the Season: When choosing bed linen products like quilts and dohars, consider the season. Opt for thicker quilts during winter and lighter dohars for the warmer months. This ensures your bed linen is not only beautiful but also functional.   Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colours. Combining different elements from our bed linen collection can make a unique and personalized look for your living space.   Accessorize: Don't forget about pillow covers and cushion covers online. They are not just for comfort but also decoration. Experiment with different sizes and textures to achieve the desired aesthetic.   Discover the Perfect Bedsheets Online at SPACES  Whether you're gearing up for Janmashtami or preparing for the grandeur of Ganesh Chaturthi, our bedsheets promise comfort and style. Allow us to introduce you to one of our most delightful offerings - the SPACES Hygro cotton bedsheets, the perfect choice to enhance your home décor and slumber.   Imagine sinking into a bed adorned with these luxurious bedsheets made from the innovative Hygro cotton fabric. As you settle in, you'll discover a world of comfort that transcends the ordinary. Hygro cotton has the remarkable ability to create a sleep environment that's just right. It regulates temperature, ensuring you stay cosy on those slightly chilly nights while keeping you cool when the festive excitement heats up.   But that's not all! These bedsheets have a unique secret. They become even softer after each wash, making them a treasure that keeps giving. Picture yourself nestled under their embrace, wrapped in softness, and ready to embark on a journey into dreamland.   Our in-demand bed linen collection includes Hygro cotton bedsheets like a lullaby for your senses. They sing you to sleep, ensuring that every night during the festive season is a dream come true. Say goodbye to restlessness, discomfort, and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. With these bedsheets, you can experience sleep that feels like a warm, cosy hug, leaving you refreshed and ready to embrace each festive day with renewed vigour.   SPACES makes it effortless to browse and select from our wide range of products, all from the comfort of your home. Now that you're acquainted with the exquisite offerings in our bed linen collection, it's time for your festive bedroom makeover with SPACES exclusive Rangana collection for perfect bedsheets online.   Shop Sustainably: Embrace Eco Friendliness in Style  As we approach the festive season, a pertinent question arises: Are we truly practising sustainability in our daily lives, and are we prepared to extend this commitment when shopping for the upcoming festivals?    Ganesh Chaturthi, a time of joyous celebration, presents us with a unique opportunity to reflect on our choices and consciously shop sustainably. From the inception of our offerings to their final form, we meticulously source sustainable materials from farms that uphold sound environmental practices. We have dedicated sustainability staff overseeing our global production processes, ensuring that every aspect of our products is eco-friendly.  By choosing sustainable products at SPACES for Ganesh Chaturthi, you can honour tradition and safeguard the planet for future generations, making our celebrations truly meaningful and harmonious with the environment.  Final Words  As we embrace the forthcoming festivals of Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi, let your home mirror the joy and vibrancy of the occasion. SPACES' exclusive Rangana collection, featuring bed linen, quilts, dohars, pillows, pillow covers, and cushion covers, empowers you to infuse your home with artistic elegance. Elevate your bedroom experience with India's beauty and cultural heritage right at your fingertips. Visit our website today and embark on your journey towards a festive home makeover with SPACES. 

Bathrobe Buying Guides
Where To Find Unisex Options For Bath Robes: Ultimate Sho...

Few garments can rival the bathrobe in the realm of comfort and relaxation. Whether you are winding down after a long day, preparing for leisure, or simply stepping out of the shower, a bathrobe is the epitome of cosiness. Thanks to the convenience of online purchasing, finding the perfect bathrobe, be it for men, women, or the whole family, has never been simpler. In this ultimate shopping guide, we will explore the world of bathrobes, focusing on luxurious unisex options, and provide tips on choosing the perfect bathrobe to suit your style and needs.  Shop Bathrobes Online from a World of Choices Bathrobes have evolved into more than just a post-bath necessity; they symbolise comfort and relaxation. Thanks to the ease of online purchasing, finding the appropriate bathrobe has never been simpler. Whether you're looking for bathrobes for women, bathrobes for men or kid’s bathrobes, the plethora of online choices ensures you can find the perfect fit for your needs. One of the leading brands in the market, SPACES, offers an impressive range of bathrobes to choose from. This includes luxurious unisex bathrobes, soft cotton options for kids, and everything. Kids can wear bathrobes after swimming to dry themselves off and stay warm. It's a great way to avoid embarrassment while walking to the changing room in their swimsuit. The online shopping experiences allows you to explore different styles, materials, and designs without leaving your home's comfort.   Unisex Bathrobes: Versatile Comfort for All   Unisex bathrobes are a fantastic choice for those who appreciate timeless style and versatility. Whether you want to share your bathrobe with a partner or simply prefer a classic look, SPACES offers a range of unisex bathrobes that are perfect for everyone. These bathrobes are designed to provide comfort and style, making them a suitable choice for a lazy morning or a cosy evening.   One of the primary advantages of unisex bathrobes is that they come in various sizes to accommodate different body types. So, whether you're petite or tall, you can find a unisex bathrobe that fits you perfectly. Additionally, the unisex designs often feature classic colors and patterns, making them a timeless addition to your loungewear collection.   Luxury Bathrobes: Elevating Comfort and Quality   When it comes to bathrobes, opting for a luxury bathrobe translates to an investment in both comfort and long-lasting quality. SPACES has an impressive range of luxury bathrobe collections, such as Exotica, Cloudz, and Hygro Bathrobes. Fashioned from 100% cotton, these bathrobes boast exceptional softness while ensuring durability.   Their gentle touch on your skin promises a pleasurable and secure transition after your bath. In your search, you'll discover captivating bathrobes that stand the test of time, offering years of reliable use.   SPACES: Your Go-To Brand for Unisex Bathrobes   SPACES stands out as a leading brand when it comes to finding high-quality unisex bathrobes. With a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and a commitment to comfort, SPACES offers a diverse range of bathrobes that cater to the needs of every individual. SPACES unisex bathrobes are designed with the utmost care, blending comfort and style seamlessly. They understand that a bathrobe is not just an everyday garment; it's a symbol of relaxation and luxury. That's why they offer a wide selection of unisex bathrobes that guarantee comfort and durability.   Furthermore, we extend our care to your little ones. You can also choose our remarkable poncho collection of bathrobes designed specifically for kids. This selection boasts a charming variety of themes that children absolutely love, including beloved Disney characters, iconic Marvel Avengers, and the ever-popular Marvel Spiderman. Every design within this collection is created with great attention to detail, ensuring the utmost quality and comfort for your young superheroes, princesses, and adventurers.   A Stylish Comfort: Which Bathrobes to Use After Shower?  While bathrobes are primarily functional, they can still exude elegance and sophistication. After all, they're a part of your post-shower routine, and feeling good in what you wear matters.   Here are a few tips for achieving a formal yet comfortable look:   Opt for Classic Colors: Buy bathrobes online in neutral shades like whites, greys, or muted tones for a timeless and refined appearance.   Select a Suitable Length: A bathrobe that falls just below the knees is a universally flattering option and adds a touch of formality.   Secure with a Belt: Cinch the bathrobe at the waist with the attached belt for a tailored look.   Keep It Simple: Buy bathrobes online in elegant patterns or embellishments for a sleek and polished appearance.   Maintain Grooming: After your shower, ensure your hair is dry and neatly styled, and consider applying a light body lotion for a refreshed feel.   Summary   In conclusion, whether you are searching for bathrobes online, unisex bathrobes, or luxury bathrobes, SPACES offers a vast range of options catering to your specific preferences. With proper care, your bathrobe will continue providing you with cosy relaxation for years. Why wait? Treat yourself to the comfort you deserve and elevate your loungewear game with a high-quality bathrobe from SPACES today. Remember, when it comes to bathrobes, SPACES has you covered with a diverse range of luxurious options, including versatile unisex choices that provide timeless comfort and style for everyone.  Happy shopping! 

Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India | November 2023 Buyers Guide by Spaces India
Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India | November 2023 Buye...

Buying the best mattress is something that we all crave since a mattress can be a make-or-break decision. The quality of your mattress directly influences the quality of your sleep and overall wellbeing, while keeping you comfortable all throughout. It is important to buy a mattress that helps you combat sleep issues and posture problems while avoiding the build-up of pressure points throughout the body simultaneously. At the same time, a mattress is not a one-size fits all decision. Different users require varying mattresses that offer the right fit for their specific requirements. You should thus check for the best mattress brands in this context. There are several top mattress brands in India that you can pick from, although your choice should be made on the basis of varying parameters that match your unique needs.  Must Read: Health Benefits and Long Term Impact Of Sleeping Well There are multiple parameters while choosing a mattress that people usually check, including breathability levels, the material, overall insulation, thickness, and of course, the size and design. On that note, here are some of the best mattress brands that you can take a closer look at. These mattress brands offer a plethora of solutions that are engineered to ensure greater comfort and longevity at the same time. Memory Foam Mattress Top Mattress Brands in India that you should check out Your search for the best mattress need not be elusive any longer. Here are some of the best mattress brands that you will find online. Check out the wide array of products each brand offers, features, and specifications. You will find several mattress options available, right from a regular bed mattress to a single size mattress, queen size mattress, double bed mattress, and king size mattress. You should do your research on the various types of mattresses before buying one. After all, it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.  Spaces - Best Mattress Brand in India Duroflex - Best Mattress Brand in India Wakefit - Best Mattress Brand in India The Sleep Company - Best Mattress Brand in India Kurl-On Mattresses - Best Mattress Brand in India Sleepy Cat - Best Mattress Brand in India Sleepwell - Best Mattress Brand in India Flo - Best Mattress Brand in India Sunday - Best Mattress Brand in India Peps - Best Mattress Brand in India 1. SPACES Mattresses – Best Mattress Brand in India SPACES lays claim to being the best mattress brand in India, offering various kinds of mattresses that have different sizes and features. The brand seeks to cater to all types of sleepers and users while maintaining cost-effectiveness, and supreme quality for its products. The brand has carved its niche in the market by offering users fully customisable mattresses, not just in terms of the size of the mattress but also the build (soft-medium, soft-firm, or medium-firm, based on your preference). This is a quality not freely available across mattress brands in the nation. You will find several options here, including mattresses that are apt for king-size, single, double, or even queen-sized beds, while being able to customize your mattresses as per your specific requirements. Some of the features that set SPACES mattresses above the fold are: Contoured body support Fully customisable mattresses Pressure relieving build Stain-resistant fabric used Water repellant in-built mattress protector Premium quality soft quilted fabric Excellent quality foam Customisable top layer Thirty nights trial period Easy returns Twelve years warranty period Being India’s best mattress brand, SPACES offers you a chance to buy mattresses at attractive prices, coupled with several value added features and benefits. You can definitely expect to find the top mattress in India or the best mattress in India 2023 by choosing from the brand’s vast collection.  Some of the top choices from SPACES include the following: The Premium Collection- The premium collection from SPACES lives up to its name and you are certain to find the best mattress here. This comes with the Yours’n’Mine range that has superior materials used for crafting mattress, which ensure great sleep quality overall for those sharing beds or couples. Also known as ‘matchress’, these half and half mattresses can be personalised by both users to craft their ideal sleep environment since everything from size to the desired level of firmness can be customised on both sides of the mattress.   These mattresses have multiple layers and they include soft-polyurethane, high-density foam, and PU foam, along with the soft and knitted fabric for the top. The collection is literally the best of both worlds, since it fuses varying requirements and preferences for sleepers. The central layer is fully customizable as per the specific preferences of users. This means that both users of the mattress can customise their preferred levels of softness/firmness on the same mattress, so both can have a comfortable and restful sleep. There are medium-firm, soft-medium, and also soft-firm choices at hand in this case. While there is superior body posture and great support on offer, these mattresses also keep the comfort and relaxation aspect at the forefront. This makes them a great pick for buyers today.  Collections like these make SPACES one of the best mattress brands in India, without a doubt.  The Regular Collection- SPACES has an ace up its sleeve with the Regular Collection. This offers Sleep Deep varieties of mattresses for users along with the best orthopedic mattresses. The latter is suitable for those with spinal and back injuries or discomfort. They help in balancing out the posture as you sleep while keeping the pain away. This collection also stands out for its Firm and Fab mattress line-up. The exclusively designed Sleep Deep mattress online is a special option that you will immensely appreciate, seeing the innovation and technology that has gone into its creation. This is a mattress that has been specifically designed for relieving pressure on the body and is crafted with the help of memory foam as well. This ensures great support for your body while you sleep. This mattress segment is ideal for those who seek a more comfortable and restful choice for soothing and relieving their tired muscles. At the same time, this makes use of open-celled memory foam that prevents any heat from getting trapped in it, thereby making sure that the mattress stays cool and comfortable even during hot and scorching summers. You can also avoid that unwanted sensation of sweating at night with this type of mattress. Firm Mattress Online This mattress is also great for those who sleep on their stomach or sides. True to their name, they are great for inducing deep sleep naturally without any hassles. The top layer of this mattress type comes with 20mm of high-quality memory foam. Medium density foam also makes up a strong 40mm mid-layer while the bottom layer gets 90mm of supreme high-density foam. The top features of this mattress type include its abilities to relieve pressure on the body, the in-built protector and of course, the triple layer. There is more contoured and firm support for the body along with top fabric that can be customized. There is also zero pillage, which is another handy feature. This collection also comes with orthopedic mattresses. They are designed with individual pocket springs. What this does is ensure great central support and even distribution of weight while sleeping. The mattress gets layers of memory foam for ultra-comfortable experiences as well. This could be one of the best mattresses for people with sleep issues. It offers not only great support but also higher airflow and breathability at the same time. This SPACES creation is suitable for those who experience regular soreness in the lower or upper back or tiredness/fatigue of the muscles along with joint pain. The mattress has more firmness than many other types. Hence, lying down on the same automatically ensures a better posture for the body without that dreaded sinking feeling! Not only can you maintain a suitable posture, but you can also expect relief from back pain at the same time. The end result is sound and undisturbed sleep each night without any compromises in terms of its overall lumbar support. The mattresses offered by SPACES come with top layers that have 20mm specialized polyurethane foam along with a middle layer of soft PU that is approximately 200mm and also the 110mm bottom layer which has about 351 springs in total. Orthopedic Mattress Online The Firm & Fab mattress variety is also one of a kind. It offers great lumbar support along with top fabric that is immensely breathable and super-soft. This mattress offers several benefits including the in-built protector, customizable top fabric and zero pillage. This offers great sleep with its 115mm high-density foam usage for the top layer and the 35mm soft PU foam usage for the bottom layer. These varieties contribute towards making SPACES one of the mattress brands in India to watch out for, by all means! The Luxury Collection- SPACES also has another ace up its sleeve in the form of its exclusive and premium Luxury Collection. You can certainly expect to find the best mattress from this amazing line-up. This collection has been tailored with a vision towards matching the needs of different types of individuals and their specific sleeping needs. There are several mattresses on offer, which are synonymous with the kind of plush and luxurious experience that people expect when they check into luxury hotels. These mattresses are tailored for those who love sleeping at hotels for this reason. This could well be the best mattress 2023 India, going by its sheer popularity.  What it means is that you can now buy a mattress online from the Luxury Collection and experience that hotel-like comfort and softness at home itself! These mattresses have thickness going up to eight inches and this makes them thicker than most other mattresses available in the country. Hence, these are highly rated for their support and comfort alike. There is a mattress protector offered with this collection and this comes with resistance to stains and water-repellant attributes. You can choose the Orthopedic, Firm & Fab, and Sleep Deep varieties from this collection as well. The Sleep Deep line-up is ideal for those sleeping on their sides regularly while the Firm & Fab collection offers memory foam mattresses that are the best fit for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs. People sleeping on their backs usually chose the Orthopedic Premium mattress variety. There are several options available for obtaining softer Euro top mattress layers for more comfort and luxury while there are mattresses offering supreme and unmatched breathability at the same time. It is features like these that make SPACES one of the true-blue premium mattress brands in India. It can be your repository for the top mattress in India 2023. Luxury Mattress Online SPACES is certainly your ideal repository for finding the best mattress without a doubt. It offers mattress options in varying sizes and with different firmness levels as well. This ensures great support for the hips, neck, and back, along with other choices which have ample flexibility in terms of being able to bear the weight of various individuals. SPACES is thus the best place to get varying sizes and configurations along with customizable mattresses, and you can also get waterproof mattress protectors that keep your mattresses safe from stains and sudden spills. You also get a 12-year warranty which is available for all types of mattresses at SPACES, which brings you peace of mind and comfort alike. This is one of the distinguishing features of SPACES’ mattresses in the country.  Another handy feature is the trial period of 30 days. You can go through this period and try the mattress that you prefer, before finalizing your purchase decision. You can also get your mattress online delivered to your address without any hassles. SPACES is certainly a strong contender for the title of the best mattress brand in India without a doubt. One look at its marvelous collections and you will be hooked for sure! It offers the right mix of quality and comfort.  SPACES can certainly be called the very best mattress brand in India, based on all these parameters, if you were wondering which is best mattress brand in India? Find the best mattress in India that is tailored to your needs at SPACES, with a vast collection to choose from.  You can also check out a Duroflex mattress online if you wish. These mattresses are popular picks in the market and come with advanced offerings at competitive rates. The company began operations in 1963 and has grown to become a leading brand in the mattress category. For more than 50 years, Duroflex has provided sleeping solutions to India. They excel in creating mattresses that are supported by research and driven by technology, making them the top mattress manufacturer in India. They use coir, foam, and springs to construct their mattresses. You can pick the best mattress from the Duropedic, Energise, and Natural Living categories. Their mattress selection is available starting from INR 5000, with Duropedic being the most popular subcategory. They are certainly one of the best mattress brands India. They are available for sale on a number of online and offline portals. Some of their top offerings include: 2. Duroflex Mattresses Best Mattress Brand in India Duroflex Back Magic- Livein Mattresses- A medical professional-recommended orthopedic mattress that offers superior back and spinal support is the Duroflex Back Magic. It has a Firm firmness rating and is comprised of high density coir. The mattress has a seven-year warranty and is available in the colour Blue. The Duroflex Back Magic is the ideal option for you if you're looking for an orthopedic mattress that offers exceptional support for your back and spine. The Livein mattress from Duroflex has a layer of soft foam that resembles a cloud and is exceptionally comfy. The mattress fabric's triple anti-microbial treatment keeps out dust mites, fungi, and bacteria. It is one of the finest prices for a great night's sleep because it has been clinically shown to help you improve your quality of life. This mattress' denser layers work together to distribute pressure more evenly over your complete body. As a result, you have less discomfort while you're sleeping and have better blood flow throughout your body. Additionally, the contoured form aids with weight distribution and lessens the pressure on joints by distributing weight evenly. 3. Wakefit Mattresses – Best Mattress Brand in India Wakefit is another brand that offers several kinds of mattresses for users. They are okay for people of almost all age groups. There are several mattresses that make use of materials like Latex, memory foam, and others. They are one of the top mattress brands in the country and even one of the top mattress brands in India 2023 for their unique products. Some of their mattress categories/types include the following: Orthopedic Memory Foam- These are mattresses which have been tailored to ensure better support for the spine. The mattress offers good back support and breathability along with relief from pressure points and durability. Those with injuries may consider this mattress for its beneficial attributes. Dual Comfort- This product line-up is suitable for people who desire a base that is adequately firm but soft at the same time. Both the mattress sides can be used for this product range. One side has a medium level of firmness while the other comes with a medium-soft texture. Sides may be changed depending on the user’s preferences and the weather as well. These come in double and single bed sizes only. Latex- Latex is used for creating mattresses that use less-harmful chemicals while being produced in a more environment-friendly manner. They are robust and durable due to the Latex blocks which have varying density quotients. This ensures better cushioning for every body part. Xtra Snooze Grid- Couples may choose these mattresses for their practicality. These get rid of that common feeling of bouncing or rolling over to another side. They take care of things with the motion isolation feature and are tailored with highly advanced technologies for zonal support which ensure ultimate spine relaxation and lower back pain in turn. These also get more breathable fabric along with foam that is highly durable. There is also more breathable fabric used for these mattresses. 4. The Sleep Company – Best Mattress Brand in India The Sleep Company is one of the newer mattress brands in the country. It offers SmartGRID technologies for ensuring superior pain relief and also for making sure that mattresses adapt as per the natural shapes of bodies, while ensuring motion isolation for good sleep simultaneously. These are mattresses which come with 2,500 air channels for better airflow while making sure that the suitable temperature is always maintained while sleeping. These mattresses come with several features including the following: Good support and softness alike. Suitable for those with pain and other issues. Good orthopedic support for the spinal region while cushioning the hips, shoulders, and arms. Better breathability and airflow, ensuring good cooling in turn. 10-year product warranty. 100-night free trial for users. The main mattress types offered by the Sleep Company include the following: Smart Luxe Mattress- This type is premium and luxurious, while helping in enabling cozy and comfortable sleeping experiences at the same time. Smart Ortho Mattress- This mattress type is a good choice for those who suffer from periodic body pain and aches. It can also help in case of back issues, arthritis, osteoporosis and even other neck and back injuries. It ensures suitable cushioning for the shoulders, neck and hips, while also ensuring good spinal support simultaneously. Sleeping posture also improves automatically by using this mattress. Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress- This mattress is the best fusion of luxury and comfort above all else. In this segment, the comfortable layer gets backed up by pocket springs and this ensures a better usage experience overall. Smart Ortho Hybrid- This mattress offers the right combination of orthopedic support mechanisms and pocket springs for ensuring more comfort, irrespective of your style of sleeping. The mattress is soft yet firm and this boosts the quality of sleep considerably. SnowTec backed Smart Luxe Mattress- This is one of the innovative offerings in the Sleep Company’s product line-up. This come with SmartGRID technology advantages along with SnowTec technologies for cooling the body while sleeping. The mattress comes with suitable airflow and breathability which keeps you cool while sleeping, while also giving you an additional feeling of comfort at the same time. These are features which make them one of the leading mattress brands in the country today.  5. Kurl-On Mattresses – Best Mattress Brand in India Kurl-On offers a variety of mattresses online for buyers and users. There are several mattresses that make use of spring, foam, and coir for their construction. The brand is synonymous with premier and ultra-comfortable products in this segment. It manufactures its mattresses with the use of natural coir cores that have sizable thickness levels and also VCT and ACD technologies which ensure good support and firmness levels overall. These mattresses ensure users stay away from odor, dust mites, and fungi alike. The brand also offers foam mattresses which are highly durable and can be compressed into a bag in some cases. Kurl-On offers a warranty of only two years on its mattresses. You can consider them if you wish to buy mattress online or offline.  The key types include the following: Active Living- These mattresses are mostly for therapeutic sleeping experiences, helping those who are plagued by neck and back pain frequently. Trendy- These mattresses are suitable for those who like modern options with attractive styles and designs. Komfort- This line-up makes use of sparkle and coir for manufacturing mattresses and these are also quite pocket-friendly as a result. They are simpler but practical at the same time. Relax- These mattresses come in several avatars and are priced competitively for buyers. They also offer decent comfort levels. Kalamkari- These are mattresses that sport Bandini covers along with Kalamkari work. They are suitable as wedding presents. They also ensure the utmost comfort and sleep quality alike. 6. Sleepy Cat – Best Mattress Brand in India Sleepy Cat is another mattress brand that offers a diverse range of products for buyers. They have the Ultimate CoolTEC fabric mattress range with DeepTouch pressure tech and Ezie zipper covers.  Here is a closer look at their product range in the market: Ultima- This mattress offers all-round support along with better cooling experiences/feelings as well. They are suitable for those suffering due to back pain. They are also crafted with several open-layer memory foam layers and also high-density foam alongside. The mattress comes with a medium-soft texture and is good for those either sleeping on their stomachs or their sides. Hybrid Latex Mattress- This mattress type is suitable for people who want a firmer orthopedic mattress for their home. This comes with three specific mattress layers for superior comfort and quality. This also has additional channels of support in the mid-layer for ensuring comfort spread across five zones and also ensuring relief for multiple pressure points in turn. The cover is airy and soft and ensures better relaxation in turn. There is a warranty of ten years available with this mattress. Original Mattress- This product is simple and uncomplicated from Sleepy Cat. There are no additional bells and whistles with this one. This crafts mattresses with good quality foam that has six inches of thickness. This is also suitable for almost all users. Waterproof Baby Mattresses- These mattresses are suitable for those with smaller children and ensure waterproof attributes for better sleep quality of children. This mattress has approximately four inches of thickness which ensures greater comfort for little ones at the same time. The waterproof cover is also easier to maintain and clean in this case. The spring mattress configuration ensures better relief for pressure points throughout the body as well. The brand is a good choice for a mattress online and they have several types of mattresses available, right from a single mattress to many other varieties.  7. Sleepwell – Best Mattress Brand in India If you wish to buy mattress online, then you can also check out Sleepwell. The company is known for its commitment totowards striking the right mix of technical progress with luxurious experiences for modern mattress buyers. The company has built its market presence over the last forty years and is the flagship entity of the reputed Sheela Group, the leading producer of polyurethane foam in the country and also a company which has earned the ISO 9001 certification. It has 12 manufacturing units countrywide, along with more than 100 distributors and 5,000 dealerships. It has PU foam used for shoes, automobiles, packaging, garments, and many other sectors.   Sleepwell has come out with its innovative Neem Fresche technology which is anti-microbial by nature and is present in all of its products, to ensure healthier sleeping experiences for all users. It also keeps breathing issues, allergies, and dust mites successfully at bay. There are many varieties including the Pro Comfort Mattress, Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, Ultra and Utsav Mattress, and the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress.  8. Flo – Best Mattress Brand in India Flo was launched in the year 2018. The founder had worked at a company which supplied mattresses to some of the country’s top resorts and hotels. That was the genesis of the idea to create a more affordable yet high-quality mattress solution for younger buyers of today. The brand offers mattresses that have been extensively tested and ensure good sleep each night without hitches. The premier cashmere fabric with infusions of aloe vera gel is used on both the mattress sides. Both sides may be used, based on the desired softness and firmness of the mattress, as per the user preferences. Flo is also known for its 3D AIR-Flo Tech which dissipates all extra heat, enabling cooler and more comfortable sleeping experiences for users. The brand also makes use of the highest-quality foam for its products. 9. Sunday – Best Mattress Brand in India Sunday is another leading mattress brand in the country and offers various types of mattresses for buyers. It is best known for its Latex Plus 4 Mattress which is the signature offering with 70D Latex used across 6 inches for better spinal alignment and support, along with good breathability and cooling material courtesy the open top cell layer which has latex of two inches as well. The latex is certified and is made in Belgium with 100% organic cotton to keep allergies or other issues away. The brand’s mattresses ensure optimal support for the back along with sporting designs by reputed designer Hiroko Shiratori, who hails from Japan. The brand also has the Ortho Latex Mattress which helps those with pain in the neck or lower back, and the Ortho Memory Mattress which is suitable for both adults and children.  10. Peps – Best Mattress Brand in India Peps is a leading brand which started its journey around 2005-06 in Coimbatore. The company purchased a spring mattress factory that was up for sale and began offering premier solutions in the region and finally pan-India. The company has expanded considerably over the years, with a network of 6,000 retail dealers in the country. It seeks to offer products under segments like hypo-allergenic, ultra-luxe comfort, international comfort, affordable luxury, hospitality, orthopedic, and more. Peps is known for its therapeutic approach towards making mattresses and is the sole licensee in India for Restonic which is a leading mattress brand globally, with its headquarters at the USA. Peps makes its mattresses in the country along with other products. It also has production lines for Visco elastic foam or memory foam and polyurethane which is flexible. There are several accessories available and the company has Restonic and Spineguard mattresses in its line-up for users.  Peps is known for mattresses which are designed to offer support for 1/3rd body weight while lowering strain on the back alongside. Spineguard is a unique inner spring mattress that has Visco-elastic foam used for lowering backaches and other discomfort. The brand has its own manufacturing facility spreading over 11 acres as well.   Now that you know more about some of the best mattress brands available and their various product types and specifications, which one should you choose? Choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task. Here are some pointers that can help. What you should keep in mind while choosing your mattress online If you are shopping for your mattress online, then you can easily compare mattresses and pick the ones that match your requirements. However, it is easier said than done in this case. Choosing from the leading mattress brands can be a difficult affair. Here are some parameters that you should not forget: Type or Category of the Mattress- What is the type of mattress that you actually desire? Do you want a plush and ultra-luxury mattress? Do you want specialized varieties like orthopedic mattresses for pain relief or do you wish to opt for firm mattress varieties? You should be clear on the type of mattress that you want and the one that can meet your needs to the fullest. From memory foam mattresses to regular varieties, there are several options available. You just have to choose wisely  and select the segment which can serve your needs in the best possible manner. Too many people buy mattresses without having any idea of the type or category. Avoid this mistake by doing your own homework first. Firmness Levels- Firmness is not something that you can universally decide on. You should choose your level based on your own needs, weight, sleeping position, and other factors. A good firmness level will naturally help in better spinal alignment while ensuring superior cushioning for other sensitive body parts as well. The usual scale of firmness is 1-10 throughout the sector, and you can choose from varying degree of firmness and softness. Size and thickness- You do not want to end up with a mattress that is oversized for your bed or feels lumpy and painful to sleep on. Hence, choose the right size for your mattress. If the mattress cannot cover the entire bed, then it may appear slightly clumsy or aesthetically unappealing. The size also depends on your height and weight. You should also scrutinize the thickness levels carefully in this regard. Sleeping Posture- You should evaluate your own sleeping position before you invest in a mattress. Those getting up multiple times while sleeping will require proper support from their mattresses. Side sleepers should go for a moderately firm mattress, i.e. they should avoid those that come with a sinking feeling or mattresses that are excessively firm. Memory foam or latex foam mattresses could be better options for such sleepers. Those sleeping on their backs may require more firmness for spinal alignment and improved posture. Hence, medium firmness levels are a must for their mattresses. Natural latex foam or memory foam mattresses can get the job done in this scenario. Those sleeping on their stomachs may choose firmer mattresses with a higher quotient of what we know as bounce-back. These people should bypass softer mattresses since they may lead to eventual back pain. They should also choose mattresses that are crafted from breathable materials. Pricing- Price tags do matter. You should always look for mattresses that are the right mix of comfort, quality, and attractive pricing. You should not, however skimp on your mattress purchase. When you buy mattress, it should last you for ten years or slightly less at least. Hence, it is a long-term investment in your own sleep and wellbeing. You should thus try and go for the mattress which suits your needs rather than worrying about the price tag, if possible.  Remember that your mattress is an investment for a good part of your life. Hence, prioritize it accordingly. Stage of Life- There are mattresses which are ideal for children, taking care of waterproofing the top covering, while there are medium firm options for teenagers that come with high bounce-back attributes. Partners and those sharing beds should choose mattresses with motion isolation and proper weight distribution features to avoid rolling onto others. King or queen sized mattresses are generally regarded as suitable options for couples as well. Women who are pregnant will require mattresses with proper alignment, better posture support, and relief from pain. Those suffering from injuries and other issues should choose orthopedic mattresses. You should only choose as per your specific life stage. Do not go for something general that everyone else is opting for. Remember that your unique needs are different from everyone else. Must Read: Why You Should Use Orthopedic Mattresses Trial Period and Warranty- You should examine the trial period and warranty offered by the brand. There are varying figures in both cases that are offered by mattress brands to their customers. You should go for something that fits your needs in this case. A longer warranty and trial period shows that the brand is confident about the product that you are buying and its overall durability and quality. In addition to these features, you should also consider mattress brands offering easy returns. This is another aspect worth noting, since many brands mess up on this aspect, not providing seamless return facilities to customers, which makes it really difficult.  As can be seen, choosing the right mattress depends on several factors. Compare the top mattress brands and take your decision after deliberating on the above-mentioned parameters. You should do your homework before investing in a mattress. Try to opt for a mattress brand that has more variety for you to explore. A brand like SPACES will be a great option in this regard. After all, compromising on your mattress is a strict no-no! You should never take any option that comes up. Your health and comfort should be prioritized above everything else. Make sure that you take a closer look at all the guidelines and inputs before choosing your mattress. The advantage of choosing a brand like SPACES is the vast collection on offer to suit all preferences and budgets. You can also expect new-age technologies and quality that help you lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Monsoon Bedding on a Budget: Affordable Bedsheets that Don't Compromise on Quality
Monsoon Bedding on a Budget: Affordable Bedsheets that Do...

As the monsoon season has set in, there's a certain joy in retreating to your bed, cocooned from the rain's patter outside. Amidst this rainy ambience, the right bedding can truly elevate your comfort. But what if you're working within a budget? Can you find bedsheets that offer quality without the premium price tag? Indeed, you can. Let's explore the world of affordable bedsheets that ensure a restful sleep while keeping your financial concerns in check.   Affordable Bedsheets: Merging Economy and Comfort   The pursuit of quality and affordable bedsheets may seem formidable, but it's an attainable mission. The heart of this quest is embodied by the SPACES collection, which places a premium on reasonably priced bedsheets. This assortment proves that indulgent sleep need not be a privilege confined to extravagant individuals. It dispels the misconception that excellence demands a hefty expenditure.   Comfort in the Fabric   The texture of your bedsheets largely determines your sleep comfort. At SPACES, we deeply understand this factor. Our bedsheets are thoughtfully designed with materials like Egyptian cotton, a fabric celebrated for its breathability and luxurious feel. In the context of the monsoon season, this breathability becomes especially relevant. The Egyptian cotton bedsheets facilitate optimal airflow, effectively preventing excessive heat buildup and fostering an environment conducive to sound sleep. You can buy these bedsheets online today at SPACES!  Patterns with shapes like geometric and abstract artsy designs are getting more and more liked for bedsheets. Bold shapes, lines, and intricate geometric patterns can make your bedroom look cool and artsy. Also, abstract designs in exciting colors and modern patterns can make your bed stand out and give your room a lively and unique feel.   Caring for Your Skin   While affordability and comfort are crucial, safety is paramount. Our affordable bedsheets are designed with consideration for your well-being. The dyes utilized are AZO-free, ensuring that even those with sensitive skin can revel in comfortable and irritation-free sleep. This commitment to skin health aligns seamlessly with our larger goal of providing holistic sleep solutions.   Choose SPACES Hygro Cotton Bedsheets   Now, let's delve into the distinct features of our standout offerings: the SPACES Hygro cotton bedsheets. Crafted to fit both single and double beds, our single bedsheet or double bedsheet are meticulously designed for a seamless fit. We have an extensive collection of patterns, colours, and designs you can choose from as per your bedroom décor.   What sets the SPACES Hygro cotton bedsheets apart is the infusion of innovative technology. Constructed from Hygro cotton, these bedsheets exhibit a unique ability to regulate temperature and moisture. Particularly valuable during the monsoon season, they work harmoniously to maintain an ideal sleep climate amidst varying weather conditions.   Buy bedsheets online today for the coziest experience without overburdening your wallet!   Investing in Quality Sleep   By embracing affordable bedsheets at SPACES, you're not merely investing in bedding; you're investing in the quality of your sleep. Imagine waking up refreshed and invigorated, courtesy of the enhanced sleep environment these bedsheets foster. Every thread is interwoven with innovation, ensuring that your sleep transcends mere rest and evolves into a revitalizing experience.   The ideal thread count for regular bed sheets ranges from 180 to 300. In the realm of deluxe bed linens, a thread count of 300 to 500 is commonly deemed optimal. Yet, it's crucial to recognize that exceeding these thresholds might not notably enhance your overall experience; instead, it could serve as a technical attribute rather than a practical advancement.   Renowned for upholding a dual commitment to quality and affordability, our brand proudly presents these exceptional choices. With a diverse range of options available, including the convenience of bedsheets online shopping at SPACES, we aim to facilitate your bedding transformation, allowing you to embrace the monsoon season with a touch of elegance.   What’s more?  Wait a moment; there's to be excited about the SPACES Rangana collection. This collection draws inspiration from India's intricate and diverse art styles, encapsulating the beauty and historical depth of our vibrant country. Whether you need a single bedsheet or a double bedsheet, each design within the Rangana collection exudes the essence of our culture, infusing an artistic and stylish vibe into your bedroom decor. Elevate your surroundings with the enchanting allure of India's heritage, all through the exquisite offerings of SPACES.   To Conclude   As the gentle rain creates a serene ambience, your bed becomes an irresistible haven for repose. SPACES has transformed the concept of economical bedsheets into a tangible truth - where affordability and excellence unite. If you seek affordable bedsheets options, we invite you to delve into our assemblage, embracing a harmonious fusion of luxury, durability, and budget sensibility. Enhance your bedding ensemble without straining your finances, allowing the rainy season to be welcomed with both snugness and financial prudence.

Towel Set by SPACES
Joyous Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Special Bond

Rakhi, the cherished festival celebrating the beautiful bond between siblings, is just around the corner. As we gear up to celebrate Rakhi 2023, the quest for the perfect gift encapsulating the love and affection we share with our brothers and sisters is on. While the market is flooded with numerous gifting options, one practical and thoughtful idea stands out - towel sets. Yes, you read that right. Towel sets can make for joyous Rakhi gifts that perfectly symbolize the caring nature of this unique relationship. Picture this: A complete towel set elegantly arranged, containing bath towels, hand towels, and face towels. With this well-rounded ensemble, you're not just offering towels but presenting the promise of comfort and convenience. Consider a situation where your siblings step out of the shower, wrapping themselves in a plush, luxurious bath towel. Or perhaps using a soft and absorbent hand towel after washing their face, feeling refreshed and revitalized. A seemingly simple towel becomes a significant part of their daily routine, enhancing every moment of self-care. Beyond the surface, the quality of these towel sets online is worth delving into. Reputable brands, including SPACES, understand the importance of using top-notch materials. Egyptian cotton, known for its ultimate softness and durability, is the cornerstone of these towel sets. In a world where items often lose their charm after a few washes, these cotton towel sets stand tall, resisting wear and tear even with frequent use and washing. It's more than just a gift; it's a durable investment that your loved ones can enjoy for years when you buy bath towel sets. But what sets SPACES towel sets apart from the rest? The answer lies in our dedication to innovation and excellence. Let's dive into the revolutionary offerings that make our towel sets the ultimate choice. SPACES Hygro Towels: Blooming Softness Imagine towels that get softer with each wash. The SPACES Hygro towels make this a reality. These towels boast a unique technology that enhances their softness over time, providing unparalleled comfort. Not only that, they're designed to dry rapidly, ensuring that you're not left with damp towels that take ages to dry. Crafted from hollow cotton, these towels offer a lavish and indulgent experience, delighting each use. The SPACES Hygro towels are a true technological marvel, a Rakhi gift that pampers and spoils. Swift Dry Towels: Nano Spun Magic When performance is key, SPACES Swift Dry towels step up to the plate. Crafted using Nano Spun technology, these towels are designed to be highly absorbent. The softness and fluffiness of these towels are simply irresistible, and the best part is their quick-drying nature. In a bustling household, these towels will be ready for action in no time, ensuring you're never left towel-less when you need one the most. A blend of functionality and luxury, the Swift Dry towels are the epitome of high-performance essentials. As Rakhi approaches, the search for a meaningful and useful gift intensifies. Bath towel sets might be one of many ideas that come to mind, but they deserve a place in your gifting considerations. With SPACES towel sets, you're not just offering towels; you're gifting comfort, convenience, and luxury. So, as you celebrate the special bond you share with your sibling this Rakhi, consider the joy a well-thought-out towel set can bring. After all, the little things often hold the most significance. Preserving Memories: Towel Sets as Rakhi Gifts As the Rakhi celebration approaches, the anticipation of celebrating the cherished bond between siblings grows stronger. While traditional gifts like sweets and trinkets are charming, why not consider something unique and unexpectedly sentimental this year? As you gear up for Rakhi 2023, consider looking beyond the obvious choices and embrace the idea of towel sets as your chosen gift. Let these towels become carriers of love, comfort, and shared moments, creating a unique connection that grows stronger with time. Thus, our online collection allows you to explore various designs and patterns, ensuring you find the perfect towel set that resonates with your sibling's preferences. Imagine gifting a towel set that aligns with their style and caters to their specific requirements. For instance, consider the exquisite towel set of 4 offered by SPACES. This set features the ultimate bath towel, a soft hand towel, and two gentle face towels, all adorned with a sophisticated solid pattern. This set is more than just towels; it's an upgrade to your sibling's daily bathing routine, simultaneously enhancing their comfort and style. Final Words Overall, towel sets might seem like a humble gift choice, but their practicality, comfort, and longevity make them a thoughtful option for Rakhi celebrations. When you choose SPACES towel sets online, you're selecting quality, durability, and innovation that enhances everyday experiences. This Rakhi, express your love and care for your sibling with a gift that speaks volumes about the special bond you share - a gift that's as essential as it is heartfelt.  

Tips & Tricks to style a bathrobe
Ultimate Guide to Buying and Styling Bathrobes: Tips and ...

When it comes to ultimate comfort and relaxation, few things can beat the luxury of slipping into a cosy bathrobe after a shower or lounging around on a lazy weekend morning. Bathrobes aren't just functional garments but a statement of comfort and style. While looking for the perfect bathrobe for yourself or your dear ones, buying and styling the perfect bathrobe is an art that can transform your relaxation routine. In this guide, we'll explore the tips and tricks to make the process of buying and styling bathrobes a breeze.   Ultimate Convenience with Bathrobes Online Thanks to the ease of online purchasing, finding the appropriate bathrobe has never been simpler. Whether you're looking for men's bathrobes, women's bathrobes, or kid’s bathrobes, the plethora of online choices ensures you can find the perfect fit for your needs. One of the leading brands in the market, SPACES, offers an impressive range of bathrobes to choose from. This includes luxurious unisex bathrobes, soft cotton options for kids, and everything. Kids can wear bathrobes after swimming to dry themselves off and stay warm. It's a great way to avoid embarrassment while walking to the changing room in their swimsuit. The online shopping experience allows you to explore different styles, materials, and designs without leaving your home's comfort. Luxury Bathrobes: Longevity and Care   Opting for a luxury bathrobe translates to an investment in comfort and long-lasting quality. SPACES presents a diverse range of luxury bathrobe collections, such as Exotica, Cloudz, and Hygro Bathrobes. Fashioned from 100% cotton, these bathrobes boast exceptional softness while ensuring durability.   Their gentle touch on your skin promises a pleasurable and secure transition after your bath. In your search, you'll discover captivating bathrobes that stand the test of time, offering years of reliable use.   To ensure their longevity, it's essential to provide proper care. Accidents may occasionally happen, and while we advise against spills, the reality is that mishaps can occur. If you do discover a stain on your cherished bathrobe, there's no need to panic.    Instead of immediately resorting to dry cleaners, consider the following steps to maintain your bathrobe's quality:   1. Gentle Washing: Opt for a gentle approach when cleaning your bathrobe. Instead of subjecting it to harsh chemicals, start by washing it separately. The gentle cycle of your washing machine and a mild detergent can work wonders in lifting stains and maintaining the fabric's integrity. 2. Avoid Bleach and Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of using bleach or abrasive chemicals when treating stains on your bathrobe. These substances can damage the fabric and impact its colour and overall appearance.  3. Monthly Laundering Routine: For those who relish the feeling of a freshly washed bathrobe, a monthly washing routine is a beneficial practice. This routine helps to keep your bathrobe perpetually fresh, devoid of any lingering odours and ensures its overall appearance remains impeccable.  4. Material-Specific Care: Different materials may require distinct care approaches. Always consult the care instructions found on the label of your bathrobe. This step is crucial as it provides insights into the specific care methods that suit the material best, ensuring that your bathrobe enjoys a prolonged life.  Tips & Styling: Post-Shower Elegance The bathrobe, a personal wear item that brings comfort and relaxation, is a staple in every household. While bathrobes are primarily functional, they can still exude elegance and sophistication. After all, they're a part of your post-shower routine, and feeling good in what you wear matters.    Here are a few tips for achieving a formal yet comfortable look:   Opt for Classic Colors: Buy bathrobes in neutral shades like whites, greys, or muted tones for a timeless and refined appearance.   Select a Suitable Length: A bathrobe that falls just below the knees is a universally flattering option and adds a touch of formality.   Secure with a Belt: Cinch the bathrobe at the waist with the attached belt for a tailored look.   Keep It Simple: Buy bathrobes in elegant patterns or embellishments for a sleek and polished appearance.   Maintain Grooming: After your shower, ensure your hair is dry and neatly styled, and consider applying a light body lotion for a refreshed feel.   Final Words   In a nutshell, buying and styling the perfect bathrobe is a delightful journey that combines comfort, quality, and personal style. When searching for the best bathrobe brands, exploring options online, such as the SPACES collection, can provide you with various choices tailored to your preferences. Investing in quality bathrobes online and providing them with proper care can ensure their longevity and maintain their luxurious feel.   Remember, whether you are looking for bathrobes for men, bathrobes for women or kids, the after-bath solution is ensured with SPACES. So, browse for your perfect bathrobe online, considering the comfort, style, and care that will keep your bathrobe in top-notch condition for years to come.  

Orthopedic Mattress Vs. Regular Mattress: A Comparative Guide
Orthopedic Mattress Vs. Regular Mattress: A Comparative G...

The type of mattress you sleep on can significantly affect how well you sleep. There are many different types of mattresses to choose from, which can make it hard to pick the right one. In recent years, orthopedic mattresses have gained significant popularity due to their potential benefits for those with orthopedic issues or back pain.    But what exactly sets an orthopedic mattress apart from a regular mattress? In this article, we will compare orthopedic mattresses and regular mattresses to help you decide which one to buy.   Orthopedic Mattress vs Regular Mattress   Orthopedic mattresses have more advantages over regular mattresses. They support your body, relieve pain and pressure, and help regulate temperature.    Support and Alignment Orthopedic mattresses are specifically engineered to provide optimal support and alignment for your spine. They are designed to uniformly distribute your body weight evenly, relieving pressure points and reducing the risk of developing back or joint pain. Regular mattresses, on the other hand, may lack the specialized features required to address orthopedic concerns.   Firmness Level  Orthopedic mattresses are typically available in varying degrees of firmness, ranging from medium to firm. This firmness helps maintain proper spinal alignment and provides the necessary support to alleviate discomfort. Regular mattresses come in a broader range of firmness options, catering to individual preferences but may not offer the same level of orthopedic support.   Material Quality   Orthopedic mattresses often utilize high-quality materials, such as memory foam or latex, known for their pressure-relieving properties. These materials conform to your body's shape, reducing joint and muscle stress. Regular mattresses may consist of less advanced materials, potentially compromising comfort and durability.   Durability   Due to their specialized construction and premium materials, orthopedic mattresses are often more durable than regular mattresses. They are designed to withstand constant use and maintain their supportive properties for an extended period. Regular mattresses may have a different level of longevity and may require replacement sooner.   Sleep Health Benefits   Orthopedic mattresses offer several sleep health benefits. Promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points can help alleviate back pain, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being. Regular mattresses may not provide the same level of targeted support, leading to potential discomfort and disrupted sleep patterns.   Choosing the Best Orthopedic Mattress   If you're in the market for the best orthopedic mattress, consider factors such as:   Supportive Features: Look for a mattress that offers excellent support and alignment for your spine. Features like individually pocketed springs, memory foam, or latex can improve orthopedic care.   Firmness Level: Opt for a mattress with a medium-firm to firm level of firmness, as this tends to provide the most suitable support for orthopedic concerns.   Material Quality: Prioritize mattresses made from high-quality materials that offer pressure relief and conform to your body shape.   Brand Reputation: Choose a reputable brand like SPACES, known for its quality, customer satisfaction, and expertise in orthopedic mattresses.   Introducing the SPACES triple-layered Orthopedic Mattress, a top contender in the market that delivers a truly luxurious hotel-like experience. Crafted with precision and care, this mattress is designed with individually pocketed springs to ensure optimal weight distribution, providing exceptional orthopedic care and promoting a healthy sleep cycle. With its remarkable balance between softness and firmness, it caters to the needs of individuals who prefer a medium-firm mattress and accommodates various sleeping positions.    What Is an Orthopedic Mattress Made Of?   An orthopedic mattress is a mattress type that helps people with back or joint problems or spinal injuries. Doctors prescribe it for those who need extra support while sleeping. Regular mattresses may not provide enough firmness to support the spine and body properly, but ortho mattresses do.   These mattresses are made from memory foam, innerspring, or latex. If you want a firmer and more durable mattress, go for one made of latex. If you prefer a softer mattress that cushions your body and relieves pressure, choose an orthopedic memory foam mattress. Innerspring mattresses are the most supportive and help distribute your body weight evenly, but they can be more expensive.   When looking for the best orthopedic mattress, consider the materials used and what level of support you need. You can select a comfortable mattress that supports your body and allows you to sleep better this way.   Final Words In a nutshell, when it comes to selecting the right mattress, an orthopedic bed mattress offers specialized features and benefits that cater to individuals with orthopedic concerns or back pain.    Investing in a high-quality orthopedic mattress can enhance your sleep experience, wake up refreshed, and promote long-term spinal health.   So, prioritize your sleep health and consider the best orthopedic mattress that suits your needs for a truly rejuvenating rest.  

Towels Online - All you need to know about Towels
All you need to know about Towels: Types, Material, Usage...

The struggle is real when it comes to navigating the realm of adulthood. We're constantly striving to comprehend the complexities of this phase, and an essential aspect involves discerning our home necessities. So, let's kick things off by highlighting one fundamental item that deserves a prominent spot on your checklist: towels. When procuring these indispensable linens, it's time to explore the convenient realm of the best towels online.   In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of towels, exploring different types, materials, and their usage, and provide valuable tips to help you make the most out of your towel choices.   Towels: The Types  Bath Towels: Bath towels are designed to wrap around your body, providing maximum coverage and absorbency after a bath or shower. They offer a luxurious feel and are perfect for a spa-like experience.     Face Towels: Face towels, also known as washcloths, are smaller in size and ideal for facial cleansing, removing makeup, and exfoliating dead skin cells. They are quite gentle on the skin and aid in the maintenance of a healthy complexion.    Hand Towels: Hand towels are slightly larger than face towels and are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. They are convenient for drying your hands after washing and add a touch of elegance to your everyday routines.   Turbie Towels: Turbie towels are designed with a unique shape and loop closure to keep your hair in place while it dries, making them a convenient and efficient haircare accessory.   Towels: The Materials Egyptian Cotton: Egyptian Cotton, grown in the land of the Pharaohs, is renowned for its premium quality, durability, and absorbency, making it a high-end and costly option. When properly cared for, this soft and velvety fabric, recognised for its great resilience and absorbency, can last for years, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting cotton towels.   Microfiber: Microfiber towels are made from synthetic fibres that are extremely absorbent and dry quickly. They are lightweight, ideal for travel, sports, and gym purposes.   Turkish Cotton: Turkish cotton bath towels, crafted with extra-long fibres, offer luxurious softness, durability, and a fluffy texture, enhanced by beautiful, embroidered motifs for added charm, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan.   Organic Cotton: These cotton towels are crafted from pesticide and fertiliser-free cotton, grown using eco-friendly methods that prioritise environmental sustainability, resulting in exceptionally soft, durable, and absorbent towels.   Which is the best pick?    Cotton bath towels are most frequently preferred for their quick-drying nature, while microfiber towels can be harsh on sensitive skin. SPACES Hygro towels bring you technological innovation in the form of bath towels. Made from hollow core cotton yarn, these towels become softer and bloom with every wash, dry quickly, and provide superior comfort.    Towels: The Usage When you buy towels online, you unlock a world of possibilities. These versatile items can be used as makeshift blankets or picnic mats during outdoor activities, ensuring comfort and convenience. In the kitchen, they are indispensable for drying dishes, wiping spills, and protecting surfaces. When shopping for towels online, you can explore different designs, colours, and patterns that add style to your home decor.   Moreover, towels can be fashioned into turbans or headbands, providing a practical solution while applying skincare products or makeup. With this, you can elevate your towel game with the convenience and endless options when you buy towels online.    Towels: The Care & Maintenance Tips  Avoid Fabric Softeners: Fabric softeners can reduce the absorbency of towels over time. Instead, use vinegar or baking soda during the rinse cycle to keep your towels soft and fluffy. No Ironing Needed: Bath towels do not require ironing. The natural texture and fluffiness of the towels are best maintained without the use of an iron.   Tumble Dry on Low Heat: Tumble dry your bath towels on low heat after washing. This helps fluff up the fibres and maintain their softness. High heat must be avoided because it can harm the towel fibres.   Wash Before Use: Always wash your new towels before using them to remove any residual chemicals and enhance their absorbency.   Proper Storage: Hang your towels to dry completely between uses to prevent them from becoming musty or developing an unpleasant odour. Avoid storing them in damp areas.   Ensure a Blissful Bathing Experience with SPACES   Made from premium quality fabrics, the best towel brands in India, like SPACES, offer a luxurious bathing experience. These ultra-soft and super-absorbent towels are available in various designs and patterns, catering to people of all ages. Whether you need bath towels, face towels, hand towels, or turbie towels, SPACES has the perfect option of towels online.   Towels come in various types of GSM (Grams per Square Meter), which refers to their density and thickness. The higher the GSM, the more plush and luxurious the towel feels. Also, the type of pile in the towel, whether looped or cut, also plays a role in determining its softness.   Moreover, our towel sets make a great addition to your bath linen collection or can be gifted to your family and loved ones.   Final Words  Towels are not only useful, but they may also give a touch of luxury to your everyday life. By understanding the different types of towels, choosing the suitable material, and following proper care tips, you can ensure your towels remain soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. Remember to explore SPACES for premium quality towels to enhance your bathing experience.   So invest in the best luxury towels online and elevate your daily rituals!  

Dohar Online
What is Dohar Or Comforter: Which One Is Ideal Choice For...

Purchasing bedding or a bedding set can be challenging, especially when exploring dohar online for ultimate comfort. The online market offers many options, including various dohars, comforters, and blankets. However, the lack of technical information on the distinctions between a dohar and a blanket, a dohar and a comforter, or a comforter and a blanket can make it overwhelming to make a choice.    To assist you in making an informed decision based on your bedroom and sleep requirements, here is a comprehensive guide that sheds light on the differences between a dohar and a comforter.    Here is a quick overview:  Features  Dohar  Comforter  Craft  two cotton sheets together, with usually a cotton or flannel layer in between  Filled with different kinds of stuffing for insulation such as wool, silk, microfibre  Use  A summer or A.C. blanket  Ideal for winters and cooler weather  Storage  Compact  Takes up huge spaces  Weight  Light-weight  Relatively heavier  Décor appeal  Sleek  Cozy    What is a dohar?  First, let us understand what is a dohar before you look for dohar online. It is a sleek bedding made by stitching two cotton sheets together, usually with a cotton or flannel layer in between them for additional warmth. It may or may not be quilted. Traditionally, the dohar has been a summer blanket. It is ideal when the cool night winds blow, and you need more than a cotton sheet to keep you warm, but not as padded as a full-fledged quilt.   However, in today’s context, it serves as an ideal bedding throughout the year when you have turned on the AC and the temperature is a cool 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. Hence, many online dohars are labelled as AC quilts or dohar blankets.   When And How To Use A Dohar? Contrary to the myth, dohars are not limited to cold regions. Dohar blankets are lightweight and suitable for all parts of India, even in extreme climates. They provide comfort on summer nights with a light AC dohar and warmth during winter. Traditionally crafted by older women as heirlooms, dohars are now available in various sizes, colours, and designs from leading home furnishing brands.   They can also serve as attractive throw rugs for living room couches. Whether you opt for a single or double dohar online, follow the instructions for washing, usually done in a machine with mild detergent, while avoiding dry cleaning to maintain fabric integrity and colours.   What is a comforter?  A comforter is also a type of quilt that is ideal for slightly cooler temperatures or even winters. It varies in thickness depending on the make and is filled with different kinds of stuffing for insulation depending on the brand and manufacturer – wool, silk, microfibre, etc.    When And How To Use A Comforter?   A comforter is a versatile bedding item that can be used in various ways to enhance your sleep experience. It provides warmth and comfort during colder nights, making it an ideal choice as your primary bedding.   Additionally, you can use a comforter as an extra layer for added warmth in milder temperatures or when you have guests staying over. Beyond its practical function, a comforter adds style and visual appeal to your bedroom decor, thanks to the wide range of colours and designs available.   Dohar vs Comforter: Key Differences    Several key differences come into play when comparing a dohar and a comforter. A dohar typically contains cotton or, at most, flannel as filling, making it significantly lighter in insulation compared to a comforter. If you are a frequent traveller who prefers bringing your bedding, a dohar takes up much less space in your bag than a bulkier comforter. The same applies to storage space, whether you plan to tuck it away during the daytime or for an entire season.   Furthermore, if you intend to showcase them on your bed, a dohar imparts a sleek appeal to your bedroom, while a comforter creates a cosy atmosphere.   Similarities between a dohar and a comforter   When comparing comforters and dohar online, consider that both involve stitching two sheets together with an added layer for warmth. Comforters are sold individually or as part of a bed-in-a-bag set, while dohars are available as sets with matching pillow covers and bedsheets. Both can be spread over a bedsheet and are easily laundered by hand or machine. Keep in mind that comforters may require specific washing cycles and longer drying times in certain weather conditions.   Available in various sizes, including options for single, double, and kids' beds, you can find suitable dohars and comforters online.   Where To Buy Comforters and Dohar Online?   Now that you clearly understand what to expect when purchasing a dohar online or a comforter, it's worth exploring the extensive range of premium quality dohars and comforters offered by SPACES. They provide excellent comfort, durability, and value.   You can also choose from exclusive options specifically designed for kids. For those seeking designer dohars and comforters, SPACES offers a variety of options. Additionally, SPACES provides anti-viral and anti-bacterial dohars and comforters, ensuring a clean and safe environment in your bedroom.   Conclusion   By understanding the distinctions between these bedding options, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences, sleep requirements, and the climate you reside in. Dohars are lightweight and versatile, suitable for various seasons and regions, while comforters provide additional insulation and cosiness.   Whether you prioritize practicality, style, or both, there are a plethora of Dohar online at SPACES.   Frequently Asked Questions   What is a cotton dohar?   A cotton dohar is a type of dohar that is made from cotton fabric, known for its softness and breathability.   Which fabric is best for dohar?   Cotton is often considered the best fabric for dohars due to its natural properties, such as being soft, lightweight, and comfortable.   Is dohar good for summer?   Yes, a dohar is suitable for summer as cotton dohars are breathable and help regulate body temperature.   Can a dohar be washed?   A dohar can be washed separately from other fabrics to maintain longevity.   How do you clean a dohar at home?   To clean a dohar at home, follow the recommended washing instructions, including using a mild detergent, gentle cycle, and avoiding dry cleaning or bleach. 

Is Your Bedding Giving You Acne and Dandruff?
Is Your Bedding Giving You Acne and Dandruff?

One normally associates sleeping with healing, relaxation and getting rid of niggling pains at night. You would normally not connect sleeping at night or using your bed to getting acne and dandruff on a pillow or even skin rashes and respiratory issues. But what if this were actually true?   Unseen Health Risks Lurking in Your Bedding  Have you noticed lately that you or a loved one get sudden unexplained colds or you suffer acne breakouts despite having a daily skin care regimen? You maintain good hygiene regarding your skin, body and clothing, and you keep your immunity strong by eating right and exercising regularly. And yet, there are these unexplained skin and hair issues that you have no answer to. The culprit might be your bedding.   But how does your bedding cause skin and hair problems? From your bedsheet to pillow covers and comforters, your bedding has the potential to make you sick because it may be rife with germs. If you are wondering how to get rid of dandruff, it's essential to understand the underlying factors contributing to it.   How Does Your Bedding Make You Sick?   It seems strange that a space of relaxation and healing – your bed – could be giving you acne breakouts and dandruff on bedsheets. The problem starts with dirty bedding that has not been washed or cleaned correctly for long.   Most of us make our beds quite infrequently. We lay a washed bedsheet on the bed and then smoothen it over the next morning after use. Usually, the same single or double bedsheet will get slept in for about a fortnight to even a month!   Every time you lie down on your bed, your skin and hair make contact with the sheet. This means that wet or dried sweat, dead skin, loose hair, dandruff from the scalp, or even other bodily emissions, come in contact with the sheet. With each use, these are stuck onto the sheet and the pillow covers.   The double or single bedsheet absorbs liquid and fluid spills, and there may also be trace food crumbs. These create germ and bacterial colonies, which fester gradually as the sheet is progressively used.   This largely means that the sheet, pillow cover and comforter get contaminated with every use. Continuing to use it after contamination leads to more germ and microbial activity. These germs and microbes are then transferred back to your skin and hair. They cause many problems like acne due to dandruff, rashes, acne, oiliness, boils, even respiratory disorders or asthmatic flare-ups, and much more.   Are Fitted Sheets, Flat Sheets, Blankets, and Pillow Covers Truly Significant?   Each of these bedding components contributes to your overall comfort while sleeping. Fitted sheets ensure a snug fit around your mattress, preventing it from coming loose during the night.   The fitted sheet serves as the foundational layer placed directly on your mattress. It features elastic bands to ensure a snug fit and prevent slipping during sleep. On top of the fitted sheet lies the flat sheet, also known as the top sheet, which can be used as an additional blanket or placed over you for extra warmth on colder nights.   It is recommended to be used on top of your main blanket, as it helps regulate the effectiveness of the blanket's heat by reducing the amount of Infrared radiation reflected back at you. Besides their decorative function, these two layers are essential for providing warmth. Regardless of your mattress's thickness, air can seep in from underneath throughout the night, making these layers even more valuable for a comfortable night's sleep.   How To Care of Your Bed Sheet?   It naturally follows that you must wash your used bedding before it becomes too grubby. But how soon is too soon?   It is safe to use the same bedding for a fortnight in cold weather when you don’t sweat as much as you would at other times of the year. In hot or humid seasons, it is better to wash the sheets and pillow covers after a week of use.   Follow the manufacturer’s directions on washing the bedding. Usually, it is better to wash both small and large bedsheets in cold or cool water – hot water must be avoided at all costs – using your usual brand of detergent.   Avoid dry cleaning or bleaching your bedding – these do not clean the sheets more than a tumble in the washing machine can and end up fraying the thread count on the fabric.   Conclusion   We trust that this article has shed light on the impact of bedding on skin and hair health and provided valuable insights into proper bed linen care. Managing body heat can be challenging, particularly when sharing a bed with a partner. That's why it's crucial to pay attention to what you wear on top and the bedding beneath you.    If you want to enhance your and your partner's sleep quality and prevent skin problems like acne, consider exploring various options to buy bed sheets online.    Frequently Asked Questions   How does contaminated bedding make you sick?   Unclean bedding becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which can cause various skin and hair problems, including acne breakouts, rashes, and respiratory disorders.   What is the purpose of a fitted sheet?   Fitted sheets ensure a snug fit around your mattress, preventing it from coming loose during the night and improving your sleeping experience.   How often should you wash your bedding?   In cold weather, you can use the same bedding for a fortnight, but in hot or humid seasons, it is better to wash the sheets and pillow covers after a week of use.   Should you dry clean or bleach your bedding?   Dry cleaning or bleaching is not recommended for bedding as they do not clean the sheets effectively and may damage the fabric.   Where can you find various options to buy bed sheets online?   Consider SPACES's exclusive collection of bedding accessories to enhance your sleep quality and prevent skin problems causing acne due to dandruff.  

Know The Thread Count for Good Bedsheets - Spaces
Know The Thread Count for Good Bedsheets - Spaces

When evaluating bedsheets, the thread count plays a crucial role in assessing their quality. If you've been actively comparing different options, you're likely aware of the significance of bedsheet thread count. It is frequently emphasized by sellers as a marketing tactic, with higher thread being touted as an indicator of softness and superior cotton bedsheets and linens. However, as a discerning buyer, it's essential to strike a balance between thread count and other important factors. In order to make an informed decision and avoid falling for marketing gimmicks, it's crucial to uncover the truth about thread count in bedsheets and learn how to differentiate genuine quality from mere marketing tactics. Before we begin, let us understand what is threat count in bedsheet and how to choose a perfect bedsheet suitable as per your needs. What Does Thread Count Mean? Thread count are the number of threads woven into a single square inch of fabric, measuring the fabric's tightness. It is often used as a general indicator of a fabric's softness and texture. It is also heavily utilized in marketing to imply that a particular product is superior to competing sheets. While there is some truth to these claims, it is important to note that thread count in bedsheets is not the sole determinant of a sheet set's overall quality. Other factors should be considered when evaluating the product's true quality and value. What is the Best Thread Count for Sheets? The recommended standard bedsheet thread count typically falls within the range of 180 to 300, while luxury bed linens may have a thread count ranging from 300 to 500. However, exceeding these ranges may not significantly enhance the user's experience and can be seen as merely a technical feature. Determining the ideal thread count for sheets is not an exact science, and there is no magical number that guarantees perfection. However, there are generally accepted ranges for different levels of sheet quality. As a starting point, it is recommended to look for sheets with an advertised thread count of at least 180. Anything lower than this threshold will likely feel less soft and may not provide a comfortable sleeping experience. Some truth about thread count in a bedsheet 1. Good thread count and durability For standard bedsheets, an optimal thread count typically falls within the range of 180 to 300. When it comes to luxury bed linens, a thread count ranging from 300 to 500 is often considered ideal. However, it is important to note that going beyond these ranges may not necessarily enhance your overall experience and may be more of a technical feature than a practical improvement.If you're searching for bedsheets that cater to your specific preferences, explore the wide range of thread count categories offered by SPACES. This will allow you to discover the options that best suit your needs. 2. The ‘1000 thread count’ appeal Despite this, you will find several bedsheets being marketed for their 1000-thread count. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by this. While a 1000-thread count bedsheet claim can be true if it comes from a genuine brand, it is unlikely to provide you with a superior sleep experience or durability value as compared to a 300 to 500 thread count bedsheet.Instead of focusing on the thread count, you need to consider it in context with other factors, such as the cotton used and the yarn’s ply if SPACES offers a range of bedsheets with superior quality cotton and yarn. 3. Thread count, yarns, and ply Each thread in your bedsheet is made of yarn. The quality of yarn and the number of plys used to spin that yarn are equally or more important in defining your bedsheet’s quality. For instance, if the yarn used is spun out of a single-quality ply, it will be fine and soft in nature. On the other hand, if the yarn is 3-ply, it will be coarse and cheaper to manufacture. Unfortunately, since many buyers are only aware of thread count as a benchmark for quality, several sellers use it as an opportunity to arrive at a high thread count by using multi-ply yarn. Hence, you will find brands offering 800 and 1000 thread count bedsheets at unbelievable prices simply by using two and three-ply cotton.Hence, you mustn’t just go by thread count in bedsheets but understand the quality of thread and yarn used in a bedsheet. 4. Caring for your high thread count bedsheet It is important to remember that proper care is essential for your bedsheets, regardless of their thread count, to maintain their quality and improve with each wash. To ensure longevity, consider following these gentle care tips. Use cold water when washing your sheets. This helps to preserve the fabric and prevent shrinkage. Avoid harsh detergents or scrubbing vigorously, as this can damage the fibres. Instead, opt for mild, gentle detergents and a delicate washing cycle. When it comes to drying, it's best to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause fading. Instead, choose a shaded area or use a low heat setting on your dryer. By adopting these care practices, the thread count in bedsheets ranging from 180 to 500 will continue to serve you well and maintain their quality over time. Conclusion Undoubtedly, understanding the thread count in bedsheets is crucial for making informed purchasing decisions. While thread count does play a role in assessing quality, it is not the sole determinant. Finding the ideal thread count in the bedsheet range is essential, with 180 to 300 being suitable for standard bedsheets and 300 to 500 for luxury bed linens.Going beyond these ranges may not significantly enhance the user experience. Carefully choosing bedding for your home guarantees a tranquil sleep environment, enveloped in luxurious materials that perfectly complement your lifestyle.Experience the refined elegance at SPACES that will transform your bedroom into a haven for bedding enthusiasts. Indulge in our exquisite, crisp sheet sets and sophisticated bedding collections to create the ideal sleep sanctuary. Frequently Asked Questions What is the thread count in the bedsheet? Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a single square inch of fabric, indicating the fabric's tightness. How can you tell if sheets are good quality? Factors like thread count, fabric type, weave, and feel can determine good quality sheets. Is 200 thread count good for cotton sheets? A 200 thread count is considered decent for cotton sheets, but higher thread counts may offer a softer and more luxurious feel. Which thread count is best for bed sheets? The recommended thread count for bed sheets falls between 180 and 500, with luxury linens usually ranging from 300 to 500. Is 1000 thread count good? While a 1000-thread count may sound impressive, it doesn't necessarily guarantee superior quality or comfort. A thread count between 300 and 500 is often sufficient for a good sleeping experience. How should I care for my bedsheets to maintain their longevity? To maintain the longevity of your bedsheets, wash them with cold water, use mild detergents, avoid harsh scrubbing, and dry them in shaded areas or on a low-heat setting.

Buy Mattress Online - Transform Your Mattress into a Luxurious Oasis of Comfort
Transform Your Mattress into a Luxurious Oasis of Comfort

A good night's sleep is essential for our overall well-being, and the foundation of a restful slumber lies in the comfort of our mattresses. While the traditional one-size-fits-all mattresses have been the norm for years, an innovation has taken the sleep industry by storm: half-and-half mattresses. These revolutionary bedding solutions allow you to customise your sleep experience by combining different materials in a single mattress, offering a luxurious oasis of comfort tailored to your unique preferences.    Let us dive into the world of half and half mattresses and explore how they can transform your sleep into a blissful retreat.   Concept of Half and Half Mattresses   Do you and your partner have different preferences when it comes to mattress firmness?    Are you tired of compromising on comfort to accommodate each other's needs?    Here is the transformative power of half and half mattresses by SPACES, where the perfect comfort level for both sleepers becomes a reality.   Gone are the days of settling for a one-size-fits-all mattress that leaves one person tossing and turning throughout the night. With the innovative concept of half and half mattresses, SPACES has redefined the sleeping experience. By seamlessly combining two distinct halves, these mattresses provide a cohesive sleeping surface while allowing individual customisation.   When it comes to firm vs soft mattresses, compromise can be the last thing. Imagine having a mattress that caters to both your desires, whether you prefer a plush, cloud-like feel or crave the support of a firmer surface. With half-and-half mattresses, you no longer have to settle. These innovative sleep solutions allow each mattress side to be tailored to meet your unique preferences. One side can provide a luxurious, soft experience, enveloping you in comfort and allowing you to sink in blissfully.  Meanwhile, the other side offers a solid, firm foundation, supporting those who need it. With this mattress type, you can finally have the best of both worlds, embracing a personalised sleep experience that suits your and your partner's needs. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to personalised sleep perfection.   The genius lies in the design. SPACES utilises different materials and firmness levels on each side of the mattress, ensuring that both sleepers experience their desired comfort level. The possibilities are endless, whether it's memory foam, latex, or a combination of materials. By embracing the concept of half and half, you can finally bid farewell to restless nights and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.   But it doesn't stop there. Half and half mattresses also prioritise support and alignment. Each side is engineered to provide targeted support to different areas of the body, ensuring proper spinal alignment and alleviating pressure points. This personalised support promotes healthier sleep posture, reducing aches and pains that can disrupt your slumber.   Revolutionise your Sleep Quality with Ultimate Comfort   One of the most significant advantages of half and half mattresses is their ability to cater to your specific comfort needs. You can create a customised sleep environment with the option to choose varying materials and firmness levels. For instance, if you prefer a plush feel while your partner prefers a firmer surface, you can have one side of the mattress made with memory foam for contouring and pressure relief. In contrast, the other side can feature latex for a more supportive and responsive feel. This customisation ensures you wake up refreshed without compromising individual preferences.   Half and half mattresses enhance sleep quality by allowing each sleeper to choose their ideal sleep surface. They support different body areas, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. At SPACES, we offer a variety of options such as Soft Firm, Medium Firm, and Soft-Medium Luxury Mattresses, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your comfort preferences and sleep needs. This optimal support can alleviate discomfort and minimise tossing and turning, leading to a more peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Moreover, their level of customisation is remarkable, ranging from adjustable dimensions to the inclusion of two distinct firmness levels within a single mattress.   Additionally, they offer fantastic add-ons such as selecting a top mattress cover according to your preferences and even providing antiviral treatment. Such a high degree of personalised customisation is difficult to come by in the market.   Experience the ultimate sleep experience with our range of half and half mattresses, tailored to enhance your rest and rejuvenation.  Final Words  Half and half mattresses by SPACES have emerged as a game-changer in the quest for a truly restful and rejuvenating sleep experience. Rest assured; you also benefit from a 30-day trial period to ensure that the mattress lives up to your expectations. It's important to ensure that the fundamental aspects of the mattress are on point, such as having an inbuilt mattress protector for added durability, water repellence to safeguard against accidents, and a soft, breathable top cover material for optimal comfort.  Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace the personalised bliss that awaits you with a half and half mattress. Invest in your sleep, and reap the benefits of waking up revitalised, ready to conquer the day.    

Buy Bedsheets Online (Monsoon Bedding: Embrace Trends, Patterns, Colours of vibrant bedsheets)
Monsoon Bedding: Embrace Trends, Patterns, Colours of vib...

As the rainy season arrives, it's time to give your bedroom a refreshing makeover. One of the easiest and most effective ways to transform the ambience of your sleeping sanctuary is by updating your bedding. Monsoon bedding allows you to embrace the trends, patterns, and colours of vibrant bedsheets that perfectly complement the rainy season. Whether you're looking for a serene and soothing feel or a bold and lively vibe, bedsheets online offer a vast range of options to suit your taste and style.   When it comes to monsoon bedding, the right choice of vibrant bedsheets can instantly uplift your mood and create a cosy haven during rainy days. With the convenience of shopping for bedsheets online, you can explore an extensive collection of patterns, colours, and designs from the comfort of your home.   Enhance sleep quality with trending bedsheets  When it comes to choosing bedsheets online, it's not just about aesthetics. The quality of the fabric you sleep on is crucial in enhancing your sleep experience.   Opting for high-quality, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen can significantly impact your sleep experience. These fabrics promote airflow, allowing for better ventilation and keeping you cool and comfortable all night. Furthermore, the soft and luxurious feel of these linens against your skin adds a layer of comfort, helping you drift into a restful slumber.   At SPACES, we understand the importance of comfort when buying bedsheets. Our collection features popular fabrics like Egyptian cotton, known for its exceptional breathability. These bedsheets allow for optimal airflow, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring a comfortable sleep environment. Additionally, the dyes used in our bedsheets are AZO-free ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. Ultimately, the superior strength of Egyptian cotton fibers ensures that your bedsheets will stand the test of time. They resist pilling and tearing, maintaining their pristine appearance and feel, even after multiple washes, offering long-lasting comfort and quality.  One of our best choices for enhancing sleep comfort is the SPACES Hygro cotton bedsheets. These bedsheets are made from Hygro cotton, a unique fabric that regulates temperature and absorbs moisture for a cozy slumber, while growing even softer after each wash. This innovative technology helps maintain an ideal sleep climate, keeping you cosy and comfortable. With SPACES Hygro cotton bedsheets, you can experience enhanced sleep quality and wake up feeling refreshed.   With our profound expertise in bed linen, we offer excellent options for your bedroom makeover. Our carefully curated collection combines comfort and style, allowing you to create a sleep space that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to quality sleep. From vibrant patterns to soothing neutrals, our bedsheets cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your bedroom decor.   Inspire space with a touch of Colours & Patterns   Keeping up with the emerging trends in bedsheets allows you to create a contemporary and fashionable look that reflects your personal taste.   Geometric patterns and abstract designs have been gaining popularity in the world of bedsheets. Bold shapes, lines, and intricate geometric patterns create a visually striking impact, adding a modern and artistic touch to your bedroom. Abstract designs with unique colour combinations and contemporary motifs can transform your bed into a focal point and bring a sense of vibrancy and personality to the room.   When you buy bedsheets online, remember to mix and match patterns, layer different textures, or incorporate decorative pillows and throws. These elements allow you to curate a personalized and visually captivating sleep space that reflects your individuality and style.   With designer bedsheets online, you can create a sanctuary that resonates with your unique personality. It's time to experience the vibrant energy of unique linen designs with our latest seasonal collection.   Discover our captivating and inspiring bedsheets, crafted with heavenly soft organic cotton that gets even softer with each wash. Made from 100% sustainably produced cotton, free from synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Sleep soundly, knowing our eco-friendly bedding comes in recyclable packaging. Opt for SPACES organic cotton bedding for an environmentally conscious slumber, made with 100% recycled water and sustainably sourced cotton.  Upgrade your bedding with a touch of subtle glamour. Choose from floral patterns, geometric designs, and beautiful ornate details on soft backgrounds, perfect for a modern lifestyle.  Revamp Your Bedroom with SPACES   At SPACES, we recognize the significance of finding the ideal bedsheets for your bedroom makeover. That's why we invite you to explore our website, where you'll find an outstanding range of options tailored to meet your specific needs this monsoon.   But wait, there's more! We are delighted to introduce you to our exclusive Rangana collection, inspired by India's rich and diverse art forms. Whether you are looking for a single bedsheet or a double bedsheet, each design in this collection showcases the beauty and cultural heritage of our vibrant nation, allowing you to infuse your bedroom with a touch of artistic elegance.   In addition to our exceptional bed linen offerings, we take pride in our bath linen series. Designed to impress, our bath linen sets are meticulously packaged, making them a luxurious and thoughtful gift option. With attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship, our bath linen collection elevates your bathroom experience to a new level of sophistication.   Visit our website today and discover the perfect bedsheets online that cater to your bedroom makeover this rainy season. 

Finding the Perfect Match -How to Identify Your Ideal Quilt Style
Finding the Perfect Match: How to Identify Your Ideal Qui...

Looking to transform your bedroom into a cosy oasis? Look no further than a high-quality quilt. However, with the available options of quilts online, the task of finding the perfect quilt can seem overwhelming. That's where we step in to help!   In this guide, we'll assist you in navigating through the factors to consider when choosing a quilt, ensuring you make a decision that brings you peaceful and restful sleep.   1. Determine Your Ideal Warmth   When shopping for quilts online in India, it's essential to consider your ideal warmth level. The suitable quilt will give you the perfect amount of cosiness without causing overheating.    Look for quilts with optimal insulation that regulate body temperature, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. The quilts with higher GSM filling provide more warmth, allowing you to find the perfect quilt that aligns with your preferred level of coziness, ensuring a peaceful and restorative night's rest.   2. Look for Hypoallergenic Options  When browsing for quilts online, it's crucial to prioritize skin safety. Buy quilts online at SPACES that go above and beyond their traditional and seasonal importance by providing exceptional softness and gentleness to your skin.    Designed with a health layer protection, they effectively safeguard the integrity of the fibres, preventing any spillage or deterioration. With this feature in place, your skin will remain safeguarded by the use of skin-safe dyes, and the specially designed health layer acts as a barrier against any irritation caused by the fibers.  By choosing quilts that prioritize skin safety, you can enjoy a cosy and worry-free sleep experience, night after night.   3. Pay Attention to GSM   GSM (grams per square meter) is important when buying quilts online. It measures the density and thickness of the quilt's filling, indicating its overall warmth and comfort.    SPACES provide a range of quilts to cater to different climate preferences. From regular warmth quilts for milder weather to extra warm quilts designed to combat colder climates, we offer options to ensure optimal comfort throughout the year.   4. Consider Longevity   Investing in quilts that offer longevity is essential for getting the most out of your purchase.    Discover the exclusive quilt collection at SPACES, featuring the exquisite Hygro Cotton and Silky Soy materials.   These materials provide ultimate comfort and offer higher durability, ensuring that the quilt blanket maintains its effectiveness even after multiple washes. The longevity of each quilt depends on the specific material used, guaranteeing a worthwhile and long-lasting investment.    5. Understand Your Aesthetic Preferences    Before diving into the world of quilts, take a moment to consider your aesthetic preferences. Do you lean towards classic and timeless designs or prefer more contemporary and bold patterns? Understanding your style will guide you when choosing the perfect quilt.   Explore different design styles, such as rustic, minimalist, or bohemian, and see which resonates most with you. At SPACES, you'll discover an array of quilts inspired by various themes, allowing you to select your preferred ones.   6. Prefer Mood and Ambiance   The quilt you choose can greatly influence the mood and ambience of your space. A quilt's patterns, colours, and textures can evoke different emotions and set the tone for the room. For example, if you want to infuse energy and vibrancy into a room, you can buy quilts online at SPACES for bold geometric designs and vibrant colours to achieve that effect.    Essential Cleaning Tips for Quilts   When you buy quilts online, it's important to take care of them and clean them properly. Here are a few cleaning tips for your quilts:   Follow the care instructions on the label   Always read the care instructions on your quilt before cleaning it. This will help you avoid any damage to the fabric or filling.   Vacuum your quilt regularly  To remove dust or dirt from the quilts, prefer a soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuuming will help keep them clean and fresh.   Spot-clean stains   If you notice any stains on your quilt, spot-clean them immediately. Use a mild detergent in scrubbing the stain gently. Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water and let it air dry.   Wash your quilt in cold water.   Use cold water and mild detergent if your quilt blanket is machine washable. Bleach and fabric softeners, which might destroy the fabric and filling, should be avoided. Use a gentle cycle and a low spin speed to avoid damaging the quilt.   Air dry or tumble dry on low heat   After washing, it's essential to dry your quilt correctly. If possible, air dry it by laying it flat on a clean surface or hanging it outside on a clothesline. If using a dryer, select the lowest heat setting and add a few clean tennis balls or dryer balls to help fluff the quilt and prevent clumping.   Summary Finding the perfect quilt style is a delightful journey that allows you to express your personality and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you choose a traditional, modern, or eclectic design, remember that the perfect quilt is the one that brings you joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging.    Happy quilting! 

Doormat Online for Home
Welcome in Style: Choosing the Perfect Decorative Doormat...

Are you looking to add a touch of charm and practicality to your entryway?   Look no further than the versatile and functional doormat! Doormats have the incredible ability to enhance the first impression of your home effortlessly. They change the look and feel of your doorstep and offer practical advantages, like keeping your floors clean and providing a welcoming surface to wipe your feet.  Additionally, doormats come in various textures, colours, and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home decor.   Choosing the Right Doormat: Functionality and Style   When it comes to doormats, their primary function is to protect your home and floors from dirt and grime. While attractive and colourful doormats may catch your eye, it's crucial to prioritize functionality over style. That's why, when you purchase doormats online, it's essential to look for moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and durable ones, ensuring they last longer and maintain a fresh appearance.   Doormats can reveal a lot about a person. Everyone desires a mat that reflects their style and sets a welcoming tone for their home. They serve as a beautiful addition to the overall aesthetics of any home, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. However, durability is also a crucial factor to consider when selecting a doormat.   At SPACES, we understand that everyone has their unique style and preferences. That's why we provide an extensive selection of large and small foot mats to cater to your taste. Whether you're drawn to floral designs, geometric patterns, or intricate ornate, we have the perfect doormat to match your style.   Our doormats not only add a touch of elegance to your home's colours and decor but are also designed with durability and functionality in mind. You can trust that our foot mats will withstand daily wear and tear while effectively keeping your floors clean and protected.   Things to Consider Before Choosing Doormats   Assess your home's exterior to determine its architectural style, colour palette, and overall ambience.   Consider the functionality of the doormat based on the foot traffic and climate in your area.   Measure your entryway to select the appropriate size for the doormat, ensuring it covers the door's width.   Personalize your doormat with monograms, family names, or welcoming messages to add a personal touch.   Choose a doormat material that suits your needs, such as coir for durability or rubber for water resistance.   Explore a variety of designs and patterns, from classic motifs to bold geometric shapes or floral patterns.   Coordinate your doormat with seasonal themes by swapping out designs to match different times of the year.   Overall, it is important to consider the exterior, functionality, size, personalization, material, and design options to create a welcoming and stylish first impression for your guests. Ensure to consider all these things before buying doormats online.    Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Doormat  Choosing the perfect doormat is just the beginning. Placement within your home plays a crucial role in creating the desired impact. Strategic positioning can significantly influence the overall atmosphere and functionality of your space.   Doormats can also define areas within larger spaces, separating dining and living areas. Follow our placement tips for a practical and stylish environment customized to your needs.   For the living room: Position the doormat at the borders, arranging furniture for a cohesive look. Use smaller rugs to define separate seating spaces if your room is more extensive.  For the dining room: Choose a rug that is large enough to accommodate the dining table and chairs comfortably, even when the chairs are pulled out. Make sure the rug extends beyond the edges of the table to allow for proper placement of the chairs.  For the bedroom: If you prefer to center a smaller rug under the bed, choose one that is large enough to extend beyond the sides and foot of the bed. Aim to expose about half of the rug on all sides for a balanced and symmetrical look.  Pro Tip: Layer rugs to add depth and interest. Place a neutral base rug and top it with a smaller, vibrant one for a captivating look. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, this technique creates an inviting atmosphere. Choose complementary colours and patterns for a harmonious space.   When shopping for doormats online, remember these placement principles to optimize style and functionality.   Summary   A decorative doormat is the perfect welcome mat for your home, setting the tone for what lies beyond the door. By carefully considering your home's exterior, functionality, size, personalization options, materials, and designs, you can choose the perfect doormat that compliments your home's style while reflecting your unique personality.    Let your creativity shine and welcome your guests in style with a decorative doormat that adds warmth, character, and charm to your home's entrance.    Discover the ideal foot mat that resonates with your style and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Visit SPACES today and explore our options to find the perfect doormat for you.  

Towel Maintenance Tips
Monsoon Must-Haves: Towel Maintenance Tips for the Rainy ...

As we find ourselves in the midst of the rainy season, it's interesting to note that despite the declaration of the season nationally this year, there has been relatively little rainfall. However, the weather has taken on a rainy season-like quality, characterized by heavy humidity and occasional showers. Unfortunately, this poses a challenge when it comes to drying clothes, as the damp conditions make it difficult for them to dry thoroughly. Many households are left with two options: either endure the odour that lingers on freshly dried clothing or resort to using dryers or air conditioners to expedite the drying process. Considering the challenges of this monsoon season, it becomes paramount to pay extra attention to towel maintenance. By implementing some practical tips, you can ensure that your bath towels remain fresh, clean, and free from musty odours. In today's discussion, we will explore these tips, enabling you to maximize the benefits of your essential monsoon must-haves. 6 Tips to Refresh: Keep Your Bath Towels Fresh Maintaining fresh and clean bath towels in your hamper is crucial, and immediate washing isn't always required. By following a few straightforward steps, you can keep your towels fresh until you're ready to wash them. Benefit from expert tips and years of towel testing experience to ensure your towels remain fresh and ready for use. Bid farewell to unpleasant odours and embrace long-lasting freshness! Tip 1: Regular Washing Regular washing is essential to keep your towels clean and hygienic. Aim to wash your bath towels every three to four days during the monsoon season. Use a gentle detergent and avoid fabric softeners, which might impair the absorbency of the towel. Select a warm water temperature and an appropriate wash cycle to remove dirt, bacteria, and any musty odours that may have accumulated. Tip 2: Choose Quick-Drying Towels During the monsoon, when humidity levels are high, and towels take longer to dry, it's crucial to choose towels made from quick-drying materials. So when you buy towels online, don't miss out on the Anti-Bacterial 100% Cotton Bath Towel, an ideal monsoon companion that combines both functionality and quality. The exquisite collection of bath towels at SPACES is meticulously crafted from high-quality cotton ensuring exceptional absorbency for a fast-drying experience. Its quick-drying properties prevent the towel from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, keeping it fresh and hygienic throughout the monsoon season. Tip 3: Use Iron on Low Heat Another effective technique to keep your towels fresh during the rainy season is to use an iron on low heat. After your towels have dried to a certain extent but still feel slightly damp or have a lingering odor, using an iron on a low heat setting can help eliminate any remaining moisture and kill bacteria that may cause musty smells. Simply place a clean cloth or towel over the damp towel and gently press the iron over it. The combination of heat and pressure helps to dry the towel further and leaves it smelling fresh and revitalized. Tip 4: Store Towels in a Dry Place When it comes to the storage of bath towels, proper storage is essential to prevent them from becoming damp or musty. Avoid storing bath towels in enclosed SPACES like bathrooms where humidity levels are high. Instead, consider using a linen closet or dedicated towel storage area that allows for air circulation. Tip 5: Hang Towels Properly Proper towel hanging is crucial for maintaining their freshness. After use, spread the towel out fully to allow air circulation and ensure it dries evenly. Avoid folding or bunching the towel, as this can trap moisture and promote mildew growth. If possible, hang towels in a well-ventilated area or under a fan to expedite the drying process. To promote efficient drying, it is advisable to hang towels in a well-ventilated area. If you have access to a fan, positioning the towels beneath it can help expedite the drying process by enhancing air circulation. Tip 6: Avoid using fabric softeners Experts and reliable sources recommend against their use as they can leave a film on towels, reducing their absorbency. If you desire a soft, static-free feel, use fabric softeners sparingly or opt for alternative methods like wool dryer balls, which can provide similar softening effects without compromising towel performance. Summary Keep your monsoon must-have towels fresh, clean, and odour-free with these practical maintenance tips. When buying towels online, opt for quick-drying materials like microfiber or bamboo. Follow proper washing and drying techniques, and store bath towels in a dry, well-ventilated area. To sanitize, occasionally dry towels on high heat, as hot, dry air effectively eliminates germs and pathogens. Embrace the monsoon season with confidence, enjoying the comfort and convenience of well-maintained towels. Explore a wide range of bath towels online to elevate your bathing experience during rainy weather.

Bedroom Makeover - Banner Image
Bedroom Makeover: Transforming Your Sleep Space with Vibr...

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you retreat to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. And if you are looking to give your sleep space a fresh, vibrant makeover, one of the easiest and most impactful ways to do so is by choosing vibrant bed sheets. Bed sheets play a significant role in our everyday lives, along with other essential bedding items such as quilts, cushion covers, comforters, and bed covers. These items have become integral to our homes and hold a special place in our hearts. We all share a deep connection with our bedding solutions, and it is a story that resonates with everyone. The range of options extends beyond bed sheets, encompassing products like Dohars, bedspreads, comforter sets, and even blankets available online. Our profound expertise in bed linen makes it an excellent choice for your bedroom makeover. These colourful and lively linens can transform your bedroom's ambience, making it a cosy and inviting haven. Today, we will explore how vibrant bed sheets can breathe new life into your sleep space and elevate your overall sleep experience. 1. Infuse Energy and Personality Opting for vibrant hues or playful prints can instantly infuse energy and personality into your sleep space. Whether you have a penchant for soft-to-touch or cotton bed sheets, there's a wide array of designer bed sheets available at SPACES to cater to every taste and style preference. Experience the art of self-expression and indulge in the vibrant world of designer bed sheets at SPACES today. 2. Enhance Your Sleep Experience Beyond their aesthetic appeal, choosing high-quality, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen promotes airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The soft and luxurious feel of these linens against your skin adds a layer of comfort, helping you drift into a restful slumber. When buying bed sheets, prioritize comfort. The collection of bed sheets at SPACES comes with both sustainable organic cotton options and Bamboo Charcoal sheets. These contain antimicrobial properties ensuring protection against all kinds of germs and bacteria caused by wicking moisture from your body. One of the best choices are SPACES Hygro cotton bedsheets that regulate temperature for enhanced sleep comfort. So, when you buy bed sheets online, remember to prioritize style and quality for a delightful sleep experience. 3. Express Your Style: Designer bed sheets allow you to show your individual style and taste in your bedroom, which serves as an extension of your personality. Mix and match patterns, layer different textures, or incorporate decorative pillows and throws to curate a personalized and visually captivating sleep space that truly reflects who you are. You can create a sanctuary that resonates with your individuality with designer bed sheets. It’s time to experience the vibrant energy of unique linen designs with our latest seasonal collection, designed to captivate and inspire. 4. Create a Relaxing Oasis While vibrant bed sheets bring energy, they can also create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your bedroom. Soft pastel shades of king-fitted or queen-fitted sheets can promote a sense of tranquility and relaxation, ultimately enhancing the quality of your sleep. If you're looking to buy bed sheets online, you'll be amazed by the vast selection that awaits you. It’s time to craft a serene oasis where you can unwind after a long day and find solace in your surroundings. With various designer bed sheets available online, you can simply transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven. Experience the Magic of a Bedroom Makeover with SPACES At SPACES, we understand the importance of finding the perfect bed sheets for your bedroom makeover. That's why we invite you to visit our website, where you'll discover an exceptional range of options to suit your needs. But that's not all! We are thrilled to introduce you to our exclusive Ritu Kumar bed and bath linen series. These sets are designed to impress, coming beautifully pre-packaged as luxurious gifts. We believe that every room should be a reflection of luxury and style. So, if you're searching for the ideal bed sheet that will leave a lasting impression, we invite you to explore our designer bed sheet collections at SPACES. Gear up to delight and captivate your sleep experience with unparalleled quality and elegance. Summary In a nutshell, a bedroom makeover with vibrant bed sheets is a simple yet powerful way to transform your sleep space into a lively, relaxing haven. By infusing energy, expressing your style, and playing with contrasts, you can create a personalized sanctuary that reflects your personality and enhances your overall sleep experience. So, browse through the wide range of bed sheets online at SPACES, explore different colours and patterns, and embark on a journey to revitalize your bedroom. Prepare to be amazed at the vibrant transformation that awaits you and the blissful nights of rest that follow.

Cotton Bedsheets for Comfort
Summer Breezes: How Cotton Bedsheets Enhance Airflow and ...

Imagine a fabric that feels incredibly comfortable and brings countless benefits to our lives. Well, that's cotton! This fantastic natural fibre has so much to offer that it has become a top choice for people worldwide.   When it comes to our sleep, cotton is a true champion. Numerous studies have shown that cotton sheets are responsible for giving us deep, rejuvenating sleep. That's because cotton uniquely makes us feel cosy and relaxed, creating the perfect conditions for a good night's rest.   And let's not forget the sweltering temperatures making sleeping difficult, leaving us tossing and turning all night. However, cotton's natural properties not only enhance our sleep during hotter days but also positively impact our physical, mental, and emotional health. It's no secret that a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy habits, and getting proper, restful sleep is crucial.   Let's prioritize restful sleep and unlock the incredible benefits that cotton brings to our wellbeing. So, get ready to explore how cotton bedsheets enhance airflow and provide unparalleled comfort, making your nights cool, breezy, and rejuvenating.    Breathability of Cotton   Cotton, a natural fiber known for its breathability, allows air to circulate freely, creating a cooling effect. Unlike synthetic fabrics that trap heat and moisture, cotton sheets help regulate body temperature by absorbing and releasing excess sweat into the air. This breathability ensures you stay comfortable and dry throughout the night, preventing that sticky and uncomfortable feeling.   Hypoallergenic and Gentle on Skin   Those having sensitive skin or allergies, cotton bedsheets offer a safe haven. Cotton is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, minimizing the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. Its natural fibers are less likely to cause discomfort, making cotton bedsheets a great choice for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin conditions.   Durability and Longevity   Investing in cotton bedsheets means investing in quality and durability. Cotton is renowned for its strength and resilience, ensuring that your bedsheets withstand the test of time. Properly cared for, cotton bedsheets can maintain their softness and comfort even after multiple washes, providing long-lasting luxury and a worthwhile investment.   Aesthetically Pleasing  Apart from its functional benefits, cotton bedsheets also add a touch of elegance to your living space. Available in a diverse range of colours, patterns, and textures, cotton bedsheets offer endless options to match your style and enhance the aesthetics of your sleep sanctuary. Create a serene and inviting atmosphere that complements your comfort.   Easy Maintenance Keeping your cotton bedsheets clean and fresh is a breeze. Cotton is easy to care for, requiring minimal effort to maintain quality. Regular washing and simple care instructions are all it takes to keep your cotton sheets in pristine condition. Enjoy the convenience of effortless upkeep and peace of mind with clean, hygienic bedding.   All-Season Comfort   Cotton bedsheets are not just ideal for summer; they provide year-round comfort. Their inherent temperature-balancing properties make them suitable for all seasons. During warmer months, cotton keeps you cool and prevents overheating, while in cooler months, it retains warmth, providing a cozy and snug feeling. This versatility makes cotton an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and breathability throughout the year.   Choosing the Right Cotton Bedsheets Online   When shopping for bedsheets online, you'll come across four main categories: single, double, fitted, and large sheets. Determining the right bed sheet size can be challenging due to variations across brands and products. To simplify the process, check the tag on your mattress for information about suitable dimensions, enabling you to select the perfect sized bed sheet for your needs. To find the perfect fit for your bed, visit the SPACES website and explore their beautiful and high-quality bedsheet collection. These sheets can transform your personal space into a peaceful and serene sanctuary. You can confidently select the right-sized cotton bedsheets with these helpful tips online. Remember, size is the most important factor to consider when making your choice!   At SPACES, you'll discover various cotton bedsheets crafted online from different types of cotton. Among them, you'll find organic cotton bedsheets and hygro-cotton bedsheets, which are made using SPACES' patented spinning technology. Each type of cotton caters to different budgets and offers unique benefits. From plush pillows and pillow covers to cosy blankets, quilts, and comfortable mattresses, we have everything you need for a truly indulgent and restful sleep experience. Buy cotton bedsheets online from our collection and transform your living space into a sanctuary of comfort & style.    If your bedroom still lacks the perfect set of bedsheets, it's high time you complete your sleep sanctuary with SPACES. Stay healthier, happier you! 

Mattress Online in 2023
Sleep Soundly: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfec...

Sleep experts agree that getting a good night's sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. And guess what? Your mattress holds a huge role in how well you sleep! But many people don't realize how important it is and keep using mattresses that don't give them enough support & comfort.   Buying a new mattress can be an adequate investment, but it's worth it if it helps you sleep better. When buying something important, you want to choose the right one this year.   To make things easier for you, we've compiled a guide with all the key information you need about mattresses.   Types of Mattresses   If you're in the early stages of searching for a new mattress online, you may have already noticed that there are different types of mattresses out there like -  Memory Foam   When it comes to pressure relief, memory foam mattresses are the top choice. These can uniquely conform to your body, alleviating pressure points and providing a sensation of being gently cradled.    Latex Mattress   These have a similar feel to memory foam, but they have a distinct characteristic of being more resilient or bouncy. This means you won't sink in as much, and the mattress will feel firmer overall.    Innerspring Mattress   Innerspring mattresses feature a coil-based support system and offer limited pressure relief and motion isolation. They provide a bouncier sleeping surface but lack in certain aspects. Budget-conscious shoppers favour these mattresses due to their lower price point.   Different Levels of Mattress Firmness    When deciding on the firmness level that's right for you, it's important to consider your sleep position and body type.   1.  As per Sleep Position   Side Sleepers: This is the most common sleep position and is often recommended by doctors to prevent back pain. For side sleepers, choosing the best mattresses with soft to medium firmness levels is recommended. This helps maintain proper spinal alignment. If the mattress is too firm, it may exert excessive pressure on your hips and shoulders.   Stomach Sleepers: Those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs should opt for a firmer mattress. It's important to avoid excessive sinking of pressure points in this position.   Back Sleepers: Medium firmness is ideal for back sleepers. If the mattress is too soft or firm, it can lead to improper spinal alignment.   Combination Sleepers: If you frequently change positions during the night, a mattress with medium firmness is recommended. This will provide adequate support for your various sleeping positions.   2. As per body type  Heavier Body Weights: If you have a heavier body, it's important to go for a firmer mattress. With more weight, there's increased pressure on the bed.    Lightweight Sleepers: If you have a smaller frame, a softer mattress is typically a better fit. Since less pressure is exerted on the bed, a softer mattress allows for better relief on your joints.    You must consider your sleep position and weight when deciding on the ideal firmness level. For example, if you're a lightweight stomach sleeper, opting for a medium firmness can strike a balance between soft and firm support.   Better Sleep: Overcoming Sleep Problems   Mattresses for Back Pain   Selecting the ideal memory foam mattress online can be quite a task, given the different types available, each with its benefits. Memory foam mattresses are a fantastic choice due to their remarkable ability to mould to your body's contours, ensuring excellent back support all night. It is also important to note that opting for an open-celled memory foam mattress ensures ample airflow and prevents the accumulation of heat.   They also excel at relieving pressure points, making them suitable for individuals experiencing back pain or related issues.    Mattresses for Hot Sleepers   If you struggle with overheating during sleep, a cooling mattress can make a significant difference in keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night. While various factors can contribute to night sweats, such as physical conditions and hot summer weather, choosing the right mattress online can help alleviate the issue of sleeping hot.    Looking for cool comfort to alleviate the issues of sleeping hot?   Designed to relieve pressure, Sleep Deep Mattress at SPACES utilizes memory foam to provide personalized body support. It offers excellent sink-in comfort and relaxes your muscles for a restful sleep. The open-cell memory foam sets it apart, which prevents heat buildup, making it a perfect choice for hot sleepers.   At the same time, the open-celled memory foam used in this mattress prevents heat from getting stuck inside. This means the mattress stays cool and comfortable, even during hot summers.  Construction Features of Mattresses  Consider the below key features if you want to ensure satisfaction with your bed:   To ensure a peaceful sleep for you and your partner, choosing a mattress that minimizes motion transfer is important.    A split bed with interchangeable firmness levels is an excellent solution if you and your sleeping partner have different firmness preferences. This option is beneficial if you prefer a traditional mattress over an adjustable one.    Many mattress owners often complain about their beds sinking in at the sides. This can be uncomfortable, especially if you sleep near the edge.   So, if you require ultimate support for your sleep, an Orthopedic Mattress is the ideal choice. It incorporates pocket springs for optimal centre support, memory foam layers soft PU foam for enhanced comfort, and support for back issues. At SPACES, our mattresses are designed to provide relief and minimal motion transfer while also promoting better airflow to ensure uninterrupted and refreshing sleep.   Maximise your Sleep Quality  To prolong the lifespan of your mattress, remember to take good care of it. A mattress protector protects it from allergens, dust, spills, and regular wear. Additionally, cleaning your mattress every few months will help maintain its freshness.    It's time to explore our wide selection of mattresses, perfectly tailored to fit single, double, king-size, and queen-size beds and even customizable options to meet your unique needs. Visit our website today to buy mattress online for an enhanced sleep experience.    Stay refreshed and sleep soundly!  

Pamper Yourself With A Post-Holi Spa Day At Home
Pamper Yourself With A Post-Holi Spa Day At Home

After the excitement of Holi, your mind and body may be in need of some relaxation and rejuvenation. What better way to pamper yourself than with a spa day at home? With the right bath linen products, you can create a luxurious spa experience right in the comfort of your own bathroom. In this article, we will explore how you can pamper yourself with a post-Holi spa day at home using bathrobes, bath towels, hand towels, hair towels, face towels, bath mats and towel sets. First and foremost, start by setting the mood. Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights, lighting some candles and putting on some soft music. Draw a warm bath and add some bath salts or essential oils to help soothe your muscles and calm your mind. Before getting into the bath, wrap yourself in a soft and fluffy cotton bathrobe. Not only will it keep you warm and cozy, but it will also help to absorb any excess moisture after your bath. Once you’re in the bath, lay back and relax. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, letting the warm water and aromatherapy work their magic. When you’re ready to get out, use a bath sheet to dry off. Bath sheets are larger than regular bath towels, making them perfect for wrapping around your body and absorbing more water. Next, it’s time to dry your hair. Using a regular towel to dry your hair can be rough on your locks and can cause frizz. Instead, try using a Turbie Towel hair towel. Made from soft microfiber material, it’s gentle on your hair and dries it quickly without causing any damage. After you’ve dried your hair, it’s time to move on to your face. Use a face towel to gently pat your skin dry. Face towels are smaller than bath towels, making them perfect for use on your delicate. Now that you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed, it’s time to step out of the bath. Use a bath mat to prevent slips and falls on the wet floor. Bath mats come in a variety of materials, including cotton and microfiber, and are designed to absorb water quickly, keeping your feet dry and safe. Once you’re out of the bath, it’s time to wrap yourself in a warm and cozy bathrobe again. Cotton bathrobes are soft, breathable and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for lounging around the house. Now it’s time to finish your spa day with a luxurious massage. Use a bath towel or a hand towel to gently massage your muscles. Bath towels are larger and thicker than hand towels, making them ideal for a full-body massage, while hand towels are smaller and more manageable for targeted areas like your neck and shoulders. Finally, when you’re done with your massage, it’s time to clean up. Use a towel set to dry off and tidy up any mess. Towel sets usually include a variety of different sizes, including bath towels, hand towels, and face towels, so you’ll have everything you need to get the job done. In conclusion, a post-Holi spa day at home can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. By using the right bath linen products, you can create a luxurious spa atmosphere right in your own bathroom. From bathrobes and bath towels to hand towels and hair towels, each product plays an important role in creating the perfect spa day experience. So go ahead, pamper yourself and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation!

Quilts - 5 Reasons Why Quilts are a Must-Have in Your Home

Quilts are a Must-Have in Your Home With the warmer weather finally here, it may seem odd to be talking about quilts. However, quilts are not just for keeping us warm during the colder months. They have many other uses and benefits that make them a must-have item in your home all year round. Comfort and Style Quilts are a classic and timeless addition to any home decor. They come in a range of styles, patterns, and colours that can match any taste and preference. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant design or a more subtle and understated one, you are sure to find a quilt that suits your style. A quilt adds comfort to your bed, couch or armchair, providing a cosy and inviting space to relax in. You can snuggle up with a good book, watch a movie or just enjoy the warmth and comfort of your quilt. Versatility Quilts are versatile and can be used in many ways. They are not just for covering your bed or keeping you warm during the colder months. You can use them as a picnic blanket, or as a wall hanging when you’re done using it as a blanket. They can be used to add a pop of colour and texture to any room in your home. If you have children, quilts can be used to create a cosy reading nook or a fun play area. They can also be used to decorate your baby's nursery, adding warmth and comfort to their space. Affordable and Durable Quilts are an affordable and durable option when it comes to bedding. They are made to last and can withstand regular use and washing. This makes them a great investment for your home, as they will provide comfort and style for years to come. With the option to buy quilts online, you can easily find a high-quality quilt without breaking the bank. When you buy quilts online in India, you have access to a wide range of options, making it easier to find a quilt that fits your budget and style. Perfect for Air-Conditioned Rooms Air-conditioned rooms can sometimes feel too cold, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Quilts are the perfect solution to this problem. They provide the necessary warmth and comfort needed to ensure a good night's sleep, without feeling too heavy or bulky. Single quilts are a great option for air-conditioned rooms, as they are light and easy to move around. They can be easily stored during the day and pulled out at night, making it easy to adjust to changing temperatures. Using Quilts as a Temporary Floor Mattress In addition to being a great addition to your bedding, quilts can also be used as temporary floor mattresses. If you have guests staying over and don't have an extra bed, you can simply lay a quilt on the floor and add a few pillows and blankets to create a comfortable sleeping space. Quilts are soft and fluffy, so they could make for a good temporary sleeping surface! This is also a great option for camping or outdoor activities, where you need a comfortable and portable sleeping space. Choose quilts are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can get a great alternative to traditional camping mattresses. Cleaning Tips for Quilts Quilts are a great investment for your home, providing warmth, comfort and style for years to come. To keep them looking their best, it's important to take care of them and clean them properly. Here are a few cleaning tips for quilts: Follow the care instructions on the label: Always read the care instructions on your quilt before cleaning it. This will help you avoid any damage to the fabric or filling. Vacuum your quilt regularly: Use a soft-bristled brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris from your quilt. This will help keep it clean and fresh. Spot-clean stains: If you notice any stains on your quilt, spot-clean them as soon as possible. Use a mild detergent and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the stain. Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water and let it air dry. Wash your quilt in cold water: If your quilt is machine washable, use cold water and a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fabric and filling. Use a gentle cycle and a low spin speed to avoid damaging the quilt. Air dry your quilt: After washing your quilt, hang it outside to air dry. Avoid using a dryer, as the high heat can damage the fabric and filling. Good Storage Tips To ensure that your quilts stay in good condition for years to come, it's important to store them properly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your quilts looking their best: Store your quilts in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing your quilts in plastic bags or containers, as this can trap moisture and cause damage. Fold your quilts carefully, avoiding sharp creases that can damage the fabric. If possible, store your quilts flat, rather than hanging them. In conclusion, quilts are a versatile and practical addition to your home. With proper care and cleaning, they can provide comfort and style for years to come. They provide comfort and style, while being affordable and durable. With the option to buy quilts online in India, you can easily find a quilt that fits your budget and style at brands like SPACES. So, whether you're looking for a cosy addition to your bedroom or a stylish accessory for your living room, a quilt is the perfect choice. Just visit the SPACES website to choose your quilt and have it delivered home with ease!

Blankets For Different Seasons: Here's All You Need To Know
Blankets For Different Seasons: Here's All You Need To Know

Blankets are simply amazing, aren't they? They can provide warmth and comfort in different seasons, and they're perfect for snuggling up on the couch or sleeping soundly in bed. As we are in the monsoon season when the weather can get chilly and damp, a lightweight but cosy blanket made of breathable material like cotton blanket or bamboo can be your perfect companion. It will keep you warm and comfortable without feeling too hot or sweaty.   With the vast array of blankets online available, choosing the best blanket for different seasons can be overwhelming. But don't worry; we've got you covered! This article will explore the different types of blankets, including lightweight, heavyweight, and more. We'll also discuss how to choose the right blanket for you.   Now, let's dive in and discuss the different types of blankets you can choose.   1. Fleece blankets    These are popular for those seeking warmth and comfort during colder seasons. Made from synthetic materials, fleece blankets are lightweight and soft, making them perfect for snuggling up on the couch. They come in different sizes, including a single blanket and double blankets, and it is the best blanket for all seasons, depending on the thickness.  2. Quilts Quilts are one of the most popular types of blankets. They're made by stitching together three layers of fabric: a top layer, batting, and a bottom layer. The top layer is usually made of decorative fabric, while the bottom layer is plain. The batting layer is what provides insulation and warmth. Quilts come in different sizes, including single, double, and king. They're suitable for all seasons, depending on the thickness of the batting. For warmer seasons, choose a lightweight quilt with thin batting, while for colder seasons, a heavyweight quilt with thick batting is ideal.   3. Comforters These are another type of all season blanket that's similar to quilts. However, they don't have a bottom layer. They're usually filled with synthetic fibres or down feathers, which provide warmth. The top layer is usually made of decorative fabric, and the filling is quilted to prevent it from shifting. Comforters come in different sizes and styles, including reversible, patterned, and solid colours. They're suitable for all seasons, depending on the filling. For warmer seasons, choose a lightweight comforter with less fill, while for colder seasons, a heavyweight comforter with more filling is ideal.  4. Duvets    These are a type of comforter that comes with a removable cover. The cover is usually made of cotton or other materials and can be changed to suit different seasons or styles. Duvets are filled with synthetic fibres or down feathers, which provide warmth. They come in different sizes, including single, double, and king size, and are suitable for all seasons, depending on the filling. For warmer seasons, choose a lightweight duvet with less filling; for colder seasons, a heavyweight duvet with more filling is ideal.    5. Dohars If you're looking for a lightweight and breathable blanket for warm seasons, Dohars are perfect. Dohars are a type of blanket that is popular in India. They're made by layering three cotton fabric sheets and stitching them together. The layers are thin, making Dohars lightweight and breathable. They come in different sizes, including single dohar, double dohar, and king size.    6. Duvet Covers   Another alternative blanket for the summer is to use a duvet cover! Traditionally, a duvet cover is used as the name suggests and keeps your duvet blanket clean while using. But it can also be used on its own as a thin blanket. This type of blanket is best for warmer seasons, as the duvet cover can give you ample warmth in an air-conditioned room without feeling stuffy.   How does the weather impact on your sleep?  Do you notice that different weather can affect how well you sleep and how you feel?    The outside environment plays a role in our rest, and changes in pressure, humidity, precipitation, and temperature can influence us in various ways. To improve our sleep and combat tiredness, it's essential to understand how weather impacts us, especially during winter and monsoon seasons.    Some blankets are designed to be the best blanket for all seasons, providing comfort and warmth in winter and staying breathable in summer. Look for versatile blankets that can help you sleep better, no matter what the weather is outside. Choose the Best Blankets for All Seasons: Key Considerations Selecting the ideal blankets for any weather conditions requires considering the unique qualities of each product. Here are helpful tips to guide your choice:   Harmonize with minimalistic decor: Stick to solid colour queen or king-size blankets to match a minimalistic vibe. Opt for darker shades of your preferred colour for contrast if your room features a predominantly white colour palette.   Embrace fleece blanket trends: Fleece blankets offer a cosy and luxurious feel, perfect when paired with velvety cushions and bed sheets for added comfort and style.   Coordinate with wall colours: Choose quilts that complement your wall colours; solid colour blankets work well with lighter shades and vice versa, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing effect.    Find your perfect blankets at SPACES online, blending warmth, comfort, and seamless decor for a cosy sanctuary on all days.    How to choose a blanket for ultimate comfort? When choosing a blanket, consider the season, your sleeping habits, and your preferences. If you're a hot sleeper, you'll want to select a lightweight blanket that's breathable and moisture-wicking. But if you're a cold sleeper, you'll want to choose a heavyweight blanket that provides warmth and insulation. Also, consider your personal preferences when choosing a blanket.    Do you prefer natural or synthetic materials? Do you like patterned or solid colour blankets?    Do you prefer lightweight or heavyweight blankets?   Nowadays, it becomes convenient when you buy blanket online, allowing you to compare prices and styles from different sellers. On the SPACES website, you'll find a unique collection of all-season blankets, providing you with an abundance of designs, colours, patterns, etc, to explore.    Final Words  Undoubtedly, blankets are essential for providing us with warmth and comfort in different seasons. When choosing a blanket online, consider your sleeping habits and personal preferences. Remember to consider the season and the materials used in the blanket.    Are you looking for the best blanket brands for sound sleep? Your search for the best blanket brands ends right here!   Explore the finest collection of best blankets for all seasons at SPACES. We prioritize both quality and aesthetic appeal to enhance your sleep experience. Check out blankets online at affordable prices, featuring captivating designs that provide supreme comfort throughout the night.   Buy blanket online to elevate your sleep experience with SPACES today! Frequently Asked Questions  1. What blanket is good for all seasons?  A lightweight fleece blanket made from synthetic materials is good for all seasons. It provides warmth in colder months and remains cosy and comfortable during milder weather.  2. What is the best blanket material year-round? Cotton is a great year-round material as it is breathable, comfortable, and suitable for different weather conditions.  3. Which quality of blanket is best? Look for blankets with good insulation and breathability, made from high-quality materials like cotton or bamboo.  4. When should I change my blankets? Consider changing blankets when they show signs of wear, tear, or reduced comfort. Also, if your sleeping preferences or weather conditions change significantly. The washing timeline to wash your comforters, blankets, and duvet covers is every 1 to 2 weeks.  5. How many years can a blanket last? The lifespan of a blanket varies based on usage and quality, but a well-maintained blanket can last for several years, even up to a decade.

Prepping To Welcome A New Member Of The Family? Here's All You Need To Know
Prepping To Welcome A New Member Of The Family? Here's Al...

Welcoming a new member to the family is one of the most exciting times in life. Whether you're a first-time parent, adding to your growing brood, or celebrating a new addition in extended family or friends circles, preparing your home for your new bundle of joy is a top priority. As you get your nursery and supplies in order, don't forget to focus on your bed and bath linen. With the right products, you can ensure your family are comfortable and safe, while also creating a welcoming environment for your newest addition. When it comes to welcoming a new member of the family, especially a baby, it is essential to make sure that their environment is comfortable, safe, and clean. The choice of bed and bath linen plays a significant role in achieving this. Babies have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, rashes, and other skin irritations. Therefore, it is crucial to select bed and bath linen made of soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Moreover, proper hygiene is also critical to ensure that the baby stays healthy and free from any infections or illnesses. Therefore, selecting high-quality bed and bath linen that is easy to wash and maintain is equally important. By making a careful selection of bed and bath linen for a baby, parents can create a comfortable and healthy environment that promotes their baby's growth and development. In this article, we'll explore the SPACES collections that can help make your home ready for your new baby. Bed Linen for Kids Your child's bed is where they will spend most of their time sleeping and playing, so it's essential to choose bed linen that is not only soft and comfortable but also safe and hypoallergenic. The SPACES Kids Collection offers a range of bed sheets that are specially designed for children, featuring popular characters like Spiderman, Minions, Avengers, and Marvel. These bedsheets are made with 100% cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for your little one's sensitive skin. Bath Linen for Kids Bath time is an essential part of your child's daily routine, and it's crucial to have the right towels to ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience. The SPACES Kids Bath Collection offers a range of towels that are soft, absorbent, and colorful, making bath time a fun and enjoyable experience. These towels come in a variety of designs, featuring popular characters like Elsa, Anna, Spiderman, Minions and other Disney characters, and are made with 100% cotton that is gentle on your child's skin. Hygro Cotton Collection The SPACES Hygro Cotton Collection offers bedsheets and towels that are specially designed to regulate temperature and provide maximum comfort. Made with 100% hygro cotton, these products are breathable and absorbent, ensuring that your little one stays cool and comfortable throughout the night. Hygro cotton also has natural moisture-wicking properties, making it an ideal choice for babies who tend to sweat during the night. Additionally, these bedsheets and towels are available in a range of colors and designs, making them a stylish addition to your home. Air Purifying Collection The SPACES Air Purifying Collection offers bedsheets that are specially designed to purify the air in your home. Made with CO2 Pure technology, these bedsheets are infused with activated carbon, which helps to remove harmful pollutants and allergens from the air, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for your family. These bedsheets are also made with 100% cotton, ensuring maximum comfort and breathability. Swift Dry Towels The SPACES Swift Dry Towels are specially designed to dry quickly, making them ideal for the monsoon season when humidity is high. Made with a unique blend of cotton and microfiber, these towels are highly absorbent, ensuring your little one stays dry and comfortable. These towels are also available in a range of colors and designs, making them a stylish addition to your bathroom. In conclusion, welcoming a new member of the family is an exciting time, and preparing your home is essential for ensuring their comfort and safety. By choosing the right bed and bath linen, you can create a welcoming environment that is not only comfortable but also safe and hygienic. The SPACES collections offer a range of bedsheets, towels, and other products that are specially designed for children, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. From the Kids Collection to the Hygro Cotton Collection and CO2 Pure Collection, there's something for every family's needs. With the right products, you can ensure your family is comfortable, safe, and stylish. All you need to do is visit the SPACES website, and experience convenience at your fingertips!

How to Buy the Perfect Sized Bed Sheet Online
How to Buy the Perfect Sized Bed Sheet Online

Are you seeking a good-quality cotton bedsheet or any other type of bedsheet online? You are not the only one! A majority of people prefer to purchase a cotton bedsheet online or go bedsheets online shopping for other varieties. This is quite natural since bigger collections of bedsheets are available online, and the whole process also saves an immense amount of time, money, and energy. However, many people face varied dilemmas while choosing to buy bedsheets online. Not only are they confused about the perfect bed sheets that are suitable for their needs or for gifting purposes, but they also worry about how to find the right sized bed sheet set online. Not selecting the right size means that you will buy bed sheets only to be disappointed with the usage experience later on. Now you can physically visit multiple stores looking for sheets that fit perfectly or you can choose to shop online from home or anywhere else for the perfect linens. There are some tips that will help you immensely with regard to finding the right sized cotton bedsheets and other types. Getting the sizing right is of paramount importance. Imagine sleeping on a bedsheet which does not fit your bed at all. Doesn’t this sound like a potentially nightmarish situation? After all, the quality of your sleep is essential. You should be getting peaceful and relaxing sleep without any disturbances, tossing-and-turning, and other such disruptions. Getting high-quality and comfortable shut-eye is imperative for staying healthy, happy, productive, and fit. You should not neglect any aspect of your bedding as a result. We all know that bed sheets play a direct role in influencing how well you sleep, along with the overall comfort and relaxation. Finding the right size is thus a necessity in this scenario. Are you worried about how to go about the whole process? Fret not, here are some tips that will help you out! How can you get the right sized bedsheets online? Here are some useful tips that you can use to find the best bedsheet online for your needs in terms of the size. They include the following: Bedsheets usually come in a few standard sizes. They include sheets for king, queen, and super king mattresses. However, the issue arises when measurements of all these types differ across brands and products. How do you choose the right size for your bed? The first and easiest way to know the right size is to carefully look for a tag on your mattress. This will contain information about the suitable dimensions. You can use them to find the right sized bed sheet for your needs. If this is absent or you cannot find the same, then get a measuring tape and chalk out the breadth, length, and also the thickness. Many people often neglect or skip the latter, which leads to the wrong size decisions. These figures will help you find the right bedsheets for your needs, if you are looking at getting something unique as compared to regular flat sheets. You will find four categories of bedsheets online, including single, double, fitted, and large sheets. If you are shopping online at SPACES, then you will find a handy size chart exclusively for bedsheets. This will help you choose and compare between various bedsheets with differing sizes. You can log on to SPACES and take your pick from several beautiful and high-quality bedsheets which will add a whole new dimension to your private space, turning it into a blissful and tranquil sanctuary. Use these tips to choose the right sized cotton bedsheets online without any worries. After all, the size matters more than anything else!

Taking Care of your Bed & Bath Linen
Taking Care of your Bed & Bath Linen

Bed linen and bath linen are essential parts of our daily lives, integrating themselves into our vital activities. In fact, can you imagine life without a towel, bathing robe or bathrobes (for many), bath towels, bath mats, bath sheets, bathroom rugs, or even bed sheets? Chances are, probably not! In fact, if you add things like cushion covers, quilts, bed covers, comforters, Dohars, bedspreads, Dohar blankets, quilt covers, and other bed linen into the mix, you will realize how vast a category this actually is! However, taking proper care of your bedding and bath linen is a must in order to ensure their longevity and quality. Buying these products is the first and easiest step in the entire journey with these essential products. Taking good care of linens determines how long they will serve you with proper quality and great usage experiences. There are several varieties of towels online today, including several cotton towels with premier materials. You will not just find cotton bath towels and cotton bathrobes online, but also options like bathing gowns, towel sets, and face or hand towels. In the bed linen category, you can always find several kinds of bed sheets online as well. These include cotton bedsheets and other accessories including blankets online, cushion covers online, bed comforters, and a lot more. But have you ever considered how best you can take care of your precious bed and bath linen? Here are some quick tips that will make caring for your linens a breeze, quite literally! Tips for taking care of bed and bath linen impeccably These tips will help you immensely with regard to maintaining your bed and bath linen products in the best possible way. They include the following: It is always recommended that you wash your bed sheets and towels on a weekly basis. This will help keep them clean and well-maintained above everything else. You can also wash your pillows and comforters once each month. This is necessary for combating things like dust, foul odors, chemical build-up, and dead cells. There is a residue from dirt, oil, and detergent which also has to be removed. Wash your towels in smaller loads and only in tandem with other towels. Add a cup of vinegar for the washing cycle in order to get rid of chemical build-up. You can also put half a cup of baking soda into the washing process for musty odors. Do not add baking soda and vinegar together in the same washing cycle though. Machine washing is ideal for pillows, comforters, and bedsheets. You can also rub chalk on greasy stains for eliminating them. If they are non-oil stains, then you can use cold water for cleaning them up. Oil-based stains need to be soaked in hot water before cleaning. Always air dry or tumble dry your linens. If possible, take your bed linen out of the washing machine before they are completely dry. You can then air dry them in order to get rid of wrinkles. Silica gel sachets can be used in the storage zone for linen. This will help combat moisture successfully, while fragrant silica gel sachets will also scent your bed and bath linens nicely. You can use lavender for peaceful and refreshing sleep. The best part is that it is also a natural insect repellent! You will find a vast range of bath linen and bed linen at SPACES. There are options tailored to meet almost every need here. Remember that the better you take care of your linens, the better their longevity and quality. You can also follow care instructions given with your products to the hilt.

The Bed Linen Gifting Guide
The Bed Linen Gifting Guide

Bed sheets, quilts, cushion covers, comforters, and bed covers are integral parts of our lives. It is the same story for anyone! We have intimate relationships with our bedding solutions, extending to many other products like Dohars, bedspreads, comforter sets, and even blankets online. This is one of the reasons why bed linen makes for a great gifting option for near and dear ones on a variety of occasions. It could be an anniversary, a birthday, or even a special event like a housewarming party. You can always count on cotton bedsheets and Dohar blankets as great gifts, along with other varieties of bed linen such as bed comforters, quilt covers, and even smart cushion covers online. Choosing a good gift is always challenging for special occasions. While selecting a gift, the thumb rule is to go for something that makes life more comfortable for everyone involved while adding more value at the same time and looking good if possible! Why is bed linen an ideal gifting choice? Bed sheets online, Dohar online, bed covers online, quilts online, and other bed linen are ideal gifts that are actually quite thoughtful. Choosing bed linen is apt since everyone uses it. It shows that you are thoughtful and understanding of someone’s needs by endeavouring to gift them good sleep at night. Naturally, bed linen is a gift which adds a personal touch to any special day or event for your recipients. This is arguably the biggest reason behind bed linen making a strong case for itself as a fabulous gifting option. Steps for choosing the best bed linen It is not easy to choose cotton bed sheets online or even Dohars online. There are few tips that you should remember while shopping for bed linen for your near and dear ones. These include the following: Always select the right size- This should be the determining factor when you begin bedsheets online shopping. You should always opt to buy bedsheets online and other bed linen in the right size. If you are unsure about the size of the bed of your family member or friend, then you can always count on a king-sized bed sheet. It can fit any large bed, while for a smaller bed, it can be neatly tucked in as well. Material- You should ideally choose 100% cotton sheets. Try and go for sheets with 300-thread counts. They are excellent options for gifting luxurious and comfortable sleeping experiences to your loved ones. These sheets are also soft to the touch, which is another special attribute as well. Bed Linen Types- Comfort is the biggest aspect when you are purchasing any bedsheet. Based on your budget, you can go for the organic bedsheets at SPACES which use sustainably grown cotton. You may also try innovative Bamboo Charcoal sheets which have natural anti-microbial properties. You may also try the popular SPACES HYGRO cotton bed sheets which have temperature regulation properties. They can adjust temperatures up to two degrees, ensuring advanced and more comfortable sleeping experiences overall. Design- You should pay some attention to the design of the bed linen that you choose as your preferred gifting option. This should be in sync with the personality of the recipient and also his/her home décor theme. Keep these aspects in mind before choosing bed linen as your gift. You may always play safe with floral and softer designs or solids. If you are the experimental kind, then you can mix it up with geometric or abstract design patterns. Let the occasion be the determinant of what actually makes for a suitable choice. There are several bed sheets that have exquisite Indian design styles and motifs which are both traditional and appealing. They are ideal gifts for festive occasions as well. Weddings can mean luxurious and elegant fabrics for your bedsheets, gifting the happy couple great and cozy sleep at night. You will find a plethora of festive linen designs available for multifarious occasions at SPACES.  These tips will help you choose the right bed sheets online along with other bed linen for your near and dear ones on a plethora of occasions. All you need to do is visit the SPACES website, where you can find the best bedsheets for your gifting needs. In fact, you can also look for special SPACES collections like the exclusive Ritu Kumar series of bed and bath linen that come pre-packed to look like the luxurious gifts they are!

How to Choose the Right Towel?
How to Choose the Right Towel?

Choosing the right towel is not a piece of cake as you may have thought it to be! But, conversely, if you’re confused about how to go about the process, you should know that it is no rocket science as well. Buying suitable towels online is always imperative for several reasons. For starters, you would naturally want your bath towels online and other varieties to be suitably sized and crafted for your needs. But, at the same time, there are several other parameters that you should keep in mind when you buy towels online. Several varieties of towel sets are available online these days, and it can be confusing to pick the ones best suited to your specific requirements. The best towel is one that meets these requirements to the hilt while ensuring enjoyable and comfortable experiences for you above everything else. After all, comfort and quality are two key things that automatically come to mind when buying towels online, right? At the same time, some other factors you should pay attention to include longevity or durability, i.e. the towel should last for as long as possible while ensuring unhindered usage, and of course, the design and style. The aesthetic component of things in this department has assumed greater importance in the current scenario. More people want to buy towels online that are not just a treat to use but also good to look at. This is because their personal sense of aesthetics comes into play when choosing any towel set online. This is one of the biggest trends noted throughout the online shopping spectrum, i.e. the propensity to select appealing towels from a design and appearance perspective. Hence, you can easily understand the importance of choosing the right towel for your home and why it is something that you should not take lightly. After all, it will be something you live with for a long time and should match your preferences as much as possible! Here are some tips on choosing the best towels online. Choosing top towels online for your needs- Some pointers on going about the process While choosing towels online, you should always keep a few significant points in mind. These include the following: Usage Purpose- You should always determine the purpose for which you want to use the towel. This will help you get a clear idea of the weight, size, and texture that you should opt for. It is an excellent first step at the beginning of the entire process. Size- You should pay attention to this rather important criterion. Make sure that you purchase suitably sized towels for their respective purposes. Consider an example; bath towels will naturally be larger than hand towels or face towels. This is because they have to dry the entire body, while many people also love wrapping them around themselves when they emerge from the shower. Hence, the size, in this case, is clearly determined by the prevalent need of the user. Texture Aspects- GSM or gram per square meter is a crucial parameter for measuring towel density. It also determines the towel’s luxuriousness and overall absorbency levels. This is a major parameter when buying towels online. The towel grade can be clearly understood by this parameter. The higher your towel GSM, the fluffier it will be, and it will also be more absorbent as a result. You should thus check the GSM quotient of any towel carefully before going ahead with your purchase. GSM between 300-900 is the usual range for most bath towels online and other varieties. Choose your GSM based on your specific needs. GSM between 300-400 means lighter, thinner, and handier towels for the kitchen, gym, and even while travelling. GSM between 400-550 means a thicker fluffy, medium-weight, and quite absorbent towel. This grade is suitable for bath towels. GSM between 550-900 is for the heaviest and ultra-luxurious towels, which are also the softest and most absorbent. They are great if you wish to pamper yourself, hotel-style! Design and Aesthetics- You will find several towel types online. In addition, there are several colours that you can select in a bid to match your bathroom décor. You can also take your pick from fun cartoons and characters from the Avengers, Minions, and other iconic options for your children in order to make bath time more enjoyable for them. Material- You should set store by advanced and new-age varieties these days. Remember that a majority of high-GSM towels take a little time to dry. You can opt for SPACES Hygro Cotton towels, created with exclusive technologies for two times more absorbency while ensuring fluffiness and softness after multiple washes. They dry fast and also get softer or bloom with every wash! There are also Bamboo Charcoal towels, for instance, which have natural drying and anti-microbial properties. At the same time, they are not rough on your skin and last long, with high absorbency levels. You can choose advanced cotton towels like the ones mentioned earlier or cotton bath towels with fast-drying attributes from SPACES. Innovative varieties like bamboo charcoal towels are also suitable for those who are into environment-friendly choices. These tips will help you choose the best towels online that are wonderfully tailored to your needs.

5 Unique and Innovative Bed Linen by SPACES
5 Unique and Innovative Bed Linen by SPACES

When it comes to choosing bed linen online, you can always take your pick from a plethora of options. SPACES is one of the top brands where you can find almost everything you desire for your home linen and decor needs. These include some of the finest bed sheets available for true connoisseurs, packed with advanced features and superior materials that promise a good night’s sleep above all else. You will also find other types of bedding here, including several cotton bed sheets online and bed sheets online in different varieties, along with comforters, bed covers, cushion covers, quilts, Dohars, comforter sets, bedspreads, quilt covers, and blankets online. SPACES is a one-stop solution for all your needs, right from cotton bedsheets to cushion covers online! The best part is that you will get them all in varied designs, styles, and types. There are options available to suit almost every need here. You can also expect several advanced materials and technologies that go into the making of cutting-edge bed linen and bath linen at SPACES. There are several unique and highly innovative bed linen choices offered by SPACES that you should know more about. They all contribute towards unmatched experiences for people in their bedrooms, enabling quality sleep, comfort, and aesthetic fulfilment in a stellar package. Here’s taking a closer look at some of these types. Top bed linen choices online at SPACES There are several options available in terms of bed linen fabrics. There is a huge list that may confuse you at times. How do you find the right option that suits your needs to the hilt? Here are five of the best bed linen offerings at SPACES: Organic Cotton- The name itself works as a guarantor of environment-friendly and healthy living. Organic cotton sheets come with hand-picked and sustainably grown cotton, which is bereft of harmful fertilisers or pesticides. As a result, they ensure a more peaceful and healthy sleeping experience while being safe for your skin. These bedsheets also come with GOTS certification, so you know you’re getting the best, sustainable bang for your buck! Egyptian Cotton- This is used for luxurious and elegant bedsheets. SPACES offers a 100% Egyptian cotton line-up which ensures superior quality and durability alike. These sheets are also resistant to wrinkles while coming with long-staple and premier-quality fibres. HYGRO Cotton- Hygro Cotton bedsheets have a unique feature; they get softer and fluffier with each wash! They are innovative as these bedsheets can adjust to the ambient temperature to provide a truly comfortable sleep experience. This advanced technology means you stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Now doesn’t that ensure better sleep throughout the year? You bet! Bamboo Charcoal- This is another unique fabric type created by burning bamboo at 800 degrees Celsius. The bamboo charcoal bedsheet fibre is then converted into charcoal and processed before being fused with cotton. It combats the formation of odours while being naturally anti-microbial as well. Anti-Viral Healthy Life Range- This new range from SPACES offers more safety and well-being, which are imperative in the current scenario. They are anti-viral bedsheets which have an exclusive Health Guard finish. They can ensure protection levels of 99.9% against bacteria and viruses that could affect your health. By now, you should have a clearer picture of the various kinds of bed linen available at SPACES. You can now filter through the available options to find the best bedsheets and other bedding solutions that sync with your requirements. Remember that comfort and quality matter above everything else. While you’re looking to buy bedsheets online, you should consider rejuvinating your bedroom aesthetic by throwing in some bed comforters, Dohar blankets, bed covers online, Dohars online, quilts online, and cushion covers for a fresh new look for your bedroom. SPACES is your one-stop solution for stellar bed linen products. All you need to do to get started is to visit the website, make your selections and relax, and your products are delivered to your doorstep. Happy shopping!

How to pick the perfect bed linen for your bedroom
How to pick the perfect bed linen for your bedroom

Choosing bed linen is not as easy as it sometimes sounds! There are, firstly, several types of products which fall in the bedding category. Among these, the first and foremost acquisition for your bedroom will naturally be a bed sheet. There are several kinds of bed sheets online that you can check out, including cotton bedsheets and other varieties as well. You will also find several accompanying accessories when you venture to buy bedsheets online. These include bed covers, quilts, comforters, cushion covers, blankets online, Dohars, bedspreads, and quilt covers along with Dohar blankets. These are bed linen essentials for most people as well. However, you should always have a clear-cut strategy in place while shopping for your bedding solutions online. It is not difficult to find the perfect bed linen for your bedroom, provided you follow a few handy tips in this regard. Of course, you should also look at options available for comforter sets, cushion covers online, bed comforters, quilts online, Dohars online, bed covers online, and cotton bed sheets online that match your desired price point and material preferences. These are basics that you should always keep in mind above all else. Here are some handy tips that you should abide by when it comes to discovering ideal bed linen solutions for your bedroom. Tips to help you choose the best bed linen for your bedroom: Here are a few pointers that will help you immensely when exploring bedsheets online shopping. You should always take a closer look at the textures, patterns, fabrics, and colours. You should first set store by your personality when you buy bedsheets online or other bed linen. Do you prefer a maximalist décor theme, or are you minimalistic by nature? Are you fonder of classic design styles or bohemian décor themes? Do you wish to get hold of ethnic designs and patterns? Identify your chosen style and design at the very outset. The rest will automatically work itself out! Remember that getting the basics right is just like fitting the pieces of a puzzle! You may be initially confused by the plethora of prints, hues, and textures available for bed sheets and other bedding like a Dohar online or even cushion covers. SPACES has a great bedsheet tool which is a true life-saver in such scenarios where you are confused and cannot choose the right bed linen for your bedroom, no matter how hard you try! This tool gets half the job done and even more! You just have to select the colour of your furniture, bedroom, and curtains and you will find several available bed sheets that will match the same. It will significantly save you time while freeing you from anxieties regarding the right choice for your needs. You should remember that there are no fixed thumb rules when it comes to styling or décor themes. Creating a look means relying on your own instincts, personality, and preferences. You should be as experimental as possible. For instance, if you have a neutral space and décor theme, then you may consider using bolder colours through your cotton bed sheets online in order to create a spellbinding look. You can also layer this look with bright cushions and pillows which create either a contrasting or complementary look and feel. You may also infuse an earthy and warm touch into the proceedings with rustic colour themes and prints for your bed linen. You can also choose stripes or geometric patterns if you seek a more contemporary and cleaner look in the bedroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and oasis your private-most space where you relax and unwind. Experiment and be creative, manifesting your preferences and ideas throughout the space. There are several options available in bedding designs, prints, and patterns. Have fun playing around with different décor ideas and styles, and you will start getting the hang of the process!

How To Pick The Right Bedding For Your Baby
How To Pick The Right Bedding For Your Baby

our baby is the centre of your universe. You marvel at their perfect form, lovely little fingers and toes, and wait patiently for them to look at you and smile. You care deeply about their comfort and well-being and worry that you might make constant mistakes while raising them. An infant spends most of their time sleeping. It follows that their bed must be a comfortable haven for them, or they cannot relax and become nervous and cranky. Investing in a high-quality baby beds set is the only way to create a comfortable bed for your child. It must be of the softest material and the right finish to keep the child feeling pleasantly warm and lulled to sleep rather than waking up overheated and bothered.   Choosing a baby beds set for your little one can quickly become tricky. There are several considerations regarding size and material, among other factors. Here are some easy tips for picking baby bedding for the comfort of your little one:   #1. Pick A Soft Fabric   Babies have the most delicate skin; the slightest friction with harsh fabrics can cause chafing and irritation. Even diapers made for babies may cause rashes and itching, and the baby responds by squirming and crying every time the rash occurs. The same can happen with baby sleeping bedding, so pick the softest cotton bed linen. The baby sleeping bed has a tiny mattress, so you should pick cotton bedsheets with a high thread count for maximum softness. Also, pick pillow covers that match the baby bedsheet. Most babies cannot tell between different colours and patterns until they are about a year old, so don’t be too concerned about picking colours and designs.   #2. Pick A Small Size   As mentioned earlier, baby beds will be small ones. The bed linen must be a correspondingly small size. Even the child’s comforter must be tiny so as not to overwhelm the baby and be tucked comfortably around its body as it sleeps. More to the point, all the bed linen must be cool so as not to get overheated. Cotton baby bedding will be a great choice, though you may have to get it custom-made if the right size is unavailable online.   #3. Buy A Mattress Protector   Every baby has accidents in bed. Though you keep the child in diapers for most parts of the day, you like their skin to breathe for a few hours at night. They might have cloth diapers on for some time. However, whenever they have an accident and the bed becomes wet, you may have to change the sheet entirely. Some parents place a thin rubber mat under the child, but this can keep them wet till they are changed. Instead, get a mattress protector for the baby beds. It protects the mattress from bedwetting and rapidly absorbs the excess moisture so that much of it is pulled away from the baby and the covering sheet.   #4. Get A Dohar That Will Swaddle Well   Your baby is a tiny human being at this point. They need bedding that matches their size. Getting them larger dohars or comforters is dangerous and can lead to smothering. Instead, pick a dohar in a size that can swaddle them. Tuck it securely around their body as they sleep to provide cosiness and comfort.   What useful bedding tips have you discovered and would like to share with other new parents? Tell us in the comments below.   Key Considerations while buying Baby Bed Sets   1. Gender & Versatility   It is important to consider baby bed sets when you are expecting a baby. For instance, if you're expecting a baby boy or girl, there are numerous gender-neutral bedding sets available. These thoughtfully designed sets feature a variety of patterns and multi-colour designs that suit both boys and girls, offering you a versatile and charming choice for your precious bundle of joy.  2. Selecting the Perfect Size   When purchasing bedding sets for your little one's bay crib, it's crucial to be aware that, like other essential baby products, they are available in various sizes – small, medium, and large. As a general guideline, the crib and mattress should be of the same size, while the quilt or blanket should be larger than the mattress. Take into account the dimensions of your crib and the height of your little one to ensure you choose the perfectly sized bedding set for your toddler. 3. Ensure Easy Cleaning   When selecting a baby bedding set, prioritize pieces made from soft, breathable, and machine-washable fabrics like cotton. Newborns are prone to making messes, so frequent washing is inevitable. Avoid bedding sets that are difficult to clean. Additionally, for added protection, consider investing in a waterproof mattress protector sheet. This way, you can ensure a clean and hygienic sleeping environment around baby beds for your little one without any hassle. 4. Mastering Washing & Care   Considering your baby's delicate and sensitive skin, it's best to opt for a gentle, fragrance-free detergent to prevent any potential skin rashes. As for how often you should wash the sheets, we suggest a minimum of twice a week, even if there are no visible stains. Dust can accumulate, irritating your child or entering their eyes. Of course, the need for washing will often be evident, with pee explosions and sudden poop blowouts common occurrences! Final Words   Ultimately, choosing the right baby sleeping sets is essential for their comfort and safety. Opt for soft, breathable, and machine-washable fabrics like cotton to protect their sensitive skin. Ensure the crib and mattress are of the same size and the blanket is larger than the mattress. Washing the bedding at least twice a week, using a gentle detergent, keeps it clean and hygienic. Additionally, consider using a waterproof mattress protector for added protection. Prioritize safety by avoiding loose items in the crib that could pose a suffocation hazard.   Choose your baby bed set wisely with SPACES today! Frequently Asked Questions  1. How do I choose baby bedding?  When choosing baby bedding, it is important to consider the factors like the material of the bedding, size, safety and washing instructions of the baby beds sets.  2. How to make a bed for a newborn?  To make the baby beds, follow these steps:  Place the fitted sheet on the mattress.  Add the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet.  Place the blanket on top of the flat sheet.  Tuck the blanket in around the sides of the crib. 3. What material should baby sheets be? There are many different materials that can be used for baby sheets. Cotton is a good choice because it is soft, breathable, and machine-washable.  4. Which bedding is best for babies?  The best baby sleeping set must be soft, breathable, and machine washable. The set should also be free of any loose or sharp objects that could pose a suffocation hazard. Some good options for baby bedding sets include soft dohar, cotton bedsheets, mattress protectors, etc.  5. Are cotton sheets good for babies?  Yes, cotton sheets are good for babies. Cotton is soft, breathable, and machine-washable, making it a safe and comfortable choice for babies. Cotton sheets are also a good choice for babies with sensitive skin. 

The Autumn Winter 22 Collection of bed linen by SPACES
The Autumn Winter 22 Collection of bed linen by SPACES
Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look or a more contemporary one, we’ve got you covered. Our bed linen is designed to provide you with a comfortable and soothing environment, so you can unwind after a long day. Our bed linen is made of breathable, lightweight materials to keep your bedroom cool during the summer and warm during the winter months. It’s also machine-washable to make it easy to maintain. And it comes in an array of beautiful colours and designs to make your bedroom feel unique and beautiful.
What Is the Minimum Thread Count for Good Bedsheets?
What Is the Minimum Thread Count for Good Bedsheets?

What Is the Minimum Thread Count For Good Bedsheets?If you have been comparing bedsheets for a while now, you will know that thread count is an important parameter to estimate a bedsheet’s quality. Often you will see sellers highlighting it as a marketing opportunity, quoting a high thread count as a measure for soft, high-quality cotton bedsheets and bed linens. As a buyer, where should you draw the balance between giving weightage to a bedsheet’s thread count and other factors? Read on to discover the truth about thread count and how to distinguish between genuine quality and marketing gimmicks.Good thread count and durability Simply put, thread count refers to the number of threads per every square inch of a bedsheet’s fabric. An adequate count ensures your bedsheet is woven well and is durable enough to survive frequent usage and multiple washes. An ideal thread count for standard bedsheets is 180-300 and for luxury bed linens, it may range between 300 to 500. Beyond that, a higher thread count may not really enhance your usage experience and simply serve as a technical feature. Check these bedsheets across a range of thread count categories by SPACES to find options that work best for your needs. The a‘1000 thread count’ a: Despite this, you will find several bedsheets being marketed for their 1000 thread count. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by this. While a 1000 thread count bedsheet claim can be true if it comes from a genuine brand, it is unlikely to provide you with a superior sleep experience or durability value as compared to a 300 to 500 thread count bedsheet. Instead of simply focusing on thread count, you need to consider it in context with other factors such as the kind of cotton used and the yarn’s ply. If SPACES offers a range of bedsheets with superior quality cotton and yarn. Thread count, yarns, and ply Each thread in your bedsheet if made of yarn. The quality of yarn, and the number of plys used to spin that yarn are equally or more important in defining your bedsheet’s quality. For instance, if the yarn used is spun out of a single quality ply, it will be fine and soft in nature. On the other hand, if the yarn is 3-ply, it will be coarse and cheaper to manufacture. Unfortunately, since a lot of buyers are only aware about thread count as a benchmark for quality, several sellers use it as an opportunity to arrive at a high thread count by using multi-ply yarn. Hence, you will find brands offering 800 and 1000 thread count bedsheets at unbelievable prices, simply by using two and three-ply cotton. Hence, it’s important that you don’t just go by thread count but understand the quality of thread and yarn used in a bedsheet. Caring for your high thread count bedsheet Remember, like all quality bed linens, your bedsheets too require gentle care to ensure they get better with every wash irrespective of their thread count. Using cold water, avoiding harsh detergents and scrubbing, and drying them away from direct sunlight can go a long way in ensuring bedsheets with a thread count between 180 and 500 serve you well.

Returning to workplace checklist
Returning to workplace checklist

The home and back-to-work checklist: Covid EditionAs India begins its unlock phase, many people will be resuming their regular work routine after more than 3 months of working from home. This sudden change of returning to work after months can cause various emotions in people. The primary emotion being fear for one’s safetyMinimising the risk of a COVID infection is on top of everyone’s mind. So as most of us gear up to get back to work, we have prepared a simple checklist you can follow at home, before leaving, for work and coming back home from work to ensure your safety. Leaving your home:- Wear a mask, no matter where you are going. Carry a bag to put your mask in when not using it.- Having wearables on your arms, like a watch and other jewellery, comes in the way of washing your hands and arms thoroughly. It’s better to avoid wearing objects like this.- Use closed shoes and avoid open-toe shoes or sandals.- Put your phone inside a resealable bag. Avoid using your phone while you're out, as much as possible. While going to work:- Make sure you disinfect your vehicle, especially the most touched parts of your car like the door, door handle, dashboard, steering wheel, gear, seat, seatbelt, etc. If you have a two-wheeler then ensure you clean it thoroughly too. Sanitise all the frequently touched surfaces.- Avoid car-pooling with multiple people or sharing your two-wheeler with anyone to maintain social distancing. If two people are travelling in a car, they should sit in a criss-cross pattern in the front and back respectively.- In case you’re taking a cab, make sure that the vehicle is sanitised, including door handles and seats.- As much as possible, avoid touching lift buttons without gloves. If you take the stairs, ensure minimum contact with walls or railing.- When entering an elevator, make sure there aren’t more than 2-3 people in the lift at once. When inside, do not face each other. At work:- Do not remove your mask especially when you’re around many people at work.- When you reach your office, make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.- Disinfect your work desk and your laptop/computer. As you sit, make sure you leave at least a seat’s distance between you and your neighbouring colleague.- Create flexible worksites that allow remote work. Let fewer people in the office, reduce on-site meetings, and discourage visitors unless absolutely necessary.- Carry your own cutlery so that you can avoid using glass, mug, bottle and spoon from the common office pantry.- Carry your own power bank and charger to avoid borrowing it from others.- Discourage handshaking. We get that it’s a professional courtesy to do when you meet someone but to ensure your safety and that of others’, do not shake hands.- Practise social distancing effectively. Make sure that desks at least six feet apart, and do not share equipment or workstations. Use plexiglass or plastic dividers, and floor decals etc to act as physical barriers. Returning home from work:- Take a hot bath and put your clothes in the wash when you come home. Make sure you put your clothes for washing separately and not with other clothes.- Disinfect your cell phone and other things you carried to the office. 

How to Pick the Right Mattress Size for Your Bedroom
How to Pick the Right Mattress Size for Your Bedroom

Your bed mattress (gadda) is one of the biggest home furnishing products you’ll buy for your home. It’s also something you’ll sleep on every night for many years. So why not do some research and make sure that it’s the right choice for you? When buying a new mattress, going with the first one that strikes your fancy can be tempting. But if you want to get the most out of your investment, then it’s essential to choose the right mattress size. After all, a smaller mattress could mean less surface area for sleeping than necessary. On the other hand, a more significant mattress could have more awkward space than necessary.   Guide to general mattress sizes If you are wondering how to select a mattress in India, understanding the dimensions is crucial for ensuring comfortable sleep. This is why it’s important to know what these sizes mean. The first thing to understand is that a mattress is not just a rectangle with a few extra inches on all sides. Every brand and model are different, and many brands like SPACES also offer custom size, but these general mattress sizes are the most common.   - The dimensions of a queen-size mattress will be 60 x 72 inches.- A king-sized mattress will be 72 x 75 inches.- A double mattress measures 72 x 48 inches.- A single mattress measures 75 x 30 inches. You can also get a diwan mattress or custom-sized mattresses at brands like SPACES. What’s the difference between a queen and king size? It’s worth noting that these bed mattress sizes are not the same across brands. A queen-size mattress may be the same size as a king-size mattress, but not vice versa. This is simply because different companies' market to different custom sizes. While both mattresses have a similar-sized footprint, queen mattress beds are generally smaller than king-size beds. So, if you have a smaller room or a small bed, consider opting for a queen-size mattress instead of a king-size mattress. Such mattresses are best suited for people with larger space requirements, including those who sleep on the floor.   Queen-size mattresses come in all sizes and styles, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. However, you should also consider the space you must work with when choosing a queen mattress.   The width of the bed is an important factor to take into consideration when choosing a queen-size mattress. If your bed is very narrow, you may want to consider getting this type of mattress with more length.   The height of the bed is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a queen-size mattress. If your bed is low to the ground, you may want to get a queen size mattress that keeps you off the ground.   How to measure for a new mattress?   There are a few ways to determine the right size for your new mattress. First, know the length of your bed. If you have a standard bed, then you’ll need to know its length. You can find this information on your bed frame or by measuring the length of it with a measuring tape. Once you know the length and width of your bed, it’s time to find the height of your bed. This can help you determine the bed mattress height you should buy.    Other than the dimensions, there are some other factors that you should concentrate on as well. These include the materials used to build the mattress (is it a foam mattress, are you looking for a spring bed mattress), the number of people that will be sharing the mattress, the weight of the user, whether you need to find the best mattress for back pain and more. All of these factors will play a role in determining the size of mattress best suited for your needs. Discover a wide array of mattress prices available on the SPACES platform, offering a selection of choices tailored to your body alignment and personal comfort preferences.  Choosing the Right Mattress Size in India: Essential Insights   When selecting the ideal bed mattress size, several factors play a pivotal role. To make an informed decision, keep the following tips and guidelines in mind:   Familiarize Yourself with Standard Bed Sizes: Begin by understanding the common mattress dimensions available, such as king-size and queen size mattresses. This knowledge will serve as a foundation for your selection.   Account for Space and Occupants: Consider the number of individuals using the mattress and the available space in your room. If you're sharing the bed, opt for a size that comfortably accommodates everyone.   Optimize Space & Plan the Bedroom: Beforehand, calculate the room's area (length x width) and assess mattress dimensions to visualize the remaining space. Aim for 70-90 cm (2-3 feet) of walkable area around the bed to facilitate movement and ensure functional access to closets and doors.   Personal Preference Matters: The perfect bed mattress size often depends on individual preferences. If you prefer ample space to stretch out, a king-size mattress might be the right choice. Alternatively, a queen-size mattress strikes a balance between space and room layout.   Key Factors Influencing Mattress Size Selection   Comfort: Choose a bed mattress size that allows you to sleep comfortably without feeling constrained.   Room Size: Match the mattress dimensions with the available space to maintain a well-proportioned room layout.   Sleeping Partners: If sharing the bed, buy a mattress online in a larger size to accommodate everyone comfortably.   Lifestyle: Your lifestyle and sleeping habits also impact the suitable mattress size.   Buy Online: Explore various bed mattress sizes, prices, and types online before making your purchase.   Budget: Keep your budget in mind when exploring different mattress sizes and options.   By considering these aspects related to mattress size, you can confidently choose the right size that best fits your needs and preferences.    Best way to pick the right mattress size for your bedroom   You have to keep a few things in mind to make sure you pick the right size. First, take your mattress’ dimensions into account. That is the length, width, and height of your bed. Next, see if there is extra space in your bedroom. Choose a mattress that will work well with both your height and width. This means avoiding a mattress that’s too short for you or one that’s too wide for your room. You are sleeping alone in a small-sized room, buying a single bed mattress is the best idea for your needs. However, if you anticipate sharing a bed with another or even with a pet, a single mattress will not be enough; you must upgrade to a double or queen-size mattress. You can buy a king-size mattress online if your room and bed frame are bigger. When you pick a mattress size, do so based on your comfort rather than on a price point or brand. You should pick the right size for you, not for someone else.   Final Thoughts Mattresses can be a big investment. The right memory foam mattress or orthopaedic mattress can greatly affect your comfort and sleep quality. There may be a few different factors that go into picking the right mattress size for your bedroom. These include the length of your bed, the width of your room, and the height of your bed. You may have to try out different types of mattresses and sizes to find the one that works best for you. And if that’s the case, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the trial period on mattresses online offered by leading brands like SPACES so you can make sure you’re getting the right fit. Buy a mattress online for yourself or your dear ones on SPACES website.  Frequently Asked Questions  1. What's the most popular mattress size?   The king-size mattress and queen-size mattress are widely popular, offering a balanced space for sleep and comfort.  2. What size is a king mattress?   A king mattress measures 72 x 75 inches, providing ample sleeping space for couples or individuals who prefer more room.  3. What size is a twin mattress?   A twin mattress is approximately 75 x 30 inches, suited for single sleepers or smaller rooms.  4. How is mattress size measured in India?   Mattress sizes in India are commonly measured in inches, indicating length x width, such as 60 x 72 inches for a queen-size mattress.  5. What’s the best mattress size for couples in India?   Couples seeking optimal comfort can find their ideal sleep solution in a king-size mattress (72 x 75 inches). For those in search of a personalized experience, SPACES presents the Yours ‘N’ Mine Mattress, uniquely designed with dual firmness levels on a single bed, allowing each half to be customized to individual preferences. 6. How do I choose the right size mattress?   Consider room space, number of occupants, personal preferences, and bedroom layout when selecting a mattress size.  7. Should your mattress be the same size as your bed frame?   Ideally, your mattress should match the bed frame size for a proper fit, but some variation is common based on design. 


CSO brings in SMART SPACES as a solution, where design meets style with decor

Step into the world of luxurious comfort and thoughtful living when you visit SPACES by Welspun. Explore an impressive and expansive range of bed and bath linens, including a dazzling array of colours, patterns, and styles. From intricate linens that are inspired by India's rich culture to those made from cutting-edge technology to eliminate harmful microbes, Welspun India's SPACES has everything you need for creating healthy sleep and personal hygiene. You can browse through bed sheets, comforters, dohars, pillow covers, towels, bath robes, rugs and more in ranges such as Rangana and Atrium, among others. Additionally, a partnership with Disney has ensured that your little ones will easily find their favourite characters, so they are excited for bedtime, too!

Shopping Home Furnishing Products Made Easy at SPACES by Welspun


It is rightly said, ‘Home is where the heart is.’ It is an environment where people find their comfort, where individuals spend most of their time with loved ones, and where they entertain friends and guests. Hence, furnishing your home in a way that makes it reflect you and your style becomes necessary.


Exciting Range of Home Furnishing Products

SPACES by Welspun brings a wide range of bed linen, bath products, and other home furnishing accessories to help pep up your interiors. We at Spaces understand your home furnishing needs and offer a complete solution to enhance your experience through best-in-class products that blend design and innovation. These products make your home look beautiful and add a warm feel to it. Whether
you’re looking for designer furnishing products or elegant bed linen, we have it all at SPACES. From floral bed sheets to quirky cushion covers and from textured rugs to plush towels, we have a wide range of bed and bath linens, where you can find the perfect ones for your home.


Your One-Stop Destination for Bed Linen, Mattresses, Bath Linen, Mats, and Rugs


Looking for the best collection of bed sheets, mattresses, and rugs for decorating your new home with comfort and aesthetics? SPACES is your go-to place. At SPACES, we have everything you need to make your bedroom cosy yet stylish: Bed sheets, rugs, towels, bathrobes, and mattresses are just a few of our products for your home. Choose from various colours, patterns, and materials to suit your taste and needs. Whether you’re looking for something neutral or bolder hues, we have what you need to create a relaxing retreat.


Bedsheets - Ourrange of bedsheet collections includes everything from single bedsheets, doublebedsheets, and fitted-bed sheets. Theavailability of bed sheets in different patterns, such as geometric, abstract, floral, etc., helps you find the perfect fit for your home. It also has a collection of comforting bed sheets for Disney and Marvel minion fans and not to forget the most important members of the family - the kids. Breathability
and durability are your concerns, so SPACES have prioritised them.


Mattresses - Sleep is the most important part of our daily routine, so finding the right mattress is equally important. It is the foundation of your bedroom. At SPACES, you’ll find the mattress that best fits your needs. From orthopedic mattresses and single mattresses to double mattresses, SPACES has a wide range of collections in terms of size, texture, and material to help you have the best luxurious sleep. There are two types of mattresses: pocketed spring and memory foam. Pocketed spring models are more affordable, but the memory foam mattress offers a more luxurious experience.


Rugs - The perfect rug does not exist…said no one who ever bought it from SPACES. A good rug can tie your room together and act as a functional piece of furniture. A rug can also add warmth and style to your space. Be it doormats, grass mats, or bedsiderunners, SPACES provides it with all in a variety of colors and at affordable prices and discounts as well.


Comforters, Dohars, and Quilts -  If you’re looking to add an extra comfort to your bedroom, you might consider adding a comforter, dohar or quilt, depending on your needs. Whether you want something basic or something more decorative, every style has a comforter. Whether you want a single comforter or a double comforter, there are options for you as well. Similarly, you can dohars and quilts in various patterns and styles, so you can always be cosy and comfortable!


Exclusive Collection of Home Furnishings Products at SPACES


Discover SPACES, a renowned name in the world of home furnishings, offering an exclusive collection that perfectly blends luxury, tradition, and contemporary elegance. Whether you're looking to buy bedsheets online, especially single bedsheets and double bedsheets, SPACES has something special to offer. Among our exquisite offerings, the Ritu Kumar collection is a testament to timeless grandeur and sophistication. As a revered icon of Indian fashion, Ritu Kumar's designs epitomise regal charm and classic allure, now conveniently available online for homeowners nationwide.


The allure of the Ritu Kumar collection is irresistible, providing the perfect opportunity to adorn your home with bed linens that exude the class and charm reminiscent of the Grand Dame of Indian fashion. In celebration of the Padma Shree-winning legend, SPACES introduces this superb
collection to cater to discerning clientele seeking a blend of luxury and comfort.


For those looking for single bedsheets online, the Rangana collection features intricate Indian patterns and 100% cotton fabric, seamlessly weaving tradition into contemporary lifestyles. Meanwhile, the Atrium collection elevates bedroom aesthetics with soft, cosy, and breathable 100% cotton bed sheets, ensuring skin safety through non-harsh dyes and chemicals. These sheets promise both comfortable nights and stylish days.


The SPUN collection, curated by Welspun, one of India's foremost brands in the realm of home decor, is a masterpiece of aesthetic craftsmanship and unmatched quality. Handcrafted cushion covers, pillow covers, bedspreads, and table linens blend traditional and modern sensibilities. Each piece in this collection tells a story woven with care, love, and heritage, making them more than just fabrics; they are treasures that grace your home.


In addition to these opulent designs, SPACES is committed to empowering skilled craftswomen through its initiatives, transforming lives and supporting over 2,215 women across 8 centres. With such diverse and quality collections, SPACES has truly redefined the art of home furnishing, combining tradition, luxury, and modernity for the discerning homeowner.


Choosing Various Colours and Patterns


Opt for bed sheets in solid colours, a classic choice that effortlessly harmonises with different room aesthetics and bedding selections. However, to infuse more visual intrigue into your bed's appearance, you can also select solid colours or printed sheets. These sheets and prints can be chosen to either harmonise with the room's dominant colour or coordinate with the hues of your quilts and blankets. Choose a pattern that resonates with your taste, creating a warm atmosphere for your bed.


If you enjoy incorporating themes into your home decor or updating your space seasonally, our diverse collection of patterned bed sheets and towels is perfect for you. Bring character to your child's room with adorable bedsheet designs. For kids, we offer sheets featuring beloved characters like Spiderman, Minions, Avengers, and Marvel. Additionally, if you're in the market to buy towels online, you can also choose from a range of popular characters such as Elsa, Anna, Spiderman, Minions, and other Disney favourites. These towels are crafted from
100% cotton, ensuring a gentle and soft touch on your child's skin.


If you are fond of plants and nature, you might enjoy our floral-designed flat sheets, which bring a touch of the outdoors to your bedroom. Whether you prefer solid colours or nature-inspired prints, buy bedsheets online to personalise your bed to suit your unique style.


Cotton sheets are the traditional favourite


When looking to buy bedsheets online, you'll find a wide array of options, from single bedsheets to double bedsheets, each crafted from different fibres, each with its distinct qualities. Cotton, a perennial favourite among many Indian households, continues to be the trusted choice for countless families. Cotton bed sheets offer remarkable versatility, making them well-suited for year-round use, and they boast a longer lifespan.


Cotton reigns supreme as the predominant material in bedsheet production. Its innate comfort and softness are apparent right from the first use. Moreover, cotton's natural attributes ensure that it keeps you cool during warmer weather and snug during the colder seasons. We highly recommend opting for 100% cotton bed sheets, as they become even softer with each wash and dry quickly due to their exceptional breathability and durability. 


However, if you have allergies or skin sensitivities, it may be prudent to explore bed sheets made from alternative materials. For those who tend to sleep hot, a cooling bedsheet crafted from bamboo charcoal could prove to be a more fitting choice. Ultimately, it's vital to select a bedsheet that aligns with your comfort preferences and aids in achieving a restful night's sleep. Whether your preference leans toward single bedsheets or double bedsheets, these bedding choices provide both comfort and durability, striking the perfect balance between warmth and coolness to cater to a range of weather conditions.


Sustainability and Environment-Friendliness


At SPACES, we recognise the paramount significance of sustainable sleep solutions in our ever-evolving world. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability encompasses not only the materials we employ but also the cutting-edge technology embedded in our bedding products, such as bed sheets. By minimising the use of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process, our bed sheets achieve heightened durability and resilience.


Sustainability transcends material choices alone. SPACES is dedicated to implementing sustainable manufacturing practices that curtail waste and reduce energy consumption. This ethos extends to a dedicated sustainability team in our global production of home linen items. This commitment also echoes in the longevity of our mattresses, which are meticulously designed to endure for 12 years or more. This extended mattress lifespan diminishes the frequency of disposal and its consequent environmental impact.


Furthermore, we take immense pride in integrating advanced PU foam technology into our diverse bedding products, including mattresses. This innovation strikes a harmonious balance between comfort, quality, and eco-friendliness. For example, our Orthopedic Mattress, which incorporates cutting-edge PU foam, delivers exceptional sleep support. This revolutionary foam not only ensures superior comfort but also champions sustainability. Buy mattresses online which are engineered to minimise motion transfer, alleviate pressure points, and enhance
back support, as they foster better airflow for an uninterrupted and rejuvenating sleep experience.


Now is the perfect opportunity to explore our comprehensive selection of mattresses, meticulously designed to accommodate single, double, king-size, and queen-size beds. Moreover, we offer customisable options to cater to your unique sleep preferences and requirements, ensuring a sustainable and restful slumber experience.


Why Choose SPACES?


Spaces is a premium bed & bath brand from the House of Welspun. At SPACES, we offer you the best quality and style. With a combination of aesthetics and innovative technology, we create premium bed and bath linens for your home. Our designs draw inspiration from nature, local and global art, the latest trends and an understanding of different styles and tastes. We are constantly coming up with innovations for your comfort, such as bed and bath linen made of Hygro cotton, which adjusts according to your body temperature and blooms after three washes, or Nanospun yarn cotton, which uses extremely fine cotton strands, allowing for a higher density weave so that our products feel rich. Furthermore, we have added filters based on genre, type, size, material, etc., to help you narrow your search and make the right choice for your home.


One Step Ahead in Home Decor!


When you shop at SPACES, you don’t just get more than what you thought to discover! For example, you can find top-tier products from the popular brand - Welspun. Spanning a diverse range of products, you can buy bedsheets, pillow covers, quilts, dohars, towels, doormats and more from this beloved brand. Taking a step towards comprehensive home decor solutions, SPACES has partnered with Drape Story to bring the benefits of customisation, digitisation and visual aesthetics to a much-disorganised home furnishing market. With this new collaboration, you can expand your decorating choices to curtains, upholstery, wallpapers and more to create a unique space!

 Frequently Asked Questions

• Which is the top home decor brand in India?
SPACES by Welspun is a top home decor brand in India, known for its elegant and comfortable bed and bath linens, blending contemporary and traditional designs.

• What is SPACES by Welspun?
SPACES, a brand from Welspun, combines modern and traditional designs in bed, bath, and coordinates. Our products are cosy, unique, and meticulously crafted to enhance your comfort and lifestyle.

• What is the best bedding to use?
The best bedding to use often depends on personal preferences, but high-quality options, such as Egyptian cotton sheets, are an excellent choice. Egyptian cotton sheets are renowned for their exceptional softness, durability, and breathability, providing a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience.

• Which bedsheet brand is good?
SPACES by Welspun offers a wide range of bedsheet collections, including Rangana, Atrium, Ritu Kumar, and more. These collections feature diverse designs and materials to cater to various tastes and preferences in home furnishings.

• Which bedsheet is comfortable?
Bed sheets made from high-quality materials like 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, or bamboo charcoal are known for their exceptional comfort. The choice of comfort depends on individual preferences.

• Is 100% cotton good for bedsheet?
Yes, 100% cotton bed sheets are a popular and excellent choice for bed linens. They are known for their softness, breathability, and durability, this is why SPACES offers a wide range of 100% cotton bed sheets among its offerings, ensuring both comfort and quality.

• How do I choose luxury bedding?
Choosing luxury bed sheets in India as per factors like material (Egyptian cotton, silk, or high-thread-count cotton), the thread count, which affects softness and durability, and the design and aesthetics that align with your personal style and comfort preferences.

• What's the best quality mattress to buy?
The best quality mattress to buy depends on individual preferences, but options like memory foam mattresses and orthopaedic mattresses are known for their high quality, comfort, and durability. It's essential to choose a mattress that aligns with your specific sleep needs and preferences.

• Is foam mattress good for health?
Foam mattresses, including memory foam, can be good for health as they provide support, relieve pressure points, and offer comfort. Buy mattress online at SPACES that matches your preferences and specific health concerns.